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Apple HomePod Review | Painfully Honest

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I've had the Apple HomePod in the house for 24 hours or so and I've spent a lot of that time really listening to in a ton of different scenarios. Is it 'revolutionary' and 'magical as the spinmasters in Cupertino claim? View the Kits here: https://kit.com/painfullyhonesttech Don't forget to Like and Subscribe! My Patreon: https://patreon.com/PainfullyHonestTech The video gear I use: https://kit.com/painfullyhonesttech/youtuber-mid-range-video-setup My studio setup: https://kit.com/painfullyhonesttech/my-studio-setup Gaming Headsets I Love: https://kit.com/painfullyhonesttech/gaming-gear-i-recommend My Music: https://starcity.bandcamp.com/ https://sadironmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-fourteenth-colony-a-novel-with-music My Novel: http://amzn.to/2FQS9Pt Follow me on Twitter: @jasontlewis painfullyhonesttech.tech thejasontlewis@gmail.com
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I think enough people have told me the power cord is removable. I know that now, but that wasn't widely known when I recorded this video. Also, I'm going to post another video on this after I have some time to live with it. Stay tuned.
Ross Hotard (1 month ago)
PAINFULLY HONEST TECH Pain, it in no way a Bose speaker, it wont have the clarity sharpness or play as loud, but a great first attempt for a speaker from Apple.
patk2 (2 months ago)
PAINFULLY HONEST TECH I don't like the sound from this apple homeboy speakers like the woofer for this apple speaker has 20 millimeter XMAX when my woofer only has 1 millimeter XMAX and my speaker is still louder then the apple speakers also the apple tweeters is half as loud as my TW30 tweeters and I only has 2 of the tweeters the apple speaker has 7 tweeters this apple speakers is crazy
wikichris (4 months ago)
You mean, you were wrong?
Iamsteezze (4 months ago)
I need you to make a product and have us review it. Give us your music lets listen to it and the review it. Oh your songs must be from the heavens. All you do must be perfect...wow Mr Angel perfect. Bring something out and lets see how good it is 🙄
omegaorgun (4 months ago)
these http://www.modhouseaudio.com/argon-mk3/
Mark Dickey (4 days ago)
Thank You! You saved me from another disappointing speaker purchase. I just returned a Bose bluetooth setup and very frustrated with the runaround in buying/setting up and then returning that crap. I was about to go out and buy the Apple HomePod but decided to look up the reviews first, and thankfully I came across your review, the 3rd one for the HomerPod, and your review was the MOST informative. I listen to a lot of 60s and 70s classic rock, along with a mix of modern music, and your description of all the intricacies in a lot of good older music without a lot of bass was valuable! I guess I'll stick to just using my headphones for now, especially since I live in an apartment and possible complaints from my loud music. Thank you again!
Thomas Simpson (14 days ago)
Huh. Funny how one unit doesn't produce STEREO!! You'd need 2 speakers for that. Thus the word STEREO.
michael ellliot (27 days ago)
Im confused, in the megablast review you were very complimentary about the HomePod???
michael ellliot (27 days ago)
I had a HomePod on order and luckily something happened and the order never went through. Happy to start over PHT! Can you recommend an alternative wireless set up - what do you think of the Sonos One?
michael ellliot (27 days ago)
You were a little critical of the sound of the Sonos in your review of the various systems weren't you? Just trying to figure out my optimal option.
michael ellliot (27 days ago)
Thanks PHT, I will check for your review.
Sonos one is great. All the Sonos stuff is great.
