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Sony Xperia XZ1 Review - Over 30 Days Later!

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Review of the Sony Xperia XZ1. Same old design but the phone performs really well. Sony has made all the right refinements to finally have a worthy competitor! But is it enough to choose over the competition? Watch for the full review! Buy here on Amazon: Sony Xperia XZ1 - http://geni.us/8fuw Help support the channel by using my Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon US: http://goo.gl/BVc5ez Amazon Canada: http://goo.gl/SK9sQK Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/is1MXU Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattmoniz123 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mattmoniz123 Website: http://www.matthewmoniz.com
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Text Comments (473)
sahil Thakre (2 days ago)
it has heating problem
Celtic Seed (8 days ago)
Would you trade a Xiaomi MI6 for Xz1 ?? (keep in mind that i really need my phone to be water resistant) But how about the rest of the characteristics ??? Would this 2 phones seem equal ? Thanks in Advance guys !
kanishq ruhil (21 days ago)
Unapologetic design. The only company that's not aping the design
True Tech (25 days ago)
Ordered the compact version, 3d scan option and the option to run audio I/O is good when others don't seem to have that option and need Bluetooth. From what I understand, the case isn't metal. It's a fibreglass reinforced grade of plastic. Not sure if it's as durable as those old bell rotary dial phones though. You could use those to put pictures on walls the plastic was that durable. And nice to know the xz1 is built to fall in a puddle and still be a working investment.
Rpg maniac (27 days ago)
I only want it for remoteplay on the go and to be able to use my ds4 controller cause the vita is too complicated
Zorrobeat (1 month ago)
Why boring design? *My d*ck also looks the same every day for years and it never becomes boring to use it.*
JRF Pargan (1 month ago)
I love Sony's design. Keeping the original. And compare to other phones, this is way more liquid/smooth even after 4 years. I got my z2 way back 2014 and it's still functional as it was before. Now i got my xz1, and the experience is superb!
ben Gour (1 month ago)
I have been using sony phones for 8 years, i love it the design and all the features in it U talking about the wireless charging as an important feature?!! 😒 But good video brov👍
Marc Philippens (1 month ago)
What is the better one? This new phone or the premium?
Matthew Moniz (1 month ago)
The xz2 which was just announced is the better one
beyhan şamil (1 month ago)
Guys wjic one and why XZ1 or XZ PREMIUM
Jerwyn Andrada (1 month ago)
Is this phone gets hot when you're playing online game..???
Felix Garcia (1 month ago)
Eye catcher!!
alvin reyes (1 month ago)
Should I take it over OP 5T?
Frank Huang (1 month ago)
As XZ2 comes out, I'm finding to buy an XZ1 instead. Design on the XZ2 is just... speechless in a bad way.
H P (1 month ago)
i like sonys design, def keep the same look. thats why we gravitate to it!
Oystein Soreide (2 months ago)
Bezel less design is not a user friendly design. The screen is also interaction point with the user an bezel less design makes it hard to click on items close to the edge. And it's too easy to click on the screen when you don't want to.
Derry Pratama (2 months ago)
i'm using xperia z3+ and i'm considering to have this phone. I want to ask about the visibility under the direct sunlight, because I have a huge problem with this in my xperia z3+.
For people who have issues with taking pictures on the Xperia line, turn off the color gamut and xreality options. Only take pictures using manual mode! You'll see that noise is almost completely eliminated in the dark and the quality of the pictures become much better.
Łukasz Krzywiński (2 months ago)
Yes, Sony bezels make sense. I don't know any other smartphone manufacturer to produce gaming consoles, and giving a fact that Xperias always fully support Playstation system and are designed for gaming, bigger bezels make sense. Don't think if samsung or Apple or LG were thinking about horizontal gaming and watching movies, where most of the market phone's speakers get covered by hand when watching Youtube or videos. Front speakers are a deal nowdays. For other phones like let's say Mate 10 Pro, I would like all Camera-phones had a dedicated shutter button, it makes shooting a lot easier, You don't need to turn your head away from object just to see if your touching correct icon on screen. With my Z2 I can easily hold the phone above my head to take better view in crowd (concerts, city shows, theatres). For the Video author: I see, also on some other YouTube channels, that while playing recorded video, the movie is shredded with horizontal lines on fast moving objects, do they appear normally? like when casting on TV, or it's just YouTube conversion problem? I think my Z2 doesn't shred videos so much, even if it's still 8.0 MPix from 20.7 sensor used in HD recording, while definitly Z2 seems to loose sharpness and focus a lot while chasing an object.
David Gary Lois Cenada (2 months ago)
I love just Sony design!
