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Galaxy S8 & S8+ || ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW Review (Part 1)

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Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FO-p5ZH45M *TIME CODED REVIEW* Full In-Depth review of the Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8+. It's LONG so it's time coded! Stay tuned for part 2! 1. Intro (0:00) 2. Which Size Do I get? (00:46) 3. A Tour Around the Devices (3:49) 4. Look and Feel (5:35) 5. Durability (6:33) 6. Design Concerns (8:05) 7. Display Review & Analysis Start (9:51) 8. Display Calibration (13:58) 9. Getting Picky (16:19) 10. The Features Start (16:57) 11. Hardware features (17:14) 12. Display features (18:49) 13. The Edge (19:51) 14. Sensors & Software (22:38) 15. Software User Experience (26:20) 16. Bixby (32:35) 17. Outro & Stay Tuned! (37:24) My wallpaper http://www.samsung.com/global/themestore/index.html?appId=CheilPengtai.n201601A084.wallpaperpack&SITE_CODE=us Further reading: https://www.google.com/patents/US8525762 *Take a peek at this document about amoled. It speaks to the hardware variations that happen. This is why I call these white point issues a hardware issue. Samsung would need to calibrate individual displays to have them look right. Using one calibration profile for a batch of displays (all with individual characteristics) will create the variations that I believe we are seeing. "When active matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) panels are manufactured, each panel has different electroluminance characteristics, meaning that an image displayed on one AMOLED panel may have different color and luminance values than another AMOLED panel displaying the same image." So while we can call the red tint a calibration issue, I think it's mostly down to hardware. Samsung may have made a mistake during the calibration while not paying attention to certain panel attributes, but who really knows. All I can point out is that during my own measurements of what their updated sliders do, I can see how it would be effective for uniform displays BUT NOT for displays that have a uniformity issue. It also is sad that this "fix" doesn't work for the modes that conform to an actual color standard.*

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Erica Griffin (11 months ago)
Part 2 is nearly finished! I took some time comparing it to other 835 devices. I don't appreciate the insults from impatient people. Go somewhere else. Not excusable behavior.
Miadous (5 months ago)
I just opened a new S8+ from Best Buy and noticed the white definitely isn't as white as my pixel xl. And switching to any display setting other than adaptive display, it has a noticable red tint. I used AMOLED photo on my note 5, but it looks good on there, on the S8+ it has a reddish tint. So do they allow exchanges for this still or do they think it's not a problem anymore because of software updates?
Robert Ketchum (6 months ago)
Robert Ketchum (6 months ago)
Erica Griffin the
Cynthia Moody (6 months ago)
Erica Griffin the
Tom Odero (6 months ago)
Love ur reviews very indepth keep it up 👍
Belinda Ginete (1 month ago)
Do you use cases on your s8 plus?
GamingMan247 (1 month ago)
I’m debating between the galaxy s8+ or the google pixel xl. Any help? 😩
dunno yolo (3 months ago)
Awesome video once again. hopefully bixby turns into something good. Got rid of my older iPhone because Siri was bad and Google now is some what ok
George Petropoulos (4 months ago)
What app do you use to test your screen?
Paul C (4 months ago)
how's call quality? thanks
Fredrik Broström (4 months ago)
Thanks for this video. Made my choice for my next buy alot easier.
Stephan Muhammad (5 months ago)
Thank you for taking the time to do this in depth video. I've been going bck and forth on whether or not to come back to Samsung after using iPhone. The features that Samsung bring to their phones are just amazing. Pretty much no need for a CPU. lol. Now just whether to get the Note 8 or S8 plus. hmm
Laskar Harimurti (5 months ago)
Is it the red-ish issues happen to every s8? I'm going to get one of em, and afraid this would happen on me.
