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6 Reasons to Go Pixel 2 Over the iPhone X

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• Purchase Google Pixel 2: http://amzn.to/2AZBhUd • Purchase Google Pixel 2 XL: http://amzn.to/2hzG3iS • Purchase iPhone X: http://amzn.to/2jE5rIz • MKBHD's Blind Camera Test: https://goo.gl/hwZYfe • Unbox Therapy's Quick Charge Problem: https://goo.gl/wAqzEx Just in the past month we’ve seen two amazing smartphones hit the market: The Pixel 2 from Google and the iPhone 10 from Apple. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the original Pixel phone and if/when I do decide to upgrade, it’s going to be the Pixel 2 and here are six reasons why you should consider doing the same. Music by Joakim Karud: http://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud ---------------------------------------------------------------- EQUIPMENT I USE TO FILM Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920: http://amzn.to/2gJ7N5w Canon Rebel T3i: http://amzn.to/2fQ70vv RODE VideoMic Pro: http://amzn.to/2lLF83a Blue Snowball iCE: http://amzn.to/2gJdzUA Audio-Technica ATR3350: http://amzn.to/2fKlXUn Tripod: http://amzn.to/2fKeCUV Lighting: http://amzn.to/2gL2y5n ----------------------------- LET'S GET SOCIAL • https://instagram.com/techaudittv/ • https://twitter.com/techaudittv/ • https://www.facebook.com/techaudittv/
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Text Comments (2871)
Sughesh Uchummal (29 minutes ago)
I phone users are can't change to pixel...
odi alli (3 hours ago)
why apple not use apple logo as fingerprint
the comedy master (16 hours ago)
The original pixel was crap And the pixel 2 is crap as well but the pixel 2xl is a pretty good smart phone
the comedy master (16 hours ago)
Dude eat watch Tailosive techs rant on the Google pixel
Killian Devine (1 day ago)
Honestly I have the iPhone X and facial is 100% there are no problems ever
RagingAlpha (1 day ago)
Pixel 2 is my dream phone💕🌷😂
RagingAlpha (1 day ago)
plus people say in the i in the corner that pixel 2 is better
RagingAlpha (1 day ago)
Pixel 2 is my bae and if only people would stop buying the notch iphone x then Pixel 2 would beat apple
warren hurlock (1 day ago)
I have a pixel 2 XL and it's the best. Hands down.
hoomilouuu (2 days ago)
I am thinking to switch🤔🤔🤔
Chris Campbell (2 days ago)
Just got it! I love it!
AndyYT (2 days ago)
oneplus 5t nailed face recognition to unlock phone
Patrick Presley (2 days ago)
Dial - 1844-353-5969 toll free to get instant support from our technical experts to resolve your queries. Feel free to call us anytime day or night, we are happy to help you out.
Chicken (3 days ago)
The Era Of Apple Begins To Fall
davidletterboyz (3 days ago)
People been praising how great the pixel 2 camera is. But one thing they forgotten is the full manual control. A full manual control allows the users to get creative. Not every shot must be in HDR.
BBrand exclusive (3 days ago)
I want pixel 2xl
sahel majumder (4 days ago)
I don't want rotten apples.
BrianLiu003 (4 days ago)
In my opinion, the iPhone 10 is literally the perfect phone
x YT Gamer 301 (4 days ago)
Google pixel it my dream phone
loperboy117 (5 days ago)
I have a Pixel 2 and I absolutely love it
william Spruill (5 days ago)
I got a Google pixel two yesterday and it’s way better than iPhone I️ had
Daryl (6 days ago)
Google "cock sucker"
John Cornish (6 days ago)
I have the pixel XL.. and I like it ..had it almost 2 years. But I like the pixel 2 xl.. 🤔
TheOrangeCreeper (6 days ago)
Because the Pixel 2 costs less, for gods sake
rose unicorn (6 days ago)
pixel 2
Abdul Aziz (6 days ago)
I love Google pixel 2
GamingXY Crew (7 days ago)
make a video 6 reasons samsung s9+ goes over google pixel 2 and iphone x
The Frightful Squad (7 days ago)
iphone x is cancer
Neil xD (7 days ago)
The phone industry is full of shit. Samsung, Vivo, one plus....... As for apple is the best shit of all. It’s relatively fast. With the new google phone it’s all open. I *DON’T* want to sell all my information to google. Google is a company who earns a majority of their revenue with advertising hence all your instagram ads will be full of what you search and shit. Google doesn’t give a flying fk about your privacy. I’m not saying apple is good. Apple is full of shit. But apple doesn’t try to tell me what to do.
kstxca Rapp (8 days ago)
I love my pixel! Kinda bias, never had an iPhone....no need to ever have one now.
