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Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming Laptop (2017) - Does the IPS Display Make it Better?

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Here's my review of the Dell Inspiron 7000 Series 7567 with the new IPS display. It's a cheap affordable budget gaming laptop. It has a GTX 1050ti that can play all the latest games comfortably at high settings at 1080p. But does the new IPS Display make it worth it? Watch to find out! Other Budget Gaming Laptop Videos: Acer Predator Helios 300 Review: https://youtu.be/KvID5D_Bkl4 Top 3 Budget Gaming Laptops: https://youtu.be/gi5Fu9yf9L8 Acer VX 15 Review: https://youtu.be/gHtpil7hSUs Lenovo Legion Y520 Reveiew: https://youtu.be/CbsV8iug4Ik ASUS GL553 Review: https://youtu.be/iVAAyz7lWes Thanks Ash Tailor for the help! Check him out here: http://www.youtube.com/ashthought Help support the channel by using my Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon US: http://goo.gl/BVc5ez Amazon Canada: http://goo.gl/SK9sQK Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/is1MXU Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattmoniz123 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mattmoniz123 Website: http://www.matthewmoniz.com
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Text Comments (969)
Abe Mike (3 days ago)
Dell Inspiron 15 7000 7567 or Asus GL553vd ? help!
Aasif Pranks (9 days ago)
But can it run Minecraft???
Elijah L. (4 days ago)
Max settings.
Juan José Calderon (18 days ago)
Hey, i just need a big help. Im studing Computer Science on second semester. Im about to buy a new computer for my entire career but im on a dilema. Im between going for the necessary with the Dell inspirion 15 7000, it is a complete computer and not expensive. the other option is the Dell XPS 13 or someone like it with the benefit of quality of image, harware and someothers. And finally, the more expensive the macBook Pro 13’ with 256GB between with the one with touchbar or without it. It coud be used for my entire career or just for half but ive seen that a lot of programeers use mac and one of my “life goals” is work there. Its a hard decition but i need to ask someone who knows what i could be needing. Please & thank U. BTW love your videos. Bye bye
Corey (22 days ago)
I am thinking about upgrading to this laptop in the future when the price on the higher end models drop. Upgrading form a 2010 Dell Latitude E6400 ATG that still performs well for schoolwork. But for games, not so much. Should I upgrade to this laptop? I have never had any problems with them before.
Lucas Pedretti (23 days ago)
Dell 15 7000 or Dell inspiron 7577?
Kinos141 (23 days ago)
I picked this over the Helios because of it's build quality. I have toddlers, and they are good are breaking things. This laptop with its build quality and bland color scheme keeps them from messing with it too much. lol.
Ben Hembram (26 days ago)
Please help me reset the BIOS PASSWORD FOR DELL 7567.
evomaxi 101 (29 days ago)
i have a exact same one that i bought last November now i am looking for a video tutorial of how upgrade the Ram and put a HDD in it. you guys help is much appreciated
Mint To Win (1 month ago)
To be honest i dont think the arrow keys really will make a difference
Harsh Goyal (1 month ago)
please do a review of rog gl503
Uuganbayar Ganzorig (1 month ago)
I bought mine from bestbuy for 750$. Dude at this price with ips panel it worth every single dollar. I play pubg in high with 90pfs totally awesome
M Lazuardi (1 month ago)
Uuganbayar Ganzorig with ssd or only hdd?
Jeffrey Dionne (1 month ago)
I just bought this computer.. This computer has USB 3.0 ports, but I am trying to use a pny 2.0 multi-card reader & this system will not recognize it. Is there a way to fix this issue? Thank you
Green Edits (1 month ago)
I’m a little poor which means I can’t afford for a gaming laptop
Wenceslao Futanaki (1 month ago)
thanks, helped a lot
Matthew Moniz (1 month ago)
You're welcome !
Agney Galande (1 month ago)
At what price did you get it in your country?
Agney Galande (17 days ago)
The import charges are very high.. India Still not bought yet... Will wait for the Dell G series gaming laptops and then decide
Elijah L. (17 days ago)
Mine was an open box for $680 at Best Buy
Agney Galande where did you even buy it
Agney Galande (28 days ago)
Still cheap😂😂 In my country here the current cost is 1230 USD😂(converted to USD) Non 4k version*
Agney Galande tax was expensive
Bart A. (1 month ago)
Easy to upgrade, but how to clean the fans?
