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Moto 360 (2nd Gen) Review: Over 4 Months Later!

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Check out my latest review on the Moto 360 (2015) 2nd Gen smartwatch running Android Wear. A nice refinement from the original Moto 360. Buy Moto 360 2nd Gen on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1VQvmEV Samsung Gear S2 Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgNo_ItH760 Help support the channel by using my Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon US: http://goo.gl/BVc5ez Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattmoniz123 Website: http://www.matthewmoniz.com

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Text Comments (281)
Ashmi Sharma (8 months ago)
Hi! nice review! Is it possible to make and receive calls from this watch like in apple watch? I use the apple watch and I just love it. I want to gift a watch that has calling feature to my father (he uses android phone). Any suggestions? Thanks! Ashmi
Alex420 (9 months ago)
yashdev sirothiya (9 months ago)
I also have it
Sheriff Benson (9 months ago)
I love the watch, the biggest downside for me is the wifi connectivity seems to be spotty. Doesn't always auto connect to saved networks and I have issues getting it to connect. Also I think they should add an anti theft/lost function. If you get to far away from your phone and Bluetooth connection is lost, the watch should vibrate.
Navya Anand (10 months ago)
Amazing review ever! Precise and perfect!
Matthew Moniz (10 months ago)
+Navya Anand thanks Navya!
sharath reddy (11 months ago)
is it worth buying it in 2017,
Pankaj Bisht (1 year ago)
Samsung gear S3 or Moto 360 gen 2 which one should I buy??
dani nickolas (6 months ago)
The s voice function on the samsung Haas been having major issues. It does not work. I have one and it will not connect
Andrei ardei (9 months ago)
Ahmad Ismail the gear s3
Ahmad Ismail (11 months ago)
So i have the same question ? which better ?
Lori-Ann Edwards (1 year ago)
where do i buy it?
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Here you go http://amzn.to/2oeEEDB
Sameer Irfan (1 year ago)
Best thing about this watch is it doesn't look like a smart watch!
Nenad Despotovic (1 year ago)
Why does MOTO have that black shade at the bottom of the screen? Can we remove that? It seams its always present there....
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
It's where all the ambient sensor is stored and you cvan't remove it
estefxd (1 year ago)
Which bmw have u got?
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+estefxd 328 xdrive
Oz Am (1 year ago)
Lucas wins! I love my 360 though, he missed out. Freak'n kids right? haha.
Jerad Johnson (1 year ago)
Still rocking my 1st gen Moto 360! Woo!
Ryan Richard Jr. (1 year ago)
apple watch is better,my opinion:)
Jonathan McCrea (10 months ago)
Ryan Richard Jr. for Apple users that is
Pavan Gowda (1 year ago)
SIr, can we use huawei smartwatch strap for moto 360 2nd gen ? I loved Huawei leather strap, that looks great than moto 360 leather strap.
Dan Wheeler (1 year ago)
Pavan Gowda yeah you probably can
Mathis Arnell (1 year ago)
sorry I'm new to smart watches and very interested in them. from my understanding they connect to your phone via Bluetooth. so if I'm using Bluetooth headphones connected to my phone will the Moto 360 be able to be connected to my phone via Bluetooth as well?
Gagan jain (1 year ago)
Tan Yijia (1 year ago)
Nice video. One thing that concerns me is that after my purchase and using for 3-5 years, can I replace the battery and keep using? Lithium batteries won't last that long and I would like to keep my watch forever for collection haha
Mark Naquin (1 year ago)
I just got me the new Google phone made by Google. I sold my Apple watch and well I am looking for a Android wear watch. so I might get the Moto 360
Scott RC (1 year ago)
Should i wait for a new motorola to release a new one or will this stay out for a few more years
Smooks Lp (1 year ago)
Scott RC Addict they Linda announced a 3rd gen
Aniket Nipane (1 year ago)
very cute....
Harris Palmer (1 year ago)
Muaaah Lucus...
Evert van Ingen (1 year ago)
Sir, you use excellent video gear, bravo! Lighting is superb, I love quality. Well done!
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Thanks! = )
Luck Duck (1 year ago)
mine is coming tomorrow
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+Luck7Duck14 that's awesome!