James Watson (5 months ago)
Excellent vid....loads of luv
Unknown prodigy803 (5 months ago)
I got a galaxy s8 phone one thing I don't like about it is the stupid Bixby button
TheLawrence05 (6 months ago)
LMAO when she kicked the phone ahaha
Christine Jones (6 months ago)
This review is fantastic. I was so torn between the two, and no other review I've seen comes close to providing this level of detail. THANK YOU!!
AppleReviewerUk (6 months ago)
discuss more about S8+
Robert Ketchum (6 months ago)
Sue K. Amacio (6 months ago)
Erica, may i ask where i can purchase your wallpaper? Love the colors!
Lola Sayuri (6 months ago)
Wow ! Fantastic reveiw , Thanks Erica ! So I'm planning to buy a Galaxy S8 but i heard too much people complaining about how they fail of connect their phone to wifi, and this problem made me anxious. Is this problem constant ? does it exist on all galaxy S8 phones ? and Can it be fixed ?
James Gray (6 months ago)
Do you find the phone cumbersome with it being so large?
The Great Anonymous (6 months ago)
Even with ability to pause the video i was having a really hard time looking at the bottom of the phone, Girl you're so fast.
Steve -O (6 months ago)
Great job on your reviews. I really enjoy watching.
Max Steel (6 months ago)
Have you reviewed the Whitestone dome glass protector with cases that will fit on the Note 8
Tommaso Famularo (6 months ago)
great indepth review..getting the s8+ tommorow. great job
Lia Vanice (6 months ago)
hi there, im really pleased that i watched your video. its helped me as i using s8+ as well. thank you xx
einzeller85 (6 months ago)
Bixby is not so funktional "just yet" lol as if they will ever come around to make bixby any good. i think those features should either be ready and working at launch or they should get the harshest critique possible for it not doing shit. i mean "now" bixby is apparently a voice assistant almost as good as the google one (yeah we all need like 10 redundant equally bad voice assistants) but that´s only if you speak english. i don´t think samsung will ever bother to make it work in every country they sell their phones to. big thumbs down for that. specially for the fact that they don´t allow us to turn it off and remap the button by default considering that it´s never gonna be finished... i´m not hating on your review. in fact it´s one of the best out there, specially with the whole color accuracy thing but i think reviewers go too soft on finished products "unfinished features". don´t keep cutting them slack for not finishing stuff, cause then they will never bother doing that anyway. fight the eternal beta bullshit everybody does nowadays.
John jones (6 months ago)
Otter box commuter best case for s8 and still looks good all black and sleek
sam ghouri (6 months ago)
from where i can get this wallpaper which is in s8 in this video?
Kelroywi videos (6 months ago)
Where u got that wallpaper
DUGS BONSAI (6 months ago)
Honestly you the free Bubble ball theme it's so cool but even better with your down icons but give it a look
Name Creative (6 months ago)
7:44 not an s8...
Courtney King (6 months ago)
Rocking with the S8 now for about a week or so? I love it so far, it's the only phone that can pull and keep my interest other than the Pixel.
Nadun lochana perera (6 months ago)
Light leaking around the bezels isn't present on my device luckily even in Pitch black conditions
Nadun lochana perera (6 months ago)
The on-screen buttons can be hidden ...you can access them via a swipe up near bottom of the screen or you can simply hard press the home button area to go home. . it looks much more futuristic this way in my opinion kinda like the iPhone X
Tim Pereira (7 months ago)
Does anyone know why Samsung chose to go with a 18.5:9 aspect ratio instead of 18:9 which kinda makes more sense (i.e. two perfect squares) ?
James Bond (7 months ago)
Yeah my screen has attend to it like you said I can't return mind as I bought on eBay like I told you so they're too much money these phones the next woman abani Bay to take my chances there's no ammo to spend a $1000 on a phone that's crazy that's too much money that is over the top
James Bond (7 months ago)
If I buy one and eBay in the screens that right can Samsung fix it for me for really cheap
James Bond (7 months ago)
Yet to buy these phones from your provider is too much money so I got mine any base for a really good price you're right they're beautiful phones awesome but that a $1000 cool
James Bond (7 months ago)
How do I exchange if I bought it on eBay and they say no returns?
robert4you (7 months ago)
Great video! Thanks!
