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Apple vs Samsung - Which Is Bigger?

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Text Comments (10697)
SinBeforeGod (1 hour ago)
Samsung has been bigger and will continue to grow.
Speed Gamer (6 hours ago)
Apple has low employees because they don't need all these people to make a great phone
John Fragiadakis (7 hours ago)
Sorry to correct you but the Galaxy wasn't Samsung's first "smart" phone. If you remember they released their Omnia range and blackjack range of phones...sure they weren't Android but it was still considered smart phones that Samsung had produced.
void birdy (8 hours ago)
Samsung is the best
Shadow God (19 hours ago)
Wait 10 more years
Lawrence Torres (1 day ago)
🤦‍♀️ Samsung way ahead. They also have other variety of phones which is way affordable.
Ezcomer (1 day ago)
Apple Number 1
Freak Nation (1 day ago)
Apple's sophistication and desirability is second to none.
Nayana Patel (1 day ago)
whose watching this video on an apple device❓
1clumsyfool (1 day ago)
Samsung's tanks gonna have Bixby driving it
Sharon Regland (1 day ago)
I'm with smsumg that's my favorite
me too (1 day ago)
NafTheBorg (2 days ago)
after some years samsung will start making clothes XD
급식충 (2 days ago)
Someday, you will feel that the iPhone is performing poorly compared to the price. So buy Samsung in advance.
[MG]Hello yt reborn (2 days ago)
Samsung for life
lisa tripathy (2 days ago)
Ofc Apple is bigger😍
Jonathan Andrews (3 days ago)
I like Apple better because they give you an experience that's better than Samsung's imo.
Gemma Villapaz (3 days ago)
Apple is more famous but... Samsung is much better Dont hate me pls
Samsung and Apple
julius victorian (3 days ago)
I hate apple
Tåkìå Jëhåń (4 days ago)
I have both-Samsung for personal and iPhone for work. Samsung has way more features and a better system than iOS the iOS camera is the only thing I like better than Samsung's. Imo The personal phones I had (Not including all the phones I had b4 the smartphones)went from a G1♡ to a Gravity to a Galaxy 3 to a Note 3,Note 5♡ to a S8+ (♡'s mark my favorite phones) I did not like my work phone's at 1st because obviously I was team Samsung lol,also because I was used to holding big phones and now these phones were little. I had a iPhone 5,6, and 6s
[ML] TheEpilepsyHD (4 days ago)
Crapple???? Just sayin....put hate comments here.
015 Malinas!!! (4 days ago)
In the future al the android phones will disapear the people will only work witch real and fast phones that has no lag
Yodmin Playz (4 days ago)
Am watching this on a Samsung :D
Cockpit cock (4 days ago)
apple:)and samsung both are my fav:)
Kamal Aji (5 days ago)
There is going to be Samsung Warfare now.
Shaikh Athar Ahmed (5 days ago)
Samsung ? Best company . Apple who likes it
joseph henry (6 days ago)
Apple. Samsung can be the equivalent to Umbrella Corp.
Crusher Rakib (6 days ago)
Apple makes their phone so expensive
Jake Moretti (6 days ago)
Windows phone 😂😂
KingKodsoj Gaming (7 days ago)
Wow. 999k views...
Youtop King (7 days ago)
Samsung is already greater than apple
Terrel_playz_ 1109 (7 days ago)
Boom apple
Jhovanne Alegado (7 days ago)
Alex gaming (7 days ago)
Samsung is best beacuse it nåde Worlds best phone!!!!
Sachin The Gamer (7 days ago)
Samsung all day
Jason OHara (8 days ago)
Samsung 😍
SOC Reveiw (8 days ago)
I’d prefer a Microsoft phone
TheHyperiorKGH (8 days ago)
I don't like apple because of freaking worst earphone
Andrew J Wheeler (8 days ago)
Apple is better... But they still haven't made an exploding phone yet...so I guess Samsung is better in some ways...