EQOAnostalgia (1 month ago)
Got the 1050ti version with the newer screen. Love it, caught a sale for $750. Left speaker likes to crackle a bit, but i find its related to the power cord, seems to be some sort of feedback.
xCryptian (1 month ago)
i used to have an hp omen 15 (it sucks dont get it) and i just got this dell (get it its cheaper and better)
Chris Carter (1 month ago)
Got this for $700 just now. Pretty solid laptop for the price :D
Fifty Five (1 month ago)
I love this laptop *(don't update dell BIOS if you don't want to kill your laptop)
Justin Chancellor (1 month ago)
help! need some advice. i only use a laptop to game. i have a dell inspiron 15 7559, i7 6th gen with a 960m in it, but am able to get a dell inspiron 15 7567 (the laptop in teh video), however, it's an i5 7th gen with a 1050ti in it. will there be a huge difference in gaming with a higher gpu but lower cpu? THanks
Daniel Kwon (1 month ago)
People looking to buy this laptop or any Dell laptop don't do it they have the worst customer service that you can possibly imagine. Many of us who have this laptop are absolutely dumbfounded and frustrated at the fact that this laptop can't function without it being plugged in regardless that it's supposed to be a laptop and it's well over $900 in some places. It just seems to love throttling at random times and when it's not plugged in the laptop just shuts down by itself unexpectedly and asks you to restart. Now the worst part is that Dell seems ignore their customers and think this is problem with BIOS when really it's possible that it can be somthing else. ON TOP of that they just release a disgustingly delayed BIOS Update that supposedly was the solution to this but of course that hasn't worked either. Sounds like the best laptop you can get doesn't it? I've been dealing with this problem since Sept. 2017 and it still hasn't been resolved. Please Upvote this so people wont get drawn into a shit laptop that doesn't work. I've tried to warn you folks don't buy this garabge. https://www.dell.com/community/Inspiron/Dell-7567-BIOS-1-5-3-still-is-turning-off-and-restarting/m-p/5907092#M12224
m_harch (1 month ago)
Hey Matthew. Do you think you could make video about gaming laptops with the best screens for gaming and content creation?
Eragonfrost (1 month ago)
Got this on sale at Best Buy for 699$ was a steal
Dipolar Abyss (1 month ago)
Just for confirmation, is the keyboard AT ALL customizable? Can you change the color and pattern?
Eragonfrost (1 month ago)
Dipolar Abyss no I have it and you can't but backlight it very good has 3 levels and one is off
Cole Clark (2 months ago)
i have this one
YOUNGXSMOKE 3 (2 months ago)
Can It run games like Witcher 3 and rainbow six
Eragonfrost (1 month ago)
Kujo The Mujo (2 months ago)
lol nobody plays games with arrow keys
HellHound JKT (2 months ago)
can I run rainbow six siege ?
Sebas Del Rey (2 months ago)
I have this laptop but I bought it at best buy and it was previously owned but not used alot, a problem I have with this is that my laptop gives me a warning whenever it starts up saying that the charger I'm using (which is 90w which is what the employee told me the laptop used) isn't for the laptop and instead uses a 120w charger, does it normally use 120w chargers or is there something wrong with my laptop?
RoguePvP (2 months ago)
please tell me how do i order it in red??? D;
I have the exact laptop and it is AWESOME!!! It’s a good laptop and the keyboard lights up because I play on it when it’s dark
ChaoticOrder73 (2 months ago)
Dude, this is a GREAT review. Keep it up.
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
Thanks man!
StormSheep 17 (2 months ago)
Where can you get the laptop with the IPS Panel?
StormSheep 17 (2 months ago)
I can't fomd this exact laptop and its the one I want to buy.
Sreenath Paramasivam (2 months ago)
What is the best gaming laptop under $1000
skyfire878 (2 months ago)
What if i just don't game i think i messed up!
skyfire878 (2 months ago)
I bought this today did i make a mistake???? I am not a gamer the graphics hurt my eyes! Someone help???
HusKee111 (2 months ago)
I was able to buy an IPS model with a GTX 1050 Ti for around $999 CAD. The display and the upgraded GPU makes a huge difference.
Fadly R (2 months ago)
How many % color gamut and printing accuracy ?
Icaro Miranda (2 months ago)
Now that's what I call a great review, simple, straightfoward, covers all the important points and has a nice editing :)
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
Thanks Icaro! Glad you enjoyed it : )
StormSheep 17 (2 months ago)
Please do Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (with new ips panel) Vs. Acer Nitro 5. I've been through many budget gaming laptops and is all comes down to these two. If there is another laptop that is better than both of these laptops and is still under &800 please add it in the competition.
K0RY :P (2 months ago)
I found a better dell 7757 (cause apparently theirs different kinds) the one I’m getting has a 7700hq, gtx 1060 6gb, 16 gb ram, 4K display, 1tb hdd and 128gb ssd and it only costs $900
Carson Rago (2 months ago)
I have this laptop and it's AMAZING for the price. I highly recommend it. The only problem I have is that the tail cover (on the rear covering the fans) breaks VERY easily. Don't put to much pressure on those little "x" supports, they'll snap like a twig. Other than that, I've never had a problem with it.