Hadley V. Crutchley (7 months ago)
Went with the s8 even tho I had a plus iPhone. Screen is still bigger and it is much easier to hold. Almost chose the plus.
Russell Simpson (7 months ago)
Great video.
shadow336k (7 months ago)
9:48 LOL
ruzaik hussain (7 months ago)
Can I change the button layout in 8 and 8plus both?
The Immigrant (7 months ago)
So size really does matter.
gooldii1 (7 months ago)
Great!!!! Thanks!! Wonderfull.
RDP Queen (8 months ago)
Great video, really informative. Ordered my phone today. So looking forward to getting it.
Hercules (8 months ago)
Amazing review! I was definitely gonna get the s8, but this video set my decision in stone. Thanks!
Agitated_Porcupine (8 months ago)
4:56 sd card slut-that's me
V. Angel (8 months ago)
The best review I ve seen on this phone! Thank you, was really helpful
EpicElk (8 months ago)
14:51 "the factory tint setting is always too high!"
Kingz Leez (8 months ago)
When I'm watching something animated, would the Amoled cinema be best to use?
Kingz Leez (8 months ago)
so is the Amoled cinema the best?
Brian Tran (8 months ago)
Thanks for the tips.
Saad Sayed (8 months ago)
This is the best review that I was looking for out of the 1000s of reviews I saw before buying the phone.
Rishi Naik (8 months ago)
Terence Thomas (8 months ago)
Great video.. just a tip that I just noticed... you have an option to pull the notification panel by just swiping down on the screen.. this is without even installing any launcher.. hard press on the screen, go to home screen settings, and activate quick open notification panel.. wonderful shortcut huge screens
Best Tuvera (8 months ago)
is there really an improvement on gorilla glass 5 why it still breaks very easily like the first one???
liga316 (8 months ago)
You are cute😍
Toqui Toqui (8 months ago)
Is it me or she sounds like AMD Ceo Lisa Su?
Mody Moawed (8 months ago)
plz .. i want the wallpaper but i can't download it ..i have s8 plus and i can't find it in theme app ... help plz
theRickSter (8 months ago)
where did you get those wallpapers?
Wow!! I got to the part on screen colors and the graphs and noticed I had seen your video on the Galaxy S4 years back, and it was what finished making up my mind for the purchase! Getting the S8 next week, love how thorough your videos are, keep up the good work!
Reaper of Pandas (8 months ago)
Please no hate here: What alternative phone should I get for a fluid experience and with good features? And last long too. I am not hating on the S8's UI, but I wish to know some alternatives. (I already used iPhones enough, so another phone please). I am thinking about One Plus or maybe Pixel 2 when it comes out.
Azizsomething (9 months ago)
As usual, extensive details potential buyers care for. Thank you very much. Keep it up.
Errka wesleyy (9 months ago)
What colors does this phone come in?
alfaromeo (9 months ago)
where do I get this beautiful wallpaper?
Real Eyes (9 months ago)
It's nice to see a woman holding these phones side by side...... Only because it's hard to get a feeling for their true sizes when you're watching men like Marques Brownlee handle them. And the phone comparisons were nice too. I want a phone similar in size to the iPhone7 so it seems the 8 Plus may be for me.
*GIFTED* (9 months ago)
Tha Samsung G
Alexandre Pelletier (9 months ago)
the light "leaking" isnt light leak its just light traveling in the clear glass pannel because of the curve its much more apparent like fiber optics all edge displays do it
Allan Poison (9 months ago)
really nice vid
Randy W Horton (9 months ago)
There is some pizazz missing from your reviews. I am not sure what, but maybe you should contact a media coach to help bring you beyond good to the level of great. Not hating for sure, just my opinion. Have a great day. ✌🇺🇸
wagsbass (9 months ago)
Stock Android in that form factor would be so good
Mhamad Amin (9 months ago)
You are nicer than the phone
Kevin The Dork Slayer (9 months ago)
Having that letterboxing gives it bezels that are like the S7's. So doesn't that defeat the point of a bezeless phone?
