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Huawei Mate 10 Pro: The Real Deal?

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Huawei Mate 10 Pro: You've either seen it everywhere... or you've never seen it. Mate 10 Pro skins: https://dbrand.com/shop/huawei-mate-10-pro-skins Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-0bfe542e Intro Track: Disarm (Instrumental) by Alltta ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD Phone provided by Huawei for review.

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Text Comments (6327)
I've just bought one mate 10 not pro, the regular one one week ago, and fir my country, (which is mexico) it costs less than 2/3 parts of the price of a S8 So... Its performance is absolutely amazing, battery life is awesome, Im arriving home sometime between 10-11 pm with at least 30 percent battery which lasts me until next day somewhere between 1-3 pm (5-6 hours sot with video games, sns and camera and multimedia consumption) It is an awesome phone and one of the best price for value in my country for sure
A and G (10 hours ago)
Darn rights its great phone. I just it for $649 Not bad at all considering having a long battery capacity, thin slick, 2k display with like MKBHD said, *being unique* . Performance-wise its great at handling. Long story short, im loving it and i dont switch phones every year, its more like 2+ years.
Mr Feast (1 day ago)
Dont buy the pro. The regular one got wider screen and a headphone jack
no name (2 days ago)
Mate 10 lite looks better
Hares Feghali (3 days ago)
Well... just had to choose 2 days ago btw Pro and Mate 10 Lite and picked Mate 10 Lite cz there's not much big defferences tbh... Mate 10's Camera, Speed and design are AMAZING! Would recommended it for everyone
Jhon Ace B Corial (4 days ago)
The Design of Huawei is to Odd
gantswood (4 days ago)
Does this beast have a notification light?
Ainsley Harriott Meme (5 days ago)
You can get the mate 10 pro for 450 in Denmark now.. Buy?
ismail baraçkılıç (7 days ago)
Hello. Which one would you prefer for photography: Samsung s8(+) or Mate 10 Pro? (Video is not so important)
Clinton Hemphill (7 days ago)
I'll be honest, I have had my eye on Huawei after both Samsung and LG fell short in my opinion with what I think should still be standard features. So, I just purchased this phone and couldn't be more pleased. I agree about the price point and it was hard, very hard to stomach that on what I felt was a gamble but I will say it's paid off well. I have this on the AT&T network and worked fine out of the box. I love that it still has an IR blaster too!!!! If you have young kids you understand where i'm coming from. Good review M.
Dave NGauge (10 days ago)
Thanks for the honest and impartial review. I found it very informative. Thanks👍
Chris Willis (10 days ago)
Are you mad brah???? This is the best phone.
Zzz Zzz (10 days ago)
Wow this guy is an iphone and google biased Mate 10 pro is pretty good phone
nacho lata (11 days ago)
It is in amazon now for 650$ Should i get it?
Stewart Harvey-Wilson (11 days ago)
This phone is excellent. The camera is one of the best. Of course it’s like any kind of new gadget, once you’ve worked out how it works this will blow you away. And that’s before I mention the p20 pro. Nuff said. That’s from another Time . Incredible how much has happened phone wise in ten years . Just think what phone we will be reviewing In five years... thanks for your videos , they are great to watch
barry shaw (11 days ago)
If your not using it, PM me l will!
Stormy Black (11 days ago)
This is your worst review you have ever done. Research the phone before you review it. As a phone reviewer I shouldn’t have to tell you that. Dislike.
Boien Reyes (12 days ago)
Huawei has surpassed Apple as the world’s second-largest smartphone brand. and still not a "big" brand. I used my P9 for the last two years and it has been great. And I am not a very careful user. I've dropped it a million times. Splashed water. Poor Charging. Filling it up with apps and photos. Still, it works great! I think Huawei deserves more credit.
Tejendra Dhakal (13 days ago)
The only reason i came here to get honest review.. Sorry dude you disappointed me this time..
Lewis Garrott (13 days ago)
HUAWEI is better than apple samsung lg pixel and htc.
alybuckuys (13 days ago)
Lost me when you said no headphone jack id be happy to get out of the Samsung ecosystem but all the other phones I'm interested in never have a headphone jack
NATSU KEN MIDORIYA (14 days ago)
Mate 10 too😱
James Love (14 days ago)
You get this phone for the battery. Everything else is a minor step down. I feel like Apple had space for more battery in the X and decided, NAH NO 4000 MAH BATTERY BECAUSE THEN YOU WONT BUY NEW ONE IN TWO YEAR.
