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Top 20 Famous Penalty Kicks • Impossible To Forget

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Title: Top 20 Famous Penalty Kicks • Impossible To Forget Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed, please Subscribe us; http://bit.ly/Wrzzer Song: Lensko - Let's Go! [NCS Release] https://youtu.be/mSLuJYtl89Y
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Text Comments (737)
Wrzzer (9 months ago)
Dady Sas (2 days ago)
Lauro Lyle (4 days ago)
What about the penalties in the UCL final 2005, e.g xabi alonso/schevchenko
Dotto Majura (22 days ago)
Claudia Brown (25 days ago)
Otto Zéu
Balkan Experiments (1 day ago)
ronaldo best players in the world
Michael Tsang (2 days ago)
Cool ,imposible to forget
Number 20 goal posts are wide
Alvaro Suarez (5 days ago)
:o tehyb awana
squalltheonly (6 days ago)
If you miss a penalty, I think you should change careers.
I'm always me (7 days ago)
Ashad ali is from my country
Victor wennberg (7 days ago)
No cheslea Chelsea
Hazza Abdulla (7 days ago)
Jan Kubánek (8 days ago)
1- Panenka2- Zidane3- Pirlo
Anas Anas K. M (8 days ago)
i like this
Anas Anas K. M (8 days ago)
i like this
Carlos (9 days ago)
Isso é antigo
Carlos (9 days ago)
Vocé é otario
Ned gamer (11 days ago)
Wait what ali asfaq im oroud of my dad
Matthias De Schouwer (11 days ago)
go cheslea
Neo Helgosson (14 days ago)
Master Mehdic (15 days ago)
5:33 THATS IN!!!!!!!!
Nauval Fadillah (24 days ago)
Who is player with one step penalty kick?
Aaron maciel Bolaños (25 days ago)
:D D: : i
Panzy Gamer (26 days ago)
you put cheslea it's supposed to be chelsea
viji ramesh (30 days ago)
ah ah messi missed the easy goal
viji ramesh (30 days ago)
super goal and super goalkeeper for Argentina and Netherlands waste team very worst team in the world
Ivan Žaludek (1 month ago)
Co je na spálených penaltách nezapomenutelného? :-(
The21Jason (1 month ago)
Petr Cech saving cr7 😮
Andy Dang (1 month ago)
love panda (1 month ago)
Dusan Zlatkovic (1 month ago)
Q Craft (1 month ago)
when david luiz scored you writed cheaslea but chealsea is the real
Leonardo Mapelli (1 month ago)
And Grosso's penalty in 2006?
Xans Xans (1 month ago)
gas doc (1 month ago)
some good, some bad, but showing like 10 in a row where the guy missed the net completely was mind-numbing. None of those are really interesting
Manto Tambunan (1 month ago)
Mert emre (1 month ago)
overval de voetbal als wapen
fatih tekke Kose (1 month ago)
What do you
Chris van Buskirk (1 month ago)
become concern reluctant cecsvu cooperation snow beat picture shift detect knife.
valentin paun (1 month ago)
What a video!
Fussball Fan (1 month ago)
Könntet ihr mich abonnieren das wäre cool
Are you Ronaldo
Lexxi Stillson (1 month ago)
3:10 when the cross bar is your worst enemy
MotorBike GaMeS (1 month ago)
0:37 דגל ישראל
sandytott (1 month ago)
0:45 look at how they spelt Chelsea
Franco Curcio (1 month ago)
What about Ronaldo penalty miss
Nice clickbait fucker
Draasbac (1 month ago)
I forgot them.
THE EPIK PUG 1107 (1 month ago)
Messi is my favorite soccer player(boy) and soccer is my FAVORITE sport and when I’m older I want inspire young girls like Carli Lloyd to follow their dreams
NARUTO UZAMAKI (2 months ago)
I wish christiono Ronaldo scored
Abhin abi (2 months ago)
RM💪💪💪 Zidane 😘😘
Huyen Vu (2 months ago)
Wahyu Syahrul (2 months ago)
Ludvig Bendelin (2 months ago)
Roblox Comunity (2 months ago)
I re created the pen on the logo of vid
Roblox Comunity (2 months ago)
Before i knew than pen existed i think without goalkeeper
krzysztof plachta (2 months ago)
Go 1 ronaldo in house plese 💟👍👍👍😊😊😊😊😂
krzysztof plachta (2 months ago)
Am sorry XD
Muhammad Albani (2 months ago)
bang ko cr agak masuk
darejan chxikvadze (2 months ago)
music link
TheBrajanas :/ (2 months ago)
U wrote Chelsea
Game_ Engine (2 months ago)
First one though it's so funny
Mario Dumitrache (2 months ago)
Da te dracu
The Moto Vlogger (2 months ago)
Christian DiNunzio (2 months ago)
My goldfish watched this video... Title proven wrong
Afdal 01 (2 months ago)
bang boleh tanya??gimana tendangan misang
Salvador Ponce (2 months ago)
Musique plz 1:33
tegsongaming 1337 (2 months ago)
Before i watch The video* My top 3: 1. Zidane 2. Ronaldinho 3. Pirlo
00:45 You spelled chelsea wrong LOL!
Andrada Haraga (2 months ago)
Fåk you
Sulltam Cigani (2 months ago)
Iman-Aly Khudabux-Der (2 months ago)
Great vid
Kai Ran (2 months ago)
zaza thinks the floor is lava
LMK (2 months ago)
Antonín Panenka... 3. Zidane (Panenka's penalty)... 1. ???
Ronaldo CHOP! (2 months ago)
footballhead (2 months ago)
Ronaido eiasai the kalyteros
Ethan_Morgano_o (2 months ago)
1:12 Wales Flag?
K.H FTBL (2 months ago)
What was 11 again I forgot
Károly Gotty Farkass (2 months ago)
Na nyon rosz citrom beutés van
Louis Gregory (2 months ago)
Ronaldo is in real madrid
Kacper Ondycz (2 months ago)
At 0:44 chelsea is spelt wrong I bet none of you spotted that
MaLLu _bOy (2 months ago)
Ohad Peretz (2 months ago)
Chelsea for the mistake on the video
yutuber pancito888 (2 months ago)
Hijo de punta morito punto la cancha de tu madre
Bogdan Borza (2 months ago)
Cheslea,are you serious
parth dhanwant (2 months ago)
read more
MikeMan GR (2 months ago)
I like Alexi's Schanches penalty
Jordi Goula (2 months ago)
Zlatan vs Julio cesar
EFerrer 93000 (2 months ago)
Some of them were not famous
Luuk van den Heuvel (2 months ago)
King Ols (2 months ago)
take so long
AJ Master Soccer (2 months ago)
Haha Ronaldo missed. I am A Messi Fan BOO RONALDO
Obvious Flare (1 month ago)
AJ Master Soccer messi also missed
AJ Master Soccer (1 month ago)
😶 Never Mind Then.
Angelyn Ng (1 month ago)
AJ Master Soccer Messi missed too so 😌
Riadh Missaoui (2 months ago)
Corrine Blundell (3 months ago)
Your videos are great
Lincoln F (3 months ago)
Amach Machho (3 months ago)
Oglondałem germany italy
Satrix (3 months ago)
Why does all the keepers jump to their right? I feel like its easier to jump to my left lol.
Bianca Antonelli (3 months ago)
I m Italian
лол я одинешенек руский
BlackHawK (3 months ago)
Cheslea? You mean Chelsea...
Kacper Podsiadło (3 months ago)
0:50 Cheslea??
B Dexter (3 months ago)
Lionel Messi let’s go!!!!
Otto Krauklis (3 months ago)

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