Dan Grissom (2 months ago)
shit laptop with a single hDMI
Bastiii TV (3 months ago)
the fps drops so much i just bought it on december ... the cpu usage is so high.. how can i fix it.. please help
Skater Bros (3 months ago)
Can you run fort nite on it
Sarthak Kapade (3 months ago)
I am planning to buy Dell Inspiron 15 5000 is that a good laptop..??
Jeffrey Trinh (3 months ago)
How quiet is this during regular use such as work tasks and browsing? I need to use it for school.
Eragonfrost (1 month ago)
Jeffrey Trinh basically has 0 sound when not gaming or editing
WhiteWolf496 (3 months ago)
I have the non IPS one and its really annoying because colours aren't accurate :(
michaelhr 55 (3 months ago)
I have the same laptop but mine won’t reboot
Studio Waves (3 months ago)
Hey do you have a link to buy the better ips screen???
Matthew Moniz (3 months ago)
Here you go! http://geni.us/Op8IiRF
Inspiron Gamer (3 months ago)
0:18 lol
Bubba (3 months ago)
Got this for Christmas today it is the best thing ever!!!! I can easily run arma 3, pubg, fortnite, rainbow six siege, and csgo all on ultra graphics and smoothly running with 60fps get this computer right now
Inspiron Gamer (3 months ago)
bubba wells this laptop can be as good as the razer blade laptop but you need the I core 5 or 7 TI with 4k display for the best high end laptop but it has slow WiFi speed but that can be fixed by WiFi speed apps
Bubba (3 months ago)
what do you mean? im sorry i am not a pc person but my dad is. i just told him i wanted a pc that could run games and he got me this but please explain
Inspiron Gamer (3 months ago)
bubba wells nice
Angel Rodriguez (3 months ago)
bubba wells how did you update the drivers?
wraannddoerm (3 months ago)
Is this laptop good for drafting works like AutoCad or SketchUp? Thanks in advance.
wraannddoerm (3 months ago)
Sharang Satish Thank you very much! 😁
Sharang Satish (3 months ago)
Kyen Cabesarez Absolutely. I have the 7559 and that runs them both perfectly.
Hunjry Dood (3 months ago)
you dont use arrow keys in games
manion25 (3 months ago)
What should i get? Acer nitro 5 or dell Inspiron 7000 (both have i5, 8gb ram, nvidia 1080)?
Soja ckedup (4 months ago)
Love the review, and thanks for the information about the hard drive slot, that is exactly what i needed to know, as in the exact information i was searching for. Great review, so far i love this thing, and i can get about 4 hours out of it gaming [turn off the keyboard lights, turn down the backlight, and end processes you don't need.]
Dabin Buh (4 months ago)
i got an open box ips model from bestbuy for 699
ShiNigami (4 months ago)
Shifu Of Tech (4 months ago)
Video editing?
Pedro González (4 months ago)
That bad Is the TN screen?
eduardo bernal (4 months ago)
amigo una pregunta a esta laptop dell inspiron 15 serie 7000 se le puede cambiar la gpu
BlueWizz - Gaming (4 months ago)
I have this computer but my keyboard light is white, does anyone knows how to change them to red?
Inspiron Gamer (3 months ago)
You live in another conutry because you have to get white if you don't live in u.s or canada otherwise its white becuase only u.s and canada have red
Blofen Games (4 months ago)
does it have a hardrive ?
Pierrick Opitz (4 months ago)
Does it have an ips screen and thé backlit keyboard on bestbuy Canada ?
1Tz PuMa09 (4 months ago)
but can it reach over 60fps on Rust?
Mr.Landbuloop (2 months ago)
Rainbow Six Siege in High Graphics I get 70fps, and it has much more things, much heavier game etc. So my guess would be 90fps high graphics in Rust
Squiddy9871 (3 months ago)
1Tz PuMa09 yea
FlameThrasher (4 months ago)
Do you try using it while charging...?
FlameThrasher (4 months ago)
do you try using this while charging?
Evergreen (4 months ago)
What is the boot time ?
Inspiron Gamer (3 months ago)
tyree morefield (4 months ago)
Said doesn't get more then 50...... 50.5
Wil Hunter (4 months ago)
The next question is... Does it run ROBLOX?
Brizuly (4 months ago)
What the heck I searched that up and its not cheap its 1000 dollars
cp Tyagi (4 months ago)
A good one video brother like everytime..... I would also like to hear the review about Dell Inspiron 15 5577 pls review it.
cp Tyagi (3 months ago)
sarthak Jh you can go through new video of Mathew in which he reviewed 5577 and 7567 is already available you will definitely understand difference.
sarthak Jh (3 months ago)
cp Tyagi Can you tell me the difference between the 5577 and 7567 $799 variant of this one
chrisgateway (4 months ago)
Does the helios have a better screen?
sixatticblock (4 months ago)
wait im using this but hes reviewing this?
