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2018 YB Kia Rio 1.4 MPI Review | EvoMalaysia.com

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Test drove the all-new YB Kia Rio. Great car for the price, but needs more grunt from the engine to be truly competitive. Bonus footage at video's end comparing with predecessor on display at Wearnes Autohaus Segambut Skip to the important parts: - 00:00 - Introduction - 01:29 - Exterior walkaround - 05:48 - Boot - 07:59 - Interior: Rear seats - 09:41 - Interior: Dashboard - 15:07 - Driving experience - 21:17 - Conclusion - 24:10 - Comparison with predecessor Specs: Kia Rio 1.4 MPI - RM79,888 - 1,368cc, Inline-4, Petrol - 100PS @ 6,000rpm - 133Nm @ 4,000rpm - 4-speed AT, FWD - Brakes (F/R): Vent Disc / Solid Disc - Suspension (F/R): MacPherson Strut / Torsion Beam Features: - LED daytime running lights - Halogen projector headlamps - Keyless entry - Parking sensors: Front & rear - Reverse camera - USB ports: 1+1 - AEB: No - Blind spot warning: No - Lane departure: No - Airbags: 6 Subscribe after watching and give us a like at www.facebook.com/aurizn. Our team also includes: - Bobby: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzza... - Beng: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSHA... www.aurizn.com www.evomalaysia.com www.estatemalaysia.com www.caratmalaysia.com www.idmalaysia.com
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Text Comments (95)
SJohn Pang (3 days ago)
Hi Kon, I think somehow at RM80k range the Rio is just not relevant, it's just not competitive enough at this segment. Actually I am more keen if you can do a detail review on the Picanto. It's quite different from Rio in the sense that it is quite competitive in A segment by giving so many features.
Kon Wai Luen (3 days ago)
Ahh yes... in the midst of scheduling that.
Sy nak jual kia Rio 2017 spt dlm YouTube ini. Rm 65 000 Baru pakai 6 bulan shj. Jual sbb nak amik Ford ranger wildtrak. Berminat hubungi sy 019 5433564
Siong C (7 days ago)
Great review as always Kon. Surprisingly Rio in some other countries have a 6-speed gearbox, 1.6l engine if I am not mistaken and a bigger screen with smaller buttons, everything we could have been asking for. But looking at the terrible sales of this model, let's see if they will come up with something.
Kon Wai Luen (6 days ago)
I've just been informed that more recent batches of the Rio in Malaysia now come with better grade infotainment with bigger screen and Android Auto. The 1.6-litre engine with 6-speed AT will significantly add to the car's appeal and make it a truly worthwhile purchase.
vikash74 (7 days ago)
The Mazda 2 looks like a toy next this the Rio. Looks wise definately no where near the Rio but yes the engine Ofcourse the Mazda’s is better
Kon Wai Luen (7 days ago)
Mazda2 is cramped inside la, for one.
Philip Sta Maria (8 days ago)
Nice looking car dude. I think it looks better than the VW’s. I would have preferred Learher seats though 😉 Thx for your review, as usual nicely done!
Philip Sta Maria (7 days ago)
Kon Wai Luen yes easy to get leather seats
Kon Wai Luen (7 days ago)
I prefer fabric la, to be honest, but plenty of aftermarket leather seat wrappers in town.
Andre Ng (8 days ago)
19:42 that jag is lit
Andre Ng (4 days ago)
Kon Wai Luen well I'm a Jag fan and ofc most jags that are on the roads seek my attention
Kon Wai Luen (7 days ago)
Sharp spotting!
Ganesh c (8 days ago)
picanto ex launched in january. this month they launch GT LINE and kx
Kon Wai Luen (8 days ago)
Thanks for the info!
