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Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S9+ : Camera Comparison Review !

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The Huawei P20 Pro camera review vs Galaxy S9+ is here ! Full camera test and review with samples soon. Huawei P20 Pro case: https://goo.gl/XbFAaV * ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ open up for more info ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interested in Tech! ContentHub ► http://techmagnet.yt Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/techmagnet.yt/ Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/flokaheli/ Twitter ► https://twitter.com/techmagnet_yt Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/techmagnet Interested in ChinaDevices! If you want to have more information , or discuss products from china , then please check out our forum ! You can register here for free, and i hope to see some of you guys there! 😃 Let´s build up a huge community. Community ► http://www.china-devices.com Be a part! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Huawei P20 Pro is the Chinese manufacturer’s latest flagship smartphone, and in terms of camera tech, is arguably the most innovative device we’ve seen in quite some time. A quick look at the device’s back plate reveals that the P20 Pro is the first smartphone to feature a triple camera setup. However, Huawei hasn’t simply slapped a third sensor and lens onto its current dual-camera system. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Links marked with * are affiliate links.

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Text Comments (328)
TechMagnet (1 month ago)
Correction - Got a software update and it now records in 1080p on the frontcamera. Updatevideo soon !
munchkin 52 (26 days ago)
TechMagnet image stabilisation doesn't work in 4k video
munchkin 52 (26 days ago)
Mustafa Zengin i don't think the stabilisation works on 4k video
Mustafa Zengin (1 month ago)
There is a stabilization for rear camera on update ?
Celery (1 month ago)
I can't agree with this video
Ashen Gamge (1 day ago)
For a better camera = p20 pro For a gorgeous display= s9 +
xeO [ZAPASOWE] (13 days ago)
S9+ video 😍
hazrie imran (13 days ago)
Which phone has a sharper and more detailed front camera?
Fitz carraldo (14 days ago)
I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and, frankly, am very disappointed with the sharpness of images taken with its 12-megapixel camera: it is simply not as sharp as the 16-megapixel camera in my old Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The smallest text on information signs in a national park is readable in the photos I took with the Note 4, but is blurry and unreadable in photos I took with the Note 8 from the same distance. The drop from 16 to 12 megapixels has definitely made a difference for the worse. So, now to my question: How sharp are photos taken by the 40-megapixel camera in the Huawei P20 Pro in comparison to photos taken by the 12 megapixel camera in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?
Emil Gustavsson (16 days ago)
A few things. The front capture in 1080p, you just need to turn off the beauty mode. I think you also forgot to mention the night mode, the most impressive feauture of this phone :) Otherwise love your review, great job!
UMAR ABDULLAH (21 days ago)
Osm looking, and osm P20 pro
Pritam Ghosh (24 days ago)
Never seen such a long advert damn! Its 8:30 minute looong!😂
S S (26 days ago)
Huawei all the way 💜
M Wasim pervez Jaan (28 days ago)
Just watched camera comparison of p20 pro and Pixel 2xl..pixel 2xl offers more natural photography in natural condiations..
Rub Miah (29 days ago)
P20 pro looking nice but price high !!
zeditor 1824 (1 month ago)
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Sole Ali (1 month ago)
p20 pro its amazing but i wish it was bigger like s9+and not shaky becuz i have shaky hands lol
tedi maung (1 month ago)
Amazing p20. Samsung its just winner marketing division only
김창현 (1 month ago)
S9+ is Camera Beast ..💕💕 Better HDR--SPEED , Better Video , Better Portrait Mode , Better Low Light and Better Details ..💕💕
Tony Dinh (1 month ago)
Samsung s9+ all the way!
朱忆帆 (1 month ago)
how impressive the HUAWEI camera is, I would like to know the comparison between HUAWEI P20 and IPHONE X
Kenneth raiford (1 month ago)
camera is not that great that score of 109 is a fluke and dxo mark is bullshit
Pie Crust (1 month ago)
P20 best rear shooter for photos at the moment. Just ordered. Upgrading from my op5
Abdelilah Hilal (1 month ago)
Samsung pictures looks more natural to me. Huawei pictures are oversharp
NEWBE Chanel (1 month ago)
Nothing special,.