Mason's Vlogs (8 days ago)
I just threw away all my apple products in the trash.
Selwyn Dias (8 days ago)
Pixel 2 is the king
WretchedDrake (8 days ago)
Rear fingerprint scanner is horrible, I keep my phone on my desk at work and unlocking it from the front is a must. This video just reeks Android fanboy, and I'm an Android user.
Zetta Takem (10 days ago)
I got one I love it Goggle I drop sprint I had S 7 now I have pixel 2 Xl buy sprint so happy happy
Derek Carlisle (10 days ago)
Random Vlogs (10 days ago)
Apple is a 🖓
Kerry Olivia (12 days ago)
I got a pixel 2xl in November 2017 and it's amazing!!! My cousin w/ iPhone X borrows my phone for her photos😀 Google pixel 2xl is lit🔥
MrSwagMcMuffin 1 (12 days ago)
I'm using pixel 2xl right now, way better than my iPhone 7+
Amir El Massaoudi (12 days ago)
IPhone sucks, Android is taking over
Chirayu Shah (12 days ago)
Derpy Tuttle (12 days ago)
Face ID is dope tho
Cameron Morgan (13 days ago)
I should have gotten the pixel two 🤦🏽‍♂️ can’t wait to trade this iPhone X in for a pixel 3 when it drops
Lindsey Van Mear (13 days ago)
If u like warm tones in your photos apple is good for thaks to extra saturation but if you cold tones google is the one for you in my opinion
iPhone X is a ripoff
Bassil Ghada (13 days ago)
I just bought the pixel 2 and its actually amazing but their isn't any headphone jack so that's sucks
JakeTheLlama (15 days ago)
XD Dislikes = Apple Users
Felipe Rios Moreira (15 days ago)
Love it... iPhone and Apple... please their customer are like zoombies.. can't wake up. The excuse is " yeah works for me, I don't have the patience to learn Android" that's what apple is counting on people
Dev Rishi Dutta (15 days ago)
Pixel 2xl is way better than any other phones and guess what like samsung s9 plus it doesn't have bloatwares and gets all updates on time
Michael Karol (16 days ago)
So your trying to get views for what you want
Tech Audit TV (16 days ago)
I'm confused. Could you elaborate on that? I'm assuming there is a typo or something.
Daisy Salone (16 days ago)
pixel 2 wins
Jeovanni Rodriguez (16 days ago)
I’m happy with my S8 :)
Otokini Tom Ekine (16 days ago)
google pixel 2 is better.
Reea Bhardwaj (17 days ago)
Pixel 2 xl
Suraj Yadav (17 days ago)
iPhone x
John Greenwood (17 days ago)
1 reason: Android.
Ellyn Diaz (17 days ago)
Nah i like i phone better
Dqrk__ Mė (18 days ago)
No thanks, I will still stick with Apple :)
Abby Bothun (19 days ago)
i like both phones😂❤️
Ball Center (19 days ago)
HATER ! This is your opinion and you should present this video as what it is ! Your opinion. You're beign very biased instead of stating facts (some of them were facts, to be fair, like the camera). Virtual reality is not a valuable reason for most people to make their decision, and neither is the ID method because face ID has proven to be a decent alterative to a fingerprint reader. You should definitely present this video in an unbiased way since you are giving trusted advice.
Tech Audit TV (19 days ago)
I can't tell if your comment is being sarcastic or not, but in any event, I appreciate you taking the time to watch!
Aquino5043 (19 days ago)
Got the Iphone. Premium hardware, new features to move it forward after 2016... easy to use. No buttons just swipe or look at it. And only twins can unlock it. With out the owners face.
The Manan J (20 days ago)
If it don't got a headphone jack I don't give a fudge about it
The Manan J (20 days ago)
Tech Audit TV I'd loose it in like 2 days Plus I will not be able to charge it and use headphones
Tech Audit TV (20 days ago)
Keep it mind it does ship with an adapter!
Nuwan Yapa (20 days ago)
You forgot to mention that A11 Bionic chip destroys any Snapdragon processor in any benchmark you throw at them. ... and wireless charging !
