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Dell XPS 13 (8TH GEN) vs Lenovo Yoga 920 Review!

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The NEW Dell XPS 13 refreshed with the latest 8th gen quad core Kaby Lake-R processors goes up against the Lenovo Yoga 920! Which one is better for you? The traditional Ultrabook or the 2-in-1! Watch to find out! Help support the channel by using my Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon US: http://goo.gl/BVc5ez Amazon Canada: http://goo.gl/SK9sQK Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/is1MXU Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattmoniz123 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mattmoniz123 Website: http://www.matthewmoniz.com
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Text Comments (254)
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
Do you prefer a more traditional styled laptop like the DELL XPS 13 or a 2-in-1 like the Yoga 920?
laughingc0w (1 month ago)
2-in-1!! Had issues w previous ultra books (Yoga 910, dell xps 13, hp spectre 13, etc) and the touch helps when the laptop is spazzing out. Plus, we’re conditioned to use intuitive touch via our smartphones. Just makes sense to have 2-in-1
kotsios555 (1 month ago)
it should be an obvious answer since a 2 in 1 - hybrid is a superior device that can do more compared to a traditional laptop. The only problem would be the added cost but it is worth it in my opinion. Just think about it: having a 13-14 inch 2 in one slim ultrabook that has the required horsepower and versatility but at the same time allows you to carry it with ease anywhere? Sounds like a complete, proper device to me.
Aaryan Irani (2 months ago)
traditional laptop!
Christopher Lee Murray (2 months ago)
Dr. donna Walter (2 months ago)
Matthew Moniz - how about a review between the Dell amd the Lenovo Yoga X1 Carbon business model (5th gen? Is there an 8th gen Intel out yet for that?)? Thank you.
Hamoud Al-Qahtani (17 hours ago)
يوغا أفضل بكثير 👍🏻
ElenatheMarshmello (17 hours ago)
Why two Matt’s?
Matthew Moniz (16 hours ago)
Because two is better than one
h (22 hours ago)
hey, thats pretty cool. good work. i like it. thanks. 8=======D
P. Wingert (1 day ago)
Can you do a review of that lamp. It is so cool looking and sexy!
Sam D'Cruz (9 days ago)
What about the thinkpad yoga?
Ayan Khan (10 days ago)
yoga 920
nickle52003 (11 days ago)
watching on my yoga 920, and even with the new xps 13 2018, still think this is the better, more versatile option.
Dejan Skenderovic (12 days ago)
Watch out for screen flickering with yoga 920. The lenovo forums are full of problems related to this. Mine had the problem out of the box. Just google yoga 920 screen flickering for reference.
Anas Nasri (12 days ago)
there is a new xps 13 and HP spectre x360 needed to comparison
Scott Williams (16 days ago)
Great video @Matther Moniz! I found your channel specifically because I'm considering these two laptops. Quick note on charging: The new Dell XPS 13 has a traditional charging plug, but it *can* also charge through the USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) port as well!
Johanas Van Bastenas (19 days ago)
Warren McClure (20 days ago)
Watching this on my yoga 720 13 inch!
Justin Law (22 days ago)
Dell XPS 13 has only two lanes in its USB-C TB3...
Imran Ali (24 days ago)
I am going to buy Matt one, Not into the one with Also Matt
Dado dira (1 month ago)
As Lenovo fanboy and proud owner of tab3 pro,old z50,Moto z, Moto g, 2 gen ThinkPad and Y70 touch,guess which would I choose.
Lenovo yoga is fantastic
Ox Yo (1 month ago)
nice video !
Matthew Moniz (1 month ago)
Thank You!
Omid Majidi (1 month ago)
Great review. I am wondering why you did not make the comparison between Dell XPS 13 2in1 with Yoga 920. BTW, I just returned an HP Spectre X360 2in1 because to over heating (i7 8th, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD). I liked its performance and design but the overheating was not tolerable. Now, I'm wondering with the same configs which would be the best choice: Microsoft Surface, Dell XPS 13 2in1, or Lenovo Yoga 920. Any feedback?
Omid Majidi (23 days ago)
Russia_HM I have not made my mind yet. I noticed most of 2 in 1 laptop have overheating issue (the worst is HP spectre 360). The only models I found are more reliable are Microsoft Surface Book 2 and Toshiba Portege X20W-D.
Russia_HM (23 days ago)
Omid Majidi which did u end up getting??
Dulat Bekbolsynov (1 month ago)
Why did you hide the other Matt in the end?
lllllllllllll (1 month ago)
The verge MacBook comparison ...
I liked your way Matthew! It is quite informative and I am gonna go for Lenonvo 920, a bit pricy, but it looks like a fabulous laptop! Keep on such great work...