William Kee (1 year ago)
Google says they will improve the iOS capabilities.
ClarkWilson26 (1 year ago)
I love the end of this video😂
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
haha thanks Clark!
Avishek Dey (1 year ago)
Best part of the review is LUCAS <3
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
haha thanks Avishek!
Soldiershak (1 year ago)
You kinda sound like Robin from Teen Titans
Jasmeet Singh (1 year ago)
Omg he actually does
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
lol never watched it. I 'll have to check it out!
Nirlep Dipikar (1 year ago)
how much ram does this watch has?
Jason Carpenter (1 year ago)
That's hideous! Would've loved it a lot more if that bar wasn't at the bottom!
Mr. Lion (1 year ago)
can you review moto 360 sport
Spotty Nick (1 year ago)
+Matthew Moniz what android phone was that in the video?
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
I dont have it
Mr Hememz (1 year ago)
are u using a woman size?
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Yup it's the smaller size
Eric Ozbun (1 year ago)
got a moto 360 v2 today, but google fiot keeps crashing on it... am i the only one with this issue?
michael nolasco (1 year ago)
Can I use this with an iPhone?
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Yup ! = )
sumeet ganguly (1 year ago)
I have the first generation moto 360 & I love it.
Cesar Productions (6 months ago)
Hey I am thinking of buying a fossil smartwatch but I stumbled upon this watch just tell me please as soon as possible can you watch YouTube on this watch
sumeet ganguly (1 year ago)
I might sell mine :)
sumeet ganguly (1 year ago)
Moto gen 1... What price are you getting it for?
sumeet ganguly (1 year ago)
If your buying it now, then rather buy the 2nd generation. 2nd Gen Moto certainly has better battery compared to Moto 1. It's just that if you already own the first gen, then I wouldn't recommend upgrading to gen 2.
sumeet ganguly (1 year ago)
I have the first generation moto 360 & I love it.
Karl BHX (1 year ago)
Flat tyre? Nooooooowayyyyy
trishul aswani (1 year ago)
best part about ur review is your CUTE son :) please give him a hug from me
Avishek Adhikary (1 year ago)
He really is very cute ^____^
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
haha thanks Trishul!
Limit Break (1 year ago)
hey mat question. Does it still have the same ambient mode like in 1st gen 360? Like if you just want to glance on the time without fully turning on the watch, you just have to tilt your wrist a little bit and it will show you the time with just black and white color from being screen off. I dont like the always on mode they have now.
Limit Break (1 year ago)
Oh nice thanks!
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Vivek S (1 year ago)
which do you prefer moto 360 or Samsung gear s2!! pls help me out!
Vivek S (1 year ago)
Oh ty!! :)
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Moto 360! = ) More support!
Love&Heart104 (1 year ago)
Can it make calls or receive calls?
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Nope unfortunately not
savnac Music (1 year ago)
why do i keep picturing you with a superman suit on
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
haha I believe you! Thanks man! = ) Welcome to the channel!
savnac Music (1 year ago)
Hahaha no worries I'm not a creep, great review though! I'm subbing. 😉
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
I don't know, but now I'm scared!
Tay Tay (1 year ago)
Adorable kids :-)
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+Wee Sockywokie Thanks ! : )
Vernon Warren (1 year ago)
in my humble opinion the huawei watch is much better in every way. it has a better display, a better battery and it's a much better looking watch. I do however have the moto 360 because I love the large version of it. This is just my opinion
Matthias Buesing (1 year ago)
It has its advantages, yes. But the vibration engine is so unbelievably bad that I still can't believe that it should be normal with the Huawei watch. Very, very loud but at the same time almost unnoticable on the wrist...in addition to that the charger is a bad joke (in direct comparison to the inductive charger of the Moto 360) and the watch itself is pretty scratch sensitive.
Vaibhav Kapoor (1 year ago)
I have a gear s2.... but I'm wondering if I should get a moto 360.... what do u think mathew?
Vaibhav Kapoor (1 year ago)
thanks... but how's the display in comparison.... can you see the pixels?
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+Death Lord the Moto 360 is a bit better due to having more apps but I wouldn't waste your money switching the experience won't be that huge
Thomas Ridley (1 year ago)
What's the black thing at the bottom of the watch??
