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The Property Show 26th Nov 2017 Episode 236 - Stand - alone houses

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Ireri Armstrong (6 months ago)
A majority if Kenyans earn below 50k a month and cannot afford homes above 3 million. This are the people who watch tv and this show, I think it should be 80% affordable housing. #bad content
Frank Moch (1 month ago)
Define affordable. Chamas made of ordinary people are buying these homes. you may think 5 to 20 million is too much but it's do-able (if there is that word)
Design Interforms (3 months ago)
Ireri Armstrong You may check this out too; https://youtu.be/W6gGNmL8vG8
Levis Levi (6 months ago)
James what's ur website
james kahindi yaa (6 months ago)
Hey Ireri, we do have episodes of affordable houses. Kindly visit our website or offices at International House for more details on the properties available.
JesusIsMyLord (6 months ago)
Lydia's homeownership journey is inspiring! God bless her.
Faith Delina (6 months ago)
JesusIsMyLord Kabisa I follow her religiously

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