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HTC U11+ Review: Is HTC's future bright?

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This is HTC's best smartphone of 2017. However, it's not coming to the U.S. Also, it was originally supposed to be the Google Pixel 2 XL. Could the two be connected? Either way, HTC is looking to stay alive moving into 2018, and the U11+ is a step in the right direction! Let's see what they have up their sleeves! Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed Background tracks by: DJ Grumble & LAKEY INSPIRED
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Text Comments (269)
Mark Coombes (1 hour ago)
As usual a great review, I love this phone and have ordered mine on line today and subscribed to your channel tonight. Keep up the great videos
Thomas Moreau (17 hours ago)
What are these edifier speakers?? Which model please? Thx
Thomas Moreau (15 hours ago)
Zachary Anderson thx!
Zachary Anderson (15 hours ago)
Thomas Moreau Those are the R1280T
Naleen Demalaporuwa (1 day ago)
Nice Interior design Bro. Love your video too
Ayman Naguib (1 day ago)
The underrated phone that's really the most complete phone
TheBlender (1 day ago)
My dad's phone has a 5,000 mAH battery.
Jinzo (2 days ago)
Im glad this didn't get to be the new pixel, because it would have been to expensive for me to get. Writing this from my translucent U11+
Eric Dado (2 days ago)
Love HTC
Anthony Campo (2 days ago)
If only the HTC U Ultra launched in late 2016 rather than early 2017. It would probably have been received much better. In all actuality it probably was supposed to launch earlier but was held up for some reason.
Kamal LB (2 days ago)
Anthony Campo ....u ultra was launched just to give that U platform....even HTC knew it was a fucked up phone
أحمد حميدان (6 days ago)
the htc m8 the best phone design ever
Dreksx Paradox (1 day ago)
أحمد حميدان still using that phone lol
luckystriker (5 days ago)
loved that phone.
Juan Ramm (6 days ago)
I've got the U11 life not too long ago, and I love it. Before this phone I had the HTC M8. Great phone as well, had it for 3+years. My only issue with it is the missing AUX jack but the only reason I need it is to connect my phone to my car to play music, but I got a AUX to USB-c adapter so I don't mind. Great phone, I'm only going to pay 360$ for it as well.
EstaliorSensei (6 days ago)
I smell sabotage from the drama with google. That has to be why it was late. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but the super LCD screen it uses has a longer lifespan that amoled.
Marchant Grobler (7 days ago)
You can buy it from Expansys www.expansys.com
Marchant Grobler (7 days ago)
Love my U11+. Such a gorgeous phone.
Taseen Jubair (8 days ago)
but no headphone jack!(:
ruzzell907 (8 days ago)
Black fronts are too anonymous and dull for my taste. I see the appeal, but not for me. I want my smartphone to shimmer with elegance, as shimmering smartphones tend to be immune to newer phones getting released. You know that feeling of jealousy after your phone is 6 months old and the honeymoon fades when a brand new smartphone gets released. The same color and material on the back should be the same for the front. Examples: Galaxy S6, Note 5, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 7, Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Asus Zenfone 3,. They'll all age gracefully compared to dull front smartphones with the typical black and white colors.
Kiro One (3 days ago)
They should bring back the old front design. I love the m series and even the butterfly s looks hot esp. with those red strips on the speakers
BlackWing IsComing (8 days ago)
Brighter than the sun if HTC add 3.5mm headphone jack
Kamal LB (2 days ago)
BlackWing IsComing .....if it has headphone Jack.....there will b no 3D audio feature....and sound quality would have decreased
cac2244 (8 days ago)
I am surprised that you did not mention the weakest point of the phone which is the display...it is an LCD that is pretty dull and that has one of the lowest brightness out there. I had purchased the HTC U11+ from Hong Kong and I actually returned it because of the lackluster display. If it weren't from the display, I would have acclaimed this as the best phone of 2017, but alas... I bought in 2017 the Pixel 2 (i gave to my son), the Pixel 2 XL that I returned because of blue shift, the Samsung S8+ that I hated because of the bloatware and the fact that the phone was stuttering once in a while, the HTC U11+ that had it all except the display and then got the best phone for the money, which is the OnePlus 5T (128/8 GB) as my main driver.
Jesse Lioce (8 days ago)
Next step for htc should be oled
Jesse Lioce (8 days ago)
Port the pixel camera app to the u11+
tardie (8 days ago)
800$?? buy a op5t
RophGames (8 days ago)
The headphone jack is still missing.
locoism1025 (8 days ago)
Hopefully the HTC U12 will bring all the missing features from the U11+ and an improved camera.
Margaritka Kancheva (8 days ago)
Have you tried sideloading the Pixel camera app and comparing the photos from it and from the native camera app?
vivekanand pai (8 days ago)
what is the weight of the htc u11 plus?
Jordan30589 (8 days ago)
Ive had it for about a month now, I brought my Translucent from Hong Kong and I love it
Reetwick Tunga (8 days ago)
Jordan30589 when you open the camera app does the brightness go all over 100%?