Saabfanboy (9 days ago)
Test drove a few months ago while waiting for my Sorento to be serviced. We used to own a Toyota Prius C and in comparison the build quality on this is several notches higher despite the Toyota being a CBU from Japan. This is one of those cars the moment you drive it you can see and feel where Kia decided to spend their money on, you get a top-notch chassis and interior. It felt like what a VW used to be when they aspired to be the "People's Mercedes" rather than the "People's Car" Engine and gearbox, yeah it is a let down but I doubt you could lose the sunroof and delete the 17" wheels to bring in a 1.6l and 6AT as per the US model, that one is a GDI engine and pretty sure the cost wouldn't be RM80k by then, do you think many would pay RM100k for a 1.6l B-segment car? They also use this same combo in EU markets for anything automatic, all other engines are mostly mated to a manual gearbox. Buy one?? Hmmmmm.... the Peugeot 208 is still the one to beat, Jazz feels dated and not too different from a Myvi in terms of interior and ride quality, Polo.... the ones sold now is an emerging market car... no thanks. Mazda2?? It's starting to look dated and kind of pricey for what it is. Fiesta?? Obsolete model and the PowerShift gearbox uhhhhh...
Saabfanboy (9 days ago)
A step up with different engine and transmissions cost a lot of money, think of the number of spare parts the distributor would need to stock up on especially since this 1.6l is off a different engine family. Personally I believe one reason why they don't offer a step-up option like that is if you have to pay RM90k for a B-segment car you can add a bit more and get a Cerato, if I remember correctly when this Rio was first launched it was more expensive than a Cerato 1.6l base model which was having some crazy rebates.
Kon Wai Luen (9 days ago)
I understand there's a 1.6-litre MPI version as well which should work fine for our market. At RM80k, the Rio 1.4 is a good entry model, but it needs step-up option, and the 1.6 feels that. Fair assessments on the rival cars. The Polo and Fiesta, in particular, are now previous-gen models.
Deepakandan Ravie (9 days ago)
Fyi, kia already upgrade Rio infotainment system to 7 inches with android auto and apply car play
Shirazz Razak (4 days ago)
when is the new batch with upgraded infotainment coming out? also price upgrade or it’ll remain? I ordered mine back in May but still have yet to receive the car. So i wonder if it’ll come with upgraded stuff.
Kon Wai Luen (9 days ago)
Thanks for informing. Learned about that after filming and posting the video.
Elvin Lirik (9 days ago)
Boleh reviewkan Hilux L edition? Hehehe
Kon Wai Luen (9 days ago)
Test car sudah tadak. Kena pinjam dari orang la.
Keith Chai (9 days ago)
Sad car from kia. The only thing it got is the look.
Kon Wai Luen (9 days ago)
Equipment is good also la
Ganesh c (9 days ago)
boss kia picanto
Kon Wai Luen (9 days ago)
Sedang arrange. Confirm
Mohammad Syamim (9 days ago)
kia rio or vw polo much better?
Siong C (7 days ago)
Wait for new polo.
Kon Wai Luen (9 days ago)
Polo for me.
Vincent Yap (9 days ago)
I thought Rio alrd update 7inch touchscreen like picanto? Hopefully you can get picanto soon Or just bit after they launch GT line,way more things to say for that Btw nice review Kon😋😋😋
Kon Wai Luen (9 days ago)
Thanks for watching. This test car was from the first batch shipment, hence the previous screen.
snake solid (10 days ago)
Tq, for the info
Kon Wai Luen (10 days ago)
Thanks for watching!
Fiqa Firzadiq (10 days ago)
So, if 1.4 engine is the drawback and struggle to keep up in highway traffic. how about the 1.25 Picanto ? contemplating to get the Picanto or Rio, why I want to pay more for a Rio if a Picanto have a good features too.
Kon Wai Luen (10 days ago)
Have yet to test the Picanto, although feedback from my friends who have driven it are generally positive. Rio could be bogged down by its weight.
kohson koh (10 days ago)
Kon do you prefer the hyundai i30,VW Golf or Seat Leon? Just curious
Kohson KOH (9 days ago)
Kon Wai Luen , I see just to let u know I bought my tiguan recently for 135k in Sg and am happy with my car so far
Kon Wai Luen (10 days ago)
Seat Leon is not available in Malaysia, and neither is the latest i30, leaving only the Golf to choose from. Haha.