edgar sampson (1 month ago)
A month ago I came across your review as I was contemplating whether the Homepod was worth the pricetag, and thats before the conversion to ZAR. You had some valid points who many could agree too. I for one, whilst not a sound engineer, or audiophile of any kind, have a very good ear for listening to music, quality music that is. I still have a 25 year old Sony MHC-W55 component system which has one main bass driver, mid and tweeters giving a total of 5 speakers in one enclosure (10 in total). To this day, it is still a measuring yard stick which I compare sound systems to, more specifically the sound. From opera to rock, R&B and Jazz it performs beautifully, at lower and higher volumes. But this is not about the Sony...but about my imported Homepad which we don't have yet in Cape Town. I have not gone through the entire suit of possibilities or "deficiencies", however within the space of 5 minutes, I was up and running, and my poodle did the setup for me :). So my first test was the audio quality and chose a few random songs on my Mac...Kenny Loggins & Micheal McDonald - What a fool believes, Fixed on You - Hotel Garuda, The Dream - David Sanborn, Dave Koz - The Dance, Christopher Cross - Sailing, Lady Zamar - Collide, Chris Mainchak - So Good to Me. In short, I am not one bit disappointed for taking the plunge, even though I was sceptical having read the many reviews and obviously the possibility of it being stolen on route. The sound is just plain fantastic. And whilst I do have a set of Apple products, I am in no way a "fanboy". This is just my take on a product that given its size, packs a big punch, but does not blow you away with pure heavy bass (which is freakin nice by the way). In my view the sound is sensibly balanced and pleasing to the ear. On many of the songs the various instruments are profound and does not disappear. All in all I'm pleased....very pleased. Whilst I use it in my office area which is not a matchbox, it performs well in the living room too which is neither the size of a palace. So let me stop here and just say...."If sound is a concerning or deciding factor" then you cannot go wrong. Get yourself one and take these audiophile reviews with a very big pinch of salt as with my review....subjective and based on personal experience.
Charlotte Dashwood (1 month ago)
You look like Bill Bixby.
Phil Coster (1 month ago)
I’m a live sound engineer of 30+ years. Live only. Never been in a studio situation. Don’t even want to try because I’ve alway believed they are such different environments. For the most part I like the sound of my HomePod...although I reeeally need two to give me a decent area coverage, and also for a stereo separation. I too have listened to the Beatles with underwhelming results. Pink Floyd doesn’t work at all on HomePod. It’s 3 months since HomePod hit the market and I still can’t buy a second HomePod because Apple hasn’t released the basic AirPlay 2 software to be able to do something as simple as have the same song playing in true stereo through two HomePods. This alone has pissed me off so badly I actively discourage Anyone from wasting their money on this incredibly hobbled audio device. Pathetic beyond belief! Thank You for your honest appraisal of this currently dead in the water, overpriced, underperforming speaker.
Can't say I disagree with you on any point.
Jørn Birkeland (1 month ago)
The cord is! Replaceable!
RBW (1 month ago)
What I do like about the Homepod is that it sounds great at low volume listening which I can't say for many speakers. I compared two Homepods(set up in mono mode) to the Naim Muso and felt the output was comparable. The Homepods actually impress me. They surely sounded much better than my Gen 2 Sonos Play 5 speakers. The music does somewhat sound artificial but the clarity and openness is exceptional. I agree this is not an audiophile speaker but the convenience is awesome.
Rennie Ash (1 month ago)
I hope that phone dB meter is accurate. Someone else used a dB meter and got 85dB - you can call that modest and not loud. But 100dB would be loud for me unless that is only instantaneous peaks. Another factor is that it's possibly going to sound worse in a treated studio, because it cannot use the room for reflections so much (it's generally an omni speaker) :) Can agree on the bass, even listening through someone else's mic. It can't do transient response so easily and may even be delayed due to the EQ. Bass guitar notes will be deep, but drums will sound wallowy or flabby. I do like these kind of bass boosted speakers at times for fun or basic listening. But prefer my "proper" speakers the majority of times.
Sam Bridge (1 month ago)
100 decibels is not loud? Either you have a lot of hearing loss or your db meter is faulty
Hello _ (2 months ago)
the cable is removable, I was able to remove and reconnect the cable on mine.
GHN1013 (2 months ago)
FYI... you actually can remove the cord, in case you need to. It’s a little hard, but it does detach if you pull on it.
Daniel Graham (2 months ago)
Thanks for that. I was considering a homepod but have changed my mind. I want good sound and volume and the price of a homepod is excessive. l will listen now to your homepod alternatives.
Internicola MEDIA (2 months ago)
The Base issue is exactly why I returned my Homepod after one day. Excellent review!!!!!!!
Craig Moorcroft (2 months ago)
Somebody who builds their own speakers, solders them and paints them, and then states they are good, is not an audiophile. Try comparing like for like, apples for apples!!
Paul Chen (2 months ago)
I bought one and I was surprised how good it was! I'm buying couple more. One for each room of the house.
Elektro Blaster (2 months ago)
i had mine for a day and already want to sell it. To be fair the sound is good but its shit doesnt play anything unless you subscribe to apple music which I dont want to
Voeris (2 months ago)
I truly appreciate the honesty dad. <3
Oscar Rivera (2 months ago)
I highly recommended JBL link 300 you save $150 and you have a nice quality song smarter device
prazuprazu (2 months ago)
Apple has not included Spotify support with a purpose. It is not a limitation. They want to promote Apple Music through this move. The sound quality of homepod is awesome. They have ridiculed the big players in the audio industry with this tiny speaker.