HONDA RULES (2 months ago)
PIXEL 2 done just a little worsse in every way
Vlad Lopez (2 months ago)
Iphone design did not change since 2014. Iphone 8 have same design as Iphone 6 with small changes, but no one say about this
Mfundo Kubheka (2 months ago)
thank u so much, super useful! wanted to do my research on the phone before i got it and was kinda in between the xz1 and the z3. i juss wanted an phone that'd work in tandom with my ps4, googled that and found out the xperia line was all for that, juss needed to know which model's the best. thanks again.
Sanjay Madhava (2 months ago)
Why is it that nobody is mentioning that there is no option to wake up the phone except to press the power button which is rather annoying when the phone is lying on a Table and you want to check notifications ~ A blinking LED can only very little information. There is no fuction like Wave to wake, Attentive display ,active display, always on display (or something similiar), and sony had even disabled double tap to wake
Karlo DC (2 months ago)
I love the industrial look of the Sony. But I do think they have to improve on the audio quality of those speakers. It is the only thing bugging me about my Xperia Z2. 3 to 4 years later it seems that nothing's changed. Aside from that, I hope that the software updates would not ruin the camera quality as it did with the Z2.
M S (2 months ago)
No dadicated botton that bother me.
fatima kader (2 months ago)
I moved from samsung largely due to samsung galaxy a range becoming expensive by the year. I must say I LOVE my Sony Xperia. Yes design wise it has nothing but feature wise its awesome! Keep it #Sony #Xperia
calum maciver (2 months ago)
I have a xz1 and it is a really good phone I'd recommend to anyone
ceasar smart (2 months ago)
The good thing about Sony is they do there own thing , they don't copy.
Resalat Rahman (2 months ago)
I just love Sony. Been using Sony since 2007 with Sony Ericsson K800i, then K850i (Still the Best Camera Ever with Xenon Flash), then Sony Z1, Then finally grabbed Sony XZ1
Diamant254 (2 months ago)
Sony is the way too go, sleek design and fast as f**k
Dr Peter jones (2 months ago)
Buy it for the camera,waterproof, and minimal skin..next phone sony z pro 2018 mwc 2018
stan hohmann (3 months ago)
I just bought the zx1 and I simply love it
ADARSH A. S. (3 months ago)
Putting apart the bezels issues ,the SONY phones are way more better than any other camera phones ...and i think sooner or later this issue will be fixed.
Youssef Med (3 months ago)
I like your Review Thnks
Matthew Moniz (3 months ago)
Thank you for watching!
Thomas Anderson (3 months ago)
Any thoughts on the XZ1 Compact? Am debating on which one to get as I hate big phones.
Nafi asdin (3 months ago)
How is this phone performance on snapchat ?
Soner Özlü (3 months ago)
Just because of you I bought that phone. I am really happy with it. It's really good. Bezels don't bother me at all.
Soner Özlü (3 months ago)
The Eternal Nightmare it actually has a problem with open screen. When the screen is open even I stop at main screen it heats up. I'll do it but as much as I learn in my country Sony service is poor. It's not even 1 month old phone for me...
The Eternal Nightmare (3 months ago)
Soner Özlü depends on how much you use it... if you use it like I do... 6+ hours nonstop... then yeah it heats enough but not alarmingly enough and only cause... I use it a lot... if it heats too quickly with moderate use like browsing and stuff then you need to check your phone :)
Soner Özlü (3 months ago)
The Eternal Nightmare yes but nowadays I have a problem. Bottom right of the phone heats up too quickly. Does it heat up on your phone too?
The Eternal Nightmare (3 months ago)
Soner Özlü that's great man! ... I have this phone since november and it's performance is spectacular! the resolution is great! AND the battery holds for quite a lot! and charges so fast! I never let the battery go below 50% and always charge it up to 90+% not even 100%
Nil roy (3 months ago)
is audio quality good on xz1?
M Fara (3 months ago)
l love sony but no in this design language
WERS DA LAMB SOS? (3 months ago)
Why Sony Phones always look classy?
Shahed Rasul (3 months ago)
I need to check the durability test. Anyway gud review.
dranm2 (3 months ago)
My Xperia XZ1 has a common screen problem unfortunately. Google " Xperia XZ1 horizontal lines" and you'll see
Manos L.v.e (3 months ago)
Sony xz1 many troubles with wifi connection. Be careful is anyone want to buy. Sony don't care to fix it still now
ceasar smart (3 months ago)
In my opinion there's nothing wrong with the design the Sony phone looks different.
Condorwatch (3 months ago)
I like my bezels thank you very much, one of my relatives got a note 8, great phone, was fun to play around with, the screen was awesome, I'll admit, but it got very annoying that I had to wrap my fingers around the edges of the phone, covering up the speaker. Give me my bezels! Somewhere where to put my thumbs on, and also fit stereo speakers under
Vera Platt (3 months ago)
I love the bezels. It makes the phone easy to handle. Your finger tips don't it the sides of the screen and make changes. The top and bottom are great as well as you can hold the phone from these and not worry about making changes on the screen.
