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RED iPhone 8 Plus UNBOXING

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Apple iPhone 8 Plus Product RED Special Edition Unboxing & First Look. ►►► dbrand skins: http://dbrand.com/SuperSaf SUBSCRIBE for more ►►► https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSafTV?sub_confirmation=1 Donate to RED to help fight Aids and HIV: https://www.red.org/ The iPhone 8 Plus Product RED Special Edition features a bright Red finish with 5.5" Retina LED Display, Dual 12MP rear cameras with OIS, 7MP Selfie Camera, Apple A11 Bionic and Touch ID. Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1XK6ZLU Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSaf Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (365)
SuperSaf TV (9 days ago)
Hope you enjoyed all the RED 😜 What do you think of the Product RED iPhone 8 Plus?
HARUN HALDUN ARAY (8 hours ago)
I wish, It would be an original on product red for Iphone 5s.
armin darvishi (9 hours ago)
Tony (3 days ago)
SuperSaf TV when you doing giveaway of this phone?
Tarun sankar Perumal (4 days ago)
Heavenly red
Jitendra Faldesai (7 days ago)
SuperSaf TV I need an iPhone plz plz plz plz
Pruthvi S (12 hours ago)
I want only one iPhone 6,7+or8 please send me to India karnataka davangere please 😐😐😐😐😑😑😑😑
ian greenacre (19 hours ago)
Mine comes on Monday
Peter Joseph (22 hours ago)
Hi,, I love the red colour,, when will it reach here in Kenya???
Leonsky Life (1 day ago)
Wish I didn’t get the space gray and waited to get the red version 😒
Urban Radio Hits (1 day ago)
Ziir Saalim (1 day ago)
that is not red but the cover is only red if wanna all red than u say red but nothing
TechWaves (2 days ago)
Dreamscape (2 days ago)
every year same phone looks like Iphone 7 red
Aditya Prakash (2 days ago)
Nice video
启强洪 (3 days ago)
Lol! I enjoyed the RED Apple logo T-shirt
AnShid Anshi (3 days ago)
Pls give me a iphon
Debbie Pearson (3 days ago)
please I always wanted one and I never got one and I asked my mom want for my birthday and she said no because she but then she said she doesn't dollars and I asked her for when she yelled at me
Rahul Harne (4 days ago)
You crossing 1million subs
Suresh Kumar Limbu (4 days ago)
Iphone very beautiful,good design but iphone operating system very hard ufffff song pictures etc.......
Martin marty (5 days ago)
Jay White (5 days ago)
I’ve got the iPhone 8plus in silver I love the iPhone 8 Plus it’s really good I’m getting the Apple Watch series 3
O Gordon (5 days ago)
Lipstick on a pig. Red lipstick. Companies that present premium priced phones with 1080p screens -- in 2018 -- should be run out of town
Bharat Maru (6 days ago)
Thumbnail tho! 👌👌
Het Naik (6 days ago)
Supersaf logo in top left is also red....😂😂😂😂
will powell (6 days ago)
alrite kidda send us the red iphone 8 i love you long time baby ;)
MD. Adil Sheikh (6 days ago)
1+2=5 how by mistake
Adrikaboy yo (6 days ago)
Zain Ulabdin (6 days ago)
Can I get that phone.
Zain Ulabdin (6 days ago)
Nice video and nice color of iPhone and your shirt
Layla Baby (6 days ago)
Can I have one please I beg youu
Shaleeca J (6 days ago)
thats fake who ever sold that to you fouled you bc the new iphone 8 plus only says iphone and product red it doesnt say all the other stuff like made in china or sum like that
Pixel Zone (6 days ago)
I love you ❤️🤷
Fatchoi 27 (7 days ago)
I Would Of Loved To Seen Red EarPods Exclusive With The Red iPhone 8
S_ D (7 days ago)
It looks nice but I don’t buy because I am waiting for Xplus✌🏻
Rachid Sghaier (7 days ago)
hmmmm... apple is trying to get evrryone curious about them they did not get me
Mondhir Koudjil (7 days ago)
Hey supersaf I would like to know if you still get the high volume warning on iphone from UK (since the symbol of EU still exists
Jitendra Faldesai (7 days ago)
I need a iPhone
PaRaLaX Ng (7 days ago)
That red is stunning
Neha R (7 days ago)
Love the whole red vibes🔴
Omar Phoenix (7 days ago)
I returned my Space Gray 8 Plus in February because I just KNEW this was coming out. I love mine. I still have my red 7 Plus as well.
Roger Wittekind (7 days ago)
Wow another phone that records Stereophonic audio with a single monophonic microphone. In other words don't ever try to record stereo music with an iPhone because it will convert Stereophonic sound to cheap monophonic audio. Been there done that.
