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Dream Homes Season 3 - Best of Show

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On this episode of Dream Homes, hosts Peter Verge and Bianca Solterbeck look back at the most incredible properties they toured in Season 3 of the show. The most stunning master bedroom, great room, outdoor space and entertainment area is featured plus a behind-the-scenes look at how the crew puts Dream Homes together. Thanks for watching!
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Buster B (2 months ago)
lick-yer collection? am i just an uncultured classless swine or is that how they really pronounce it? god damn rich people
lovejoy9592 (2 months ago)
Jordan, I absolutely agree with you. They make cheesy jokes and the focus is moved away from the home. The camera fails to pan the homes, and are choppy. Very poor editing.
Jordan Swezey (2 months ago)
PLEASE READ! - I would subscribe to this channel if it weren't for the cheesy jokes and continual cut-a-ways. We watch shows about homes because we are interested in the HOMES. The hosts are distracting and take the focus away from the amazing design features of the homes. MTV Cribs was a hit because it was all about the CRIBS. Would love to watch more episodes that could be cut down by 5 minutes each, but I'll probably watch a different channel.
Dream Homes (2 months ago)
Hey Jordan, thanks for your thoughtful comments! Unfortunately (or fortunately!?) we no longer make the show, but we do have a new show coming out where we refined all the things you mentioned... and it's made by more than 5 people- haha! If you subscribe, you'll find out more about it coming soon. But totally understand if this isn't your thing! Cheers, Bianca
Nai Damacena (2 months ago)
Nice show, I'm getting to know at this moment, congrats
Dream Homes (2 months ago)
Hey Nai! Thanks for joining us! It's a small crew of 5 making the shows so welcome to our little DH family. Cheers, Bianca :)
meowmeow44444 (3 months ago)
Hmmmmmmm?????? His money, her money......mommy and daddy's money????????
justin smith (3 months ago)
you need to cook
EDWARD BEAVEN (3 months ago)
Bedroom with railroad equipment - ingenious and still looks GREAT!!
melissa bish (3 months ago)
dear driver sir, the female humans in the state of georgia are with my spirit
melissa bish (3 months ago)
it reminded me of pong
melissa bish (3 months ago)
i'm truly impressed
DOGGYDOGG (3 months ago)
British Colombia.... Moving there...
scott vaughan (4 months ago)
as a rich person, i see faces masqueraded with the same money mask that i also wear when im showy for material, god isnt pergatory the bestest, i want, i want, instant gratification is the best,,, ill be non spiritual in no time at all,,, death is my life,,,, just like these houses,,,
Robert Dean Burlison II (4 months ago)
Got yourmessage. Here is the best video I can do with limited tools and a 20 second camera battery life . https://youtu.be/Cx4Pvs3TKUc
Linda Greenberg (4 months ago)
Robert Dean Burlison II (5 months ago)
Who gives a damn? So you produce a little show. My friend now sells real estate but used to produce NBC News. We come here as busy people studying the market and prices. Do you think we canot see thru your fancy rhetoric about the "perfect" dream home that is available elsewhere for a few million less. In other words just give us the facts like the competent man who told me Puget Sound was too cold all year to swim in.
Dream Homes (4 months ago)
Hi Robert! Our 5 person team was trying to create a fun, positive show, an escape if you will! We were all about 30 at the time, so your friend is very inspiring to us! Cheers, Bianca
MR DR xAMAZINGx (5 months ago)
Neither of the hoes cook? Damn shame.
Lenky Robinson (4 months ago)
Jordan (5 months ago)
The producer is beautiful as well.
Maria John (5 months ago)
This is a beautiful home the wood is gorgeous!
sam sams (6 months ago)
Could these broads have any more make-up on???
Miles Deighton (6 months ago)
I want to watch these but can't get past the gimmicky editing formula. What's up with the random speedups and annoying sounds? It looks way more classy if you just show the house.
Dream Homes (6 months ago)
Hey Miles, we were experimenting with a way to present the homes in an interesting way- because they are the star of the show! Thanks for the feedback :) Cheers, Bianca
one Succeed (6 months ago)
Adam, ur wife needs a home n a chef, so that she can PEN all day in peace
JAZZ MAN (7 months ago)
Melanie, are those lips of yours licensed? Those are seriously gorgeous lips!
CrocosNZ (7 months ago)
"And you both look good on TV" - what a creepy bugger.
Lindsey Duckworth (7 months ago)
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discoworm (8 months ago)
a64750 (8 months ago)
Dream museum
André Dexterity (11 months ago)
I love this show, is it only shown on YouTube?
Dream Homes (3 months ago)
Apologies for the delayed response! It used to air in Western Canada- but now only on YouTube. Peter and I just filmed a new show that will air in the US- we will be sure to update the channel when we get more info on air dates :) Cheers, Bianca
Yolie Gunderson (11 months ago)
just as useless as tits on a boar. Real women can rock that kitchen and look good at the same time.