Quite bit impressive.. The way you compare between both is clearly enjoyable and very telling.. I was, for one, confused and hesitant between both, and you clarified the path for me as a customer.. Thank you for your helpful efforts.. Keep it up!
Matthew Moniz (1 month ago)
Thanks Doc! = ) Let me know how you like it!
MrChubby1997 (1 month ago)
i wonder how hard it was to make this video? XD
Pip Pipster (1 month ago)
I think I’m going to go with what Matt said
Rowdy van Meurs (1 month ago)
Spectre x360 13 😍
Kainan Broen (1 month ago)
Your review and video editing skills are better than 90% of the other reviewers. You deserve more subscribers.
Matthew Moniz (1 month ago)
+Kainan Broen Thanks Kainan!
Eduardo Matias (1 month ago)
None of these is my favorite laptop. I'd rather get the hp spectre x360.
Robert Hoos (9 days ago)
Eduardo Matias now you're talking
Eduardo Matias (22 days ago)
Moayad Aljumaan HP spectre x360 has better keyboard.
Moayad Aljumaan (22 days ago)
Eduardo Matias I’m in between 920 and the 360 is there a big difference between them?
LegendaryVegeta (1 month ago)
id rather a desktop and asusultrabook (unfortunately im not rich for that)
Rowdy van Meurs (1 month ago)
Eduardo Matias Me too
Rend (1 month ago)
Why does the QHD model have lower color accuracy?
Saur o (1 month ago)
Rend bad 4k display
Owais Ahmad (1 month ago)
Give the comparison between Dell Inspiron 15 2 in 1 and Lenovo yoga 520. Please.
killerofbleach2 (1 month ago)
hi Matt could you share with about the lamp that you use in 2:25, I really would like own that lamp
shiva ram (1 month ago)
This is lit af..!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌
Cabdala Mohamed hassan (1 month ago)
I prefer yoga 920 it so nice and comfortable
Yiannis Fotinis (1 month ago)
If only i could get one of these as a gift.Great review as always mate.Keep it up.Cheers from Greece.
First Last (1 month ago)
That hinge is hideous.
Cypher (1 month ago)
Here's a like for each of you. Loved your presentation. I mean both of you.
Matthew Moniz (1 month ago)
+Cypher lol thanks !
zosoachilles (1 month ago)
The Yoga 920 4k w/1TB is a wonderful laptop and sometime tablet. My bronze model hits all the right specs. Pricey, but worth it.
Robert Hoos (9 days ago)
zosoachilles how about lenovo 720. Quad core 512 ssd 1050 gpu.
Russia_HM (23 days ago)
zosoachilles is the battery life good??
SoundSelector (2 months ago)
5:04 whats up with the screen? the game in downscaled?
Jaehyun Bae (2 months ago)
I like these MS vs Apple type reviews. Hope to see more of them in the future
Emad Aldeen (2 months ago)
I am really confused know there is the blade stealth the yoga 920 the spector 360 and asus zenbook delux all had the 8th gen upgrade but i dont knwo which one is the best for the money according to the features that they provide can you help me with that i need a good battery life with good performance and great keyboard for coding
Omid Majidi (1 month ago)
I just returned a Spectre x360 (i7 8th generation, 512 GB SSD, 16 GB RAM) due to over heating. It's a nice laptop but I don't tolerate to pay over 2000 CAD to have a burning machine when you watch YouTube! So disappointed by HP.
Emad Aldeen (1 month ago)
Zaher Qubien you are right i will go with the Specter
Zaher Qubien (1 month ago)
Emad Aldeen me too i found that the hp spectre x360 to be the best one but since they won't sell it in my country for anther half a year the yoga 920 seems to be a pretty nice laptop
Spook Daddy (2 months ago)
These or HP spectre x360 13??
PAJEDI (2 months ago)
143k subscribers only ? Wow!
Naser Ali (2 months ago)
8th Gen kaby lake????
Joe Megie (2 months ago)
The Dell works for me.
Tom Braithwaite (2 months ago)
What the fuck is "sortered on" Why is it only Americans that have a hard time saying words? Soldered, L not T😂
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
+Tom Braithwaite because that’s how it’s pronounced both abbreviations are correct.
justin beamon (2 months ago)
You didn't say anything about the GPU's in them!
justin beamon (2 months ago)
Matthew Moniz Oh gotcha thanks!
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
+justin beamon they’re integrated not discrete so nothing really to talk about in terms of gaming
John Doe (2 months ago)
Yoga is the way to go for sure...