Adam S (1 year ago)
it holds all the sensors including the ambient light bar
Thomas Ridley (1 year ago)
What's the black thing at the bottom of the watch??
Thomas Ridley (1 year ago)
+Matthew Moniz thanks!!
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+Thomas Ridley it's where all the sensors are stored
Thomas Ridley (1 year ago)
What's the black thing at the bottom of the watch??
User Name (1 year ago)
When people say my battery lasts a day.. Do they mean 12 hours or 24 hours?
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+Pierre Visconti 12
TDA BROS (1 year ago)
I want the Moto 360 2nd gen so I can show off to my friend Blake who has a gizmo watch
Zeb Thomas (2 years ago)
i am new to the smart watch market and i have been looking for quite some time and i think you just made my mind up.. thanks so much XD
Maarten Weyns (2 years ago)
Watch face @ 2:32 anyone?
Jordan Tavares (1 year ago)
did u ever find this out? because i would really like to know
Essential EDM (2 years ago)
I have so much lag with this watch, should I return it, I have had it for 5 months and it has lagged the whole time, sometimes it even crashes or completely freezes
KingOfWafflezzz (2 years ago)
can you use this with an ipad?
anuj hate (2 years ago)
Great review....Lucas all the way!!!
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
+anuj hate haha thanks Anuj!
Samuel Yakubov (2 years ago)
can you use the watch bands from the second Gen on the first gen?
Rene Henn (2 years ago)
Is whatsapp working on the moto 360?
Wase (2 years ago)
Does it work with Blackberrys OS10? i fear the app isnt in the amazon store :(
Wase (2 years ago)
+Matthew Moniz worth it to repair my old 5s for 200$ or buy a new android? but thanks for the info
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
+Wase no it does not only android phones and the iPhone
Gaurav Pasi (2 years ago)
These watches are not for kids. That's bad parenting. The kid is trying to eat the watch and the dad is busy making the video. That is no cute surprise. That's horrifying! I don't like the video at all. (How did I do? Just trying to be a mean commenter.) PS: Great review! Just try to balance the screen time of the product vs the screen time of the reviewer. People want to see more of the products in different settings (that does NOT mean Lucas eats the watch). Keep it up!
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
+Gaurav Pasi I cried and was two seconds away from deleting the video. I'm joking. Thanks for having a sense of humour and for watching the video!
GAMING RABBIEEET (2 years ago)
"i find it very handy when my other hand is not available" yeah we can all relate to that ;)
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
+GAMING RABBIEEET haha, nice one.
Scott Larson (2 years ago)
my ok google doesn't work anymore either. is there a fix out there somewhere?
The Prussian Mink (2 years ago)
Matthew, you've been spending a lot of time with both the Moto 360 and the Gear S2. Which one to do prefer?
The Prussian Mink (2 years ago)
+Matthew Moniz thanks for the reply! Yeah, there's that. I had almost settled on the Gear S2 because I love the rotating bezel. Now I'm not so sure.. Did you miss any particular apps while using the Gear S2, or do you just enjoy the larger selection of apps in general?
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
+The Prussian Mink I'd go with the moto 360. More app support
Jefferson Pineda (2 years ago)
Hello, I would like to know if the problem you mentioned about the microphone and ok google commands was fixed or not? If that continued I would rather buy the huaweiwatch
FillyDing (2 years ago)
Would you recommend this or the gear s2?
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
+FillyDing I'd still get the Moto 360 2nd gen. A lot more apps and support over the gear s2
LJHB (2 years ago)
Is this the 42mm or 46mm bro?
PiNkY Pereira (1 year ago)
at 2:53 it shows that he put the wrong strap on the wrong side 😂
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
+ELPHD I'm making sure you're not falling asleep! = )
DL6UK (2 years ago)
I ordered a moto 360 II watch with the black metal band. I was disappointed by the length of the metal band. It fit my 11 year old normal grown daughter. Adding the thre delivered extra little parts to the band it still was too short. So Motorola Service promised to send me some extra parts to lengthen the metal band. After a week - the watch took less than a week to arrive from China I was still waiting for the parts. Contacting the service again I was told they weren´t able to deliver the parts. Note - we are talking about a decent watch for more than 300.-EUR. Instead I was offered to return the watch and get my money back.I was very disappointed by the customers´ service and  ordered another black metal band from China and a noname leather band to fix it to the watch until the new metal band was delivered now long enough for my wrist. Why do they deliver the watches with bands that fit children???????? Then make promise they do not keep. Finally they only let you know if YOU contact them. I DO NOT CALL THAT PROPER CUSTOMER SERVICE. Very disappointing.!!I can´t recomend this watch. After this experience  I´d go for the HUAWEIH watch instead now.
