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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus BEND Test vs iPhone 7 Plus!

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Will The NEW Samsung Galaxy S8 Bend? New Galaxy S8 Plus Bend Test & iPhone 7 Plus Bend Test! Samsung Galaxy S8 DROP Test: https://youtu.be/KzZdlS37tps Samsung Galaxy S8 WATER Test: https://youtu.be/VGAQV5vnINI Samsung Galaxy S8 FREEZE Test: https://youtu.be/tjBnNrZJtu0
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Text Comments (5605)
marie meier (15 hours ago)
I love samsung *-* best handy♡
GamingWithJin_YT (19 hours ago)
compare the Samsung galaxy s9 plus vs iPhone 8 plus, the 8 plus is gunna win
fryguyxd (1 day ago)
*i didnt even try that hard* *SHAKING*
Rajat Gupta (2 days ago)
Why u break new phones Give it to me
Darshanam Sravan (2 days ago)
Samsung galaxy s8+ is very strong and superb
Gab 34 (2 days ago)
Das arme s8! ABER Samsung ist besser als iPhone!
ANKIT TYAGI (4 days ago)
Are you serious? Is it durability test? I don't see anyone who would bend their phones intentionally or drop it from thousands of feet to check its durability.
Savannah Kingston (5 days ago)
Watching this made me cringe cause it’s just hard to see you bend useful phones 😔😂
Chunzhu Mei (6 days ago)
How does he bend that wtf
Colin Cashman (6 days ago)
You did’t drop the galaxy from 30ft
Cuddles the Cat (7 days ago)
MMS Player (7 days ago)
O retardado para de quebrar as coisas e vê sê me da um desse
Triston Sam (7 days ago)
I rather have a shattered back than have a broken screen
PHUONG VO (8 days ago)
iPhone is still better
Dávid Chovanec (8 days ago)
1:52 R.I.P iphone
David One like (9 days ago)
A8 no s S8
John johnnakis (10 days ago)
Samsung for ever!!!!
GamerChich9 (10 days ago)
Everything *Apple* Pro *_Shows Samsung Phone_*
Layla Beers (11 days ago)
I'm watching on my galaxy s8 lol
angelica flores (11 days ago)
Samsung's are better
Bujtor Zoltán (11 days ago)
Yeah Samsung Galaxy S8+ is pretty much made for Geometry Dash
Aaron Vlogs (11 days ago)
Wasting money
xXUltraSkilledGamerXx (12 days ago)
People in Africa could have eaten those phones...
Raúl Joaquin (12 days ago)
So he’s destroying IPhone 7plus while I’m watching on iPhone 5s😂
J.G. Bloodworth (12 days ago)
A alien (13 days ago)
2:26 totally
yasin arafat (15 days ago)
give me one...
Sabeh Farhat (16 days ago)
Trust me go search in YouTube and say fake iPhone 7 Plus and you’ll see
Sabeh Farhat (16 days ago)
You was using the fake iPhone 7 Plus
Game changer Reviews (17 days ago)
Everything applepro I know that it was not easy to bend the iPhone 7plus because your arms were shaking
Mohamed Alshujaa (17 days ago)
That,s from the last video phones
dat boi333 (20 days ago)
Twobarpsi (20 days ago)
I would love to snap my phone in half!
bro tato (21 days ago)
Samsung is the best ever
Zanst HL (22 days ago)
Samsunglover 98 (23 days ago)
BTW What phone do u guys have?? I have the samsung galaxy s7 edge im planning on getting the Samsung galaxy s8 plus
Samsunglover 98 (23 days ago)
Samsung is the best!!
Gangstar Shaikh (24 days ago)
Dude these are dummys
Md Imran (25 days ago)
Samsung s9👍👍👍
Audio Nocopyrights (26 days ago)
I'm watching this on a galaxy s8 right now
Liza # crafty (26 days ago)
Can u please give me Samsung s8 please
ahmed kijan (29 days ago)
Welcome to Samsung
Meer Madride (29 days ago)
baxwa kary rola bdaya ba mn bashtr bw manga
Braili ovalle (29 days ago)
Samsung es samsung a donde quiera que llege
Terrific Pop (29 days ago)
Samsung galaxy phones:goes to gym 22/7 every year then Samsung says:there is always room for more improvements Apple's iphones:goes to gym 1/1 every 10 years apple say:I'm dead
4b dtae (29 days ago)
u just saying galaxy because u like it better
MATY TV (30 days ago)
Samsung s8 best
Decidueye God (30 days ago)
Leik if u cri evrytim
travis hehe (30 days ago)
The gloves make him look like sonic, rip
Sultana Razia Kona (1 month ago)
give me please I leave in bangladesh.my phone number 01774185253
Seahawk 0622 (1 month ago)
Looks like your struggling there on the iPhone
Doge Playz (1 month ago)
It’s EverythingApplePro not EverythingSamsungPro
Abdul Hanan Khawaja (1 month ago)
I don't wanna be rode but this guy is defending iPhone from samsung
Gulzar Ahmed (1 month ago)
Samsung is better than iPhone
hera saraspe (1 month ago)
Samsung best.😍😍
s A (1 month ago)
Brother don't wasted the phone please gave me my number8667565304
Mr. Special-Eyes (1 month ago)
I don't know why people still buy iPhone... Obviously Samsung is better.