Super LCD? Shame.
Iron Patriot (8 days ago)
Please include actual specs next time! 🙂
solly karsenti (9 days ago)
I bought it and sent it back, it was perfect except the brightness of the screen 25% lower than my u11 ... :( I bought a mate 10 pro while waiting for u12 ...
Nikka M (9 days ago)
Think this design looks much nicer than the Pixel 2XL
3165dwayne (9 days ago)
Ppl hate on the Moto z 2 force but at least it's on Oreo.
oliver mia (9 days ago)
Your viewership is mainly US?
Mikhail Pugliano (9 days ago)
Love the video my guy
Gautham Arya (9 days ago)
HTC is built like tank.. they age very well and remain snappy forever.. it's a shame that it gets overlooked because of poor marketing and wrong timing
Brandon Molina (9 days ago)
HTC is garbage. Got a U11, loved it, then tons of small problems. Certain apps crash at least once a day, usb c port gets stuck in headphone mode even when they are unplugged, DAC won't work, fingerprint scanner constantly reads as dirty, and front facing camera basically useless on snapchat. It'd all be forgivable but what ruins the phone is that repairs are all but impossible. 7-9 weeks to repair the USB port to enable the DAC?! If you even get your phone back, so many people on HTC's fb page say they've waited months with no feedback.
Sir. Dave (9 days ago)
I get 6-7 hours SOT consistently with the regular HTC U11 with its 3000mAh battery (before I got the Android O update).
SS Law (9 days ago)
Am I the only one who feels like smartphone hardware innovation has peaked? Software innovation and AI is the smartphones industries hope for the future
Uncle Eugene (9 days ago)
protectionism is consumers loss...this phone - not really available with big carriers, worse, Huawei was banned just a few days ago in the US; congrats, Apple and samsung fucks - you can milk your tard customers as much as you want
Tashil Bansi (9 days ago)
azhar ali (9 days ago)
Give me that phone brooo😃😃😃
WILL -I-AMZ (9 days ago)
Kerry Hendrickson (10 days ago)
Hi what is the screen to body ratio thanks
Dank Meme Master (9 days ago)
Kerry Hendrickson 18:9
Alpha Waves (10 days ago)
Quite a review.
Brenda princesa Lindaa (10 days ago)
Bring back the headphone jack and maybe I'll consider another HTC phone in the future, I have the Desire Eye and I really like it, but without headphone jack no chance of me buying a phone
aleksandar vujanic (9 days ago)
You don't need it. You have that connector in the box and you can plug any 3.5mm earphones or headphones. Also sound is amazing on this phone especially when you listening music with earphones. Phone is almost perfect.
Cory Gorczycki (10 days ago)
It looks so nice...beautiful see-through back and a great package. Just no headphone jack...
Red Hood (10 days ago)
This could've the pixel 2 xl
himenesu93 (10 days ago)
I'd consider it if it still had the headphone jack 👋
Alex De La Rosa (10 days ago)
If HTC can switch up on their UI and update it, I'd definitely buy their phones again
Dank Meme Master (9 days ago)
Alex De La Rosa what's wrong with the ui, it looks almost like a stock Android phone
srinjoy bose (10 days ago)
Wireless charging?
sm muktadir (10 days ago)
Best👍💯 phn
Kamal LB (2 days ago)
sm muktadir ......bhai phone toh pura likh de.......
DIPAK DESAI (10 days ago)
Bad marketing is the reason why htc not selling
Trevor Philips (10 days ago)
I have 10 i still love my phone the design looks but i don't think i will upgrade because headphone jack
JC 93 (10 days ago)
LCD is a joke . Amoled should be standard on any smartphone now .
Andrew Clement (10 days ago)
The squeezeable frame makes the durability go down the drain
Kamal LB (2 days ago)
Andrew Clement .....some people do show off a bit.....I always ignore em.......OK bye.....gotta go study........... My exams r here n am still watching videos....was nice to talk to u...hope for d best in ur life........ Btw where r u from???....if u don't mind??
Andrew Clement (2 days ago)
Kamal LB most people used to not look at phones as expenses. I have a Galaxy S7, in Ontario, it retailed new at $900. Doesn't matter whether you buy a phone outright, or get it "free" through contract. It's still a $900 phone. Same with all phones. But not everyone grew up poor like myself, I learned to treat my expensive things well.
Kamal LB (2 days ago)
Andrew Clement ....yeah....like if it's not an emergency.......am a social bug who loves to have face to face conversation u know......yeah even phone covers help a lot.... Btw my phones never had a deep scratch
Andrew Clement (2 days ago)
Kamal LB never use your phone outside? Ok that's weird. I take care of my phone, but I always buy an Otterbox Defender. I take care, clean and so forth. The average person doesn't. A few years ago, most people didn't case their phone... Because they're idiots
Kamal LB (2 days ago)
Andrew Clement ......well I've taken super care of my phones...actually never try to use my phone outside ....so that's why...!!!
