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Are OLDER Intel CPUs AFFECTED by the Windows 10 MELTDOWN Patch?

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Windows 10 has released their Post Meltdown patch, and here today we are testing the 1st Generation Intel Xeons (very much like the i7-980) and overclocking it, coupling it with a 1080 Ti and testing both pre windows 10 meltdown update and post windows 10 meltdown update for pc gaming. And the results may, or may not surprise you! I also include some quick tips, and really in short hindsight think this issue was overdone, at least for single-end desktop users. Check out the explanation of Variant 3 (meltdown) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzWqV8s2_XE Get yourself a 6 core xeon here while they are still poppin' hot: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/RJIubeY Or if you don't like the used price performance gear, then you can get the price/performance king of new parts here: http://amzn.to/2lZi7az Or you can get the absolute king of new parts here: http://amzn.to/2CumG3m Update Windows 10 now if you haven't already, even if it is an older version here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4056890 For a $1 a month you can help support the channel directly & gain access to an uncut special monthly live: http://www.patreon.com/techyescity Join our Forums for Discussion: www.techcity.tv/forum Stay up to date with the latest updates here: Twitter - www.twitter.com/techyescity Instagram - www.instagram.com/techyescity Facebook - www.facebook.com/techyescity Google Plus - https://goo.gl/QdZmQF Check out my Video Editing PC Here - http://amzn.to/2oFKlrb ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Provided by either: monstercat, chukibeats, epidemicsound, vlognocopyright or bassrebels

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Text Comments (644)
We Buy And Sell (14 days ago)
I have a 3770k and I’ve installed 1907 windows version when I update the video driver it’s fine after it automatically updates to 1803 version it crashes. Games’s stop working parts of windows don’t work like control panel. They never boot. If I install 1709 then let it up date to 1803, it’s fine but when I update the the drivers it will crash with blue screen. CMOS bootrec /fixboot will say denied access, can’t get passed that.
Jasmin Janpers (25 days ago)
thanks for the video subbed :) i just bough a X230 thinkpad (laptop) with a i5 sandybridge , does uninstalling windows then installing an earlier update or hackintosh avoid the performance drop ??? thanks :)
Audiomaniac84 (1 month ago)
Tom Cruise?
Hwee Khoen (1 month ago)
For window 7 and XP computers, which patch to apply?
Roger L. Ortiz (2 months ago)
Hmm my X5660 runs on Windows 10. Haven't had any issues so far.
dule savic (2 months ago)
Win10... The worst win ever!
GameTime (2 months ago)
"For really cheap'' - where did you learn English man ?
pcdok2ren (3 months ago)
Hi M9 -since You really had to do a COMPLETE re-installation - Do You want a valid ACRONIS TRUEIMAGE LICENS..... 😎😎😎😎😎
brightshadowdenmark (3 months ago)
Testing Core 2 Quad (very old) vs Pentium G4560 (new) ? 30% on a lower performers cpu will be a bigger deal !
Your Local Memeist (3 months ago)
What is that cpu cooler
Tony C. (3 months ago)
By Microsoft's actions, this makes me want to go to Linux Mint or Ubuntu. If I ever get a problem I'll probably make the change... Praise The Lord and Godspeed to you all!
Zer01neDev (3 months ago)
Can we know your CPU Cooler please ?
Brian Kirkham (4 months ago)
I got a i3 from like 6-7 years ago. And i just updated today but then cnet uploaded a video today saying intel telling people not to update with the latest patch now not sure i should turn my latop on. Also i got windows 7
jlrockafella (4 months ago)
The performance hit only affects 6th gen (z170) & up from Intel
Kello (4 months ago)
welp going back to 8.1
Sean Gill (4 months ago)
Windows Update has corrupted my drives in the past. Its not uncommon.
Prism Sage (4 months ago)
The worst i seen from the i7-8700k was 3fps drop maximum limit 😡. Oh boy 3fps from 233 so bad xD got lucky i guess
Mike Worden (4 months ago)
doesnt make a noticable difference huh? but software designers these days are slacking causing lots of software issues
Jannie Kirsten (4 months ago)
Are you wearing lipstick?
Trevor Curtis (4 months ago)
I had the same problem with the update. Had to reinstall windows.
SABREX7 (4 months ago)
How do you rate the msi duke as a card? Would you care to do a review of it?
Natalie Harrington (4 months ago)
I love You!
Snake Roberts (4 months ago)
Brian...you're stoned again! Not hating bruh...I understand all you Aussies are stoners. Lol
Chacina Brava (4 months ago)
A friend of mine is having trouble with his I5 6500? is this known to be one of the affected cpus?
