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Is PlayStation VR Worth It?

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Top 5 PlayStation VR Games: https://youtu.be/vQCDtJWP6d8 The PSVR is here for the Sony PlayStation 4 but is it worth it? PlayStation VR vs Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeoi3R8lHaw Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (3167)
_ awesome studios _ (6 hours ago)
Where is the link to buy it??
Vincent Platt (9 hours ago)
Vincent Platt (9 hours ago)
Uhhhh the real world
Yassin Hesham Helal (16 hours ago)
Sony should actually make a motion sensing suit, you know what i am talking right? It's like a suit that senses your motion with any move you do. Hints the name.
_ VazgenPlayZ _ (18 hours ago)
Of course it’s worth it
You gotta love the way these tech show hosts look. This guy looks like he got picked on for beatin off under the desk in highschool. His hair look like roadkill that been smashed to the road for weeks.
Its really not. Console peasants.
w0wdude (2 days ago)
Does it kno de wey?
Soapsurfar (2 days ago)
I got a fucking 30 second ad what the hell austin
SRAVAN S (2 days ago)
This sells for 600$ in my country and Oculus isn't available also the vive is around 1300$
Daddy Parappa (2 days ago)
If you don’t have a computer its worth it
James Powlett (2 days ago)
No it’s not , it’s blurry and out of focus , it’s overpriced crap
Parzival (3 days ago)
I’ll just wait for the OASIS to come out.
kirti sethi (3 days ago)
Ps4 vr box works with the existing ps4 games also which i already have or i have to buy vr games specifically..?
Abdullah Rasheed (3 days ago)
This izaustin
Jadentheperson (3 days ago)
No a $300 porn machine is not worth it
Dan Track (4 days ago)
Pls save your money and buy a VR that is compatible with PC. I bought it and kinda regret it because there really isn't that much games that I would pay good money for.
Armless Gamers (4 days ago)
Sony really has to make it more appealing, i for one am not interested is swinging glowing dildo's around
ElementHypezz (5 days ago)
I am de way
Håkon Dirfeldt (5 days ago)
Wow im in the future... and the future is really dark
Most Dank (5 days ago)
you do realize you can bypass the 1080p with ps vr with a joint cable that automatically enables hdr at 4k
Syd6016 (6 days ago)
It didnt have that good of a launch but sony fixed a lot of major issues and now its my favorite game in the world
Antoni Głowacki (7 days ago)
Ps4 is SHIT
Only Afterhours (7 days ago)
now this is finally smome futuristic stuff. this has so much potential. the future is here
Senordogger (7 days ago)
Logic before the fame
The cute PS4
ETcraftingChannel© (9 days ago)
I wanna buy the bundle with the move controllers and camera, but they're all sold out in the Netherlands D:
AfroJeffrey (9 days ago)
That 1st pull of the headset thought... It really made me cringe hearing that crack.
Tyler Swinkey (11 days ago)
Are you one of the try guys
Borealis (11 days ago)
The PSVR feels bulky and weird on my head. Vive all the way
MixedPlayer 2399 (11 days ago)
How come you always end a word like for example: Say he says camera, he says cameraaaa
NonOrdinaryGamer (11 days ago)
"The future is really dark" Why yes it is Austin. Yes it is...
Gay Little Boy666 (12 days ago)
I wanna explode on your face in VR mode
skorpyo33 (12 days ago)
Hell yeah its worth it if u used it yet.
We are all DEVO (12 days ago)
Garbage games, another sony device flop!
Devo Gamer (13 days ago)
Hey guys this is Austin *cough* I mean bts
Arash Mirshahi (13 days ago)
Can you put it on with glasses?
Johnny Rocket2050 (14 days ago)
My PlayStation VR died
TThief (14 days ago)
It's $350 on amazon
Hatem Benalia (14 days ago)
The way he put it on holding it by the screen oh it fucking hurts
Power Metal Union (16 days ago)
What kind of vr is this, hands are floating. Virtuix omni seems much better than ps4 vr.
fuck u
no giveaway? that SUCKS mr poopypants
Chris (17 days ago)
When did he started to say sh*t
Metroyeta Rerex (18 days ago)
"The future is really dark" - Austin Evans
chazeverett (18 days ago)
he says its ver blurry it will be if u dont adjust the vr headset correctly make sure when u put it on to adjust it so its not blurry
AtoZGaming SBAG BOI (18 days ago)
I love it
archangel919 (18 days ago)
Christmas 2017 definitely worth it for $199 USD, my kids and the whole family ecstatic. ;)
LeonC. (19 days ago)
You don't need a camera
VIP E-Juice (20 days ago)
WHAT dafuq you mean this is not a must have? THIS IS A MUST HAVE. I am over 40 and it beats plugging quarters into a machine!!!! I want it just based on your gameplay here! NOT your review! Just sayin'
Chin boss (20 days ago)
I own a psvr,and when I play for like 5 minutes my face is already sweating like crazy.
lee anthony (20 days ago)
In short hell yeah its worth it its like a bloody holo deck its amazing and I dont work for sony lol
DanielTube TubeHD (21 days ago)
Can the new camera use playroom?