TechNarco (2 years ago)
Nice Video Man!! One question though does this watch works with Sony's Lifelog app to track your everyday activities? Thanks !!
TechNarco (2 years ago)
+Matthew Moniz okay cool. Thanks :)
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
+ulTechSpot Thanks! I'm not sure I haven't tried it with Sony's apps but it might since they both use stock Android Wear.
Jello Master (2 years ago)
Would you recommend this over the Apple Watch if I have an iPhone 6? Can it do the same stuff?
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
+Bobby Spicer No if you're using an iPhone I definitely recommend the Apple Watch over the 360. You'll get a lot more functionality out of it.
Ilai Solomon (2 years ago)
do a moto 360 2nd gen vs samsung gear s2 vid! pleaseeeeeee!
Binoj V Janardhanan (2 years ago)
Great review... I would have just hit like but Lucas mad me subscribe... :)
Binoj V Janardhanan (2 years ago)
+Matthew Moniz : Yes.. He's really cool with the gadgets... ;) ...
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
Haha nice! I knew having him in my videos would help. Thanks Binoj!
Zuramski Studios (2 years ago)
What camera did you shoot this on?
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
Canon 70D
Jason Hinojosa (2 years ago)
Jason Hinojosa (2 years ago)
can you talk on the watch when you answer calls?
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
No unfortunately not
The Arditra (2 years ago)
"Smash that like button"? That's Jonathan Morrison's line you copy cat!
Rafael Gonzalez (2 years ago)
your son is walking away with the s2 watch ... we got a winner ..s2 watch it is for me ..
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
Haha he knows his stuff
Latasha Isabell (2 years ago)
the best part of this review is the part with Lucas......sooooo cute...😍
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
+Latasha Isabell haha, thanks Latasha!
Miles Franklin (2 years ago)
i love my moto 360 2nd gen but the one thing i don't like about it is how loud the vibration motor is and how the black stainless steel gets scratched very easily on the top and sides
Syrmuunden Syrmuunden (2 years ago)
lol ur family are AWESOME
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
Thanks Liam!!
Usman Baig (2 years ago)
your kids are very beautiful
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
Thanks Usman!
Wetkeazle (2 years ago)
I had this watch sitting in my shopping basket for over 2 weeks now. I just bought the moto x style smartphone and this watch should make the phone even more awesome than it already is. The phone was, along with a 128 Gb SD card, € 500,- . To add € 350,- more needs some killer applications, that I don't see at the moment. I might as well wait for the 3rd gen and see what it has to offer.
RonnocRetep (2 years ago)
Liked your video, seriously considering getting one
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
Thanks! Do you have a smartwatch right now ?
MrBlitz (2 years ago)
I do own the 360 2nd gen since October and I can vouch for everything you said. About the only bad thing I can say about it is its flat tire but like you said, that's become more of a design feature than a flaw. A signature for the 360 to make it standout in a sea of round Android Wear devices. And frankly I'd rather not baby sit my watch's display brightness since the setting for that is buried down in the settings. And speaking of the display, I do wish it was a little crisper or has more resolution. I don't mind if its IPS, I certainly can finish the day with more than 60% and my college days are certainly long spanning from 9am to 6pm. Currently it's 1pm for me and the watch is STILL at 82%. But still it would've been nice if there were more pixels so the text looks sharper. Otherwise, literally everything about the watch is perfect! And I definitely think it'll age at least for two years before I even CONSIDER upgrading. Awesome video as always man! :)
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
+MrBlitz Nice! I'm glad we share similar experiences with the Watch. It's definitely a good one and I agree the screen could be a tad better but it's really not a big deal. Thanks = )
derpybanana (2 years ago)
I have the first gen got it for Christmas love the watch only problem I have the watch is sluggish cause of the omap processor but I rarely notice lag and wear 1.3 also helps with lagginess of the watch
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
Ya it's that slow omap processor unfortunately
Alireza Ekhtiarzadeh (2 years ago)
i think the gear s2 is a lot better because well it does everything better than android wear watches except in the app ecosystem. which i really don't mind because i'm not gonna game or anything on my watch! didn't have the 360 tho... but since i have the gear s2... i can safely say it's a joy to use... though one problem i have come across is that... while it was super super cool when i first bought it, right now i'm like, alright, smartwatches, what else is new?!