Inam Ghafoor (7 days ago)
bruh, if they did it in a Matt Red, i'm there, love red but not glossy
Kashif hussain (7 days ago)
Great color change 👏👍
ian greenacre (7 days ago)
Will they be doing this in the iPhone X too ??
rag e63 (7 days ago)
I can't believe it. Apple has done in again. They invented a new color. Wooww
Nighat rehman (7 days ago)
Can you talk through the note nine sac plz thnx
Faijan Khan (7 days ago)
Hii supersaf congrats for future 1 million subcribers and you are the a big mobile therpy but why? Do not any more GIVEAWAY why supersaf tell me bro 😚😚😚
joseph tech man (6 days ago)
Hamdan Ali hahaha
Faijan Khan (7 days ago)
Hamdan Ali thanx for openion 🖒🖒
Hamdan Ali (7 days ago)
bc of people like you who beg for giveaways all the time
Cdek Ibalio (7 days ago)
No giveaway?
Dwann H (8 days ago)
That’s fake
kuku kaka (8 days ago)
Oh my oh my Thats one hell of sensual combination
Nick A (8 days ago)
i hope you enjoying the video
Kingsley Ojinnaka (8 days ago)
@Suoersaftv please can you do a review of the Nokia 7 plus.
SANSPYDERJK VLOGs (8 days ago)
That RED is SEXY AF!
Pep Sus (8 days ago)
i hope you enjoyed the video
TechiBee (8 days ago)
Ur videos are so amazing.. Always ur fan...love from India
jayesh Rami (8 days ago)
I love it, I want this phone but is giveway or not giveway. It is awesome
All About you know (8 days ago)
Love the apple t Shirt I want it
Gaurav Khulbe (8 days ago)
A typical apple fanboy...😂😂😂
jax2maxs1 (8 days ago)
71031 to go..what happnd to ur left eye
amol malekar (8 days ago)
Super Red
Aamna Anwar (8 days ago)
You are smarter than i phone 🙌
HD Tech (8 days ago)
Waiting for the SuperSaf style colour comparison video
rizwan khan (8 days ago)
P20 pro vs pixel 2 camera comparison plz saf
sagar aher (8 days ago)
the fact is how much percent do they donate! its probably like 1$ or they would have mentioned that
Randy Anim (8 days ago)
Should i get red iphone 8?
neitherlink (8 days ago)
I know it may seem like being picky but the us models of the iPhone look way better thanks to the erasure of those inscriptions, specially on the red models
nattapong js (8 days ago)
wow :j
Tasrik Hasan (8 days ago)
Giveaway this phone
Sourabh Kamboj (8 days ago)
Why their good cause like charity for HIV struck their minds always realese of 6 month's. Can anyone think about this..
saroj dongol (8 days ago)
Where is black 😁😁😁
Rizafiniya Finiya (8 days ago)
Still the picture quality is not good compared to Samsung s9+
Kavindu Ramesh (8 days ago)
Trevor Brown (8 days ago)
wow ... you unboxed a colour
Noufal ibn Najeem (8 days ago)
red saf
Mike Del Orbe (8 days ago)
Good video!! But too much red to my eyes.
Piyush Pahwa (8 days ago)
I personally like the white front more
Tharaka Gunarathna (8 days ago)
RED RED RED Ohhhh I love it..
J A TAJIK (8 days ago)
Black and Red my favourite colour combination...
Windex (8 days ago)
Can I get this comment pinned for no reason
Jaivek kanabar (8 days ago)
Kim Bridge (8 days ago)
Really nice
HW2800 (8 days ago)
iPhone X RED!
Ricky Cordero (8 days ago)
That’s one ugly ass color 🤮
V for VENDETTA V (8 days ago)
Might be laws resin why the logo is stell thare
Soham Kaluda (8 days ago)
Hiv is not a disease.. so please don't make fool others.. its a white lie
Wyatt B (8 days ago)
AIDS *A* cquired *I* mmune *D* eficiency *S* yndrome
Glitch View (8 days ago)
You will get the Million Subs this year🤘🏼
Soham Kaluda (8 days ago)
bro HIV is lie so i think some people used this problem for self benefits
Alioune Sow (8 days ago)
I see what you mean I see the red pimple
Camilla CookieMonster (8 days ago)
It's remember me to the Samsung galaxy S7edge Iron men edition.
maqsood hussain (8 days ago)
Hey bro, same pinch👊
Mohammad Deoun (8 days ago)
Hey man love your channel! Keep making dope content (it's what your best at 😜)!
sashikanth vellore (8 days ago)
How much did apple buy you for?
Hektor Athan (8 days ago)
apple listened us for once.....that black screen looks perfect
100% HEAT (8 days ago)
I’m sick I got the IPhone 7plus red
Naser Bin (8 days ago)
That front black is 😎😎
shemar dixon (8 days ago)
Mhmmm it's looks pretty good
Naser Bin (8 days ago)
The love for iphone is endless!! Loved the video and t-shirt bro!
Timex Bot (8 days ago)
Red 8+ plus matches with ya, With da shirt you're using😉
Timex Bot (8 days ago)
Is the red iPhone 8 plus worth?, Though I'm a boy😂 Do you reccomend the red color.
Shervin Alih (8 days ago)
So beautiful color❤❤❤❤
Tech Tapas (8 days ago)
John User (8 days ago)
I love the red iphone but to be honest I just cant get excited about just the color.
Ruhul Laskar (8 days ago)
my favorite color. but i can't afford this phone 🙂
Michael Williams (8 days ago)
I wash they would have made a blue 8+

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