Cameron Eoff (21 days ago)
Yes it is I got and it’s so fun
Jeremy Phillips (21 days ago)
Looks like you shot this in my loft apartment in LA! I wonder if you did. Hmmmm.
Austin likes Oilers (21 days ago)
Got mine for Christmas today and wow, I’m very shocked by it. Totally worth it
KakarotLee33 (22 days ago)
I ended up getting this for 180.
MrDionne211 (22 days ago)
I got psvr for Christmas
Raul Villarreal (2 days ago)
is it worth to buy it right now? I still have my christmas money lol
sasukes2938 (3 days ago)
MrDionne211 i also bought a ps vr im glad its selling well and hopefully it wont share the same dusty spot as my ps vita
aliwalyd3 lol (5 days ago)
i got a vr box for my phone and i love it ^-^
Janko (9 days ago)
Who cares what you got for xmas
Professional Noobs (10 days ago)
I got a ps4 pro for christmas
Pablo Gavia (22 days ago)
Im gonna give it another yr see what other crazy shit comes out, im a late cheap buyer careless for the times but online gets dragged...so gotta stay close to current now in days
Kado Lee (22 days ago)
Worth the money!! Yeah! I got a set already!
fuck you to (22 days ago)
he knows so much hahahaha GENIUS
Rob Smith (23 days ago)
One year later and you can get it for $199. At that price... Definitely worth it!!!
Steph Occultist (23 days ago)
He is so hot.
awill891 (23 days ago)
Bought the Gran Turismo bundle for $200. Love it but I wouldn't pay a dime over 200 for it.
The Clever (23 days ago)
I'll pass thank you very much.
Ma Jid (23 days ago)
Thanks Austin
Strafe (24 days ago)
psvr+ps4=htc vive without pc.
monkey d luffy (25 days ago)
Lol the futures really dark
Andreo Suro (26 days ago)
it worth every penny, but there is a need of new PS5 and new hires VR :))
Ivan Tech (16 days ago)
Tech Noir I don't think that price is available anymore. I believe it was only valid until December 24th. Should be back to previously discounted price
Splat splat Girl (16 days ago)
were can u get it for 199?
Ivan Tech (25 days ago)
def worth every penny, especially if you get it at the current 199 price
I did not know he curses
tnez2009 (27 days ago)
Dumb fuck!! Sounds more like your comparing Vive and Rift instead of answering your Title.. so I will answer.... YES!!! It is worth it.. ..and go fuck yourself Rich prick.
Ivan Tech (25 days ago)
Especially at 199 for a bundle, totally agree
EnzoTheEpic1 (27 days ago)
Now it's on sale for $200
EnzoTheEpic1 (25 days ago)
With skyrim
EnzoTheEpic1 (25 days ago)
Yeah I might get it
PrestigeGamer (25 days ago)
EnzoTheEpic1 hoping I get it for Christmas!!!
Ivan Tech (25 days ago)
Yup, initially got mine for 300, then got refunded 100 a few days later when the price dropped to 200
Outrageous Vlogger (28 days ago)
Ivan Tech (25 days ago)
its a great buy, good luck! keep in mind that sale ends on the 24th
Stefan Sarakinov (28 days ago)
Betsy Simpson (29 days ago)
do the VR comes with a game system or do it comes separately?
Lady Dot (30 days ago)
looks eh im glad i watched this before buying one especially at that price looks like itl be just about tge dame just playing on a bigger tv
Kunal Khatri (30 days ago)
Told price I want that
Garbage Gang (30 days ago)
Do people still use this? And do they even make games for this? Last game I know that used vr was resident evil earlier this year
Amin Muamin (1 month ago)
Please I need free ps4 in Africa
Niko (1 month ago)
Bought mine two days ago for $190, it came with the camera and gran turismo sports too, plus rush of blood is free for ps plus users. Have been enjoying it so much it so much fun, my mom is really enjoying too.
Ivan Tech (25 days ago)
Niko Nice! You can't go wrong with psvr at that price.
Niko (25 days ago)
Ivan Tech It was going for $200 on Dell's website and I used 12% cash back from ebates. The total after taxes ended up being $190
Ivan Tech (25 days ago)
where did you get yours for $190?
Ivan Tech (25 days ago)
janko (1 month ago)
Niko $190? I got it for $550 lol fuck me
deon de wit (1 month ago)
exciting times ahead for us long term gamers. I rememember how much fun I had with the psone, ps2 eye toy psp. Now on to VR. Wow.
