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The Weirdest Tech of CES 2018

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CES is a wonderful place full of weird, weird tech gadgets. Trying the World's Thinnest Laptop at CES 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMATo2qiscY Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (1072)
lenny the burger (5 hours ago)
Pfff linus made 45 videos cach up
Sindre Iversen (6 hours ago)
affect serving number rural democracy silver meter fortune German about curriculum.
Rian Estrada (7 hours ago)
Come to think of it, the ".com" button is actually genius!
LUIS FRANKFORT (7 hours ago)
I made cool $500k on Crypto mining i guess a lost of people are still analyzing how and where to invest....lol
RABBY PRINCE (12 hours ago)
this is most weirdest weirdest weirdest weirdest weirdest weirdest weirdest weirdest useless stuffs but fun tho
. com is garbage. I have .edu domains and email addresses, and you needed them to join fraudbook in 2004. I have a personal web page on my university domain as well. I can see those are his brains in his hands, and all of the junk at that show is worthless. There needs to be a damned channel on here for serious shit like servers, oh wait, that's mine, and I have shit you've never seen and will never own and you can't afford because you don't know how to use it.
Хочу трахнуть этого китайца.
Turab Javaid (16 hours ago)
boy them vans are a couple of sizes too big!
Itz Greetings233 (16 hours ago)
Ain’t going to lie you are pushing it with these jokes. Like everything you saw you had to push something out, I’m not hating or shit just like chill if you want to
J88go (20 hours ago)
.com button because ctrl+enter is so last year.
William Craft (20 hours ago)
why does fuji sound like taylor when he's doing a japanese accent
Matt Harmon (20 hours ago)
You are like a cooler Jim.
Muru Roa (22 hours ago)
Really Austin, you just couldn't let the guy finish his lunch? wtf?
LowJack187 (22 hours ago)
Why you find the gayest things at CES and put them in your video?
Anders Viklund (23 hours ago)
madness i love it <3
Clayton Wieberg (23 hours ago)
That ending tho
Simon Berntsson (1 day ago)
"Hey guys, I'm Autistic"
MrGrownman455 (1 day ago)
I bet in a couple of years the battery belt will be a thing and you will see kids wearing them. lol It's always the odd stuff that becomes trendy
I See (1 day ago)
Giant keyboard? The reason anyone would do this is, if they could, which they can't, would be because they could, which they can't.
Fintan (1 day ago)
the battery belts are interesting, if its waterproof/removeable.
IiroMikola (1 day ago)
Hey guys, I'm exhausted.
General Jojo (1 day ago)
"Hey guys... This is aussssstin"
TrueMegaManiac (1 day ago)
"Razer does stuff because they can." New company slogan? Methinks yes
Akshay Hari (1 day ago)
U feel what. ...?
kenneth trawinski (1 day ago)
Why is this guys personality ass?
Tim T (1 day ago)
Is if safe wear battery-belt during raining?
Hanzi2u (1 day ago)
Terrible video , only good thing you showcased was the large keyboard which was very nice
diesaturn (1 day ago)
B SR (1 day ago)
This guy is annoying. MKBHD is so much better and smarter!
Chris LeeWoo (1 day ago)
My dream of using my iPad in the bath has been fully realized.
MrEye4get (1 day ago)
Awesome thin keyboard idea! With a size 44 belt I can power a small TV all day!
Michael Garand (1 day ago)
Razer is using switches designed by someone else and not even crediting that person. Way to go.
David Smith (2 days ago)
Austin feels awkward cause hes not use to being around other people.
XDX Gaming (2 days ago)
The Weirdest Tech of CES 2018 is Austin :)
JAUN Shuler (2 days ago)
austins thicc
mac patterson (2 days ago)
The keyboard is made with custom mechanical switches that were meant to be novelty but they were fully functional. Taser took a step up and made a full rgb keyboard with lots of them
Crimson Harp (2 days ago)
Finally a Graphene keyboard
neon cz (2 days ago)
Is that large belt RGB?
Ruan Moleman (2 days ago)
Hey guystszszsaustn
sloblo (2 days ago)
Maybe I'm alone here, but I'd buy a giant keyboard if the price was right.... like a nerdier version of BIG
aeonblue999 (2 days ago)
i dont think Austin tried hard enough.. please.. try a little harder. (this video made me thirsty just watching it)
aeonblue999 (2 days ago)
jk Austin, do wtf u want!
goodcat1982 (2 days ago)
So where was the new "tech" in this video then??? All i saw was existing tech which had been used in different ways zzz
HerrBratwurst (2 days ago)
The belt is pretty cool
HerrBratwurst (2 days ago)
The chinese guy is like, why are you white people so fascinated by a ".com" button? you mean you don't have it in your apple products?
ClimateCTRL (2 days ago)
Is CES worth it?