Jerry Ng (10 days ago)
You missed out VW Vento 1.2 tho, still waiting for your version of review :D
Kon Wai Luen (10 days ago)
Volkswagen Malaysia de-fleeted the test car, need to arrange for an alternative source.
xiper86 (10 days ago)
the dated Polo does have very good ride, handling and build quality as well, a dinosaur 1.6MPI engine with 6 speeder which is still better than this Rio. Also another B-segment option is the 208 turbo should be in the competition list with Mazda 2 as well.
Kon Wai Luen (10 days ago)
Good point, the Polo and 208 are serious contenders too.
happiesdog (10 days ago)
Test drive for Picanto coming soon?
Kon Wai Luen (10 days ago)
iSEE iSNAP iPOST (10 days ago)
is new myvi better choice than this?
Kon Wai Luen (10 days ago)
It's the more cost effective choice. The Kia feels more solid, but Myvi gives you more responsive performance at a lower price.
ZeneticX (10 days ago)
still no picanto yet? I've saw your ratings for the Cars of Malaysia award. you seem pleased with the car
ZeneticX (10 days ago)
I guess you can wait a bit longer now, they're launching GT line soon with higher kit count
Joseph Ling (10 days ago)
Perhaps Mr Kon can share some opinions then on both options - Picanto or Rio. I know both are from different segments but RM 30k difference is quite a lot. Thanks.
Kon Wai Luen (10 days ago)
In the midst of scheduling. The dates they proposed clashing with some of our activities, so hv to wait a bit.
Dede Superianto (10 days ago)
4 speed? what is that? who the hell still using 4 speed auto gear box nowadays......joke.
Kon Wai Luen (10 days ago)
That's why I didn't even try. Haha.
Benjamin Soo (10 days ago)
Agreed. I bet the Rio will surely struggle on a climb to genting due to that horrid dinosaur tranny.
ZeneticX (10 days ago)
they will update it to 6 speed this year end
Razz (10 days ago)
Dede Superianto toyota bro
David Loh (11 days ago)
The all black interior trim and the head unit is horrible, other countries comes with dual tone interior and larger screen HU making the interior more lively. The biggest cons is the engine which i fully agree with u - 1.4L. I do hope next gen or facelift they will bring in the 1.6L for this lovely looking car...
Thayanand Palanisamy (11 days ago)
Bro, I think this is the 2nd car which has keyless entry button for passenger door in this segment after Suzuki Swift.
Fiqa Firzadiq (10 days ago)
yes the Jazz have the touch sensor type. lol
Kon Wai Luen (10 days ago)
Swift no longer for sale in Malaysia, but yeah forgot about that.
Shafiq Hashim (10 days ago)
Ahh i misunderstood you, i though you meant only swift and kia rio got that feature, since Kon said it's a rare feature to find. My bad :)
Thayanand Palanisamy (10 days ago)
Bro, Swift had keyless entry for driver and front passenger since 2010. Thats very early.
Shafiq Hashim (10 days ago)
Thayanand Palanisamy Jazz has it too, plus Jazz is touch to open on both doors
kokjiean choo (11 days ago)
The only people who will buy this car are the people who worship "oppas"... they dont even care about the performance of the engine and gearbox except the brand name, which is korean. On the other hand, I would only consider good Kia s are the Optima GT and Stinger
Philip Sta Maria (8 days ago)
ZeneticX I guess I’m going more on the Price point and also I’ve heard that Geely is clamping down on the wastage and ‘hanky panky’ pranks of parts suppliers to Proton. Peace dude
ZeneticX (8 days ago)
Philip Sta Maria I've driven and sat in the saga before, it's a good car for the price but it's nowhere near the quality and refinement of a global product like the picanto or Rio. Proton isn't even close in making a C segment like cerato or elantra. Go test drive them and you will know what I'm talking about
Philip Sta Maria (8 days ago)
ZeneticX not sure about that dude. I drove the latest Proton Saga and it drove really well. For the Premium model..... the price is just right too. Again, Proton has the Chinese to control it now too. I guess it’s just opposing opinions 😃
ZeneticX (8 days ago)
Philip Sta Maria I'm not saying proton cars are bad, but they're no where near the Koreans
Philip Sta Maria (8 days ago)
ZeneticX Protons have come a long way dude. I too thought the same before. Have you checked out their cars lately?
bieight8 (11 days ago)
Should have bring 1.0t and 6 speed manual to Malaysia
Kon Wai Luen (10 days ago)
The 1.0T will be interesting, but doubt there'll be many takers of the 6MT.
