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We took to the sky in Kitty Hawk's flying car

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Larry Page-backed Kitty Hawk has unveiled its first commercial vehicle, Flyer. CNNMoney's Rachel Crane took it for a spin.
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Atipat12 (5 days ago)
Cool 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Chris Blake (7 days ago)
amit badgujar (8 days ago)
Shivakar bapuji talpade
deathraydave (8 days ago)
This is a terrible idea. They will have to rework the airspace. Also I’m in kitty hawk NC right noe
Wendy Alexander (9 days ago)
A flying car? More problems for aviation. What does the FFA say?
Bite My Krank (10 days ago)
It's a shame people STILL believe the Wright Brothers actually did something first. THE ACTUAL FIRST MANNED, POWERED, CONTROLLED FLIGHT WAS in August 1901 by German born American emigrant Gustave Whitehead (Weisskopf) in his homemade "Condor". Try reading a book now and then, you might LEARN something. As for the toy boat/drone....10 foot in the air, 20mph top speed, and ONLY 20 minutes flight. Not worth the effort. Another toy for those with big wallets and little dicks.
Léandre chouinard (10 days ago)
everyone freaking out about this as if its the first ultra light aircraft that exist out there, check out Gyrocopters or paramotors that are in the same class but they are cheaper and cant do stationary flight (better for landing and take off) however a paramotor only need a few meters to do so
Javier Mac (10 days ago)
Same shit as the Erhang 184. In a crash or strike with a flock of birds, the propellor breaks off and severed the head of the pilot in the open cockpit !
Lu (10 days ago)
Doesn't look like a car, so is not a flying car. more like a Big ass drone that can carry a person.
Tehninza (11 days ago)
1960: I bet there will be flying cars in the future! 2018:
Ram Laska (11 days ago)
Why only 480p??
Darth Bane (11 days ago)
What a annoying voice this woman has
Kooshi Koo (11 days ago)
It flies, but it's not a car.
Ben Maier (11 days ago)
Sign me up
I like it. Although, when it comes to practical transportation, the first ten cars that crash will halt the industry. I mean, you saw what happened when the autopilot Teslas crashed, and the Google autonomous car...
Bayard Taylor (12 days ago)
Ever one I have seen fly it weighs 135 pounds
Bayard Taylor (12 days ago)
Not for fat people
Bayard Taylor (12 days ago)
What’s happens when it fall out of the air ?
Beau (12 days ago)
When you’re a multi-billion dollar company and you can’t beat Casey Neistat to the internet with a shorter video hahahahaha
twistedyogert (12 days ago)
I wonder what the FAA would think of this?
Ivan Tuma (12 days ago)
bio-diesel/oil rotary engine range extender wouldn't weigh much in a hybrid design, would run quietly, and wouldn't be a hazard since it could potentially use non-flammable soybean oil. I'd prefer to see a design using ducted fan/electric jets rather than large propellers - time will tell if that would be feasible.
courcheval (12 days ago)
thomas (13 days ago)
I've worked and lived around the flying industry for my whole life. There is no way these will ever be public mass market unless they are autonomous. Taking the hard out of flying is a dangerous thing. Currently the difficulty in obtaining even a basic license to fly is required to keep everyone involved safe. A crash from a basic mistake at 20 mph is unlikely to be fatal in a car. At 1000 feet even, it will be deadly.
Van Hammer (13 days ago)
No such thing as a flying car. There are aircraft and there are cars. This is an aircraft.
Thomas Glynn (13 days ago)
TINO kurimwi (13 days ago)
That's a flying boat buddy not car
Jut N (13 days ago)
thats why this thing is a mistake, its idiot proof. With this type of tech we will allow idiots where they should never be. In the air. Its going to be like cars on the road, all tech did is allow idiots on the road. Shit with people like larry paige around idiots just wont die and leave the world for people who are not idiots
Mark F. (13 days ago)
omg casey nastats videos is wayyyyy better than this turd and i bet casey even has some sex with that girl in this one lol
Matthew Klingsberg (13 days ago)
In a world where people still can't drive vehicles on land properly I don't think flying cars will ever happen, but this thing is a cool toy for rich people to have
Abi Nubli (13 days ago)
this is more like flying boat
Whatyoudo (13 days ago)
yes appropriately named because the Kittyhawk was the first flight of man, and this thing is about the 10 millionth flight of man, duh!
jagara1 (13 days ago)
Is she nuts?! Who with any grain of sanity would get into something with spinning blades at neck level?
Oliver (14 days ago)
Tbh theses aren't that safe, Helicopters can auto rotate down to the ground safer than a plane as a result of an engine failure whereas theses will just drop out of the sky. They'd need variable pitch props or something but even then the props are probably too small to be of any use in an engine failure. Also she trained to fly a limited safety version of the aircraft over a body of water which is why it took her an hour to learn. Flying in any form is dangerous if there is any human involvement and you can't teach common sense... They're definitely more intuitive than a helicopter but not safer/ able to be used by everyone.