Jai Nepal (8 days ago)
Samsung earn from hardware only but Apple make mony from hardware and software .. thats why Apple is making more money
PIKMINPROBRO20XX (8 days ago)
I hate sam the sung
Raw Sauc_e (9 days ago)
The red iPhone is nice I’m useing it now
Palivinder Hayer (9 days ago)
Im watching on samsung galaxy tab E
R Gallo (9 days ago)
of course not. who would they copy off if that happened? :D
satyabrata mishra (10 days ago)
Apple is much better!!!
HowWiki Gt (10 days ago)
It’s better if its overpriced - Every Apple fan
Muhammad Arham (10 days ago)
I think the comparison is not really fair. Samsung is a group. It has so many business line. Apple, on the other hand, has only one business.
Arya Verma (11 days ago)
I got the ad for samsung s9
Stormy Squad (11 days ago)
I prefer apple i just don’t know why
박주혁 (11 days ago)
Do you know how an iphone parts came from? Display and battery comes from sansung, camera and lense comes from Sony, cpu, gpu and motherboard comes from intel, so what does Apple do for iphone? It's just the outer body! Samsung is earning 20% profit for just selling screens and batteries to Apple, on every iphone x sale Apple earns $300 to $500 profit now imagine how much does Apple loots people globally and that's the reason why apple's income is more than Samsung, iphone 7 was launched in 2016 and Samsung galaxy s6 was launched in 2015 but s6 was more advanced phones as compared to iphone 7, Samsung added 4k video recording, uhd display, universal remote control, heart rate/spo2 sensor, manual camera focus like DSLR cameras and tons of other features
Itz_ Bryant (11 days ago)
I phone is the best
Jay D (12 days ago)
Literally iPhone is the only world's useless phone you'll waste your money on over hope.
SUBMISSI0N (12 days ago)
Wanna hear a joke? Add some plutonium to a note 7 and it will become a nuclear bomb.
Tns 173aO20 (12 days ago)
Y i like apple? Cuz of it's *Durability* and *Security*
Maximiliano Gabriel (12 days ago)
Samsung is for all peoples Apple for riches peoples .Samsung is better !!!!
Mohammed Haider Khalid (13 days ago)
Tbh I think Samsung will become famous (not saying anything bad to apple lovers) because apple releases one phone each year well, they released iPhone x and iPhone 8 but Samsung releases more than one phone each year so apple needs to make more phones each year
ATM TV (13 days ago)
Samsung sucks apple the best
Nadine Nasef (13 days ago)
Iphone 📱
Shocker Gamer (13 days ago)
Apple is so so much better😂
Playboy Enterprises (14 days ago)
Samsung means three stars.
THOT SLAYER (14 days ago)
Apple started all flat screen phones
Optillian (14 days ago)
Klipperson Africano (15 days ago)
Samsung rock!, apple SUCKS!
Lance B Arifin (15 days ago)
Apple is better
praveen reddy (15 days ago)
I’d say they are both great companies
MrKeegannnnnn (16 days ago)
Groupchats tho
Bluzure Roblox (16 days ago)
Huawei and pixels is knocking to leader door.
mystical faka (16 days ago)
Samsung produces TANK
Anthono Vasqalono (16 days ago)
Detereig (17 days ago)
Know what? Samsung make car and apple don’t and South Korea mostly 90% use Samsung Samsung health care Samsung car Samsung phone,...
Detereig (17 days ago)
I’m was studied in South Korea so don’t try to say false
Become theCreepiness (17 days ago)
What they win Iphone:ram Android:everything elss
CrazyLemon (17 days ago)
Apple Phone= 600 dolars . logo = 400 dolars , phone = 200 dolars
Bravo Nation (17 days ago)
An apple in a day keeps the doctor away. Apple is good for health lol
Iceblast Gaming (17 days ago)
Apple for life
Galaxy Wolf77 (17 days ago)
DottierMage30 (17 days ago)
Aha, aha Samsung is bigger... BUT WHAT'S THE NAME OF THE MOST VALUABLE COMPANY? U don't know? Apple.