DextrousGinger X (20 days ago)
They both have no headphone jack wtf do I do
Sploogiezl (20 days ago)
Why Apple has no sensor on the back: the logo would have to move and they'd have to use new parts
That1guyfromco (21 days ago)
Google is life now lol I’m getting that instead of this shit Apple
I just hate the pixel 2
William Boyce (21 days ago)
iPhone X is brilliant
Risa The Alien Queen (22 days ago)
I really want the google pixel 2, but right now I have the 6 plus.. and it’s bent 😐
Artur Chmiel (22 days ago)
i think that the majority of people on this planet cannot or will not spend 1000 on reinvented and or copied tech ( unless they're blinded by meaningless fruit). I certainly will not.
Andrew Waterhouse (22 days ago)
I (havearubbish) PHONE
Purvesh Doshi (23 days ago)
Also it would be good to point out that Google is putting out such a tough competition while its just their 2nd gen phone while Iphones have been around for ages now
Purvesh Doshi (23 days ago)
Watching this on my Pixel 2...and its just awesome!
Seann Huang (23 days ago)
I've been an iPhone user since 2008 and am not sure if it just happens to me. The launching and focusing speed of the cameras (iPhone6 and 7) have become so sluggish and only got worse with the firmware upgrades which were supposed to fix all these issues. Hope Apple's going to introduce a revolutionary iPhone this september otherwise I'd definitely give up on iOS.
Steven Jackson (25 days ago)
Dude pixel ( :
Id have a GP2 but currently the contracts are to steep for my wallet so maybe in 24 months
Heather's life (26 days ago)
I don't like android because they always crash on me and and frozed on me and the I phone never had and I also love how I have all my music on the go in one device. I don't personally care if a person has a pixel 2 or an old black berry as long as there happy. I would love if Android phone would allow music to be transferred from I pod and or I phone , allow to add pics and videos to computer, have a video editing like I movie but sadly they don't :/
Omar Ramos (26 days ago)
Pixel 2 also now has facial recognition but it also still has fingerprint 👀
Big Rock (26 days ago)
I can't afford either of them. Smh I am poor.
Jazz1587 (27 days ago)
Unless your wireless carrier doesn't offer pixel 2 as an option 😭
diamondX (27 days ago)
Another reason to buy pixel 2 is cuz it has better ram cuz c'mon the most overhyped phone of the year also needs to have the best specs and even with that 4gb of ram games still dont take advantage of that 4gb and yet they. Take advantage of the 3gb ram on the iphone x
liquidmist81 (27 days ago)
Just lost my Google Nexus 5X to boothloop sigh... I bought a Hwawei P10 lite (LOVING IT SO FAR) and well imma wait till the Pixel 3.... I loved my Nexus! Google is amazing, but they are still sort of figuring things out in the hardware aspect so I'll give it some time before I rush into my next flagship purchase.
Mark Harvey (27 days ago)
horrible points. FaceID is far superior
SavageEmerald (27 days ago)
Boi the cheapest is $999
Chadical Chad (27 days ago)
Ok, just your opinion. I use apple and I can have 6 reasons over google
It'sMagma (27 days ago)
I never liked apple anyway
Midget Spinner (1 month ago)
watching this on my iphone x
Ewen Power (1 month ago)
iPhone X user here and I can say hands down it is the best phone I have ever used. I came of a pixel and have never looked back. The display alone is on another level. Yea sure it might be more expensive but worth every penny!!
valdriz john carlo (1 month ago)
How much that pixel 2
Shirly Flores (1 month ago)
Instead of a iPhone i planned to buy, now you've change my mind imma buy pixel 2
飛騨zip (1 month ago)
What I need on a smartphone : Good camera What I don't need : besel
飛騨zip (1 month ago)
I want the fingerprint scanner on the side just like the Xperia. That's the most natural placement I've ever seen.
dunno yolo (1 month ago)
Pixel 2 is built like a cheap piece of shit. way overpriced weak frame that will crack fix it google higher quality and storage is limited up to a certain year. No headphones Google quit being so cheap all other flagships give you them.
Kayy 101 (1 month ago)
Do you actually get a google home mini if you purchase any of the google pixel 2? Cause I’m getting one and I’m just wondering
Jigar Patel (1 month ago)
magic heroes (1 month ago)
Pixel 2 is the best than iPhone X
Gavin Klebe (1 month ago)
Panda pixel looks way better
Mandy Tutt (1 month ago)
Make a video on face id
Sydney (1 month ago)
I love my Pixel 2 so much
The Rolls Royce Trent (1 month ago)
#Apple is such a rippoff. Plus there are so many better Android Smartphones available to choose from.
Dragon Zgamer (1 month ago)
Pixel is more good

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