Ivan Tech (25 days ago)
agreed. waiting when this whole thing is going to go wireless...
attilathehun0 (1 month ago)
ps vr is now only $200 great buy if you already have the ps4/pro.
oukit t.o (1 month ago)
does vr needs playstation 4 to work plz tell me..
Solara (1 month ago)
Never tried the first Gen but the 2nd and I'm not impressed. I'm very impressed with the games/software and the crazy potential but the hardware is lacking. VR rn is rudimentary so good luck finding any headset with a very crisp and clear resolution. Resolution is a big problem in the realm of VR. The 2nd gen has a rubber mask all around, not a soft cushion which doesn't give you a full seal of immersion, not sure what the 1st gen has or if it's the same. I have a Gear VR and in comfort, adjustment and immersion it actually makes the PS VR look like crap which honestly shocked me. I never had my glasses fogged up in the Gear, here in the PS VR it happens often and it's not even a full seal. I take a good 5mins adjusting it and trying to get a clear image and get annoyed at the fruitless efforts to 'doable'. Every. Fucking. Time. It makes me feel retarded for going to such lengths and a novice each time, you'd figure that after the 15x this would be faster and you know what settings you require but nope... 5mins adjusting. Once you have all of that settled and you're launching stuff, it's pretty solid. I did get massive headaches within mins which shocked me cause the previous Gear VR never did. I had expected a much better experience with a pricer headset but nope, my head would feel hot and I'd get a trembling pain, something I never experienced before. I readjust the headset a bit and it helped a little. I played a lot on my Gear VR and used it for 10+hrs at a time, from gaming to surfing, never any headache or discomfort so I'm baffled. You feel the plastic bulk of the 2nd gen so if this was an upgrade, yikes, can't imagine the 1st generation. I'll be skipping it entirely and wait out for the 3rd gen next yr.
THEMASTER GAMES (1 month ago)
THEMASTER GAMES (1 month ago)
Solara true very true
Solara (1 month ago)
THEMASTER GAMES one is an accessory for a console the other is an actual different console.
THEMASTER GAMES (1 month ago)
Ivan Tech (25 days ago)
I know GT Sport does that, and I can just die. Plus it's not even true or full vr SMH
I'm going to buy a psvr set for xmas. Which games do you recommend?
Ivan Tech (25 days ago)
STAY Away from GT Sport! Although if you go for the cheapest bundle you wont have a choice, but Resident Evil is crazy on it, Driveclub vr is also good...
The Console Warrior (1 month ago)
Ricky Larrañaga Santa Cruz Skyrim is a great experience in vr. I suggest it.
Solara (1 month ago)
Ricky Larrañaga Santa Cruz Doom. Skip Skyrim.
Aarush Wagh (1 month ago)
Mine is better than this
Johnny Madsen (1 month ago)
better focus on v2 cam
Tyler Cromwell (1 month ago)
you look and sound like logic
HunterH65 (1 month ago)
I think Playstation VR is worth it!!! and im saying this way before i even started to watch this video. I just replied to the title with a reasonable comment. Would anyone agree?????
Ivan Tech (25 days ago)
Totally! and with the new price, you get even more value. loving mine right now. even made a video of it. but yea, glad i waited a full year before buying it. I remember when it was 400 just for the headset...smh
gottabump (1 month ago)
Just got the Gran Turismo bundle for $199.99 can't go wrong for that price so guess the pro is next
Ivan Tech (25 days ago)
same boat here
Review Guy (1 month ago)
see the way i see it. is for the others even though the vr headsets themselves are comparable price wise.. the systems they require is where they differ widely. if you want a proper gaming pc it seems like your going to spend minimum of a grand. not including the vr headset. so in my opinion the playstation vr for a cost effective stand point is a solid option. personally i do no build pc's, i've been contemplating it but its just not in my budget.and i have a ps4 at the moment so im considering getting the ps vr kit. which is shown here now can be had for about 359.00.
THE JOKER (1 month ago)
Only if ps4 have vrchate game it worth it bout it dont
Joey H (1 month ago)
I sucked 3 dicks at Best Buy for a vr
Jimmy Shelton (1 month ago)
on the vr luge if found if you lay in bed and raise your head up helps with the dizzieness or motion sickness
Luke Culhane (1 month ago)
I got an xbox ad before the video lol.
Blue ClashOfClans (1 month ago)
Really fair assessment. I like your presentation style: a lot of youtubers are so loud and obnoxious. You're great!
Fat Gamer (1 month ago)
It is worth it
Fat Gamer yea, it’s worth it.
Ivan Tech (25 days ago)
no doubt
David Bowie (1 month ago)
And if you get free it’s worth it

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