Ed Saucin (18 days ago)
Names a title after a question, spoils the video with thumbnail.
ramzy monir (18 days ago)
What makes me prefer Samsung is Android. It is waaaaaaay more simple and it is easier to use. And don't forget that google, the company that made Android made a device which makes your car an autonomous driving car. And Samsung makes fridges, TVs, and ACs. But I don't think that Apple manufactures these devices.
Stu Bill (18 days ago)
Hema chand (18 days ago)
Adıtγα Rσγ (18 days ago)
Always Apple ❤❤😍😍😍
Jose Flores (18 days ago)
Apple is really profitable. They seem to have a really 'good' ecosystem and software optimization for all their products... imo Samsung phones are 'better' overall though ... imo
Molly Rehnqvist (18 days ago)
Apple is this best 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎
Keinlieb (18 days ago)
Apple is only bigger because they charge more for the same technology that Samsung used 2 to 3 years ago because people are blinded by the iPhone "fad". Even when Samsung used the technology 2 to 3 years ago, they still didn't charge as much as Apple charges. That and the fact that Samsung employs 3 times as many people as Apple. Samsung also offers phones that go for $100 up to $900 rather than pushing a phone that has a base cost of $1k, it's no wonder Samsung holds such a vast hold on the market for number of phones out there. Don't care about having a phone that can do 600 billion processes a second? Here is one that will still allow you to play games and surf the net for around $100! Now you can still have a phone without having to save up for a year to get it!
TheUnForGiven69 (18 days ago)
so do samsung :) Apple has far more advaned tech compared to samsung ;)
JustBranden Tv (18 days ago)
Something Tells Me Samsung Is Gonna Make A Games Console Like Sony But Do Better With Their Handheld Games Console Like If You Agree😀😊
Keinlieb (18 days ago)
Samsung has always been bigger than Apple since Apple buys their parts from Samsung. Sure, Apple sold 1.2 billion phones, but that's 1.2 billion Samsung screens, processors, and NAND flash and DRAM memory chips. Samsung makes $110 for every iPhone-X sold. When you buy an iPhone, you're buying a Samsung with an Apple OS, for all you apple fan boys out there. The worst thing about Apple? Once you get into their phone or tablet, good luck getting out of it unless you want to lose every app, song, movie, or book you have ever purchased through the apple store. Don't like Samsung? You can always go to HTC, Motorola, Sony, etc and still be able to keep all the apps, songs, movies, or books you have purchased through the google play store. Also, since Android holds 86% to 87% of the market as compared to apple iOS which only holds 12%, it's a lot easier to decide exactly which phone you want rather than choosing between an iPhone-X or.... an older iPhone. There's a reason why iPhone can only say "Brightest and most vibrant screen ever in an iPhone" and that's because Samsung won't sell Apple the greatest and best displays it has. Plus... I can still use an SD card (I personally have a 256GB SD card in my phone) and any set of wired or wireless headphones I want. I don't have to conform to what apple tells me I have to buy and use.
TheUnForGiven69 (18 days ago)
and samsung bigger xDDDD ???? are u razy Apple is the biggest tech company in the world not only that but they sell more phones compared to samsung and every other company in the world :)
TheUnForGiven69 (18 days ago)
And so why iPhone X has 5 times faster storage the latest samsung phone why it has faster chip then the latest samsung phones hmm oh maybe because samsung is only making the apple's idea the display is not samsung's display they just made it apple told them what to do and they just do it simply as that :)
Fernando Miranda (19 days ago)
MonBerry (19 days ago)
Samsung is making weapons & tanks now.
Nazmul Hossain (19 days ago)
Apple is the best
MonMonny Therese (19 days ago)
Watching this with my j7 core😂 I LOVE BOTH COMPANIES... They were producing beautiful and high quality products...
My samsung can't hold a charge
Ali Alghamdi (19 days ago)
Samsung company is the best.
JellyKit Phoenix (19 days ago)
Nokia or Sony?
DaniUMIX (19 days ago)
Yolobolo 2k18 (19 days ago)
I have an s4 and I'm getting a new s7 next year
Bhargav Anand (20 days ago)
No phone by either of these companies can ever compete with Nokia 3310!

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