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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8

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Samsung Galaxy S9+ vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Full Comparison including hands-on Size, Design, Camera, Battery & Price ►►► SUBSCRIBE for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSafTV?sub_confirmation=1 The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus features a 6.2" Super AMOLED Display with a QHD+ 18.5:9 ratio, 12MP dual rear camera with dual-aperture, 8MP Selfie Camera with AF, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810, 3500mAh battery, Iris Scanner, Facial recognition, Fingerprint scanner, Intelligent Scan AR Emoji and Samsung Bixby AI assistant Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1XK6ZLU Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSaf Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (1762)
SuperSaf TV (1 month ago)
Please note: Base storage of 128GB and price are for the UK. Other regions will vary, please check with your local carriers/online stores for most accurate pricing information.
Lawrence Parkes (6 days ago)
SuperSaf TV thank you.
Ronnie Lee (1 month ago)
SuperSaf TV I
Christopher Williams (1 month ago)
SuperSaf TV I’m an Apple iPhone user , if I switch to the galaxy , is the galaxy note 8 worth getting over the 9s plus if I don’t have a real need for a s pen , and also my friends have iPhones and maybe the handwritten stuff won’t be compatible to send via text message
Evenlyn poon (1 month ago)
Why so many talking never show the devices
S9 besttt
Steve Martin (1 day ago)
No shit the newer phone is going to be better why the comparison
Pure Evil (3 days ago)
Hi mate. Just noticed on my note 8 that when taking pictures the 2x zoom button is just a digital zoom which blurred the image slightly. This is very misleading as we were told it would be optical zoom which it's not. The only time the 2nd telephoto camera works and gives you a 2x optical zoom is on portrait mode only. This will most likely apply to the s9+ as well. It's quite annoying as I would have like to record vids at 2x optical zoom but that 2nd camera is not used once again. Can you clarify this issue on one of your vids. Love all your vids by the way.
Mizz Wicked (3 days ago)
Easier to hold 🤣 thats some bs... im holding my s9 plus and it slipped off my hands when I pressed play. Its. Super slippery phone
cool guy (5 days ago)
I'm sad Samsung pulled an apple this year they just came out with another galaxy s8 same screen same ram same chipset
florist nitan (5 days ago)
I like Note 8 due to the pen
Mary Sonzogni (5 days ago)
Just got my Galaxy S 9+ today! So happy amazing phone!😍💯❤
bojan hohnjec (5 days ago)
So what's the point of 2 cameras on 9+ if you can't use the telephoto camera in PRO mode??? I've been to Samsung store in NYC to ask about this problem & the answer I got from an employee was " I'm pretty sure it can use a telephoto camera in PRO mode, it would be stupid if it couldn't " Well, he was right about one thing - it is STUPID!
Rohit Patil (5 days ago)
Good comparison
Roberts Randy (6 days ago)
The note 8 is still better some much more you can do with it than the s9. I can't wait for the note9 to drop. The s9 gone regret getting the phone
James Harvey (6 days ago)
Which Samsung phone is bigger the note 8 or the s9+ ?
Why do people so much enjoy old technology 3.5mm jack? It does not give a better sound than USB. Why do you like to have an extra hole in your phone?
Ernest Jay (8 days ago)
S9+ have a better performance than Note 8, if you just wanna "the fastest phone" just buy S9 /S9+
Pamela Toh (9 days ago)
*Hi, I need help, anyone?* My note 8 has been facing auto restart problem! It happens whenever I'm not using phone only. At times, when I want to unlock phone, it will hang and restart. In process of this, more or less my battery % will be affected. *_APPRECIATE TO GET ANY HELP/ADVICE!_*
MuzikAficionado (10 days ago)
How much is the 1 sequence duration of an AR emoji ? Also is it a GIF file?
Jason Matthew (10 days ago)
Great information on both devices
Jason Matthew (10 days ago)
I'm new here I want too get the note 8 but looking for a new phone
SiLenTuce808 (11 days ago)
Love my Note 8 but damn Samsung when y'all releasing the Oreo update for this on T-Mobile??
Rocky Edwards (11 days ago)
samsung owes us the Note 8 has been a failure we paid for a premium device and the s9+ is way better and cheaper
Taylor McCloskey (11 days ago)
Even though note 8 has a larger screen size, since it has identical aspect ratio, that means it doesn't display larger content more real estate? If so, what would make note 8 larger screen more important?
