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The 100TB Project

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Building an overkill tech server with Linus - and over 100TB of storage. Seagate IronWolf Pro 10TB: http://www.seagate.com/ca/en/internal-hard-drives/hdd/ironwolf/ 45 Drives AV15 15-bay Professional Storage Server: http://www.45drives.com/av15 Build your own NAS with unRAID: https://lime-technology.com/protect-your-data-like-professionals/ Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (4424)
LYx461 (1 day ago)
Yea now i can store all my porn in one machine :D
Gabe PlaysYT (2 days ago)
Now its time too buy every game on steam and see if there is still any space left
Crack Playz (2 days ago)
The porn.... Imagine the sweet porn that rises ur dong...
Michael White (2 days ago)
how fast is their wifi
Matthew Boi (5 days ago)
Linus and his storage
NormalRiver (5 days ago)
When you can literally put a human brain on a computer
from here to there (6 days ago)
Rubber duck on this 😈😈
COOL KID (7 days ago)
Krishna K (8 days ago)
this 100 TBS storage system is good enough to store information knowledge and videos about god Brahma universe and library kiran
MD Rafiqul Islam (9 days ago)
Can Make a Home based server for my website if yes please tell about it.
jklw10 (9 days ago)
linus... you have the petabyte project right?... well... there's this thing called burstcoin :) (you'd get somewhere around 6k per month)
Chibi Chan (9 days ago)
Imagine all the porn
ALTIER PRASOON (10 days ago)
Hey the other one is Linus tech tips...
AtomicPrimeo (10 days ago)
When in your life would you need 100TB of storage?
Dr Evil Minecraft (11 days ago)
May i use some of your storage plz I only have 6 GB left
Midnight Mustang (12 days ago)
Just build a second server room, purely for storage :D
Cliffymetal598 [GD] (12 days ago)
When I think 64gb for a phone is alot
Matt Dunavant (13 days ago)
Holy crap that's wild
The 10000000 buck super pc
V A P O R Mice (14 days ago)
But can it run crysis?
Abhijith V. N (14 days ago)
Giveaway some of your old drive @Austin! There are lot of teens who crave for more space. Trust me, I run Win 10 off a 80GB Seagate Optical HardDrive. My phone has like 64 GB 😂
Daniel Monteiro (14 days ago)
Here is where i store my porn
Dante Morrison (15 days ago)
could it hold every game on steam
Chris the Gamer (16 days ago)
really dude a stock cooler
makeveli tv (17 days ago)
Do you know how much porn i can download with 100tb?....
First ijustine now Austin
Emarati Gamer (18 days ago)
Watching evans and linus work together Feels like Kim Jung working with Donald trump 😂
Knight Boulegard (20 days ago)
The computer must be so fast that it can look up things before you even think of them!
do a petabyte project w/ hybrid drives instead of hard drives fun fact in 2050 a 1 petabyte SSD will probably be $20 or less
Dimrain13 (23 days ago)
Duncanator404 would have been lit.
fatima zahra Rimane (23 days ago)
holy. add graphics on the same level and it'll be more realistic than life itself
ᕼᔕ ᗩᔕᑭEᑕT (24 days ago)
foop (25 days ago)
Disappointed, 150 TB and not 100
Paige Schewe (26 days ago)
One petabyte is one brain cell
PenguinEntity (27 days ago)
What would be interesting is a computer that originally saves to ssd and then transfers to HDD in background
Loquan (1 month ago)
Fill it with porn
Astrophereon (1 month ago)
How much porn you downloading
DarklingGolem50 (1 month ago)
The Austin Evans Project.
Antariksh Rajkonwar (1 month ago)
My pc storage is 500 gigabyte 😂
Balázs Krausz (1 month ago)
Wow after 4 years i could barely even fill 1 tb of data
Sawyer Tarnanen (1 month ago)
Sawyer Tarnanen (1 month ago)
4,000 coments
Sergey Pakhomov (1 month ago)
The Official Nerd (1 month ago)
I need more storage than that jeez only a petabyte
David Shekelstein (1 month ago)
>seagate... oh hell no !!!