Alireza Ekhtiarzadeh (2 years ago)
+Matthew Moniz i don't think they can ever do more than show notifications and reply to some... i think this is as good as they can get. whether it's good enough or not is a matter of personal perspective.
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
+Alireza Ekhtiarzadeh Ya, smartwatches don't really do much yet, but provide notifications to your wrist. That's really the only reason to get one. There's no one app or feature that really screams I need this.
John Manley (2 years ago)
Version 2 seems like it has more bugs. I've done several factory resets on it so far. Also, why does Motorola say you can only use the 2nd Gen charger for this? Seems like a standard wireless charger to me.
Siddhant Lazar (2 years ago)
Samsung Gear S2 or the Moto 360 2nd gen?
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
I love the gear but because the Moto 360 is using android wear it has more apps and its also compatible with the iPhone in case you ever switch platforms. I'd go with the 360
Sanjeev Radhakrishnan (2 years ago)
Would you recommend this or the huawei watch or the Samsung gear s2
Jon Snu (2 years ago)
Huawei watch if you don't mind not having an ambient sensor.
Mayank Saini (2 years ago)
sir, this was the best review ever your are the best
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
+Mayank Saini Thanks Mayank! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Fy Vhgyjcfubfuh (2 years ago)
handles or handlebars on a watch?!!! They are called lugs! 😯😊
Daakkon (2 years ago)
lol nice Matt! only complaint I have about this video is you keep tripping over your words. we're you baked when you did this? :P Great video as always!
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
+Daakkon Thanks! haha no I wasn't baked. I just talk fast and mumble sometimes! Working on it! Thanks for watching!
Robby Balboa (2 years ago)
I remember being really excited after upgrading my pc with a 4GB hard drive...
Brad Snyder (2 years ago)
That ending was great! haha Awesome job Matt!
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
Haha thanks Brad!
Jo Olmedo (2 years ago)
Still love the look of this watch, sadly Im just not a big fan of wearables and this or any other watch would be wasted on me.
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
+Jo Olmedo Ya it's not for everyone and Smartwatches are still finding their place. There's no big reason to really get one yet.
Jill Dominique Nunez (2 years ago)
Hey Matt! What year do you think smartwatches would be really good? I mean it's still kind of in its early stages.
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
I don't think they'll be good until they truly offer something that make them worthwhile. Notifications to your wrist is the only reason to have it. There's still not that one application that makes you have to have it. So hopefully this year if not maybe next.
Jordan Patton (2 years ago)
Will we get a v.3? With the whole Motorola thing
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
I think so! I hope so lol
Reeta Anand (2 years ago)
good review with cute babies.
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
Thanks Reeta!! : )
Parker Time (2 years ago)
Guess what? I have this watch too lol, love it. Great video!
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
Haha of course you do! Thanks Mike!
Max H. (2 years ago)
Can you review a Dbrand skin maybe ?
Limitless Tech UK (2 years ago)
Superb video Matt, I'm still unfortunately not sold on smartwatches watch. I'd like to review one, but I don't think I'd like to own one. Well just yet.
Limitless Tech UK (2 years ago)
+Matthew Moniz that's true and the battery life of most of them isn't great either, which makes it even more difficult to actually get one. And no problem :)
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
Thanks Weston!! Ya it's not for everyone and the only reason to get one is if you want to get notifications on you're wrist. Besides that there's no app or compelling reason to actually need it.
sicdedworm09 (2 years ago)
Great video as always man. Thinking about getting one as a second option to my pebble time steel
Matthew Moniz (2 years ago)
+sicdedworm09 nice! How are you liking the steel?

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