Ricky Loves You (14 days ago)
The future looks more Porco Rosso than Bladerunner, and I'm ok with that.
Trevor K (14 days ago)
She is only good for fucking. No talking...
Comedy Copter (14 days ago)
andraser7 (14 days ago)
Best one I’ve seen so far! It’s not a car tho. People really need to get over calling it that! Nobody calls a helicopter or a plane a flying car.
Carlos Benjamin (14 days ago)
If everyone is in flying cars the traffic will be in the sky.... without lanes.... or signals.... etc. There’s a whole lot else that needs to take place before this is ubiquitous.
siphodeus02 (14 days ago)
Any chances of propeller blade breaking off, decapitating pilot?
Ruben (14 days ago)
From my experience, this will never happen and we won't see it for 15+ years. I remember years ago ordering a light sports aircraft called the Icon A5. Making an aircraft and having it certified takes a long time and the production of that aircraft is a whole different issue its self. That was a more traditional aircraft as well this i dought will be cheap and then actually practically using them? Were not going to have a bunch of these flying unregulated and uncontrolled flying from peoples homes to offices or downtown.
Ruben (14 days ago)
2:30 That's not true a lot of the new "fly by wire" helicopters can hover in place by themselves if you let go of the controls.​
Benjamin Kern (14 days ago)
so exciting! The fact that these aren’t being designed by a wide ranged tech company means that they are going to focus on this concept, as opposed to just sending it to the market and starting up the next new product
Stefan Margraf (14 days ago)
Flying skills is not only to control an aircraft. It is about safety, navigation, weather, experience and more. That aircraft is idiot-proof? I dont like to see idiots in the air!
Patrick Jones (14 days ago)
Secret location? Not anymore it’s not. Thanks Google Earth.
Bro Brah (14 days ago)
This is cool and all but until battery tech progress's to the next level this will stay as a novelty.
Richard Rousseau (14 days ago)
I'd let Rachel fly any of my toys, any day....
bio ROBOT (14 days ago)
it is clearly not a car, stop lying to people fake news cnn
Doug Smith (14 days ago)
Nice jeans
joe woodchuck (14 days ago)
Am I the only one who didn't see anything that would qualify it as a car?
fingerhorn4 (14 days ago)
Another total fantasy about mass "personal" air transport. At the start only the very wealthy will gain the permits, hardware and licenses to fly these things. Now imagine a typical highway at rush hour on the ground and extrapolate that to the air. It is not going to happen. Quite apart from the environmental impact, you simply cannot have thousands of private aircraft flying in virtual highways. The safety issues alone would be a disaster. But still these fantasists really think they are developing a convenient transport for the common man. These aircraft are only ever going to be used for sport by the privileged, in very limited numbers.
GETUP AND GO (14 days ago)
Don't worry, the three laws of robotics will keep us safe
Walter Sudymont (14 days ago)
Every one knows that Helicopters are really just 5,000 critical components flying in close formation. One hour flight time one hour serving time. This is the correct way to fly a vto. Love it !
JustDigIt (14 days ago)
Gotta love the 480p in mid 2018...
Nulrom (14 days ago)
let me understand, 6 or 8 propellers that can (in case of misfunction) brake and cut the head of the pilot? Is this the future?
Gandalf MacBagpipe (14 days ago)
In what way is this a "car"?
barry williams (14 days ago)
The problem with the flying car is not the car but the people using it. Look at how many deaths occur with people driving normal cars; could you imagine how much worse it would be with flying cars?
Night Hawk (14 days ago)
too many stupid people driving
Adem Er (15 days ago)
it's a car but you can't drive it on road?. I would call it flying kayak.
George Ioannou (15 days ago)
I think one of our greatest limitations in tech are our batteries atm.
Rajat Roy (15 days ago)
This will be taken over by underground rail. #boringcompany
Ben Lovegrove (15 days ago)
People were suspicious and cynical about mobile phones and the internet at first, now look at the world. You make progress by experimenting, testing and adjusting. It's an innovative idea and one of several in development.
lamboman68 (15 days ago)
It’s not really a car is it?
Dante Solaris (15 days ago)
It's just a drone...
Google User (15 days ago)
Human blender 😵
Choy Sum (15 days ago)
The would be good for running from the cops.
Léandre chouinard (10 days ago)
for 20 minutes going 30 mph lol you wouldnt get far :P
As More (15 days ago)
Wright Brothers wasn't the first people to discover the plane thing, it was an Indian man named Shivkar Bapuji Talpade who invented the first ever aircraft in the world!