Brian Franklin (12 days ago)
I love my note 8 .
Aquawave (12 days ago)
God all your videos are so off putting cus of the corny ass glasses
trilok sharma (13 days ago)
What is the bast phone note8 & s9+
Nosa Edokpayi (14 days ago)
they are basically the same
NAQIB E'ZUWAN (15 days ago)
One of my toughest choice. Been using note series for years already. And now i'm stuck. To go for the note 8 or s9 plus. Heard alot of good things about the s9 plus tho
Sss Hhhh (15 days ago)
Sold out note 8 and bought S9+
TeChNo0b (15 days ago)
I Love Note 8 More But I Don't Have It Like If U Love Note 8 More
Matthew Santomin (16 days ago)
Can you give me that cellphone thats my dream phone but my mother can t buy that phone
Anon Blank (16 days ago)
We need your camera comparison for this! 😞
mhamad Zahir (16 days ago)
thank you for your advice
Tyreek Finney (17 days ago)
@superstar will the note8 get aremojis
Lionel Nombre (17 days ago)
watching on my Note8 and waiting for the Note9
Noah Simpson (18 days ago)
Imran Zubair (18 days ago)
David Garcia (18 days ago)
I have a question can you expand the memory in the Galaxy s9 plus too? Or only in the Galaxy note 8
larrbaII (19 days ago)
Note 8 for my daily driver . Would be nice to have more storage on bord.
Antonio Makedonski (19 days ago)
who is the winer
JUNAID MariGOLD (20 days ago)
please support me
Cassia De Deus (20 days ago)
Vixi entendi nada !!!@
D.D (20 days ago)
I prefer Note 8. I have it.
The Man (21 days ago)
Wich one should I buy. Iphone 8 plus or Note 8??
Marie Liza (21 days ago)
is there any camera result difference between s9 and s9 plus?
PratyushSharma TECH (21 days ago)
Waiting for the note 9
Sangeet Agarwal (21 days ago)
I got a S9 plus, can you make a video of using S pen with S9 plus? I know it won't be fully functional as note 8 but still what are the things that will work or won't work would be interesting to know as I am sure samsung s9 plus owners would love to take notes like a note 8 owner on their devices. Please please do this!!!
Rana Ahmad (22 days ago)
Bro im going to get s9+. Becouse if your explaining is awesome.thanks FOR help
max sandance (22 days ago)
S9+ has the same base storage as S8 , not 128 you idiot.
Manoj Kumar (22 days ago)
Screen burn issue is real?
RHChy (22 days ago)
How has his note 8 got badge notifications? Someone please....
Atiqur Rahman (23 days ago)
S9 very good
Melita Afonso (23 days ago)
S9+ is the best anytime it has better features than note8 and still has the same price
Abdullah Kazal (24 days ago)
Let me know about note 9
sqwidink1 (24 days ago)
My S3 is the shit
forsakensouls (24 days ago)
Thank you
hyperactive99999 (24 days ago)
much better battery life on note 8 i wonder why
Dwight Surname Unknown (25 days ago)
That thumbnail is actually sick
Peter Hofman (26 days ago)
What is better now?
Kenneth Yarbro (26 days ago)
Thanks... Very informative
Diana Angel (26 days ago)
I have no idea what phone to get. I really want the pen on the note but I also want the translation feature from the s9. Another dilemma is that I tend to get a phone and in like 2 months another one comes out. Ugh what to do???
Stephanie Slover (26 days ago)
I'll just take a new glass for the back of my now Orchid gray Note 8 and replace with that BEAUTIFUL color of that s9! I don't know I like the orchid gray I thought it would be more purple than the gray. Even thought of getting black which was my only other choice.
Dwayne Whitaker (27 days ago)
Small hand people lol ... But us large hand people love big phones....says a lot
Daniel Dingain (27 days ago)
Note 8
Gaurav Dhingra (28 days ago)
I m fully confused which one is better..?
