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Google Pixel XL vs Nexus 6P: Does the Nexus hold its own?

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Thanks to dbrand for supporting the channel: http://dbrand.com/AP The Nexus 6P was the darling of Android fans in 2015. In 2016, the Pixel XL seeks to take its place - but at a much higher price. Does the 6P still have the value and feature set to give Google's brand-new phone a run for its money? Well, in short: yes. NOTE: At around 5:20, the video says the Pixel XL costs $780. That's incorrect - it's $770. Sorry about that! Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed Background Tracks by: Kronicle - http://bit.ly/2bvPbTq LAKEY INSPIRED - http://bit.ly/1OAApVv
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Text Comments (1166)
PassbyU (10 days ago)
Two of my friends own 6P, both of their batteries went so bad to the point that the phones are pretty much unusable lol. And both of them are laggy as f...Don't know why..
apkmopo channel (1 month ago)
Michael Bacon (1 month ago)
6p for me...
Alana Braddock (2 months ago)
2018- I bought a Nexus 6p (refurbished) for $189. While the Pixel is still up in the $500, the nexus 6p is cheaper and still worth it.
Tarakshraj Shekhawat (2 months ago)
first of all, thankyou android police for such a bold and clear video. in my opinion , google pixel=beauty , nexus 6p = a BEAST!!!!!!!! goodle pixel is good no doubt, but huawei nexus 6p has all the edges over the pixel or pixel xl.
Deshawn Wells (2 months ago)
Hey what widget or feature are u using on the 6p for the side swiping calendar etc
Charles Donelow (2 months ago)
Nexus is king.. Period
Dilly Billy (3 months ago)
Bro the 6p is dope But I’m an iPhone guy FOREVER
Texty art (3 months ago)
Dose google pixel XL over heat?
Mountkosiosko (3 months ago)
My 6P is suffering from severe battery issues. Pretty much doesn't charge. Plus, I've heard it's a pretty common issue. So, there's that.
Zjs Xjw (3 months ago)
My pixel XL is pretty good
michaelhjb (3 months ago)
I don't believe Google phones. Google phone has too many troubles. My Google Nexus 6p has not opened phone calls on turn-off (not power-off). So I have been losing many phone calls since I bought Nexus 6p. I complained it to Google many times. Google's response was that my phone is time over to support even though Google has been updating software in my phone. I can't believe Google's technology and service. If I open another web while I am on phone, the phone app disappears. So I can't close the phone. And my phone still has other problems, but they aren't repaired even though I complains them to Google. I think Google can't repair.
Sashvin Raj (3 months ago)
Downgraded from 8.1.0 beta to 7.1.2, no regrets 😂😂😂😂
Stu McDonald (4 months ago)
I was really enjoying the 6P till the CPU died... and started bootlooping... as it was out of warranty...
Jason Larawan (4 months ago)
I'm buying a pixel 2 xl for myself and a 6p for my little bro next year.
We The People (4 months ago)
I wish they would keep the Nexus name. I mean what a cool name. Like if your watching on a 6P
Aleks Kevyn (5 months ago)
Stereo speaker missing from Pixel XL...Pixel 2 is a shit, so I still prefer my 6P with Lawnchair (Perfect Pixel launcher), as the best Google phone, until Pixel 3 not coming out....
dp vn03 (5 months ago)
That's an unfair comparison. The Nexus 6P has both an SD card slot and a headphone jacks - it's a true phone. The Pixel XL lacks both, so it is just an iPhone (which basically means: a featurally challenged device)
Amar Patel (5 months ago)
Suggestion "Now that it's out, perhaps comparing the Nexus 6p against the pixel 2 XL. Is that price difference worth it, how has the Google line developed and what direction is it heading into."
alebrije88 (5 months ago)
The 6p is the best, specially not having all those junk apps that you will never use 😉
Stephen Fasciani (5 months ago)
Why doesn't anyone ever talk about the nexus's battery issue?
Andrew Wells (5 months ago)
Ive got google assistant on my 6p no root
SwamiNathan PR (5 months ago)
@Google doesn't really seem to back their own product offering in this case. See my woes captured in this page :( - A disgruntled once @Google supporter/admirer. https://www.facebook.com/Google-Nexus-6p-Partner-in-crime-Huawei-159193091336690/?ref=bookmarks
Preston Almeida (5 months ago)
Nexus 6p
Alex Schwartz (6 months ago)
Ill be getting the new pixel, switching from my iphone but the 6P seems awesome. If it was between the OG pixel and the 6P i wouldve gotten the 6P.