ABM W (1 month ago)
Nice video... I should pick P20Pro
gbessone (1 month ago)
I dont like the selfie camera on huawei, i have a mate 10 and it always makes me look more pale than i am. I think its Asian's obsession with being white. But i get a suntan and want to take a picture of it and look like a ghost.
Adila Sblog (1 month ago)
Can't wait for the future Samsung Note 9 comparison with the Huawey P20 Pro
Ashen Gamge (1 month ago)
Huawei is like graphs and samsung is like orange both are delicious with different tastes.
LL Gaming (1 month ago)
Why you don’t make videos about pc and pc gaming
Daniel Mager (1 month ago)
Please help me clear things up here. I watched supersaf 's camera comparison with the s9 plus and on his video the s9's photo colors look deeper and the p20's seem obviously less saturated. On your video it is the other way around. I don't know what to think. Two videos about the same things and the conclusion is the opposite. 🙄
TechMagnet (1 month ago)
It's very interesting. I will do another camera video on the weekend. got some more daylight pics and pro mode shots. Plus night shots on tripod.
John Jensen (1 month ago)
Never Huawei again after Nexus 6P and battery time on 15 minutes after two yer.
Sonny CooL (1 month ago)
hello is mobile phone camera for handy, NO DSLR and definitely not ALTER needed with PC ...
codenamearun (1 month ago)
Turn the beauty mode off on p20 pro then it will show 1080p recording in front camera
Prince Louise (1 month ago)
First of all I love the intro and in my opinion P20 Pro is good but with the video... ergh. But it'll do.
jo Calibuso (1 month ago)
Alex Bessonov (1 month ago)
Damn it! I can't choose. I like the 3.5 minijack on Samsung, and the SD card, I hate fingerprint sensor on the front, it's not convenient, it's the dumbest idea. I currently use my old huawei p9 and have a mate book. Both are super. But I guess I am mooving to Samsung. Huawei is too much a copy of Iphone in terms of design.
Trung Tín Đoàn (1 month ago)
P20 pro very good
Kiki Puspita (1 month ago)
They both seems good... but I just can watch it, definitely can't buy those phones... aahh how to get those phone without money 😂
逸筠 (1 month ago)
Kiki Puspita buy xiaomi , it is very cheap and good
THE SKY (1 month ago)
Now I think that was a good idea take English class, good video. #P20pro
Krishna Sagar (1 month ago)
P20 Pro 💜🙌 Rocks Again ⚡
Jeff Lee (1 month ago)
Samsung must have paid you high to let you avoid the HDR and Night Mode on P20 Pro.
Mariusz Adam (1 month ago)
Omg, uou have so fking annoying voice and accent, that I can't even watch ur videos -_-' When I hear ur voice I just want to crush ur face ^^ Ehh :/
208 PUG (1 month ago)
zrob lepszy test :) jak cie bedzie stac na ktorys telefon :P cebulaku
Arturo G (1 month ago)
Mariusz Adam kill him. Lol
Brendan Arndt (1 month ago)
Great review. Saw you at the launch event but doesn't get to say hi 👋
mac coc (1 month ago)
Espere mucho tiempo la salida del P20, y me defraudo con ese flequillo asqueroso, odie al iPhone x desde la primera vista, estéticamente me parece una solución mediocre, a las apuradas, extremadamente comercial y carente imaginación, me defraudo Huawei con esta copia barata
Emerald CXG81 (1 month ago)
Generally s9 is way better,except the camera is worse,but the mic,low light shots and high light shots are still better
Pasha Lhr (1 month ago)
@Tech Magent Between S9 vs P20 Which Phone has better "Low light Selfie" in night conditions?
Livius (1 month ago)
Looking at the comment section on this video and all of the videos in general on YouTube shows what uncivilized animals are on YouTube taking trash about each other because of a phone but some people never grow up no matter the age . Anyway , it's a hard choice but I would go with P20 Pro . I am sick of Samsung's low quality phones and no updates politics . My Note 8 already has burns on the screen after only 4 months. So yeah no more Samsung for me, done with them after so many years of being a fan.
Hasan Bektas (1 month ago)
I'm a Samsung Fanboy, but the P20 Pro camera really just smashed the ones from the S9's in quality and looks. Even in Lowlight, which Samsung was hyping for.