Alex Aley (15 days ago)
I switched from Samsung to huawei over four months ago and I am quite happy with it, the 1st best thing for me is the battery which lasts way longer than the Samsung or iPhone and it is absolutely impressive, the 2nd thing is the finger touch unlocking which functions very well and the phone runs absolutely fast, I have never had any issues with the performance so far the super charging is awesome. The down side for me is the lack of audio jack and the phone's bluetooth seems not compatible with some of the electronic devices which I have experienced few times and the headphone provided in the box is not of a good quality either so not happy with that thats why I have to use my Samsung's headphone instead but other than that the phone is awesome. I don't have to keep power bank on me now all the time. 👍
Haris Aftab Ahmad (15 days ago)
I have the Phone and it is a Best
Saeed Abbasi (18 days ago)
For all of comments: IN HIS OPINION pixel2 is THE smartphone and all the others are shit! No surprise that shipment statistix and people experiences said something else but hey, he thinks himself as a tech god whom does not understand that a phone actually has a second speaker!
falak Sher (18 days ago)
Hi. It vibrates on call connect and call end. I m unable to find or remove that vibration thing in calling. Pl help
Leonaldo Brum (19 days ago)
I am sorry to say that this review is riddled with casual opinions and not much experience, therefore standing way, way below your usual level of thoroughness and seriousness. Are you trying to be nice to the US Government, so that you try to stay out of trouble?... In that case I suggest you do not review Chinese products at all... Safer that way and you also save us the disgust...
moshi yazee (19 days ago)
I have been using Huawei Honor V9 for last 7 months..... Price: 390USD (it shud be less now).... RAM: 6GB; ROM: 64GB; Battery: 3000mAH (amazing); Processor: 1.8GHz Octa Core (Kirin); Rear Camera: 12 megapixel; Front Camera: 8 mega pixel .... the phone never hangs .... i play a lot of game still the phone gets less heated ... Huawei has one problem: the touch is not as smooth as IPHONE but still when u think about the price difference u wont have such complains ..... most important thing is few of my colleagues used Huawei Honor 6 ... all of them are heavy user and everyone has used their phone smoothly for around 3 yrs ... after 3 yrs the phone gets a little slow (so if you want to use a phone until your last breath, do not but this phone) ..... to sum up .... People wh talks about brand are tech-handicapped .... if u really are looking for a powerful device with a reasonable price Huawei Honor V9 should be your choice ....
Ahmed Adel (19 days ago)
I have that this comment is the phone huwawei pro 10 the graphics of it is so crispy you should buy it
HeyYaKnow (21 days ago)
My sister-in-law loves Hauwei, but her phones always swell after 8 months or so, like the battery or something..
EIMAN HAIQAL (21 days ago)
When i ask friends about the camera placement...they said its perfect...finally someone agree with me...
Michael Grace (21 days ago)
People laugh when I tell them my phone is a Huawei
Cubbman79 Cubster (23 days ago)
Can u do the whole multitasking bit with this phone? Watch a movie, minimise it and carry on texting ? (Like in the Samsung phones?)
Muhammad Arman (23 days ago)
I need only bettry where your center it's my phone 0569588024 I buy but not have bettry
Irfan Shaikh (23 days ago)
U sholud visit India bro 🤗
Angel D (24 days ago)
And my man just confirmed what I've already knew, these phones are iPhone clones, basically..
cornycornmon (24 days ago)
Huawei is going after Samsung!
David Rhinelander (26 days ago)
I had a mate 9 and it was the best phone I ever had. Too bad it got broken. Can't wait to get this one
CroGamerPro (26 days ago)
Watching this on my mate 10 pro
Andy D (26 days ago)
Got a Mate 10 Pro a few weeks ago. Replaces a Pixel 2. Don't miss the Pixel 2 at all - the Mate 10 Pro has great screen, fantastic battery. I'm seeing a good 2 days of use from the Huawei, with maybe 20% battery left after end of day 2, where Pixel 2 would be a 30-40% at end of day 1. EMUI is a bit weird, but using Lawnchair Launcher it gets rid of most of my issues, but even those aren't really issues. Also prefer the Mate 10 Pro's camera to the Pixel 2's, I'm sure lots would disagree, of course.