Chris Lane (4 months ago)
I actually use the same CPU x5670 and I love it. I have had the brick problem happen while overclocking. I actually did the same thing 3 times in a row to make sure it was the overclock. I've noticed that mine is not stable after 4Ghz. I run mine at abut 3.9 and it's stable as can be.
ImHeadshotSniper (4 months ago)
holy FUCK i'm idling at like 50-60 degrees on average.................. i7 4770. they'd better fix this
Ramandeep Singh (4 months ago)
i5 8400 or R5 1600? for 30% gaming, 30% Video editing and 40% Android Studio and other programming... Intel platform costing $30 more in my country
Tobinat0r1337 (4 months ago)
640x480 and maxed Out are more Stress for cpu then 1920x1080 and Low settings
random gamer (4 months ago)
thats for info actually. i have e5 2660.... laying around..... so that's nice that its not that much affected. honestly that hard drive partition table bricking is worst. it really can be devastating.
TheEVEInspiration (4 months ago)
Without doing a non-existing BIOS update for my Gulftown based system, the Windows 10 fixes won't kick in. Checked the registry, its not a missing entry that prevents fix activation. In other words, many older system owners are likely screwed over. Unless one does specific things on Windows 10, you won't know if the fix is activated or not and can only see the fix is installed. Easily leading to a conclusion of no impact whatsoever, which would be the wrong conclusion as nothing is fixed!
Bryce 'Killor318' Parker (4 months ago)
with the other bug, would you suggest building an x79 or x99 machine?
Ruben Williams (4 months ago)
I am running a 4790k. Wonder how much it will be affected.
gertjan van der meij (4 months ago)
What about my 2nd ( just for internet ) PC , that has an i5-2500 cpu ?
Razor Reaper (4 months ago)
really hope my alienware is not affected, that sounds scary
Marco Sartori (4 months ago)
thank god this update didn't fuck up my installation.
ArdvarK (4 months ago)
vonkruel (4 months ago)
I'm pretty sure this is what happened to my sister's PC immediately after Meltdown/Spectre were announced. She had to reinstall. It's no good to rush out updates like this. At least MS realized what was happening and halted the updates.
:) Reinstalling the OS can be a real pain when you have to reinstall a LOT of programs back on your PC.
Ein (4 months ago)
The update bricked my secondary rig with a haswell xeon and a 1060 as well... At first i thought the SSD has died, the i realised that it was just windows... fortunately there are no improtant files on that system and the brain of my setup (a x5650 machine with 4x4TB HDD) is running free NAS :)
Benjamin Hale (4 months ago)
Gaming wasn't really going to be affected much by this, where this update will cause major issues is with enterprise solutions or anything that has to access millions of files regularly. Servers will be hit hard by the flaw in Intel's design gamers not so much.
Tomé Crespo (4 months ago)
i have a x5650 at 4.4 and im very happy
Riku (4 months ago)
i think im fucked i have a i5-3470
TheXlen (4 months ago)
dude you show performance on used system and clean install patched system this video is trash, it shows no actual performance difference pre/post patch
Ryan B (4 months ago)
my drive got corrupted too . so frustrating. i wish i knew before hand but losing data sucked hard
R W (4 months ago)
Yes. Test the x58 after Jan 9
Carso Studio (4 months ago)
Dang, should've watched your video before updating, just bricked my 500gb hard drive :(. Have to reinstall windows and all my programs
TheChosenOne (4 months ago)
I had a feeling it was really targeting server and cloud-based systems...not consumer based computers with dynamic IP addresses. The only thing that sucks is that out can affect other computing devices like phones and tablets.
TheChosenOne (4 months ago)
Bricked? Holy crap!
Mantas Jurksa (4 months ago)
I wonder if AMD Athlon 64 cpus are affected. I will have to use such an old system for a while.
Kyle (4 months ago)
I wish you tried more CPU's
Trevor Dunne (4 months ago)
7:39 really bad score for a ssd drive looks like you could be running in IDE mode you may have to reinstall to switch to UEFI or AHCI
Retrocidal (4 months ago)
Dam Nice Webcam Love you videos bro hope your doing good and i hope you know i was giving you a hard time about teh brake fluid thing after time brake fluid will eat the board so that's why i was saying that it will also eat paint on your car if you leave it there lol well take care brake cleaner will eat the crap out of your PCB's this is a proven fact i know because i also was a car mechanic and pc tech for like 20 years :)
WarSong (4 months ago)
my ahci m.2 ssd from sandisk also corrupted to the point where even a linux based mft tool couldn't recover it
Benji Derrick (4 months ago)
Is it possible to test on LGA775 systems to see if there's any impact here?
alfonso rosselli (4 months ago)
I have the same cpu and i use for gaming at high setting with my rx 480 , but you had OC at 4,23 ghz ?!?!? WOW
Phil MacDonald (4 months ago)
It's been announced today here that it may only affect chips pre 2015 with OLDER operating systems. Should another benchmark be done for those running Windows 7? (I only run Windows 10 so unaffected but would watch!)
