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Top 10 BEST Camera Smartphones 2018

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In this video, we find out Which smartphone is best for taking a beautiful photo.all of this Smartphone Comes With Many amazing camera Features. ▶ Get discount Code When shopping: http://bit.ly/2JTZaAt 10.Motorola Moto Z2 Play(http://amzn.to/2D15S4N) 9.Xiaomi Mi 6(https://goo.gl/w21cA2) Promo code-hsmi6hk 8.ZTE Nubia Z17s(http://amzn.to/2BeweDi) 7.Sony Xperia XZ1(http://amzn.to/2AY1ySy) 6.HTC U11+(http://amzn.to/2BemEQE) 5.Huawei Mate 10 (http://amzn.to/2Bw4Yge) 4.Apple iPhone X(http://amzn.to/2BbFcBb) 3.LG G6(http://amzn.to/2BcOxIT) 2.Samsung Galaxy S8(http://amzn.to/2BKN4cf) 1.Google Pixel 2 XL(http://amzn.to/2Bwrhm8) -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- 🔥Get the Best offers and Discounts on Tech (Amazon)🔥:http://amzn.to/2BQu4ZK -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- support my channel by using Gearbest Affiliate Links: ⋆Hot Flagship Phones are HERE:http://bit.ly/2C34Oxb ⋆Flash sale Smartphone:http://bit.ly/2BANHSz ⋆Flash sale Tablet:http://bit.ly/2C5BG8C ⋆Flash sale Mobile Accessories:http://bit.ly/2l9vog8 ✅Best Bezel-Less Smartphones with huge screen 2018: 1.Xiaomi Mi Mix 2(http://bit.ly/2DNWG42) Promo code:Xmas149 2.Sharp Aquos S2(http://bit.ly/2zvdIRa) 3.UMIDIGI Crystal(http://bit.ly/2DcUMcp) Promo code:Xmas382 4.MAZE Alpha 4G Phablet(http://bit.ly/2Dd7XtT) Promo code:CyberGB012 5.Elephone S8(http://bit.ly/2DOPYLj) Promo code:ElepS8red 6.Bluboo S1(http://bit.ly/2DdC9Fc) Promo code:Xmas423 7.DOOGEE Mix 2(http://bit.ly/2pvC0e7) 8.Ulefone Mix (http://bit.ly/2BADHbX) Promo code:Xmas427 9.Vkworld Mix Plus 4G Phablet(http://bit.ly/2pvD7dZ) 10.Cubot X18(http://bit.ly/2BPr1Ss)
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Text Comments (522)
Abdullah Şensoy (4 days ago)
P20 pro is better than them
zipitar (5 days ago)
Realms is true phone 128 GB 6gb ram and 6 inch display is good fast phone no lag in gaming too
Microsoft Man (6 days ago)
What about the Lumia 950? This phone may b 3 years old now but the 21 MP camera is still top of the line! How disappointing for 2018 competitors. I want a 30 MP by now! 16 MP is so 5 years ago.
Benigael (6 days ago)
S8 should be on 10
jack bruno (6 days ago)
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Guna Sekaran (9 days ago)
Karan Pannu (18 days ago)
Yaar koi mi se batter ni hai wo chaye 25000tk
umama manihar (20 days ago)
Where is LG u plus and Samsung c7 pro ,, yureka
punjabi status videos (21 days ago)
Fuul bakwas hai video vivo kha pe hai
szalyga (22 days ago)
Moto Z2 Play has the same sensor as the G5 Plus, costing dearly!
Mpho Aaron (22 days ago)
lumia 950 xl didn't make it to this list???
your tube (23 days ago)
noob where is 1+6
Deepayan Modak (23 days ago)
where is nokia 8
Visit Punjab (23 days ago)
And what about 1plus 5,6 ??
Bigmak (25 days ago)
iphone/samsung/ high model are to0 expensive huawe and honor soon will be on top
Michael Reneau (27 days ago)
No pixel info and no info on capabilities of shooting in raw format. Video was more how well an advertiser can present a product. It was way overboard on flash and glitter and less on capabilities and dependability.
Charles Manez (27 days ago)
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Charles manez (27 days ago)
Watch my new video guys! Please share, like & Subscribe for more! New youtube channel =) https://youtu.be/5whIaFfRQME
now in 2018 oneplus 6 have the best camera world have ever seen soon in 2050 it will be no more then a peice of matel
or even sooner in 2021
iphone x is shit
guri singh (28 days ago)
Sony is best
Reign Magsayo (28 days ago)
Wheres the note8?
MrFanKing Sivakumar (30 days ago)
Where is Samsung s9 and huawei p20 pro ?
Julyana' croakie (30 days ago)
Shitty iPhone X, I bougth It 2 months ago and then It just die Idk what I did to that phone even my friends too, Iphone sucks well that nice for wasting my money
Rubayed Islam (30 days ago)
Where is iPhone 8 plus
In the time video was made... 1. Pixel 2 2. iPhone X 3. Mate 10 4. Note 8
Camilla Case (1 month ago)
Cool video
Mark Marquez (1 month ago)
IPhone X should be number one
itsbbd Vlogs (1 month ago)
Karen V. (1 month ago)
So sad Nokia Lumia 1020 is no longer available in any Store😭
Karen V. (1 month ago)
Oh!!Come on!! Until now there's no phone can Beat Lumia 1020's Camera Not even A single phone that was mentioned
poornima kulkarni (1 month ago)
was waiting for this, finally realme by Oppo will be out on 15th may. easy to purchase on amazon.