Lex (26 days ago)
The earpiece can function as a speaker as well when viewing a video in landscape mode. Bottom speaker punches more bass and the earpiece speaker for the highs.
adam56321 (27 days ago)
Hey check the Huawei p20 pro please
Krishnan Sasikumar (27 days ago)
Must be the first video of yours that I disliked. Seems to have been taken with maybe a day spent with the phone. The phone is much better than what your review suggests and I can say that since I spent the last one year with phones like S8, One Plus 3T, Note 8, iPhone 8 plus and Essential Ph-1. US is certainly missing out on some good phones and getting stuck in the iPhone and Samsung Duopoly.
fatima mohamed (28 days ago)
I am useing mate 10 at the moment and it is so nice, it has more features than the mate 10 pro with cheap price. But If you get good budget and you want to buy a mobile phone i suggeste to buy huawei p20 pro it has best features in the market this time
D Stanoev (28 days ago)
As much as I like this channel and the reviews this guy make, this one is dissapointing to me. There are quite a few unique features of this phone not mentioned here, that no other big player on the market offers in their devices. I'm talking about the new features that this device's processor with built-in NRU offers, that no other phone on the market has. The fully customizable camera options and low light sensitivity, lazer+IR auto focusing, color temperatures and AI controlled auto correction of hue and saturation, contrast, etc. If you knew how to use it, you would realize it's better than IPhone X's or Pixel's. Also great split screen options, amazing text recognition, desktop mode with option to connect a keyboard and mouse with no additional hardware and many others. It's a biased review to me and it seems like the reviewer didn't take the time to familiarize with the product. Thumbs down! P. S. There are only 2 companies in the world who are developing AND manufacturing mobile phone processors on their own. Those are Samsung and Huawei. Apple is developing their processors but Samsung is the manufacturer. LG, HTC and Google rely on Snapdragon and Pixel is manufacred by HTC. Also Huawei is one of the biggest cell tower and network equipment manufacturer similar to ZTE, just to have an idea what technological know-how and capabilities this company has and how many steps before Apple, HTC, LG and other popular brands they are.
maryam murtaza (28 days ago)
Xiaomi has a phone with 5300 mah
Lt. Did nothing wrong (1 month ago)
ITS Hu-Wa-Wej that's how you say it damn have you guys never heard of these phones I'm using a Huawei P8 lite 2017
StickyGeko (1 month ago)
Wait... 10 pro beat the pixel in reviews ive seen... except yours
Alexandru Nagi (1 month ago)
From one of the most respected tech youtubers, on this video, you instantly became one of the worst. Hoping that is temporary though. Huawei sells more phones than Apple, and gives you a supercharger in the box (so you won't have to pay more for it), gives you a screen protector pre installed, gives you a case by default (so you won't have to pay 500$ on replacing the MOST BREAKABLE glass ever on a smartphone), gives you a fantastic design on the back with that strip, gives you less faulty devices costing close to 1000$ (like your daily driver pixel 2 XL) and I could go on. I really hope you'll come back to some common sense and stop joining mrwhosetheboss in my current biased reviewers list. I understand that you Americans are afraid of the Chinese for various unjustified reasons, but really, suck it up already and be fair!
R.D. Franklin (1 month ago)
Been hearing about this...thank you....
helladatguy (1 month ago)
Maybe worth noting huawei teamed up with leica for this phone's camera which to me is MAJOR selling point for this phone. Especially since every reviewer likes to talk about about Samsung's cheapo headphone is tuned by akg or b&o to lg(?)
sehr khan (1 month ago)
Plz review of Huawei P20 pro
Young Loong (1 month ago)
Putting aside all the rumor that black people are less educated and violence-oriented(I never speak or know black people in real life), but you look like good people, man.
Taif Ali (1 month ago)
Cool phone
Kamal Kristipati (1 month ago)
So many people butt hurt because Marques is stating his opinion. If you like your crap Chinese phone then stick to it, just don't get mad when people compare it to obviously much better mainstream phones from Apple, Google, or Samsung. Going from my iPhone x and its beautiful software to that ugly ass user interface is enough reason for me to never get a cheap phone like that. Features are great and all on paper but its about how they are used in the real world that truly matters. P.s. just because you bought a cheap phone and can't afford something better don't go on YouTube seeking approval for your crap purchase.
desi indian (1 month ago)
Worst Review, It has Dual Speakers, i dont think u used this for for a day also
John Papazisis (1 month ago)
Pasoktsis einai.
Hirad Golshahi (1 month ago)
Also if you want faster OS upgrade than Samsung, get mate 10
~mxls~ (1 month ago)
Terrible review.
Clay Lepchenske (1 month ago)
Been a Galaxy user forever...since #2 or 3 dont remember. Actually, love this phone from the start, prob is that imo, its overpriced here in Colombia, S,A exceeding $ 1000 dollars. Here there are no contract discounts on new phone, so you pay full price unlike the U.S. this brand is still not noticed or marketed in the U.S, but most tech people have heard of Huawei.
5 LIVE HASK Girls (1 month ago)
Huawei is the strongest brand!
Chandru Ntr (1 month ago)
Camille Agustin (1 month ago)
This sounds like a rant not a review.