TRUMP 97 (6 months ago)
Stephen Cooper (6 months ago)
WHat Launcher are you using on that 6p?
Seton Carmichael (6 months ago)
The Nexus 6P is still an AMAZING phone, stereo speaker, great camera, beast specs, and a beuteful display. The best thing is the price, in the video he said $499 which was the original price but I bought my 6P 2 years ago brand new in box for $249.99. Still going strong on Android Oreo.
Luanstar (6 months ago)
what launcher is that on the nexus ?
StillDollSyndrome (7 months ago)
Finally a video that helped me decide between these two phones. You got straight to the point and gave me all the information I need~~ thank you so much!
Suck My Ass (7 months ago)
I am so excited for the 2nd pixel
R ANDO1 (7 months ago)
I need the black one
Akshay Nariyani (7 months ago)
Watching this on my Nexus 6P, totally satisfied.
imo73pable (7 months ago)
wallpaper on pixel ?
JaMEMES (7 months ago)
6P has a bigger screen, stock android, 1440p screen and the 64GB model goes for US $300 on amazon. BUY THE NEXUS 6P!!!!!
Ash Lee (7 months ago)
I'm gonna get the Nexus 5 X from LG. I just don't trust Huwawei.
ramivalencia (7 months ago)
I've had my Nexus 6P for about 14 months and I am extremely happy with it. It's still as fast, responsive and smooth as the first time I used it, which is pretty much unheard of. Usually a phone's performance deteriorates as apps and other software are installed. I plan to keep my 6P for as long as I can and even if I need to replace it someday, I'll probably get another 6P. It's that good.
Hancheng Wu (7 months ago)
My battery for 6P doesn't last a whole day :(
Liam Cattleway (7 months ago)
3:43 bottom left corner lol
Šabonas Povilas (7 months ago)
what about bootloop on nexus 6P ?
Brian roy (7 months ago)
If buy a Nexus 6p save money for a new battery and circuit board there a big lawsuit over this issue
Waqar Qureshi (7 months ago)
Bought Nexus 6p instead of XL, waiting for Android Oreo only :)
Aziikov (8 months ago)
I've owned Nexus 4, 5, 5X, 6P (currently using) and 7 (2013). All those Nexus's were reasonable price at launched. Pixel was overpriced at launched. Let's hope Pixel 2 is more affordable this time.
nicholas collins (8 months ago)
I just got the S8 and although it's a great phone I am very eager to try a different phone. One that is stock android. I've had Samsung now for YEARS!
Merciless Assailant (8 months ago)
*Gets an oppo r11 ad*
Fernando Pinales (8 months ago)
This is such a great review!!
Sean Groves (8 months ago)
Still love my Nexus 6p
Jimmy (8 months ago)
Elitist S8 owners: "Ew! What are those thick useless bars for above and below the screen? Get that thing out of my sight, it is hurting my eyes! Bezel? What is that again?"
HugoCesar Caldera (8 months ago)
What Laucher are you using on the Nexus 6p? The lock screen at the beggining when you show the phone looks very nice
Diwa Galvez (8 months ago)
I still like my 6P. Not to mention that it has a stereo front-facing speakers
saltire546 (8 months ago)
Im still using my Nexus 6P 14 months on and it runs great best phone i have owned .
Kagetane Hiruko (8 months ago)
Where can u get the white vizor in the nexus 6p?
Bob Mwangi (8 months ago)
Great review. Subscribed.
victor diaz (8 months ago)
"much better cameras" The pixel camera isn't really better the hell.
Braadkuiken (9 months ago)
pixel xl runs for an outrageous 900 euros in the netherlands, hell no 6p was only 480 when it went out of sale (why though....)
Ishan Majumdar (9 months ago)
Nexus 6p is still my darling....best Android phone money can buy...I ll really miss the nexus branding.
Mr G (9 months ago)
I got a used gold 64gb 6p for $230 after Nexus 5 finally failed this year. I am quite happy that I didn't get Pixel now. I'll probably wait for Pixel 3...