vandana lakhani (1 month ago)
high performace wala realme phne araha hai on 15th may by oppo, bas yehi lunga main toh
ameeta singh (1 month ago)
oppo ka hi sub brand realme aur design toh kya shandar hai release hogi 15th ko aur amazon mein bhi milega wah
renjini sahu (1 month ago)
expectations are high from realme because deisgned by oppo launch on 15th may will be awesome.
sanyashi baba (1 month ago)
another competition in the smart phone marrket realme by oppo will be launched on 15th May and I am more than thrilled
prime hush (1 month ago)
Realme Oppo ka sub brand hai jo launch ho raha hai on 15th may, amazing high performance phone hoga yaar ye toh
kirti bajaj (1 month ago)
Realme designed by Oppo araha hai 15th may ko market mein Can't ait to buy this amazing phone.
surbhi seth (1 month ago)
Oppo launch kar raha hai iska sub brand Realme. 15th May ko aa rha hai market mein, zaroor tough competition dega ye sabko
Caleb Sampson (1 month ago)
Capability recall since precise jump garden just issue pop list young.
Techky geek (1 month ago)
badiya hoga bhai 15th ko realme jo arahi hai makret mein woh bhi designed by Oppo kya baat hai
mohan dutra (1 month ago)
high performance, badiya design realme designed by Oppo will be releasing on 15th may. just awesome
naina shroff (1 month ago)
To buy the best phone look for the launch of Realme on 15th. It is a sub brand of Oppo so it is sure that it would have amazing features.
trisha sarkar (1 month ago)
Realme by Oppo is launching on 15th. It is desgned by Oppo so it would be style meets power.
Joseph Frantz Almeda (1 month ago)
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Divyam Khandal (1 month ago)
where is one plus 5t
Vipul Kanajariya (1 month ago)
Follow on Instagram@xiaomimobile.photography
Rommel Celedonio (1 month ago)
Even pacific ocean is less salty than these comments.
Somnath Maji (1 month ago)
Sony is best camera phone Samsung ,Google, LG, htc and others mobile brand are used sony camera lence
GAUTAM Bose (1 month ago)
Learn More (1 month ago)
Check here Top Camera SmartPhones:- #AmXeeTech PRO
DHARSHANIYK .C (1 month ago)
I feel still Nokia Lumia 1020 is the best camera phone. The pics are sharp, crisp and have a very good contrast...
Sophia Arceo (1 month ago)
My dad's lost phone is number nine it's super good
Sophia Arceo (1 month ago)
I like the motorola
Ahmad Hasan (1 month ago)
Vivo v9
sanjay kumar (1 month ago)
where is one plus 5t
Tbone Alameri (1 month ago)
2.2k dislikes are probably Iphone fans..
Tahir Hosany (1 month ago)
Where is huawei mate rs porsche design this is 40mp
Tahir Hosany (1 month ago)
And triple camera
Tomáš Voznica (1 month ago)
0:01 - Really Samrtphone Concept? :-D:-D:-D
Md Sohial (1 month ago)
U can't make the perfect video
Pranav Mamidwar (1 month ago)
The first thing i noticed was Samratphone concept🎆😂😂😂😂😂
Why s8? Note 8 is better
Adam Boyko (1 month ago)
Сомнительный перечень, на самом деле...
vishal vishwakarma (1 month ago)
Note 5 pro has also good 📷
Mountana Berry (1 month ago)
man why you don't talk rather than using Music
Bishal Bohara (1 month ago)
Where s9+😅😑😑
Dhaval Baraiya (1 month ago)
One plus kaha he 5t
Çayan Bektaş (1 month ago)
Sony xz preminium?
Ishan Agarwal (1 month ago)
WHERE is huawei p9/p20 having leica lens
Pawan 123456 (1 month ago)
Akash Sarkar (1 month ago)
Akash Sarkar (1 month ago)
Rajasekhar Madas (1 month ago)
10,7,2,1 bagunnaye.. Rate?
DJ Martin (1 month ago)
LG V30?!
TechSmart Pro (1 month ago)
I think iPhone X should be in number two! What do u think?
Tr0nJ0n (1 month ago)
Where is 1+ T? It is the better than your fucking Pixel) Check the camera tests
朱宇同 (1 month ago)
i m proud to watch this video by s8
abog shadow (1 month ago)
Xd I am using samsung s8
Lee Yy (1 month ago)
Where is the Nokia Lumia 1020 with fucking 41MP camera?
Filme gaane (1 month ago)
Moto Z2 What's the price
Rahul P R (1 month ago)
So you added a second camera? No need, Now that’s genius ;))
Robbie Tanker (1 month ago)
Huawei mate 10 pro is completly the best phone
Jumar Ongcay Algodon (1 month ago)
lol no nokia 8. This list sucks big time!!
Ethan Wang (1 month ago)
I don't think so.
UZUMAAKI gg (1 month ago)
How is xiaomi mi 6 phone??should i buy this phone?🤔
Genuine Hacks (1 month ago)
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Adam Otto (1 month ago)
IPHONE X!!!!!!!!
Amala Roy (2 months ago)
Dil diya darn liya sang
Mini Gurung (2 months ago)
Where is note8
Dilip Kumar (2 months ago)
zero zero (2 months ago)
Strange you published it in 2018
Nikhil Neon (2 months ago)
oppo f7 kse have camera wise
Jp Dela Riarte (2 months ago)
S9/S9 plus? P20/P20 pro?
Yasin öztürk (2 months ago)
Note 8 nerde oç
Hetal Vyas (2 months ago)
Wow nice..
Sabahat Khan (2 months ago)
iPhone is best ever
Top Five (2 months ago)
Top 5 Smartphones Under 15000 | Under $300 | Best gaming phone| Camera phones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyfGLyTcL9g
Deepak Sharma (2 months ago)
Aniket Pandey (2 months ago)
Are bhaai wo smartphone hota h samrtphone nhi

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