Phil MacDonald (4 months ago)
Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/microsoft-windows-spectre-meltdown-patch-performance-intel-1.4479355
Mr11ESSE111 (4 months ago)
i dont care, i have AMD., Intel deserve this and probably in future there will be more shits and worst then this
Multiscan0001 (4 months ago)
Does this mean that Microsoft won't bring out patches for Windows 7 and 8 thus forcing people to upgrade to Windows 10?
Joshua Dela Cruz (4 months ago)
Does the #Meltdown will affect my LGA775 Core 2 Quad (Windows 10) even without internet? Lol.
AndrewFortWayne (4 months ago)
I believe the update has been bricking PCs with older AMD and Intel. Enough systems have bricked that Microsoft has suspended the patch to rework it.
kie2k (4 months ago)
Solution is to use a better os such as Windows 7
Raul Lopes (4 months ago)
Thqnks for this video. Could you make the same video with the 4th generation too?
Gringadoor (4 months ago)
Aren't you jumping the gun here? The performance hitting patch is out today (9th of Jan). I hope you are going to do an update video.
yereverluvinuncleber (4 months ago)
You've slightly misunderstood Spectre/Meltdown. Spectre is the family of potential future exploits that use the CPU flaw in almost all current CPUs to gain access to 'private' memory, bit by bit. Meltdown is the first variant of a Spectre-type exploit and it is the worst-case example in that it is able to examine kernel memory simply because it was partially mapped to user space for speed of access. The new patch stops that mapping so a spectre-type exploit can no longer access kernel memory. However, you can't stop Spectre accessing user memory as that is where the CPU flaw resides. So, instead of exploiting kernel memory it can now only access user memory. However, that user memory is 'private' and could be other user's passwords and or data and could give administrator access.
Tom Halliday (4 months ago)
Will it afect a i54400
Roman F (4 months ago)
I have "almost" the same board and chip :D My system (X5670): slightly lower scores on DDR3, in passmark performance test 8: the "database operations" went from 95 to 83 points. Overall my memory score went from 2205 to 2130. CPU overall test showing exactly the same score as in November. Single core perf. remained the same (increased by a marging of error, 1 point). SSD speeds lowered a little. I think only synthetic tests are affected. 2D performance test was showing an "all time low" on my system, nothing big, 10-15% and this could be affected by windows or drivers. 3D perf. test showing almost the same score. dx11 test went from 199 to 197.7 (margin of error LOL). Ive experienced no issues at all after the update. BF1 did not crash since the update (ULTRA WEIRD, this game is not meant to be stable) My setup is very similar: P6X58D Premium, X5670 200x21 4.2 Ghz 1.36V, 12 GB (3x4GB) Corsair Vengeance 1600 CL9 2N 1.52V, 850 EVO 250, + another 1 SSD + 1 HDD, GTX 970 Xtreme gaming from gigabyte, creative x-fi xtreme audio. I had similar problem as you with vertex 450 SSD a few years back. And it is persistent, when I put system on this SSD it fails, BSOD like crazy. So I bought 850EVO and had no problems since (2 years). I use the Vertex 450 now as a game storage and no data corruption there... Maybe this board just does not like some ssds. (Maybe the P6X58-E has differrent SATAcontroller) Overall I cant see any defference on my PC, except synthetic benchmarks. I run all passmark performance test to record highest score, 10x medium lenght combined with 2x very long. I think for gaming and occasional video editing, graphics, my system is not affected by this hotfix.
Dentysta Statysta (4 months ago)
Ivan Luzyanin (4 months ago)
I wonder what is the effect on battery life for Intel laptops
W4NN1 (4 months ago)
Seems like the performace will drop 3-4% in games after you applied the microcode update. Thats how it goes at least for newer Intel CPUs. Also 20-30% performance drop on SSD read/write in certain cenarios. Not sure if there will be a microcode update for old CPUs as well. That security issue cant be fixed with windows update only though.