John Willows (3 months ago)
Omg, your notification bar gave me cancer...
John Willows (3 months ago)
Matthew Moniz, don't get me wrong man, I love your videos but on one of the shots, it's absolutely cluttered :) I know some people don't mind but I'm bit of a "notification bar purist". Either way, another great video, keep it up :)
Matthew Moniz (3 months ago)
+John Willows lol
Hamza Al Maghribi (3 months ago)
Pixel 2 and IPhone 8 have big Bezels too
Ritesh Chouksey (3 months ago)
Does it supports selfi stick?
Bente Moonhunter (3 months ago)
If the only bad things about the phone are the bezels and no wireless charging then I am so sold!
Andoni Arzate (3 months ago)
Great review!
Spyros Ballas (3 months ago)
Yes. Sony is a serious people. Not for those "Show of" people who want to spend hundrends of dollars more to impress people with silly bezelless and fashion designs.
Godson Eh (3 months ago)
But you don't really need a dedicated button for a camera, that's old school! On Samsung galaxy you can simply use the volume up and down for the camera.
Tarkine Services (3 months ago)
Nice review, very happy with the design...Sony, the one and only!
Chester Laungayan (3 months ago)
Been a Sony Xperia user for 5 years now and i don't think the design is boring. The manufacturer is one of the fastest to release their version of an android software update. They kill their competitors by incorporating their camera technology into their smartphones. Always reliable when they tag a phone as water and dust resistant. I can't complain anything. I'm getting the service that I paid for.
Sony Mobile (3 months ago)
sony is the best
mikldude (3 months ago)
Sony Mobile , I'm thinking not , it does seem like a good phone , just not a great one . Video was fairly average , camera looked quite good , but some way from the other top flagship models. And 4 to 4.5 hours screen on time is probably not bad for the small size battery onboard , but that's the sort of battery life duration i still get out of my 2014 galaxy note 4. Just not impressive mate . It comes back to that same old sony design we see in nearly every sony device In recent years. There are things i actually like with sony phones , and i have always thought i may like to try one , but for me sony phones do not tick enough boxes that they really should in this day and age. I would buy one over a pixel however though , at least sony keeps the core convenience features , headphone jack, sd card, and is not over priced .
weezySKLH (3 months ago)
Sony is best but I just like stock Android and cam quality and it seems like Sony is not ready to innovate there...
RD Z (3 months ago)
Are you serious man! is there problem with using finger print scanner?. does other phone have multiple or movable finger print scanner. seriously? but you said a very good joke 😁?
Nightwolf Zero (3 months ago)
I find it comfortable using it on my left hand. Just scan for the lower middle of your middle finger tip when setting it up
Ragnar Zetterberg (3 months ago)
Good rewiew, I just love the design and that it is the most durable phone out there. NO nonsens! Great camera and very good battery. I will buy this phone soon.
Gaston (3 months ago)
what about xperia z 6 ???!!!! coming or not from sony ???!!!!
Tyrion Cat (3 months ago)
What service providers are avaliable for this phone?
Aimeric DOURDAINE (3 months ago)
Apple has the same design since the iPhone 4 (without curved angles) and we say anything against them... All the guys who criticise Sony are really hypocrite
mahesh (4 months ago)
I love the design, look premium and classic design, and we can use the magnetic dock for that, I still love to use my Xperia z2.
Carrot Emoji (4 months ago)
You my friend, pronounced stabilization the correct way. Thank you.
James Delast (4 months ago)
Excellent design.
gio san (4 months ago)
The worse phone I ever have.
妹抖喵四 (4 months ago)
XZ1 is the best smartphone i ever had. watching this video on my XZ1
HISPEEDLEVEL (4 months ago)
I want a smartphone with 3 day battery lifetime. So 90% this phones are sucks. And of course I dont need 3D scanner in camera at all!
Democracy Illusion (4 months ago)
design is ok but perfomance allways getting worse if the time goes on = fact!
Brent Gibson (4 months ago)
Boring is Subjective..... I like it....
Donatas P (4 months ago)
Using Xperia Z2 since 2015 - best smartphone I ever had, but 16gb onboard is not enough, glass back is too fragile and Android 6 is outdated. So today I ordered the Xperia XZ1 :D
Dj DiM (4 months ago)
I have the Xperia xz1, and I really like it..... I love this design...... I don't know about you all... Like if you agree that sony's design is pretty good
MMaya (4 months ago)
I LOVE this design, I think all phones now look exactly the same, bezels are not necessarily bad if the design is nice as this phone proves. It looks slick and elegant, and it's unique!
55 44 (4 months ago)
Hey isn’t Sony xz1 have front and back 5 axis
sakil ahmed (4 months ago)
sony's battery life is fantastic..