Jay McInnes (1 year ago)
Awesome open concept design. Amazon amounts of light throughout the day I'm sure!! 🙌🏻
Dream Homes (1 year ago)
Yes, lots of light and I loved the views :) B.
Khu NoPie (1 year ago)
These homes are all totes adorbz!
love you (1 year ago)
You're awesome!Love you 💓
Yolie Gunderson (11 months ago)
Dream Homes in would love to contact you with an invitation to view the building of my dream home here on my ranch in Southern Missouri. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.
Dream Homes (1 year ago)
Well aren't you lovely! Thanks for your comment. Love you back! P&B
Himalay Cherukuri (1 year ago)
You guys gave us the great experience.
Georgia Freeman (1 year ago)
NK by
Dream Homes (1 year ago)
Thank you, Himalay!!
discoworm (1 year ago)
We Love you 2. Thank you, Discoworm
Diane Martin (1 year ago)
tampa homes for rent
Dream Homes (1 year ago)
Love you discoworm!! B&P :)
Harry PAnnU ! (2 years ago)
u guys are awesome .... wish i could join u guys :')
Harry PAnnU ! (2 years ago)
+Dream Homes Well I don't have Dream home yet, but seems like a soon I'll get a my dream job 😎 Thanks guys
Dream Homes (2 years ago)
+Harry Pannu Haha! Thanks- if we make more episodes, you should definitely join us ;)
LATINLUVAH (2 years ago)
Sir (2 years ago)
the gay boy and the whore will say anything to pretend any home they present is good
Dream Homes (2 years ago)
Haha! I have heard that before, Credence! She's great, I'll take it :) Bianca
Credence Clementine (2 years ago)
+Dream Homes you are so hot like damn you look a lot like Kaitlin Olson too you should look her up..
Dream Homes (2 years ago)
Thanks for the your positive comments - we are a small team and love hearing from fans!!  Peter is very funny, so it makes my job easy :)  Cheers!!  Bianca
JULIO BASULTO (2 years ago)
+Dream Homes : I've been watching + posting comments all over you tube videos, but to tell you that truth...you guys are awesome not dimension the best-couple showing the best houses in town! and... even though I can't afford something like this. I can say that we all are looking forward to buy a dream house and most definitely... why not something comfortable! maybe one day but not now. 2 ** were born together to work as one!!!!!! Dream house_God bless you guys :-)
Dream Homes (2 years ago)
+JULIO BASULTO Thanks Julio! Appreciate the kind comment. We try our best to find awesome homes to tour : ) Bianca
Jack Bxtxman (2 years ago)
And could u do a Beverly Hills mansion with someone like Johnny depp p.s love the show
Dream Homes (2 years ago)
+xX_ThatGuy_Xx We'll see what we can do ; )
Jack Bxtxman (2 years ago)
Plz make more videos
youngbusinessman (3 years ago)
That female host looks like a hardcore pornstar. everytime I see her face I always imagine the male host fucking the shot out of her in one of those fancy dream homes
youngbusinessman (2 years ago)
hahahahah nigga my past makes sense and half of it riddles to me
Yeah she's hot but I can tell your thinking is always in the gutter...you need help asap
Mohammed Douairi (3 years ago)
Will there be a Season 4 soon? I really love the show and I have watched almost all the episodes. And the Dream Homes crew is FANTASTIC!! Keep up going!
Dream Homes (2 years ago)
Stay tuned guys, we'd love to make more but it may take some time! Xo B.
Angelica (2 years ago)
+Credence Clementine I still miss this show
Credence Clementine (2 years ago)
+Dream Homes it's been a year🕶
Angelica (3 years ago)
+Dream Homes That doesn't sound promising for a Season 4, however, I will patiently wait for an update. Love this show.
SamuraiFish (3 years ago)
Will that "8 million dollar house in the British Properties" where the opening scene is filmed, be featured in any future episode?  I am dying to know more about it.
Dream Homes (3 years ago)
+SamuraiFish Thanks!! :)
SamuraiFish (3 years ago)
+Dream Homes Thanks! You guys are awesome. Love the show!
Dream Homes (3 years ago)
+SamuraiFish Unfortunately we didn't shoot an episode there! But here's a link to find out more about this home... http://news.nationalpost.com/homes/vancouver-home-an-entertainers-haven-with-space-galore-plus-an-exquisite-wine-cellar Thanks:)
Antoine Burns (3 years ago)
Only six people work on this amazing show?!?!? Keep up the great work!!
Dream Homes (3 years ago)
Yes, that's all of us!  Thanks for the comment! :)
King HushHush (3 years ago)
You guys are all extremely attractive! Love the show as well! Please excuse my dumb thoughts but i wonder if any of them have slept with each other.
Fletcher Westerberg (3 years ago)

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