CMDR Sweeper (4 months ago)
I am a bit worried for my home server and the loss of performance here. However, it is running Linux, so I hope there will be a way to turn off the fixes and run without them, even if it has virtual machines and is shifting files around, I am not worried about others snooping at the data... Mostly because they will have to get to it first which is a lot trickier.
Tikkycaan (4 months ago)
How much would a i5 5200u Broadwell U cpu slowed down
Gotta BIOS update and really get nerfed !!! Just did mine and image editing is so destroyed and AC origins stutters now
Stephen Rothwell (4 months ago)
great videos. take off the make up
YEET (4 months ago)
where i can find the update? im running i3 4160 no update avaible trough windows
simonolthenorwegian (4 months ago)
Will my i5 4690K be affected?
simonolthenorwegian (4 months ago)
Did you even see the video, "FUCKIN MORON". The processor he tested, clearly wasn't affected.
TheBlackDevil7 (4 months ago)
simonolthenorwegian ALL PROCESSORS SINCE 1995, FUCKIN MORON
SEMiN (4 months ago)
thank god i am using windows 7!
Roman F (4 months ago)
gratulations, you have the same problem as everybody :) meltdown and spectre affects all systems. 7 is generaly more prone to hacks and less secure.
Jon P (4 months ago)
wtf does "Tech YES City" even mean
redhunt077 (4 months ago)
It only affects server performance not average computer users.
J@ckW (4 months ago)
So the update isn't coming to Windows 7?
Melwill September (4 months ago)
Experienced the same corruption issue after the update, had to re-install Windows 10 to fix it. Really annoying
Aurimas Knieža (4 months ago)
Am I somewhat affected? Im running core 2 duo E4400 and Windows 7
Việt Long Phạm (4 months ago)
what about i7 4470s/4470 i'm very worry about that
John Cazel (4 months ago)
This is the goofiest channel I think I've ever stumbled upon. Keep it up my man .. hella informative
Henji'sPlace (4 months ago)
from what i see no big gaming difference that can be seen but your hdd getting bricked that sucks.
Webbie (4 months ago)
theres no final fix for this yet. Theres going to be updates for months or maybe even years to close up all the applications this will effect. So benchmarking a few random games right after its first update doesn't mean much in showing what impact it will have.
steal threaded (4 months ago)
I just bought a freaking i5 notebook, and the notebook it's replacing is a core2. Hope I don't get double borked.
Screw B (4 months ago)
The major performance hit is in server/datacenter/supercomputer/database workloads and compiling code. I have seen performance hits up over %500 in compiling. Most home users are fine but big iron is absolutely FUCKED.
Tikkycaan (4 months ago)
Is my pc with i5 5200u Broadwell-U 5th gen in it fine?
How to protect yourself install windows 8
lee x (4 months ago)
A brick pc is one that can't be recovered from (drive somehow got screwed up, but that is recoverable) a brick pc/console comes from wii when they turn into a brick as they are no longer recoverable (due to modding or nand fail and can no longer work ever)
NaMeLeSs (4 months ago)
It was bricked because your sata mode was set to IDE and before it was i think ahci see in the boot menu at 5:13
Fridgemusa (4 months ago)
Just need to download more ram.
Francesco Barbieri (4 months ago)
I got the brick too on my i7 2600, thankfully I had a backup, could roll back, boot up and try again, second time worked flawlessly.
TheHardcoreNinja (4 months ago)
Thx god I disable the updates :D
Oddball (4 months ago)
Few test are showing it having a big performance impact on NVMe drives on new boards with the new bios update. Seem to be having Having an effect on write speeds.
Lazza games and guns (4 months ago)
Hopefully they bring out this update for Windows 7 and 8.1 as well
Nathan Nitz (4 months ago)
I purchased a used HP Z400 with a X5650 xeon over the holidays. Then the news came out about the chip problem and loss of performance. Had me worried about my new (to me) gaming pc. Thank you for taking the time to benchmark and compare pre and post-update, and to show there's no difference in performance.
Joker Shahi (4 months ago)
will the 32 bit cpu get affected
MegaManNeo (4 months ago)
For us consumers that's a good news at first. The Spectre issue remains nonetheless, so here's to hope AMD, ARM and Intel to have ideas for upcoming processors in mind. Until then I don't think upgrading is worth it anymore (unless Apple, Linux devs and Microsoft can somehow fix it from inside their software) as the problem remains. Too bad actually because I already planned to save up money for the 1600X.
Brody Bunter (4 months ago)
Hey Brian I have a second hand graphics card on its way to me that I just bought. How do you recondition/clean your used cards. Is that something you would be interested doing a video on?

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