John Man (4 months ago)
Sony not good I but it by Amazon 180€ And have a many problem and no have garanti One maunt I work for180€ Sony you most give back my mony I'm so sad
Antonio Valencia (4 months ago)
I see the OnePlus 5T getting a ton of hype and yet: it has no water proofing, still runs nougat, only the dash charger gives you fast charging, inferior camera, single bottom firing speaker, and they’re not the best with updates.
2:30 There is a Sony portrait app where you can adjust the blur in the background.
Sony better change the designs because now consumers want new things such as Dual Camera, New Design, 18:9 ratio screen... because Bezels on Sony Xperia phones look the same that means they want something to look different.
Crabclub Groot4love (4 months ago)
They design Sony uses for its phones seems very elegant and classy looking. That's why I am not surprised the James Bond uses Sony phones to his movies. My opinion though
In Game (4 months ago)
I had the Xperia arc s, Xperia m4, Xperia m5, Xperia z5 and now the xz1. Love Sony Phones and cant imagine to change away from Sony flagships... Even if the Design doesnt change that often they are the Best Phones you can get on the market...
Incognito (3 months ago)
José Bolaños (4 months ago)
I like the design but not completely. I mean, I wouldn't complain of the bezels if they really take advantage of them with better front firing speakers.
ibanez Yamato (4 months ago)
I just love sony, I don't mind bezels but not this wide. If they make phone little shorter, at least 3200 mah battery, OIS... I would buy it even if it is 750$
Fareeha Syeda (4 months ago)
I have the Sony Xperia Z5 since its release and was thinking to upgrade to XZ1 around my birthday (few months left). I'm not particular with how old or new a phone is as long as it works well, and I've been a long time Sony fan with my two previous phones being Sony as well. Should I take the plunge? Or should I keep using my Z5 till it's dying breaths and wait for a new Sony release in the future?
Malta Network Resources (4 months ago)
It's a great phone. Also the 3d models can be exported straight to Daz Studio 3d! They use standard formats which is great.
- 42 - (4 months ago)
Just got my xz1 and its absolutely gorgeous, I really love their design. They change just enough each year to make it look fresh
Omar Craviotto (4 months ago)
I love Sony phones. I own an Xperia Z3 and an Xperia Z Ultra. I love them. They are now kind of old, especially the Ultra, but still super fast phones with awesome cameras. I love their design. Simple and elegant. But I know most consumers are probably looking to have them modernize their design a bit. So hopefully for next year, they will.
Clouze (4 months ago)
Would've bought it if it was the same price as the OP 5T, such a shame I like the design so much
d channel (4 months ago)
Good slow motion phone camera
Fareeda mandayapurath (4 months ago)
Design looks unique and great not boring...these days you find evry companies copying each other for their features and designs but sony remains unchanged...keep it up sony...plz dont change your design...
mark902 (4 months ago)
everyone has the same stupid criticism of the design. what phone looks different over the past five years? i mean really. what do you want, a star shaped phone? a ball phone? frig. xperias look sleek af. and this one looks the best yet.
Frank Artanis (4 months ago)
I like your video you did a very good job in as far as the Sony phones go they look tremendous just tremendous I hope they never change I've been a Sony fan for a lot longer than you've been around so keep on doing a good job
Rex Luminus (4 months ago)
The design is fine. Speakers could improve to be more robust - base. More battery life. 3800+ mAh. Good review .Thanks.
Lhonsky Lim (4 months ago)
Love Sony
MrChristopherM (4 months ago)
This is where I'm at with smart phones, I don't care about apps or software. Ultimately they all do the same stuff in my opinion i.e. texting and calling. I just want a decent camera! I want a good zooming camera too where you can see nice detail! For example at a concert or when the moon is full. Instead I always end up with washed out color/details or a white orb. As of now I have an iPhone 7. iPhone needs to step up their pixel game too! I know pixels don't necessarily equal better quality, but I think it would be a nice addition instead of the slightly tweaked camera they keep offering. If digital cameras are a thing of the past because of smart phones, then make these cameras better so we don't have to carry both. I was considering this phone (especially because it comes in my favorite color: pink), but after seeing direct picture comparisons I don't think I'm going with this one. Especially with only 10 burst shots per take. I can take at least 30 shots while holding the volume rocker on iPhone. I still think it's a beautiful phone though. Just my 15 cents on the matter.
arthur staal (4 months ago)
Watching on XZs, glad I got this phone.
GunBlazer Blazin' It All (4 months ago)
To us phone nerds the Sony Ericson phones have that iconic design. So long as they keep IP6x resistance, headphone jack, near-stock android, and decent camera I'll always consider a Sony phone.
Music3ox (4 months ago)
Umm you forgot, about remote play for PS4 gaming experience. Yes, it compatible

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