MrBrannew20 (29 days ago)
I got my note 8 four days ago. Man this is best phone Samsung has released. They will have a hard time topping this phone. I always use my spen. It's very useful. If takes getting used to and the full learning curve for the pen may annoy ppl. But other than that this phone beast. And I only paid 450 for it. And the fingerprint is not hard to reach. It's muscle memory. Lol I'm a short guy so you can imagine my hands. I only own phones 5.5 inches or higher. So in used to it. I get it in point every time lol
Tony Carcamo (29 days ago)
great comparison
dead dead (29 days ago)
Give me gift of note 8 anyone help me for this
Rasheed Abdi (29 days ago)
Note 8 is what I will go for
DelauJB MotV (30 days ago)
waiting for s note 10 so i could upgrade my note 5 to note fe,, pretty beautiful
Wolfie Wolfy (30 days ago)
Razer phone or s9
Rob hoy (1 month ago)
Interesting.. just watching a video on you tube... its aall stuttery and broken on the s9 plus... but perfect on the note 8....they aare side by side.... What's that about???
BIGGBULLxxx (1 month ago)
It should have came with a 6.5 screen 2 front facing speakers or 4, and a 4000mah or 5000 mah lip battery pack. And yes it can be done.
khiane meksomphone (1 month ago)
Just shattered the screen on my s8 plus today. Thought I had insurance on my phone but no. Went to a phone shop to try to get it fixed but the screen costs $300-$350. So on to the T-Mobile store tomorrow to get a new s9 plus.
Eden Cruz (1 month ago)
Who else is watching this on a galaxy s9 or 9plus?
Marla Pasion (1 month ago)
I was planning to buy Note 8, but then S9 came in. I really want to have a Note series phone since it will help me with my work, but now I'm contemplating whether I should wait 6 months for the Note 9 or not. What do you guys think? :(
Bmuzammil Spears (1 month ago)
Note 8 battery life is perfectly fine, using the Note8 for quite a while now.
Alfie Shingles (1 month ago)
What's the little dot in the corner
Eva Luna (1 month ago)
Very good and comprehensive comparison. I have been mulling what to upgrade to from my much loved and used/abused Note 4. I was actually able to make up my mind by the time the video ended. Now that’s what I call an efficient comparison!! 👌🏼👏
Max Siqueira (1 month ago)
Review excelent !!!
Minato Namikaze (1 month ago)
Shouldn't you be testing the s8+
Farhan Albasman (1 month ago)
Thank yoh
TheCambra (1 month ago)
I hate these type of reviews if you want these type of reviews Google it lol
Classix (1 month ago)
Basically the S9 plus is a better phone unless you must have the S pen.
Nick A (1 month ago)
i am buying the Note8
Derrick p (1 month ago)
I'm waiting for the s12
Abdullah Arif (1 month ago)
speed test s9 plus vs note 8 and camera comparison b/w the two
Zoran Vengert (1 month ago)
What wallpaper you have on note8? Thanks!!!
Catloverplayer (1 month ago)
I have a Note 8 but the S9 + comes with a lot of features I want like the stereo speakers,beautiful purple wallpapers,video wallpaper,the purple color of the phone and so much more. Hope all these carry over to the Note 9.
Great comparison! now a great option to buy is the S6 :D
Ben Hatto (1 month ago)
I'm gonna wait for note 9. The s pen and s9+ camera will be godly.
Note will always be the best phone samsung produces, I would never advice anyone to choose a S Galaxy phone over a Note phone.
Ike ugbor (1 month ago)
Trying to upgrade from Note 5, but i am not sure which device to choose. Note 8 or s9+.
Jenish Shaikh (1 month ago)
Yoh Domingo (1 month ago)
This comparison is the best!
ADARSH PATEL (1 month ago)
trpilot6 (1 month ago)
Got the Note 8....no regrets. Not upgrading until at least the Note 10.
Suvarna Shirke (1 month ago)
I m big fan of note devices so my preference will be always note 8 but s9 has new features which i wishi could get in note version too may be note9 will be much better and filled with all these feature which s8 has. Thanks for good info.
Suti Asih (1 month ago)
I love note 8 design S9+ is better if use note 8 design
Hugo Neri (1 month ago)
Watching this on my s8+....🤔🤔
Kyle Cusa (1 month ago)
still like my note more
I DONT NKOW WHICH PHONE I WANT, S9 Has new cool features and NOTE8 has S-Pen that I want..

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