Erica Griffin (9 months ago)
+Crippled Memist nope, because if you touch the letterboxes they activate the screen
Dirceu Franzner (9 months ago)
You are a BAD GIRL, makes wanna get a S8!
cooljp (9 months ago)
Thanks Erica for your very insightful comments, namely regarding the (somewhat) lost screen space due to the curves on the sides of these phones. This has given me a good reason to favor the S8+ over the S8. Thanks again!
Ryan Deery (9 months ago)
Erica what phone are you currently using yourself ?
Sora5024 (9 months ago)
Hi, since s8 has more (ppi 570) than s8+ (529) is resolution change much while watching something??
Mike Benjamin (9 months ago)
On the s 8 plus is there a way to just by pass the finger print scanner with just a swipe I don't need a finger print scanner?
Mike Benjamin (9 months ago)
Would you buy note 8 over s8 plus bigger battery?
S&S Channel (9 months ago)
Hi for those of you who are worried about burn-in of those soft buttons there is option to actually hide them in pretty much any app expect home screen and when you hide them the phone looks like monster lol really like it
Liam Bob (9 months ago)
they put it on the back so when you have your phone in the pocket as you go to grab it and pull it out you put your finger on it then when it's in front of you it's already turned on. that's the best I can explain it
Bibin Thomas (9 months ago)
Best review, thanks
Rebeca Sally (10 months ago)
I have a lot of this costumizing features in my 2015 Zenfone Selfie
jeffscomp (10 months ago)
I'd rather have the one with the exynos CPU.
Darryl Scott (10 months ago)
I love my S8
MrAkarock (10 months ago)
Did you really kicked the phone?
Allen A (10 months ago)
that red tint though shit phone, i saved you an hour of listening to her whiney voice
kaye kakunes (10 months ago)
where did you get the boarder case from ? also love your videos ! so useful !!
Robert Clark (10 months ago)
Mine has no display issues. Thank god..All 100 here....First try with 1 month old unit my friend hated so I gave one of my mate 9 for it..
Nelson Ogbuigwe (10 months ago)
where did she gat the wallpaper
EndoveProductions (10 months ago)
Tajinderr singh (10 months ago)
I am confused which one should i buy, should i buy Exynos 8895 version of s8 or the one with sd 835 soc ???
Adil Alkanzy (10 months ago)
Go to dialer if you want to check the reddish tint level dial *#15897#
Russell Jennings (10 months ago)
I need this wall I'm on ios
EndoveProductions (10 months ago)
bhokz gonzales (10 months ago)
this is the best review ever,. i watched so many reviews but Ms. Ericas' is the best one.,.
Ci Ci Stuart (10 months ago)
This is an amazingly detailed review, with real in-depth understanding of the device. Explanations are clear: a hallmark of someone who knows what she is talking about. Thank you.
Jay (10 months ago)
I really appreciate that you took your time exploring the device. thank you for taking your craft serriously
Cruella De Vil (10 months ago)
From next time please do also show/cover music player and photo gallery, it'll help many like me who is planning to migrate from IOS. Thanks!
twk0500 (10 months ago)
Hey Erica, Just upgraded this week to the S8+ from a S7 Edge. Loving it so far. Thanks for sharing , great video.
T Griffin (10 months ago)
The thing I don't like about Samsungs is, they are gorgeous and beautiful, and sexy on the outside, but stuttery and janky and crashy on the inside. I can't stand that. I'd rather have a plain looking phone like the One Plus phones that run like butter, than a spectacular looking phone that freezes and crashes every time I open it.
Magika Vradia (10 months ago)
can you tell me the name of this theme or wallpaper..?
EndoveProductions (10 months ago)

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