Yomuih • (1 month ago)
2 idiots prepare for end of net nutrality and download 100tb of porn. Yall mind if i. . . *DISRESPECT?*
EpicGamer 80 (1 month ago)
Trash a common mans "load" has way more TB's
un13 (1 month ago)
15 years later and it's all on your holographic projector smartphone.
Odorous Smegma (1 month ago)
Did you guys have sex with each other after?
Dan Lee (1 month ago)
tobi Herrmann (1 month ago)
wanna have this one😣😁. My nas is too slow
doug wright (1 month ago)
SOOOOOOO much technology
King Zerd (1 month ago)
build a pc without a case
PotatoGhost565 (1 month ago)
They fucked after that video
Mr Chickenz (10 days ago)
Gotta love Linus with the Dunkinator 33303 lol
WITO (1 month ago)
Only 100 tb stfu..
Now go for yottabyte
Emmanuel Diaz (1 month ago)
Top 10 anime crossover
It's Jorden boii (1 month ago)
SO MUCH POR- I mean educational content!!!!!
advay vardan (1 month ago)
Linus is 🎅
Creedz7 (1 month ago)
Hack the Server lol
HitmaN GameR (1 month ago)
Does it really works on any other device or on ps4 if we connected it?
TCuzerr Will (1 month ago)
I want 100 petabyte project!
FalloutFuture (1 month ago)
What it will acually be used for Storing all pornhub videosw
AlphaCentauriA1 (1 month ago)
Do a petabyte and I be proud
AppleYoutoub YouToube (1 month ago)
Who's gonna fill this thing up
Clayton Vaughn (1 month ago)
AppleYoutoub YouToube I can fill it up
nukedbunny (1 month ago)
Burst mine with it.
Alex Lee (1 month ago)
150tb? Imagine how much por.. I mean games you can store.
Hyper beast (1 month ago)
DemonGaming (1 month ago)
So what is the Hash Rate for that rig? That is a lot of HDD space for mining.
Blue Dog (1 month ago)
Top 10 Anime Crossovers
im so done (1 month ago)
Austin: going for a high five Linus: curls fist
Qiu Shi Sheng (1 month ago)
You 2 are gay right?
Royce Manson (1 month ago)
Austin looks like joseph delage
Rogelio Amezquita (1 month ago)
Pretty nice, guys
Ironworld (1 month ago)
My dog is in this video
博铭 (1 month ago)
So Cool
博铭 (1 month ago)
So Cool
Daddy Memester (1 month ago)
Wait they work at the same media group????
Александр V (1 month ago)
М-конечно все видео 4к 18+ видео мне хватит наверное.
Johan Høck (1 month ago)
What about 100tb ram
Rex Gomes (1 month ago)
look at those guns
GTX God (1 month ago)
So many nerd
Aiden Jones (12 days ago)
GTX God So little grammar. Go back to English class and stop liking your own comment.
skrillik gamez (1 month ago)
I got click baited but in a super good way
Aperture Laboratories (1 month ago)
Next year: 120TB - porn.
jody024 (2 months ago)
Yikes,... next to the sink
Taylor and Jackson (2 months ago)
Now there all sshd’s
Charles Balliet (2 months ago)
must be a premium unit to come with noctua hp fans. Im curious where to get one with a set up like that
Markel Fortunato (2 months ago)
*Uses this only to watch movies*
Amirul Adli (2 months ago)
It's 4am... I got a test tomorrow at 9am... Tech videos have priority lol
Salazar Burnz (2 months ago)
6K dollars US of storage from Seagate, WOW! I'd consider myself a hero if i just got an old 1TB hard drive.
QuantumBraced (2 months ago)
Austin and Linus look like brothers.
VyvRΞousTM (2 months ago)
For me and my dad, this is heaven.
VyvRΞousTM (2 months ago)
That is a waist, SIKE.
Wei (2 months ago)
Our SAN has 128TB of SSD.
Roy Staggers (2 months ago)
I am curious about the cooling issue. You did not mention if your Storage Server was going to be in a server room or standalone. How many employee's will be reading/writing to your server and your backup plan was unclear. So what is your backup strategy when a drive fails.
AkaIllusion _ (2 months ago)
Imagine 100TB of porn?
Snapple82 (2 months ago)
What are you installing on that, Halo 5?
mcfish (2 months ago)
Do 1000 tb

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