Ethan Olson (4 months ago)
I snagged the exact same model as was reviewed for $700 on Best Buy yesterday. Can't wait for it to come in
Jean-Daniel Boudreau (4 months ago)
Real awesome reviews! Thanks for everything! ... I mean it.
Matthew Moniz (4 months ago)
+Jean-Daniel Boudreau you're very welcome ! I'm glad you enjoyed it : )
BakedPotatoGames (4 months ago)
Inspiron Gamer (3 months ago)
BakedPotatoGames thank you so much man
KSGguy (4 months ago)
Does anyone know how to fix the screen tearing on this laptop?
Mr. Saltine (4 months ago)
Hi I come from console. I live in your Garage I live in you storage I’m that hobo that steals your chips I use your WiFi I am useless I am a Xbox Please don’t hurt me master race
AM Hockey Club (4 months ago)
Haha, 12 inches of snow hahahahahaha... oh you Canadians and your wacky hip hop rap music.
azone Azar (5 months ago)
Justice league on TV or computer screen.
Mike Yu (5 months ago)
how many years can a gtx 1060 maintain over 60fps at ultra settings for AAA titles?
Brian Stanley (5 months ago)
Mike Yu depends on how graphically intense any new games coming out are and what you play, but yeah for most games you'll get the next 2-3 years at the highest settings
loloioi (5 months ago)
Just picked this up from the States for 700$ for black Friday. I must say, totally worth it hahaha.
sico gamer (5 months ago)
Im a web designer and a gamer is this laptop is good to me
SQUYAOO (5 months ago)
What about internet speeds?
robotmonk (5 months ago)
I just bought this laptop just a few days ago. And I feel that this laptop is spot on. However, I find it odd he did not run into the white screen problem. If you do end up buying this PC, you will run into this problem. Updating BIOS, and rolling back a graphics driver. Also, while the review stated the fans can get around 50 decibels, when you play a game they seem to be on all the time. Even low end old games from the late 2000s were caising the fans to run loud. Looking around, thaf seemed to be a common issue. If I could I would have gone with the lenovo y720 or hp omen instead.
giorgi dalaqishvili (5 months ago)
can u have both SSD and HDD on this ?
Lo_Ok aT mE (3 months ago)
giorgi dalaqishvili yup
Prazal Bariya (5 months ago)
How to know if it has a TN panel or IpS panel? Apart from the viewing angle. Is it written at any place?
Deepesh Mittal (5 months ago)
Hp omen 15 ce070tx and lenovo legion y520 and dell inspiron 15 7567 and acer predator helios 300 which one is best laptop on overall?
Johnny Brasco (5 months ago)
I see Best Buy has this laptop in their Black Friday ad for $699. Thoughts on that? I have the 2015 version with the 960m and was looking to upgrade to this one.
nanousbasbous (5 months ago)
Which laptop is best for design work ? Using autoCAD,3D max, Revit softwares ??
SwagPKVids (5 months ago)
Has anyone else noticed muffled and washed out sound when ran with 10 out of the box?
Randall Oakes (5 months ago)
Which version would you recommend for league of legends at max settings?
Priyanshu Bansal (5 months ago)
PLZ HELP!! The one thing I am super worried about is the centre situated hinge, is it good enough for 3-4 years of college?
Priyanshu Bansal (5 months ago)
I have asked many youtubers the same question and they told me that it is good but please be a little more Sophisticated. Thank you , love from India
Dietrich Rubke (5 months ago)
Although they changed the panel to an Ips (Lp156wf6 SPM3) ... the panel is still bad, bluish and too bright with 50% rgb and 25ms ... the good thing is that it is very easy to change it and adjust the kelvin degrees in win10. The funny thing is that all the games have 50% Rgb and the panels are relatively equal. The alternatives for this model are varied: if you want a gamut of 72% of colors you will have to get used to 30 ms of screen refresh to play (Ltn156hl02-201 or B156han01.2), but to work in graphics it will be reasonably well. There are also 120Hz (B156htn05.2) but there is no brightness control so with 300nit of brightness you will be fine playing outdoors and at night you will have a free natural tan. Another alternative is the Nv156fhm-n31 panel, a 45% Rgb hybrid, 800: 1 contrast, 30ms, 220 nit, 85/85/85/85 view, ADs. There is something for everyone.
raymund ramas (5 months ago)
Hey Dave great review! Would you recommend this over the lenovo y520 and alienware 15 with similar specs?
Diego Donis (5 months ago)
What would you recommend for a designer?
Mohith Raju (5 months ago)
Please review the new 7577!!!!

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