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Ford CEO: NAFTA needed revamp

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New Ford CEO James Hackett speaks to CNNMoney in his first interview since taking the job. (Part 2)
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Blue Collar (3 months ago)
Good! Tear up NAFTA! It's about damn time. NAFTA totally screwed up Michigan and our industrial strength in the Midwest. That's exactly why I voted for Trump. Let Mexico and Canada find their own way. Those are OUR jobs
Renaldo Smith (3 months ago)
If Canada suffer Ford product should be sold in Canada. We have free trade agreement with Europe and we can work closely with them. Trump is not in office for much longer, so we in Canada don't have to do nothing until a new government comes along. Let America isolate themselves. We work around them and it may actually better us.
Jason (3 months ago)
Audio still a better country by far
AnilAslan (3 months ago)
Audio who's "we"? 2/3rds of the country didn't even vote for him.
Audio (3 months ago)
Hey Canada, Trump is a two term president. Bet on it. We love him. Your days of running trade surpluses with us is OVER!
Jason (3 months ago)
Renaldo Smith hail Canada
sambhav bhattarai (3 months ago)

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