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Top 10 Best Smartphones Under 15000 (2017)

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If you are Looking to buy the best phone under 15000 ? There are many options for you to pick from. The budget smartphone under 15000 segment caters to a wide range of customers. These best android phones under 15,000 are not just well-priced, but some of them can even perform as good as flagship smartphones. No matter what your priority is, you will find a phone in this price category. Not just essentials, these phones even offer fingerprint sensors, unibody design, metal builds and even some of the best camera phones under 15000. This list of the best Android phones under Rs. 15,000 offer excellent value, and will even hold their own against upcoming smartphones. These phones have good built quality, high speed processor, good RAM and comes with great camera quality. Hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe my channel. Share, support and Subscribe !!!! Subscribe https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCKJp3CLPTLhaDjOY8piccxA Thanks for watching.
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Text Comments (4)
Jay Desai (3 months ago)
Honer 7x is the best
Jk Jk (4 months ago)
in this vedio moto g5s plus not for 14999 its 15999
Rishi Soni (5 months ago)
bhai yaar z2 plus kha h
MK NV SmartEra (5 months ago)
It is a good phone, but this video consists only those phones that launch in 2017 That is why i don't add 'z2 plus' in this video

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