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Inside Hamburger University

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McDonald's training course is more than flipping burgers.
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Its Sharlele (4 days ago)
Seems fun :D
WAW Network (1 month ago)
Brah my people at my mcdonalds need to go to this university.... they don't know how to manage and communication sucks
Orion Cramer (1 month ago)
Christian Country (2 months ago)
So young man from which university did you graduate from : Young man : H.U Oh harvard university ? Young man : no Hamburger university
kayla'sjourney (20 days ago)
AZDuffman (4 months ago)
Bust all you want to on McDonald's, but no service company of any type has anything near this serious.
Sharlene Gunn (1 month ago)
AZDuffman In N Out also has an INO University, and all shift managers are actually required to attend classes there periodically
Kyle Barnes (4 months ago)
McDonald's is thriving under Trump. Last I checked up 26% in stocks... (I could be wrong) but I'm almost positive it has passed 17%, as a global stock. EDIT: Please tell me if I'm wrong :)
Ijust Farted (5 months ago)
Mom said I can go to any university I want as long I'm successful
M. Gordon (7 months ago)
I dislike people with reliability high amounts of melanin when compared to my own
SoCalSportsFan 27 (7 months ago)
Do they have any ncaa teams
F0XH0UND6548 (9 months ago)
Jonathon Baker (11 months ago)
I am so impressed by them!
nate smith (1 year ago)
will the GI Bill pay for this?
ryan sanders (4 months ago)
nate smith the GI Bill was practically built for this, it's the most American college
Kelley Mitchell (1 year ago)
Did this in the 80's.
Shawn Statzer (1 year ago)
I want to get paid to be a food taste tester. Ba Da Ba Ba Bah, I'm Lovin' It!
Mike ShallowSun (1 year ago)
All the fucks saying this job would be easy or that Hamburger University is a joke laughs on you!
Clarence Polk (1 year ago)
I understand what they do here, but still: People are trying for Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Stanford, The Bel-Air Academy!! I'm not that fucking serious about no damn hamburger! lol
ewd76 (1 year ago)
McDonald's seems like a fun and flexible career opportunity. Are they hiring?
Joseph Lopez (1 year ago)
Still better than a degree in women's studies
APlatinumOrange (1 year ago)
+pollyisagoodbird So true tho
pollyisagoodbird (1 year ago)
+MLG Swegmaster Hamburger U = Business experience, owning / operating your own restaurant, potential to move up in company. Women's studies = Professional Tumblr fodder
Dylan (2 years ago)
This is a joke
Lopata991 (1 year ago)
+Dylan This is very hard, i bet you couldn't do it
Jacob Nachimson (1 year ago)
OH NO, this is all real. My dad was very close to going there.
wrkin90044 (2 years ago)
Paladin (2 years ago)
I've never heard this university before XD
ProblemBoy Official (2 years ago)
its in the city of hamburg. xD
APlatinumOrange (1 year ago)
+thaiduitx Might be lol
jaminjamin (2 years ago)
Why the hell does this exist!?!?
CiniCraft (2 years ago)
McDonalds doesn't want you to think its workers are peons
DragonRanger95 (2 years ago)
Pretty much equal to a liberal arts degree
AZDuffman (4 months ago)
Not really, this gives you some major skills.
Coconut Head (8 months ago)
No, it's even better
Zzz (3 years ago)
But do they have a basketball team?
Emilio Diaz (2 months ago)
+Cordell Erskine na but I think they got a garbage team for the black people
Cordell Erskine (3 months ago)
Proabably a soccer team...because of all the Mexicans who work in the kitchens of Micky Dee's
AccessDenied (2 years ago)
yeah they're division 1 bro
Marbles092593 (2 years ago)
+Chica the Chica ...xD
brlbrlbli (2 years ago)
choobplaya (3 years ago)
lol "professor: Hamburger University". What a fucking joke
Jenny (3 years ago)
Jamie Feltner (3 years ago)
I'll be here in 2 weeks. :) WHOOOOOO!
James D. Crawford Jr (3 years ago)
I'm heading there later on this year for my training as a swing manager.
James D. Crawford Jr (3 years ago)
+Jake Parker Hey Jake if you need extra money I have a opportunity for you. Email me at Caw4877@gmail.com
Dante DMC (3 years ago)
The standard 'murrican education
Cuber Sheep (3 years ago)
I totally want to go to Hamburger University
FreezingSnowstorm (3 years ago)
This is the American dream
bah cue (2 years ago)
+FreezingSnowstorm yea who would every by something that gives them a steady 250,000 passive income.
luke hall (3 years ago)
charlotte l (3 years ago)
What has the world come to?
tsntana (4 years ago)
So in this fake restaurant environment, I wonder if they take into account problems with equipment.  Or a truck delivery that shows up during a lunch rush. They should also make the floor greasy like in a real McDonald's grill area.  :)
rockbandwii61 (3 years ago)
U probably go to a ghetto macdownlads
Khalif Jones (3 years ago)
don't where you work but where i work we sweep and mop every 30 minutes and you should probably fix your grill so the grease doesn't spill
jandean61 (4 years ago)
I want to attend Hamburger University.
bah cue (1 year ago)
+APlatinumOrange  money that you have on hand like in a bank account or cash.
APlatinumOrange (1 year ago)
+bah cue tf is a liquid asset? XD
bah cue (2 years ago)
+jandean61 you need a million in liquid assets.
Cuber Sheep (3 years ago)
Me too
littlefroe (4 years ago)
lol wow alot to learn in 5 days... experience is key
spencer neilan (4 years ago)
See I always thought that just a joke, an expression for what you say when someone asks you where you went to college and you've been flipping burgers right out of high school. No, it is an actual place.
MrHazardzone (4 years ago)
Rakshasa (4 years ago)
I saw this on someordinarygamers and I came to see if this was real.
Gamer Connection (4 years ago)
and if you had a dictionary you would know it's trailer, not trailor.
Gamer Connection (4 years ago)
Very classy lady. "What's depressing is jerking off to sesame street you pathetic loser! Tell Elmo I said Hello. ;)"
ghouliegirl33 (4 years ago)
shorfilmman@the only person who's a dumb bitch is you, thinking I wouldn't report you for calling me names in your trailor trash dictionary!!!
mattdh12 (4 years ago)
haha seriously. one of the most depressing things i have ever seen.
AdviceDog08 (6 years ago)
ghouliegirl33 (6 years ago)
And I thought my life was depressing...

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