Mr. Special-Eyes (1 month ago)
If you think this is rude, think again...
Unbolted TV (1 month ago)
Buy me a Samsung Galaxy S8 you sooo rich
Stealing Pumpkins (1 month ago)
I’m watching this on a 1,000 dollar iPhone 8
Adil Afzal (1 month ago)
Hi bro can you send me 5a please I live in Pakistan I'm poor but like your all videos you are kind of cool guy bro this is my email Muhammadadilafzalahmad2016@gmail.com please bro if you want to send me contact me on email I will give you my address with kindness
I’m watching this on my rose gold iPhone 7 plus
Selma Selma (1 month ago)
IPhone 7 plus 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 Omgg
Taco Munch (1 month ago)
It’s the 7 plus what would u expect? It’s gonna snap in half since it’s illuminum
Chris dobard (1 month ago)
But the iPhone was already a little bent so your cheating
X x Elizabeth x X (1 month ago)
Unicorn QueenYT (1 month ago)
I can't watch people destroy phones😭 they make me 😢
Suheart Kams (1 month ago)
You might die!😂 before you bend completely the s8+ hahahahahha best phone
And you are bad guy
You are monkey
Bradley Durkee (1 month ago)
The s7 edge sucks. I shattered the screen from trying to open a pistachio when I hit it with the case on AND I hit it on the back of the phone
Grace Love (1 month ago)
Matthew Denny (1 month ago)
I feel like crying bc I'm watching this on an s8
Kristin Marley (1 month ago)
2:53 Why a poop emoji?
Rachel Price (1 month ago)
2:39 oh he constipated
Hanro50 (1 month ago)
You're a lot stronger than you sound
This is goophone
Avanel Williams (1 month ago)
I hate you all when mashing up phone
Rupeh Jõshí (1 month ago)
You should try with Nokia phone
Kanheiya Pachiyala (1 month ago)
Fake I phone
Verpixelt Gaming (1 month ago)
Samsung is boss
Verpixelt Gaming (1 month ago)
I had an Samsung Galaxy S4 and tried to bend it and broke it in 2 halfs
EndeRevs Gaming (1 month ago)
Samsung is more better than apple
Mohammed Musa (2 months ago)
Galaxy S Rules! The smartphone!
BAD BOY (2 months ago)
SAMSUNG best...
Banguela (2 months ago)
*S8* *WINS*
Vraj Patel (2 months ago)
What you will get by doing this????
Ahvenir Agatha Vendala (2 months ago)
I have an s8+ and I'm upset because you're just wasting it😭but nice Comparison.
Agfg Chh (2 months ago)
Best best Video in the YouTube channel Can You give me a IPHONE 5s
A simple YouTube channel (2 months ago)
Aluminum is easier to bend than glass so they’re both even if samsung s8 has aluminum in the back
Kevin Avila (2 months ago)
Fuck iphone is for white crackers
Antonella Monzon (2 months ago)
¢αυѕє тнє ιρнσиє ιѕ fαкє 🖕🏻🖕🏻fα¢кєя
Dead Pool (2 months ago)
idiot what is this shit test fouffff nonsance
POP ROCK (2 months ago)
iPhone 7 Plus is fake look at the camera
Slime Satisfacción (2 months ago)
That’s a fake galaxy watch the other vid he took it out the box and it was not the real one I had a galaxy s8 and I dropped it from my poket and the screen broke 😒😒😒 but now I have the iPhone 7 just like that one and it is so strong #applesquad
OverTheDwaynBowe (2 months ago)
The glass of the s8, is used to make the phone more rigid, by cracking it you are destroying the resistance as the glass is under the fram and allows for bend resistace
Magare licina (2 months ago)
Buster the Cat (2 months ago)
Please use new devices
furba sherpa (2 months ago)
Samsung is the best
Negricea Valentin (2 months ago)
Jhon Cena

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