Jowyne Govender (1 month ago)
Bad review 😔😡 its like google is paying him to promote the pixel🤔
VishisTV (1 month ago)
Is it just me but everytime i hear no headphone jack i go "ugh". Still interested though
Tharush Bro (1 month ago)
Most people don't even buy their phones but get it under contract monthly lease price range from 20€ for older models 49€ for the latest models!
The Huawei p20 next huawei to review? Got me one just last week Beats the Samsung S6edgeplus I had!
Lil Ramen (1 month ago)
All these people roasting him, but it’s his review, it’s a 10 minute video y’all need to calm your tits it’s just a phone
Buqian Wen (1 month ago)
Just admit it, Marques, Huawei is coming...
Buqian Wen (1 month ago)
yeah I know haha I mean Marques seems like he don`t want to admit that Chinese can make such good phones
ClaxtonBay123 (1 month ago)
Buqian Wen Not to the US they're not. They're already everywhere else they need to be
averagecracker (1 month ago)
Only other phone with a battery that big... Wait bigger, is the ASUS zenfone zoom 3.
Anthony Richards (1 month ago)
You sound like a hater dude...this is a good phone
Skylar (1 month ago)
App Drawer: Activate in Settings Volume Rocker for quick pics: Open Camera, swipe from right to left "function volume down button" Speaker: In Fullscreenmode Stereo is enabled, bottom speaker for bass and mid tones, earpiece speaker for high tones
Li Cao (1 month ago)
This is a big brand in China though.
Vladimir Byazrov (1 month ago)
Who paid you to dismiss Huawei? Your bias is so transparent. Disgusting.
Yang TVBOX (1 month ago)
huawei make good phone that why i have one
Soulloh (1 month ago)
It’s gonna be interesting seeing Huawei use the Elastos blockchain operating system. Can’t wait 🤗
Juan Sanchez (1 month ago)
The only thing I don’t like is no headphone jack that’s why I love Samsung at least not coming Apple like a lot of manufacturers are so l really enjoy my Samsung galaxy Note 8 is got great sound using my Sony high resolution headphones or my BOSE or my Audio Technica headphones plugged into the jack even my Samsung galaxy S8 I still use sounds nice with the headphones plugged into the headphones jack cheers peace
TheBeggFamily Daily (1 month ago)
I persuaded my wife to upgrade to a Huawei P20 Lite and I really like it too, so may be looking at a Huawei phone, possibly the Mate 10 Pro or P20 Pro (triple camera!!!). Thanks for your review.
Raven Rhyme (1 month ago)
Would hv been ok for an android phone if only there's a headphone jack, tchk
K (1 month ago)
Hmmmm a slightly biased review in my opinion
Olivia DONY (1 month ago)
That's my dad's phone!
Hayden (1 month ago)
I would love an update to this video as this one was before all of the software fixes.
Dean Shufflebotham (1 month ago)
Hey man. You getting lots of stick here . Guys Its unfair to hate on a review because we like the phone. Keep doing that shit and you may as well buy apple give this dude a break. Great videos ... I have a mate 10 right now , coming from pixel 2 XL. Best way of describing these two phones. Having the mate 10 pro is a line having a large box of tools , every tool you will need is in the box . Just unorganised . The pixel is a box of tools .1 of each . Some missing .. but very organised in rows.
Tala Turk (1 month ago)
Your review sounds very subjective, even when you're pointing out a positive you make it sound like you're very unimpressed. This has been very disappointing.
Awlad Hossain (1 month ago)
I hate huawei just because of its EMUI.
Yes Its me (1 month ago)
I don't wanna lie and people you should not fool yourself, the huawei has been trying to be more like apple since 2014
Kylle Christiann Saga (1 month ago)
Kylle Christiann Saga (1 month ago)
Zes (1 month ago)
Crymson (1 month ago)
i kinda dig the lenses, but should i get this or the note 8
Thank you Marques on your reviews, I like your tests you are so clear and fair enough... You deserve my follow up to your channel and likes :) good luck bro.
Kylle Christiann Saga (1 month ago)
Marques Brownlee Why don't you see huawei as a big competitor? I am really offended you air headed reviewer. Apple and Samsung are nothing compared to Huawei
XAD (1 month ago)
Question for MK How do completely get ride of TWRP?
jeff buckley (1 month ago)
thx for the nice honest video , my mate 10 pro arriving today , bought it for 625 euro , brandnew
Antonio Valencia (1 month ago)
This is literally the best phone on the market. How can you say that this gets beaten by a Pixel?
Leonardo Santos (1 month ago)
Finally, someone that don't like rounded screen corners, like me! I don't know why the industry is going to notches and rounded corners... I hate it!
Stephen Butler (1 month ago)
I just pre-ordered the P20 pro. Upgrading form the original pixel. If it wansnt for the low light camera i don't think id of moved.

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