John Connor (2 months ago)
This guy is on crack.
Danny Rumbles (2 months ago)
It looks like a marshmallow.
robbes7rh (2 months ago)
I agree with you, PHT, about the overbearing bass and mids. Like you, I was initially disappointed. I had the idea of tweaking the EQ on my iPad. It has presets, which kinda sucks. But clicking any of the 24 choices does absolutely nothing! Apparently, this HomePod does not respond to EQ from Apple Music. I had purchased the iPad because you can't set up HomePod with anything but an iOS 11 device. So I'm feeling pretty stupid at this juncture. But once set up, the HomePod will play content from a MacBook. So I got on Chrome, which has a pretty good EQ Extension and played The Very Best of Sinatra (digitally REMASTERED) from Google Play Music. This is the ticket. The Chrome EQ fully attenuates or boosts 10 (?or so) bands and I was able to sculpt a very pleasing balance where the accompanying strings and horn parts could be heard in the foreground right alongside Frank, weaving lush counter melodies and punching through wonderful rhythmic accents. Paying particular attention to the 3 or 4 lowest bands I got the bass part playing in the Goldilocks zone. One thing also to keep in mind is that quality speakers need to be broken in like a new saddle. First couple of rides won't be comfortable for you or your horse. Over time the speaker plate or baffle will contour itself according to the music you play through it. Only excellent digitally mastered Hi Resolution content should be played at this critical stage.
Sounds like you've found a good workaround. It is a nice speaker.
Phil Chrisman (2 months ago)
Also I am returning my HomePod today as it sounds good only at the lower levels but once punched it hurts my ears unlike my old Altec speakers or Bose headphones cranked which is too bad for Apple.
Andrei Gabriel (3 months ago)
Do you know about speiş?
Livet på to hjul (3 months ago)
Thanks for a great review !
clarence javins (3 months ago)
I agree. Way too much bass that it gives me a headache. Will be returning. Unfortunately disappointed. :(
You might give it a few days. Mine opened up and sounded better after a little while.
Imran Hasan (3 months ago)
Finally a musician's review, what i was waiting for. It was great and informative. Thanks.
Steven C (3 months ago)
Keep up the great reviews! Love the honesty and straight opionions, love them and really rely on them to help make purchase decisions!
NOLTEMAN (3 months ago)
Toilet paper
junhaozhu31 (3 months ago)
I am a current B&O A2 user, not bass lover at all. So i had chosen B&O over bose at first time. Since i am a heavy apple user, i have bought the HomePod. Overall i found HomePod very balanced, separated, and qualitative good in each range. But i missed A2 sometime cause the bass of HomePod. PHT pointed out exactly what i wondered, that the bass plays just not well with the other part of the music at HomePod. I hope Apple will give the EQ option the users in the future.
Lisa (3 months ago)
I don't think this is designed for Critical Listening. If I needed that, I'd sit with my Klipschorns.
Rahul Agarwal (3 months ago)
What kind of external speakers are hooked to your imac?
adnoHis1 (3 months ago)
You just nailed it. I was not impressed. It is just for a casual listener. There are better and cheaper things out there. This is just Mono and Stereo is really what one would look for a truly superb experience. Nice Review and Nice Job. A professional Speaking, nonetheless
wytewrabbit (3 months ago)
I agree with every point!!.. I bought one for my kitchen ... Needed something quick and convenient to listen too while cooking dinner!!…It does ok for what it is?…It serves a purpose for non demanding non critical background listening.…Certainly would never replace a full quality system!!!...I’m going to play with my eq settings in iOS and see if I can fix that "Bass Hump" see if that helps?
JEdmunds0000 (3 months ago)
It really needs Bluetooth - without that I don’t think it is there. It’s a speaker that could be ideal for social events (prees), but in reality not all of your friends (who will want turns on the music) will be able to play their music too.
Warren Modoono (3 months ago)
I’m an Apple freak but your review was brilliant. Thank you.
manny vazquez (3 months ago)
Thx you Jason .