Casa_undra (9 months ago)
With Verizon the pixel XL is 20/mnth for 24months with unlimited data Verizon fucked up and they credited my account 500+ for promising something they couldn't deliver and threw in a free phone case and screen protector .
Jebsy (9 months ago)
How did you get your 6P launcher looking so good and what's it called?
Daniel Costilla (9 months ago)
Nexus 6p all the way. Bigger screen , solid camera, solid baterry life, amazing stereo speakers, great and unique build quality , great performance with amazing stock android software . All this for $500 or less!!!!
Imma Seeker (9 months ago)
Owns a 6P best value for money
Jerry Lange (10 months ago)
IMO. the nexus 6p is a lot better. My 6p was MIA for a week and i used a pixel xl. i didnt even like how it felt in my hand. it felt cheap, the bezels suck. the speakers suck. this is all compared to the 6p though. i love the front facing speakers
tmdaviss (10 months ago)
Okay, I am going to try out Project Fi. I expected to buy the Pixel, but instead have gone for the Nexus 6P. Why? - Stereo speakers - Actual storage on the phone (Sim Card vs storing in the cloud [read privacy]) - 6P comes in 64GB which Pixel doesn't offer - And, of course, value for the money = PRICE Overall, I couldn't convince myself the small Pixel had enough resources and the 128GB version cost almost $900! Forget that.
LouisBagHitSquad (10 months ago)
be careful about praising the Nexus 6p before 1 year, very common battery issues hit around then, also mine has terrible GPS connection. I recently had to call and get a replacement from Google
Dennis Tran (10 months ago)
anyone know where we can find refurb nexus 6p?
Noscope90ice (10 months ago)
Dennis Tran eBay, play the waiting game till you find one in your price range
Riktheprick (10 months ago)
You forgot to mention that the nexus 6p is also completely waterproof. Not even water resistant, I mean leave it in a bowl of water for 24 hours and it wont even turn off. I've been taking my nexus 6p in the bath and shower with me for over a year now Not only that, but the nexus 6p's camera also has a 240fps mode which is capable of shooting slowmotion videos.
Yosef Markov (10 months ago)
The 6p is having terrible running Android O smoothly, I hope we get a note streamlined experience when we get this update out of beta.
Abraham Acevedo (11 months ago)
what is the theme on the 6P
Joseluis Colunga (11 months ago)
The Pixels are beautiful, but the huge ass chin on the lower part is awful. I wish Google added a fron facing speaker at the bottom :s
pentti k (11 months ago)
Pixel XL only 5.5 inch? The Pixel is an ugly phone too.
Sabian Pamungkas (11 months ago)
Will consider Google phone after they put sdcard slot on them :|
以蔵岡田 (11 months ago)
let's see $300 for a 6p or $700 an Pixel
Kaitlyn Argyle (11 months ago)
What widgets, launchers, packs etc did you use on the nexus6p???
Blue Carbon (11 months ago)
The Nexus 6P has front facing stereo speakers.
Smash Gaming (11 months ago)
The pixel has a skin, although it is very light weight. The nexus 6p is stock android.
Crimelord (11 months ago)
I recently started watching the videos on your channel for about 2-3 days ago and I gotta say, I really love your channel The way you explain everything and the cinematography is top notch, on par with other bigger channels that I like watching as well I'd love to see your channel grow, since you've become one of my favorite tech reviewing channels! Keep it up, mate! Well thought out and well put info.
ANUBIS PHARAOH (11 months ago)
Google copied the Iphone design, with slight mods to remove camera hump. They got rid of stereo speakers, when Apple added them. Also, they were cheap by not including OIS in the camera. Apple is now water resistant, and the Pixel is not. Yet Google wants to charge the same price as Apple. I do like android better. But when your phone is broken, you can walk into your Apple store for a fix the same day. Over priced. Google once owned Motorola, so they could have built a true Google phone. Pixel is still a Nexus, with the manufacturer's name on the phone. Google has been working on Nexus phones for like 7 years, and when they come out with their own phone they still miss the mark.
Necleir (11 months ago)
$770? BULLSHIT! in my country its 1K USD
Benjamin Coram (11 months ago)
i think that if i could have either for free i would go for the pixel, but if i was in the market for a new phone i would get the nexus
Jaden Rosencrans (1 year ago)
I think it's time for AP to admit they were wrong lol. The Pixel was a massive commercial success. The blue ones and the 128 ones are always sold out, and the XL was a smash hit on Verizon. It's pretty much the best Android phone, according to everyone on every tech blog on YouTube.