김창현 (1 month ago)
S9+ Win for me---and s9 is more faster than p20---p20 is so slow
Denny Abay-abay (1 month ago)
Something is fishy when it comes to P20 Pro DxoMark Ratings in Video Dept.
KJACK JACKSON (1 month ago)
video looks quite amazing xD.... Well p20 is amazing. I will buy one :)
Younes Tenn (1 month ago)
P20 pro and S9+ the best phones in the world
Kenneth raiford (1 month ago)
if u think the p20 pro camera is great then u need help it's a good camera but to have all them mp in the camera and performs like it does is said alot of people have videos of the p20 pro and the pictures r blurry and not good so don't praise the p20 pro don't ever put this phone on a level with samsung
Saeed Khan (1 month ago)
Hey Bro you should make a beautifull video comparison of P 20 pro and the S9. And also add the Huawei mate 10 pro.. To see which one's got more stabillization... And also A great video too. Good job keep up..💖💖
Kena Troll (1 month ago)
It is SENSOR not SENZOR. Lol
SESkey (1 month ago)
P20 is better.
Johan Gustafsson (1 month ago)
You can actually film in higher resolution than 720p when using the front facing camera. But you must turn off ”beauty mode”’first and then go to the settings.
_wael_ td (1 month ago)
turn off beauty face on p20 pro then you can rec 1080 p
Raunak Jaiswal (1 month ago)
It can shoot 1080p with front facing camera...all you have to do is turn off beauty mode.
mendowan (1 month ago)
Care it's "made in chinese" product..
Emon Khan (1 month ago)
I will just buy a camera. Thank you
Sciencement pk (1 month ago)
It can record at 1080P with front camera ,You just need to tap on face icon on top left and bring beauty mode to zero then record at 1080p.
joan fossemo (1 month ago)
I came for the phones . And stayed for your face papi
TheFPSPower (1 month ago)
I'm pretty sure your S9 lens is very dirty, all the pictures look fogged and the lights leave a smudge on the picture...
yr so cute...
JB Macatulad (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing this great video! I'm thinking of getting the P20 Pro to replace my entry-level DSLR, but the shakiness of the 4K video is putting me off. I do intend to get a gimbal for it though. It looks like you were using a gimbal in this video as well (3:18)? That solved the shakiness issue?
Venkatesh Jaiswal (1 month ago)
love Huawei
Adrian Proniewicz (1 month ago)
S9+ beast
Hasnain Abdul Subhan (1 month ago)
Can u make video on sony xz2 vs s9.
Abhishek Rauniyar (1 month ago)
Awesome video
Raymond (1 month ago)
When u record in 4K instead of full hd u can only profit from it when u watch that video on your4k tv right ? Because the phone screen does not have a 4K resolution. So I don’t understand why everyone is complaining because not everyone has a 4K tv or watch their phone made videos on their tv.
SnakeEyes 2580 (1 month ago)
S9 has 2k, so u can see half of the detail, most of TVs now are 4k, most of PCs monitors are 4k, so it is a good think that the 4k is there with good stabilisation
王中孚 (1 month ago)
i donot.know either frankly, but if it has it is better,anyway the photos in the low light get me in, i am actually using mate 10 now
Carl Mag (1 month ago)
Listening to your sweet voice is calming.
Goko Smileski (1 month ago)
When you compare side by side s9 has a garbage camera
Rami Khalifa (1 month ago)
der Hank :)
gym fitboi (1 month ago)
ur soo cute!
Lau San (1 month ago)
To the toilet with samsung they are only a thief for ower money. After 1.5 ear s9+ will be perfect to trow away beacouse Samsung at that moment want to buy s11.
Iron Kahn (1 month ago)
Front camera records 1080p not 720p
Ubiel Seara Glez (1 month ago)
Dose the Huawei P20 Pro have a wide angle view camera as samsung has?
Ayon Barua (1 month ago)
P20 pro 👌👌
Frando 99 (1 month ago)
S9+ unimagined by P20 Pro, lol
Anime Cuts (1 month ago)
goodbye to the days when pixel, Samsung and iphone ruled supremacy over camera
Denny Abay-abay (1 month ago)
Anime Cuts Just the Camera😂
WebLeo Leo (1 month ago)
No 16:9 photo mode?