Lillian Young (3 months ago)
I had no reason to buy one, but did. I live in a small one-bedroom, alone. In my living room I have a Bose setup for my TV, Bose portable for my iPad and my Samsung computer monitor has good speakers -- all in the same room. But I don't have a smart speaker like Alexa, etc. I find this useful when doing tutorials on my computer while wanting music in the background. Unlike my other systems, I can control it by voice, it frees my computer from sharing the same audio and saves me from fidgeting with remotes for other sources. It's strictly a toy that I do not need. But like other Apple stuff, once you have it, you can't imagine not having it -- well me anyway.
Michael O (3 months ago)
The death of stereo and the prevalence of mono in all these speakers makes me sad. I get that its perfect for podcasts and such, but I think people are losing sight on how good music can be in stereo. It's also obvious Apple tuned this for hip hop and pop music.
Kris Cmore (3 months ago)
Appreciate the honest review from your standpoint. Please be aware that the GREAT team of Rogue Amoeba has Airfoil for Mac 5.7 that Rocks the HomePod and includes an equalizer and “Bass Reducer” preset. Not as limited as you may think...
Eleanor Wooland (3 months ago)
Your so funny xD
paul ward (3 months ago)
I think all reviews are a waste of time personally like everything comes down to the individual what they want ect
robob221 (3 months ago)
great analytical vide.
Keine Angabe (3 months ago)
Och, schon wieder ein Hurensohn?!
Issachar Lee (3 months ago)
Again, I don't really like pure talk review, I likes hands-on, I like watching the product, but I have been keep watching a lot of your bullshitting, HAHAHA. Really, keep it coming.
Issachar Lee (3 months ago)
To be fair, neither Google or Amazon let you do anything about the EQ, but for such a expensive "smart" speaker, Apple failed to impress me.
Issachar Lee (3 months ago)
Hey, didn't know that, as I own Alexa. Good to learn something new :D
magicking577 (3 months ago)
Issachar Lee Actually you can with Google Homes it's in the Google Home setting for the speaker. It's not as extensive controls as I would want but you can change it. Amazon I dunno.
P. Shane Vercammen (3 months ago)
First time I watched one of your reviews. I'm a bit of an Apple fanboy, but don't worry I'm not going to jump on your review of the home pod. I found your review entertaining and helpful. Great job, I was thinking about buying one, now I won't. BTW I have many SONOS products and love them all!
Justin Bradshaw (3 months ago)
I appreciate the perspective and wouldn't consider myself an audiophile... but I really enjoy the sound that comes out of my HomePod. It fills the room much better than my direct comparison setup: an Echo Dot sitting on top of a Libratone Zipp v1. Both sound great, and Alexa obviously has more capabilities with my smart home equipment... but as an Apple Music subscriber I get more good music out of the HomePod than Alexa.
nebulaoperator (4 months ago)
All pseudoaudiophiles dying now in agony.
Flip Flinstone (4 months ago)
Oke.....400 dollars for a mono speaker that ONLY plays apple music, that's another 120 dollars a year, for a 30% working siri, no airplay 2.0, a processor that is FOUR years old, no combining two homepods, filled with crappy apple software (like all apple products in the past 4 years) praying that apple for once can produce an update to take away the many bugs in it (instead like adding more bugs) no, THAT sounds as a good deal to me! Like buying a phone from 1200 dollars that doesnt do HALF as what they promissed on release! Yeah , WAIT for the updates! That's how reliable apple has become. Selling CRAP for top prices, and by the time the update DOES come, so is the new modell!
Steve Cohen (4 months ago)
Bought 2 home pods. Sounds far better than Sonos. Siri works well to control Google home is by far the best assistant in terms of accuracy, carrying on a continuous conversation and it’s ability to pay free no commercial music. Home pod is the best sounding streaming speaker. Echo sounds like a pringles can & looks like one 2. You want the best sound get a goldmund reference or SOTA turntable, koetsu cartridge, biamped Krell Ksa 200 & Magnepan Tympani IV. Short of that HomePod is the best speaker made today.
seenoahart (4 months ago)
I agree with you. I also don’t like the lack of control over how you hear the music. I want to choose how I listen I don’t want someone else deciding how my ears hear.
CarlWiganer (4 months ago)
I've just got one & find it terrific. Music quality wise it's great, deep bass etc & certainly a lot better than my Bose. I guess everyone us different. As far as smart capabilities, I get phone, messages, weather, reminders, alarms, smart controls, football scores & so on. More than happy with mine & certainly looks different to any speakers I know.