Poop Brain (2 days ago)
that rollable keyboard 😍
Hull Yas (2 days ago)
The next mission impossible is going to be so lit after all of this
First Abdul tech (2 days ago)
I hope that whoever reads this will follow there dreams. My dream is to be a successful YouTuber. First Abdul tech
Dakota B (2 days ago)
I need to go home. -Austin
Emppu T. (2 days ago)
Fear and loathing in Las Vegas
tom black (2 days ago)
Dude u need to stop taking steroids
Old Man Strength (2 days ago)
Ok, Dr. Fuji needs his own show!!! "Dr.Fuji's Sexy Techa-nology Show"
The SynDRONE Effect (2 days ago)
Incredible! All you guys at CES with your YouTube channel are really trying so hard to get the views up and let's not forget about the $$$$ from YT
KabisanDoes (3 days ago)
Follow me pls on instagram... i will follow back... @k_kabs19_a
JgHaverty (3 days ago)
Being legit, that .com button should be more prolific lol
Abbas Haider (3 days ago)
I like the battery belt and transparent keyboard
Chemoca (3 days ago)
I need to go home
Game Axis (3 days ago)
The back looks a little bit like a honor 7x
Commenter (3 days ago)
Am I the only one who thought at first that the red mannequins are sex dolls?
Bart Blom (3 days ago)
vibrating WONT make you skinnier.... to be honest... its bad for you.
Ackara (3 days ago)
battery belt is a good Idea especially for the bag straps.
Apurv Patani (3 days ago)
Don't know why but he sounds like Barry Allen 😆
BBC600 (3 days ago)
A .com button isn’t weird... it’s awesome! But how hard is it to type “.com”? More of a luxury then anything.
Un Known (3 days ago)
Sensei Steez (3 days ago)
This comment section is gold
transikk (3 days ago)
Cringe as f.
Adnan Sadiq (3 days ago)
that ending tho
TheDeviceWolf79 (3 days ago)
anyone watching in 4k resolution? lol
Elkin Torres (3 days ago)
dr fuji you're the best in all the CES history
Luar Zaragoza (3 days ago)
I love master roshi
Levine Levine (3 days ago)
You are the most disrespectful YouTuber reporter in CES. You are making hit and run statements against various unsuspecting product promoters. Your immaturity should have disqualified your attendance, and promoters should have ignored you had they not extended you courtesy you do not deserve.
Mona Nina Vayding (3 days ago)
L.O.L and O.M.G this old geezer mr. fuji was hilarious comedian.
Glitchy Tails (3 days ago)
steps for a successful life: 1. read step 2. 2. read step 1.
Glitchy Tails (3 days ago)
dude this wasted my time
airbomb34 (3 days ago)
Why did I click this video....
Sc0rpio 387 (3 days ago)
I hate you
Mikey Estrada (4 days ago)
You should’ve added instead to the title. " most pointless crap tech at CES 2018 "
David Eastham (4 days ago)
Those robots remind me of Teletubbies .....um no. I won't buy one.
Sascha Kuhn (4 days ago)
The belt isn´t actually weird. I think it´s really smart. No additional battery bank needed. I want that!
Gabi Koonings (4 days ago)
That keyboard roll up thing will become auto extract as well, maybe become rigid when extracted, and touchscreen, it's just a matter of time. Then you'll get rollup phones and tablets.
Sam_Parisot Plays (4 days ago)
The reason why they made the giant keyboard: Because science isn’t about why. It’s about why not.
Theo 919 (4 days ago)
Hey tech, this is austin
Roberto Vigil (4 days ago)
That belt though, WANT!
Harrison Kent (4 days ago)
What happens when that battery belt becomes damaged/ faulty & you’ve got a massive, flaming, chemical reaction around the whole of your waist. 😬😬😬😬
Richard Hobbs (4 days ago)
battery belt is a winner imo. I would definitely buy one
Enzo Chua (4 days ago)
Austin u just creepy man Haha love your vids
kellthusad (4 days ago)
That belt charger is not a weird thing/tech its actually a pretty good product. I would definitely buy this, at least for may bag
Scottage Man (4 days ago)
I know a million people probably already thought of this but the battery belt made me think. Battery pants with wireless charging, just put your phone in your pocket and it starts charging. That would be amazing.
WASIQ MAHMOOD (4 days ago)
I like the transparent keyboard concept and I have an idea if anybody like it. We have seen lots of tablets are connect with the keyboard like laptops which is very nice but what happen when we fix this transparent keyboard concept with tablets side be side. Means if this keyboard fix with the tablets vertically to left hand side and anybody want to type some thing he or she, they will rotate this keyboard like we saw old switch board up and down on/off something like that. When this keyboard comes down in horizontal the user take out the keyboard type something after typing put the keyboard back the the rolling position and flip upward to is precious vertical position.
Geek (4 days ago)
Now he starts to talk like a typical white trash girl....
stephen shiels (4 days ago)
I have seen so many weird technologies in video games.
Aditya (4 days ago)
Hey Austin,this is guys.
Tyler Leyden (4 days ago)
Who let you in
Johnny Phung (4 days ago)
That's a good impression of @bitwit kyle by Dr Fuji.
junhong cai (4 days ago)
Austin, you are cool. CES is super and technology need the crazy.
Brandon Gilbert (4 days ago)
That belt is awesome!!
Tommy Nguyen (4 days ago)
Why the hell those he ends sentenced with such a high note. “iphone tEN..”
Thompter S. Hunson (4 days ago)
Those robots where cute though
Nadzwan Tahir (4 days ago)
I want to see Tommy Wiseau, James Franco and Dr Fuji in a movie. Comment the title of their movie below.
sam rich (4 days ago)
abdoulaye haidara (4 days ago)
Dr. Fuji is god.

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