Lami Benjamin (1 year ago)
how didi you get that lockscreen on the nexus 6p? with the lockscreen buttons and the fancy november font
N8 (1 year ago)
I thought the sensor in the class is just an iterative update to the one in the 6p, isn't it basically the same Sony sensor?
AfroMyrdal (1 year ago)
im really struggeling to find a phone thats actually an upgrade from the 6P for ME (MY usecase, NOT your((everyone else)) spec-reading opinion). My new phone needs to have: Front facing stereo speakers USB Type C 3.1 6 GB ram! Bluetooth 5 128-256gb internal storage + expandable storage (fuck cloud storage) Clean/stock android Fingerprint scanner on the back Dash charge 4000+ mah battery audio jack (cant believe i have to list that...) and SD 835 ofc. i think thats it. Give me all that and ill pay $1000+ for it ^^
SouPNaZi (1 year ago)
Nexus 6p takes great photos. All you have to do is turn on hdr+
vernonsuper (1 year ago)
I prefer the 6p. I like the front facing speakers, the display size, the build, the camera, the fact that it doesn't look like a iPhone, and it's fast and​ buttery smooth
ShadowBeast (1 year ago)
I swear to god, my Nexus 6p was getting 4+ hours screen on time! The day the pixel came out, I started barley getting 2 hours. Fuck you Google.
Rage 9one (1 year ago)
6P is way better, has dual speakers and it costs much less.
MICOLE WHYTE (1 year ago)
your setup on this phone is stupid what's the purpose of having a phone with a big screen if your just going to put three or four icons on the home screen.
Airescape (1 year ago)
6P still bends like a chocolate bar. still good tho
Luke John (1 year ago)
the nexus 6p has a bad bootloop problem and the nexus 5x has an even worst bootloop problem can some one give my 3month old Nexus 5x a rip
chrizbie (1 year ago)
I think the pixel looks like shit, and I think is overpriced, I can't support Google's new direction, the pixel is just a nexus in iPhone clothing
Wolfpack Q (1 year ago)
I was a nexus guy and I got the pixel XL and I was pleasantly surprised. I don't regret getting the pixel XL Edit:Who knows maybe googles next phone could be a Nexus
Jon Allen (1 year ago)
where can one find the wallpaper on that 6p
Sam Droid Lexicon (1 year ago)
C2tha J2tha (1 year ago)
I'm not saying this because I use the Nexus 6P and love it. But from a completely logical standpoint, it IS the better option. Especially since it'll still be getting the latest and greatest OS updates and exclusive Pixel features. And seeing how well it holds its own against other TOP smartphones (Samsung Galaxy & Apple) it's DEFINITELY proved that it's a future-proof phone, with great specs, and is a device worth its price (some say it's even worth more). -From a logical standpoint But it all depends on YOU. IMO, I love the Nexus 6P in every way (the battery life has sadly suffered, but can and will be fixed). The 6P, to me, is a real looker. And one of the most elegant, flashy phones I've seen (IMO)
C2tha J2tha (1 year ago)
Because I can't "like" & comment on EVER person who's an advocate of the Nexus 6P... DITTO & KUDOS to all of you!! Love my 6P, had it for ~7months, still running real smooth, love it's hardware design, specs etc. Gonna use it till it breaks (and then, depending on available smartphones, I might buy it again) The Pixel phones not having dual front-facing speakers was a TOTAL LET DOWN! Plus the Nexus 6P has gotten exclusive Pixel features (Google Assistant and fingerprint-swipe gestures etc.) and it's gonna continue to get more.
Arko Kar (1 year ago)
6p cause it's cheaper then pixel xl and almost same as pixel xl
VICTOR ZEET (1 year ago)
Your Nexus 6P looks amazing. What App do you use for personalitation?
DTINC WORLD NEWS (1 year ago)
I have Google Assistant without root on my 6p
My name Is DOpe (1 year ago)
Nexus 6p is hardcore I've thrown it dropped it smashed it still looks fine.I install about every app I find useful which is everything but my 64 GB storage never gets full.Runs buttery smooth no lags and love the stock ui with all the timely updates and security patches.

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