Speaker Toni (4 months ago)
Don’t get a dB measuring tool and expect PA speaker loudness from it. It is as loud as all other speakers in this class, or do you know a speaker in this size and price category which is louder?
IEBIGCAT (4 months ago)
Great video thank you
Scott L (4 months ago)
Here's what I don't understand: why would Apple release a product with so many missing features? Another way I could say it is why would they try to lock in their consumer base so strongly? The real question is why would they ignore those simple options when the end result is nearly endless bad reviews. Now I'm sure people will buy it and some people will be happy with it but that's not going to make you huge profits if you're not selling too as many people as possible. Does this prove it apple is not after the money or does this prove apple is completely stupid and its investors should terminate Tim Cook? This is a very confusing product.
Eugene Banker (4 months ago)
Just returned my Home Pod, too restrictive and the price was high for what it is.
G00GLE SucksAtPrivacy (4 months ago)
Actually I have no intention of buying a HomePod at this time, I own JBL Bluetooth speakers that at the time of purchase for the price were hard to beat even though there were better you had to pay a great deal more for not a lot more performance. If one is going to review high end speakers they ought to do it properly or not do it at all! What Apple has produced is in the class of JBL, KEF, Bose and the likes go google the reviews of those that review good speakers and see what they have to say!
Michael Wicks (4 months ago)
So what are you saying. If you don't care about quality of the sound or u only listen to the genetic pop crap there perfect but if u care about music, how smart it is and think the price is redicules then just laugh at people that have one
newfnshow031 (4 months ago)
What a surprise first u talked shit about it then u got it then u liked it.... Same shit u always do
Lucky Assistance (4 months ago)
Hi Jason, I'm from France and I don't have this device yet. But let me tell you I have been a huge fan of Apple products for decades. Anyway, your review of the HomePod sounds really complete and most of all really honest. Congratulations about that. Regarding the HomePod, looks like Apple keeps more and more enclosed in its own technical ecosystem. Too bad, definitely. Thanks for this great job again.
Roy Munson (4 months ago)
I’m a big Apple fan but this review is spot on. I tried Nirvana, Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Led Zeppelin. I just didn’t feel engulfed in the music. I decided to buy the UE Megablast. And now I have 2. Sounds amazing almost half the price. Jason is an audiophile and a great musician. Listen to the man.
Wes Allen (4 months ago)
Watch teenager that is stoked about unboxing and actually using the HomePod. https://youtu.be/QVA9wq29iIM
Mayuresh G (4 months ago)
The laws of physics catch up everywhere... even Apple cant do much about it...although the apple logo can lead (fool) some to believe otherwise.ultimately its another Apple of fanboys eyes
Joshua Khall (4 months ago)
The cord can be taken out just use a bit of force
marvinmonkey (4 months ago)
So, a product aimed at the casual listener, performs perfectly for the casual listener? I’m confused, I didn’t expect a perfect stereo hifi device, did anyone?.... not heard this product but the review is not really telling me how good the sounds next to it’s convenient equals off the shelf. I can source or build cheaper better more complex kit than most one stop products. Honest, but seems misguided, I’m looking for another review.
dazzz887 (4 months ago)
Adjusting EQ? Please we are talking about Apple.............Apple = No Options
Andrew Rae (4 months ago)
Ugh, honestly painful review. I had to unsubscribe...
Casey O'Donnell (4 months ago)
I wasn't really considering purchasing this but was interested in it from a tech perspective.  The big negatives looking at it and never having heard it were exactly those items you pointed out.  It doesn't play well with other tech.  No inputs.  No bluetooth.  Have to use an iOS device.  You're cutting out a huge segment of the market by making it closed off to your ecosystem and this is one of the worst I've seen.
RoboRope (4 months ago)
Not worth it. It’s really a alpha product from a tech perspective and as a speak is just okay.
bassel alkhoury (4 months ago)
The cord is replacable
47crazed (4 months ago)
100db is loud. you're expecting too much from a speaker that has a 4" speaker driver.
TinchoX (4 months ago)
Excellent review.
Bogdan Weiss (4 months ago)
Apple HomePOX.... more soundHOAX from the hoax experts themselves :-) LOL
Michael1984 (4 months ago)
I’m not a fan of the inherent mono aspect of this device. Even with the option of pairing two together at some point in the future I just don’t fancy having to speak to play music. This is very disability unfriendly to those customers who have a speech impediment. Airplay seems a very backward and convoluted alternative. I’m moving towards the Sonos Playbar as it’s a one unit three surround sound speaker system with better features including playing CD’s via a good quality Blu-ray.
k c (4 months ago)
The apple Hi-Fi was the best speaker they ever produced and it was stereo. Jobs would have never let them release it with mono
727corona (4 months ago)
Are there any controls for eq like for headphones? Or any settings at all?