Florin Vasile (1 month ago)
https://case-and-tempered-glass.myshopify.com enter here for newest cases for iphone and samsung! is almost free! ;)
Gambit (1 month ago)
tldr. if you're noob buy p20 pro and let ai do shit for you
vento danny (1 month ago)
Rip s9+
Jawon Chance (1 month ago)
R.i.p? The s9+ isn't going anywhere
Whimsical Mage3 (1 month ago)
vento danny na
supaahflyy (1 month ago)
Just looks like the p20 does what Google does except even more Photoshopping of the photo. It's not even close to real at that point
AERO브이 (1 month ago)
huawei CF
StoneDEJ (1 month ago)
Any Samsung fanboys?
ZeX (1 month ago)
Auto mode is fine, but that 40MP senzor is a joke. Seen so many blurry and gray images on 40MP mode.
김창현 (1 month ago)
S9+ Win for me
new2diving (1 month ago)
Great review ! may I know the settings of the P20 pro in the low-light pictures ? is night mode on or off ? 10 Mp or 40 Mp ?
dharkbizkit (1 month ago)
i might be alone here but what really bugs me with the cam and other cams is the aspect ratio. its 4:3. iam currently running a samsung s6 which has it max MP resolution at 16:9. that fills the whole screen and gets you a wider picture in the end.
55 44 (1 month ago)
dharkbizkit newer Samsung also use 4.3
Kashif Jamal (1 month ago)
camera is definitely better in p20.but bring a Chinese phone and led display it's price is not high.it must be half if s 9 plus so Huawei can defeat Samsung once for all
John P. (1 month ago)
I am very glad i have found this channel! Very good camera comparison and i am waiting for the more detailed one as you say in the description below the video. Great job Steven :-)
geenogabb (1 month ago)
Having more details in "some" photos of the P20 pro does not necessarily mean it's always the better one. I notice that the processing on the p20 pro is still not as good as that of the s9 plus. The oversaturated color of the wing of the plane means that the ai is not reliable all the time. One would have to resort to going to the manual mode. No OIS on video too and an underperforming front cam (as seen in other videos) hold it back from being the true champ, while the S9 plus still a true all rounder.
Enro Coh (1 month ago)
I'll stay with my dream phone 😝s9+ hoping I have this by the way ..more subscribers and video to come
Joshsmoove (1 month ago)
Yeah no the front facing camera isn't as good as Samsungs. Having more pixels doesn't equal a better camera. 1080p is better and you didn't even show off the front camera of the galaxy.
Jorman torres (1 month ago)
Oh my god. I dont know wich one i will buy. I love the s9 but i feel the camera of p20 is better...
Jorman torres (15 days ago)
Yubey Zhong i didn't buy yet. I will wait for a promotion or something. But I like more the camera of the p20pro.
Yubey Zhong (15 days ago)
S9+S10=P20+P30+P40, so what's your choice
PRO MAPPER XD (1 month ago)
Huawei p20 pro is winner ☺☺
payam firouzi (1 month ago)
what else actually ? can U share what specs are you talking about ?
AljeanT (1 month ago)
Tony Dinh it's the 3rd biggest phone manufacturer in the world. Cause you and your small circle of friends don't know, doesn't mean anything. Nice try.
Tony Dinh (1 month ago)
AljeanT haha, still sucks compared to Samsung, a smart phone no one even heard of.
AljeanT (1 month ago)
Tomo kanalas also beat S9+ in battery life and longer lasting performance which matters the most in phones.
PRO MAPPER XD (1 month ago)
But aslo
Vincent Chokwutthisate (1 month ago)
He is really Hot and Cute 🙈
J B (1 month ago)
Wow your photography skills are terrible. Even having great AI can't fix the stupid angles you try and take your pics at. Oh, and real original with your ridiculous panning shots and LED lighting.
Niels Junker (1 month ago)
Hi great video as always i know it's about P20 pro vs s9 plus. What do you think about P20 pro vs mate 10 pro? Can choose between them.

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