Crafsmen (15 days ago)
Fuck CNN!!!
Steve Brule (15 days ago)
Look at these white privileged people flying there vehicles while the rest of us drive, oppressing everyone else. I demand this video be taken down and the "kitty hawk's" be dismantled and distributed evenly among the citizenry
Phil Osophical (15 days ago)
Imagine the amount of decapitations and other dismemberment that will happen
bhaffar (15 days ago)
Flying car but 480p resolution video?
Polonium (15 days ago)
BS, a big drone on steroid. Average American can’t drive a straight line, now put them next to spinning blades. I hope many idiots will chop themselves to pieces, and drop on each other heads.
Halu story (15 days ago)
more crash accident in the sky
Ryan Grissett (15 days ago)
The only technological advancement they need to make this a reality is battery power density improvements.
RSmerlinRS (15 days ago)
the shot at about 2:09 is funny... makes the Inspire look small
dudeNigel (15 days ago)
I bet in future someone's gonna chop their or other people's heads off and make news. Even Tesla AP which is 1000x safer than this was not smart enough for the dumb population in the world.
DANTASTIC MANIA (15 days ago)
A-holes that sit on their cell phones while riding these will get these flying cars outlawed pretty fast.
psmirage (15 days ago)
Long ways to go. Daddy is coming home after a long day. Toddler runs out to greet Daddy...
Raptor50aus (15 days ago)
Plutonium reactor onboard will fix the flight time
candainboy21 Graeme (15 days ago)
i dont wanna see these tiny air planes in thr sky anywhere!!!
candainboy21 Graeme (15 days ago)
cool video but plz plz plz dont do not make theses for everyone if i see one i will take then down n it might be illgal in some countryies
Drone -AZ. (15 days ago)
Amazing...LOVE IT !!
JVONROCK (15 days ago)
Traffic a thing of the past, the only safe place to be if these are flying around. Toys.
Matt Kiewiet (15 days ago)
Send me one or I'll do a test flight for u guys through some cities shit looks dope
heavyduty187 (15 days ago)
Why is it that no matter what. Almost every drone from $100 to this thing only has a 20 minute flight time??? Blows my mind that almost every drone is almost exactly 20 min. Full size flyer is 20 minutes. I seen one a Chinese company made and is a one person drone. Guess what it also had a 20 minute flying time??
PhotoGeorge (15 days ago)
Big problem is using this as transportation will take 10 times the amount of energy that a car would take over the same distance because you also have to keep the vehicle airborne. This will not be practical unless battery technology takes a huge leap.
Elvin 4890127 (15 days ago)
I see so many dangers with this vehicle. I would never fly it in this stage and I don't want a thing like that near me.
Kart Drifter (15 days ago)
This will never happen why? It’s an ultra light. They are restricted from flying into class A B C and D airspace’s... which is virtually every city and town. When this isn’t an ultra light, it will require a private pilots license which 90% Americans can’t dish out the money since almost 40% of them live pay check to pay check. This is cool idea for those who are already pilots. But no.... not unless a computer flies this thing... no one else will fly it.
Kart Drifter (15 days ago)
Maybe in 50 years when battery tech is better and computers control the flight.
Faras Abyan (15 days ago)
Major step towards the right direction, but until engineers can come up with a more efficient and sufficient battery, and also some sort of autonomous flying system, this will and should not be flying anytime soon.
Citizen Kane (15 days ago)
Citizen Kane (15 days ago)
Tyler Walker (15 days ago)
this 480p on my 4k monitor, hurts inside.
konsul2006 (15 days ago)
So are the springs in the seat? No landing gears to take the force off a hard landing is insane.
Drew Nai (15 days ago)
I think you guys are capable for a video above 480p
PrincePhase (15 days ago)
I fear one of those blades comes off and her tiny head is cut clean off.
21kanavs (15 days ago)
Wright brothers did not flew the 1st airplane, THE INDIAN SCIENTISTS, Talpede did. you DUMB. DON'T KNOW ANYTHING
Robert Ostman (15 days ago)
it seems like a paramotor would be cheaper, and probably safer considering that it is basically a parachute.... there is a design flaw in this vehicle, the blades arent suposed to be exposed without any safety guard, it desperately cries for some sort of shielding, comonly seen in turbine engines....
Kendall Johnson (15 days ago)
Cars have wheels this is not a car
Exodus (15 days ago)
It's 2018 yet this video is rendered in 480p? Hello CNN, anybody there?
Brianna Casey (15 days ago)
this would be SO awesome for LI'ers like myself to fly it to work in the city. I work in LIC & travel there from LI just about everyday! ...I can imagine what now takes me almost 2 hours to get to work, would take me at least 10/15 mins. with this vehicle! THAT'd be amazing!

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