Tim Bento (4 months ago)
Comparing the HomePod to the “Overnight Sensations” is like comparing apples to burritos.
Not comparing. Using a system I know well to serve as a baseline to help me understand what I'm hearing from the HomePod.
Rene Stanneveld (4 months ago)
Weird guy. its like a Beats headset, or like a Rokit set. bass bass bassbass bass bassbass bass bassbass bass bass You should only play EDM on it, the stuff all hipsters play. Unlike the Yamaha's you got in the background :P
Wait, I'm a weird guy?
Robin Jamais (4 months ago)
Being a bit of an audiophile myself having spent something like $30k on my system and also working in high-end audio I really get what you are talking about. Sadly most people have no clue what to even listen for when comparing speakers. And that's painfully obvious when people think a lot of bass is automatically good bass. This was a serious review and I think I really know what it sounds like now without even having listened to the device. Good job
Eddie Baggett (4 months ago)
This mans spot on for 384.90$ if this HomePod doesn’t have Bluetooth it’s a waste of money
The review starts here, guys: 9:268 (recommended playing on 2 speed)
_only a minute in_ This will be painfully cringy to watch.
This is how I do it, bro.
Thomas Estwick (4 months ago)
They could have made it a little taller with a rechargeable battery and removable cable. $20 cable develops a short? $300 to fix 🤬😪
The cable does come out. Wasn't apparent at launch.
mwillis1979 (4 months ago)
If listening through Music on an iOS device, you can alter the EQ in Settings. To say there is no way to alter the sound is quite misleading.
Elden Fenison (4 months ago)
I just initiated a return of my HomePod. I decided my Harman Kardon 2.1 system beats it, or at least comes close enough that it's not worth the $350. The HomePod has very "balanced" sound. My 2.1 system totally out-cranks it and sounds good while doing it.
Do Hyun Lee (4 months ago)
i would just die of laughter if they had crossover adjustment knobs on this pod.
Will O (4 months ago)
Sure you can EQ using the iTunes Equaliser.
David Lawman (4 months ago)
blitzbbffl (4 months ago)
Google Assistant works perfectly for me - using my home Wi-Fi in conjunction with Chromecast Audio devices connected to home audio gear via Toslink. The voice control simply works, and I get to listen to full range speaker systems without any crazy EQ applied.
Crazy pack (4 months ago)
There not trying to make a smart speaker most of there focus was on making an amazing sounding speaker that can hear you across the room. The only real reason it has Siri is to control the music with your voice and some basic questions
Paul Jamieson (4 months ago)
Do a comparison with the Google Max ..
B T (4 months ago)
I'm sorry... but Siri kinda sucks
Bankai3474 (4 months ago)
Why is everyone making a big deal about the power cord being able to be pulled out?
Justine-Paula Robilliard (4 months ago)
Under-design and over-market, they might not be words, but they should be, this is what Apple is, it under designs a product, and over-markets it, since the termination of the silver keyboard macbook pro and the cheesgrater mac pro, the quality and functionality of the Apple range has tanked, the "banning" of post purchase upgrading makes no sense at all, it is just as easy to design a product that can be upgraded as needed, for example, the top of this stupid device could have had a USB slot, a micro sd slot, in the region of the power cord , a 3.5mm input jack, optical in, you know what is common on hi-fi's... The fact this product is so limited, maybe version 4 might be better, look the simple fact is, the boss, Tim's boss, the shareholders of Apple demanded this product ship now, when it is only 5% ready, speaks volumes, in the few days it has been in the hands of reviewers and users, youtube is fill of video showing the obvious flaws, the limits of the device, that really could and should have been engineered out, I just watched the fixit teardown, and you can see clearly if you understand basic industrial design, where the product was heading before design was terminated and prepare for shipping started...This was not meant to be shipped at this point, it is so unfinished, roughly 5% complete at this point, this is basically a demo prototype shipped to test the market...Idiots paid $350 for a prototype..
Stephen Butler (4 months ago)
The iphone gen are sadly accustomed to Beats audio crap, they will think the HP is great.

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