Ethan Winters (11 days ago)
Jazz 1.5 vs Iriz 1.6 vs Rio 1.4 Which feel the most Powerful among these 3? Their output is about the same
Razz (10 days ago)
Iriz uses the vvt engine which can get to high rpm very fast but the petrol consumptions increase badly, while vtech us the opposite. However, proton older engine{campro} was opposite the vvt also, hard to rev but higher fuel economy based on my experience.
Ethan Winters (10 days ago)
1992vinod I'm asking because Roda Pusing test drive between Iriz and Jazz they said Iriz feel slow but accelerate/overtake faster than the Jazz eventho the Jazz is higher HP than the Iriz.
Razz (10 days ago)
Defintely vtec wins. Other engines are way behind or just copying vtec...
Kon Wai Luen (10 days ago)
I would say Jazz
athlon fx (11 days ago)
New batch comes with 6 speed auto and android auto HU.
Shirazz Razak (2 days ago)
When is the new batch coming out?
Ros Bustamam (10 days ago)
athlon fx new batch also comes with a 7-inch infotainment screen
athlon fx (11 days ago)
6 speed is available soon. For new batch.
Kon Wai Luen (11 days ago)
New HU yes, but I understand the 4AT is still unchanged.
sudonano (11 days ago)
What I don't quite get is why Naza Kia doesn't want to introduce the 1.6l version of the Rio. In fact, this is one thing that has not only been a weakness in this Rio but also the previous Rio as well. Otherwise, it is a great little car, reasonably spacious, decent to drive and looks quite good. It's no Fiesta or Mazda 2 but you at least get full safety features for a good price.
sudonano (10 days ago)
I agree, overriding with the Tiptronic does help.
Shafiq Hashim (10 days ago)
Not really, I really liked the car, test drove twice, but with 4 on board it was struggling to move from a complete stop. This will only lead to one thing that Kias of old are popular for.....high FC The build quality and looks are really top notch, but that engine is a real downer (and to an extent the gearbox). Equally bad is the very low ground clearance, scraped a speed bump during the test drive. 17" wheels are also highly unnecessary, B-segment cars are supposed to be cheap to own and practical, 17" tyres are rather pricy and will contribute to poor FC with the already lethargic engine Just my opinion, however from the perspective of the previous previous previous gen Kia Rio 1.3 owner, boy that thing drink fuel like nobodies business :D
Kon Wai Luen (11 days ago)
The car doesnt exactly feel light weight to me, but one way to add a bit more impetus to the driving is to work the Tiptronic mode more diligently
MalaysianMotoring (11 days ago)
Actually, drive the Rio and you'll find the engine is more than adequate, thanks to its light weight and well-judged gearbox. Only a 4-speed automatic though... for now.
Razz (11 days ago)
Hai,isnt the proton preve an alternative with the highest torque in its price range .Would love to see the review 2018 refined preve .Do support the proton once in a while.
Shafiq Hashim (10 days ago)
Please do Kon, there's seriously next to no coverage on the new Preve. I'm interested to know what's changed. Thanks!
Razz (11 days ago)
Nice Mr. Kon. Looking forward for the review😁
Kon Wai Luen (11 days ago)
I've contacted Proton, but they dont have a test car available. Need to arrange through alternative channels.
Clarence Choe (11 days ago)
Bro,the description specs title you put is Volvo XC60 not Kia Rio
Kon Wai Luen (11 days ago)
Good spot! Corrected.

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