DQuiLon (2 months ago)
The funny thing about the Lenovo is that with the 13.9" display and a wide aspect ratio, the usable area actually feels smaller than my 13.5" Surface Book's display. In my opinion these are the best ultrabook out there, and I personally wouldn't go back to using a "regular" laptop without 2-in-1 capabilities, but the Surface 3:2 aspect ratio is the way to go and I will not look elsewhere unless it is adopted by other OEMs... SB2 ftw.
Shawn Xiangyu Sun (2 months ago)
Very interesting video 😄
Sunny Chen (2 months ago)
any coil noise from the new XPS 13?
HM Tamim (1 month ago)
yes, it has coil whine... dont but... it's disgusting
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
+Sunny Chen I’ve never experienced it but I’ve heard others who have
ixidor (2 months ago)
All Matts Matter! Stop the Matt on Matt passive aggression! (but, seriously, great comparison!)
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
mukesh27548521 (2 months ago)
Dell Inspiron 15 7577(i7-7700HQ/16GB/256GB SSD+1TB/Win10/GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 MaxQ) or MSI GP62MVR 7RFX-1005IN (i7-7700HQ/16GB/128GB SSD+1TB/Win10/GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5) Which one should I Buy ?
Stefano D (1 month ago)
Maxxmentum (2 months ago)
Nice, well laid out. I would go 920 with this info. BUT (DUM DUM DA!!!! "crash of lightening") Would the 8th gen core allow the 920 to work with MS mixed reality? Or do you need a dedicated graphics card along with it?
Thagor95 (2 months ago)
The Dell also can be charged with USB-C.
Game Profile (2 months ago)
You make wonderful videos .
Manuel Torrez (2 months ago)
As a developer, I like more Dell XPS 13
JennY (2 months ago)
Any chance we could see the Yoga 920 go up against its same-category rival the HP Spectre x360 with an 8th gen core? Thanks!
Nicholas Sciancalepore (2 months ago)
Does the Dell use Windows precision drivers
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
kevininsimi (2 months ago)
I love me some coil whine so XPS is defs for me.
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
Sojib Ali (2 months ago)
Yoga... YOGA..... Yoga
ASAPJPEG (2 months ago)
I just wanna know if Adobe Premier would work perfectly on xps 13? I’m in love with the design and it’s portability.
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
+AsapJPEG I’d sin towards the XPS 15 instead
MegaGouch (2 months ago)
I can't wait until all phones, laptops, tablets and everything are all charged with USB-C. Will make life so much simpler when travelling, and at home can throw away 90% of my cables and chargers.
KingRockets (2 months ago)
Do you know if Dell will also upgrade their XPS 15 with the new 8th gen intel chip?
Kevin Kelley (2 months ago)
KingRockets The 15 has a full processor instead of the U processor. Those won't be out in full swing until 2018. So still 7th gen for now.
welin07wm (2 months ago)
Hey Matt, I'm really in love with this new comparison videos. It's so much more intuitive and fun to watch. Btw, do you think we'll be able to see a comparison video between the 15 inch versions of this laptops? :)
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
+welin07wm Thanks man! If I can get my hands on them definitely
fato kh (2 months ago)
Beautiful laptops
swiperboy sb (2 months ago)
question: does 8th gen i7 quadcore processor run out the battery life more than 7th gen i5 duo core?
Kevin Kelley (2 months ago)
swiperboy sb In terms of battery life: 8th gen i5 > 8th gen i7 > 7th gen i5
Siyanda Makhathini (2 months ago)
When watch a video but can’t afford it... what a time to be alive
Pip Pipster (1 month ago)
Siyanda Makhathini Alive and poor is much better than dead and rich.
Tony White (2 months ago)
Love XPS 13!
How do you did that. Are you twins .Qr just good acting!!!!!!!!
well that was funny. thats some good quailty acting
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
+I AM MR MEESEEKS LOOK AT ME good acting : )
Tania Tiberia (2 months ago)
I love my Yoga! But this is a good comparative info
Bruno Migone (2 months ago)
Dell XPS for the win
Facu (2 months ago)
Hey Matt! I'm the one who made the comment "could you please be able to put the measures in mm and kg" and here I am, again, saying thanks, again. Cheers from Argentina
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
You're VERY welcome = )
Peter Stoyanov (2 months ago)
Man... you should do this type of comparison more ofter. I would go with the Yoga one, purely of the convince of using it anywhere in any format. Peace!
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
haha I've done quite a few of them already = ) Ya the Yoga is definitely more versatile.
Robgoren (2 months ago)
If you can, please review the new Spectre x360 13-inch with the 8th gen processor!! Thanks.
山内淳カイル (2 months ago)
Seems to be a relatively peaceful argument.
ronak dhoot (2 months ago)
Your old videos like 5-6 months used to better than the current one. It use to feel more original than this :)
Eddie Perkins (2 months ago)
ronak dhoot youre a dickhead man. Videos like this take quite a bit of effort. Be happy someone is helping you make an educated purchase
Abhishek abi (2 months ago)
Alienware 15 r3 or 13r3 which is good
Lukehmcc (2 months ago)
I love this vs series
Nick Kendrick (2 months ago)
Very biased video. He had his pick and was pushing from the start
mmmms (2 months ago)
Lenovo X1 yoga instead of 920!
Isaac Rogers (1 month ago)
When it gets the 8th gen processor it will be the best 2 in 1, but quite a bit more expensive than these two.
CinnamonCrayola (1 month ago)
mmmms what makes it better? I’m trying to decide between the two.
irfan anwar (2 months ago)
Hey Mathew. I just have a small question. According to other laptop reviewers like Dave Lee etc the 8th gen XPS 13 doesn't have this much color coverage 98% SRGB and 78% ARGB in FHD model as you are saying can you please give it another try for color coverage or you can clear me out here as you like? I would really appreciate that.
irfan anwar (2 months ago)
that would be great. thanks man!
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
+irfan anwar that’s what It measured when I ran the test but I’ll run it again today for you and report back
Rakib Hasan (2 months ago)
Lenovo Yoga 920 bcz I use Adobe Photoshop and APP. I love to edit my photos and video on ultrabook. And this is 2017 then why not touch screen?
Lawrenz Nelson (2 months ago)
Matt Really deserves Alot of subs.LEGIT.Another great review matt.Keep it up!!
Y M (2 months ago)
Both looks great.
Pranav Gupta (2 months ago)
Not my types but waiting for xps15
Random YouTuber (1 month ago)
abrahamnextel I know I'm responding pretty late, but they won't update the xps 15 until the new 45 watt 8th gen Intel CPUs become available. They are supposed to be unveiled in early 2018. They are rumored to be 6 core/12 thread, so performance should see a nice boost.
abrahamnextel (2 months ago)
me too, i was wondering if they will upgrade the 15 version...
Abner Hernandez (2 months ago)
I’m an XPS 13 fan but I’m getting a little tired of the same design.
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
I agree = ) I hope they change it next year.
iloveyoufah (2 months ago)
Commenting on xps13 I like how matte the screen is
AlexTheSniper19 (2 months ago)
If im buying any laptop or pre-built I only buy dell.
Aryan Agarwal (2 months ago)
Can please review Acer Nitro 5 spin
Aryan Agarwal (2 months ago)
Matthew Moniz thank you
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
+Aryan Agarwal I’ll look into it
James Russo (2 months ago)
I like Matt better.
Andrew Recard (15 days ago)
Richard Kezer (1 month ago)
which one?
MASCULINE MCGAINS (2 months ago)
You mention the yoga 920 doesn't throttle while the XPS 13 does. This is the opposite that I have observed in benchmarks; what benchmark did you run and for how long?
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
+MASCULINE MCGAINS Aida 64 30 minutes
Suraj Chotalia (2 months ago)
Bought my 920 in bronze.. love that colour.. it's coming tomorrow
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
+Suraj Chotalia the bronze is really nice !!
Exalaxy X (2 months ago)
I really like dell xps 13 but, dell never hear their consumers. And don't give us what we want
Marvin Niederhaus (2 months ago)
Nicely done!
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
Thank you Marvin!
Bloodred Sovereign (2 months ago)
What was that phone near the stylus?
Bloodred Sovereign (2 months ago)
Matthew Moniz thanks man
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
xperia xz1
tpasi2020UG (2 months ago)
Love the Dell XPS 13 non touch.
Michiel Cuypers (1 month ago)
any coil whine?
Shichao Ma (2 months ago)
I heard xps' thunderbolt 3 has only 2 pci-e lanes. Not a good news for egpu users.
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
That's correct only 2 lanes the xps 13 which sucks if you like to use a egpu
Chris Toft (2 months ago)
Really Matt keep it up!! Freaking love those kind of videos!! Start with daily uploading
Chris Toft (2 months ago)
Then I'll look forward to that:))
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
It's tough to daily but i have another one coming tomorrow and sunday = )
ZE KENZY (2 months ago)
twin brother ^_^
Jerad Johnson (2 months ago)
Am I weird? I really like the XPS keyboard. lol
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
they're both not amazing.. the key shape is better on the lenovo but the actuation and press is slightly better on the xps 13
starlight (2 months ago)
'8th gen Kaby Lake' wat
starlight (2 months ago)
ah, TIL. thanks!
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
The i7-8550U is a kaby lake refresh. so they're calling it 8th gen but really it's using last years processor but adding two more cores. Coffee Lake which is the true 8th gen will be on the more powerful laptops that have 6 core cpus.

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