Alan Ting (10 days ago)
Who knows what's that keyboard at 3:45?
Andrew Elliott (10 days ago)
The ONE HTC phone I'd actually consider buying if it were sold in the US
SavageArfad (10 days ago)
Great Phone!!!
dmsanx (11 days ago)
Yeah.. I'm loving my HTC U11+!
biggs949597 s (11 days ago)
When I seen who was hosting this video and seen this f****** negro with an afro trying to talk like a white man go back to Africa dude now I don't even want to watch your review
Vincent Theo (11 days ago)
It's 2018. No premium smartphone at that price has a LCD display.
I’ll take Sense over Touchwiz any day ✅
Simon Hille (11 days ago)
i dont get it, why does they not include wireless charging .........
Freedom Sky (11 days ago)
I like navigation keys on HTC u11+
Me Me (11 days ago)
Yeah new phone
Tyler Wilson (11 days ago)
Beautiful phone.
Raymond Hachmishvili (11 days ago)
Top quality brand, I use the U ultra, great camera,sound and gaming performance,awesome phone.
Amir Bright (11 days ago)
Problem of all those phones is out there is the LG V30, the Note 8 and the Oneplus 5T, that are very powerful and water proofing and of the very important jack port, and in the case of the 5T it's affordable.
Dank Meme Master (9 days ago)
Amir Bright I should agree I too resurrected my S4 ;-)
Amir Bright (9 days ago)
Totally agree I had a S8+ it was so slow that it was barely faster than my Moto X style (nearly stock android), after root and installing Google edition rom the S8+ got another life and became finally a true high end phone, Samsung creates very good phones and then ruins them by installing their useless software.
Dank Meme Master (9 days ago)
Amir Bright note 8 is shit, anyone who used stock Android will agree with me. For 5t I can't agree more
#Note8Is Boss (12 days ago)
HTC is the laughing stock of Android platform people need to stop proping up losers. HTC is going nowhere on the Android platform period.
Isaiah Scott (12 days ago)
How to perfect the HTC U11+: 1. bring back real boom sound with Front Facing stereo speakers 2. bring back the headphone jack with a high quality 24-bit dac and amp 3. bring it to the US in carrier stores 4. color the front glass as well as the back glass
yo Alex (2 days ago)
You obviously haven't heard the quality of the type c headphones.
Jinzo (2 days ago)
The dongle and also the earphones that come with it have a dac implemented in them. Sound quality is simply amazing trust me.
Kamal LB (2 days ago)
Ej Fs ....exactly.....coz there will b no 3D sound feature
Ej Fs (3 days ago)
Really stop with they Jack, the type c audio is better
Juan Carlos Alpízar (3 days ago)
Dark knight lol Apple has the exact same setup, one at the top and one at the bottom, unless something really changed since the iPhone 7. The second hole at the bottom is a microphone
The everything Channel (12 days ago)
To be honest No..! The only reason I used to buy HTC was for that awesome Audio Dack from headphone jack and Solid metal build.. And guess what! Both are gone.. There is no headphone jack and has same slippy glass backed fragile phone every manufacturer is going for....! LG took HTC's place for audiophiles!.
Christian Öhrn (13 days ago)
I think HTC should have released this one and beat most competition! WHat is the color called in this video!?
Soundtallica in Chains (13 days ago)
Is htc's future bright? Not without a headphone jack, such a stupid trend there buying into. The lack of one means that I'll pass on this U11 Plus.
EddyGraphic (13 days ago)
Thus should have definitely be the Pixel 2 XL, if this device had the software of the pixel and a headphone would have definitely bought this one over the Note8.
MrWeizhi926 (13 days ago)
Is the phone really worth the buy right now? Or is it better to just wait for the U12? :/
Ian Ccc (13 days ago)
Great review. But I saw the lag on notification swipe down gesture at 4:33, will probably look for Pixel 2 on sale instead.
Ezekiel Soriano (13 days ago)
Hey Zach, i need to decide this between the pixel 2xl, can you help me?
Ezekiel Soriano (13 days ago)
You can have the portrait mode using google cam
Altema22 (13 days ago)
They need to learn how to market. Phone wise, they usually have one of the best performing devices out there, they don't slow down,and deliver a great user experience. I'm a little bit biased because I'm a pro audio engineer, and HTC has the best headphone experience out of any phone, but it still has a lot going for it.
Orlando Camacho (9 days ago)
Altema22 You don't think the V30 is the best headphone experience? It's DAC is unmatched.
Robert Markoš (13 days ago)
HTC posted another quarterly financial loss and lowest profits in the last 13 years.
Ibraheem Productions (10 days ago)
Lewd Bandana maybe. It's hard to say... It seems over the years, HTC has become "just another phone company"and their not putting any effort into advertising... In fact, the only phone adverts I see on TV are apple and Samsung.
Lewd Bandana (10 days ago)
Ibraheem Productions you think they're losing so much money because… they removed the headphone jack?
Ibraheem Productions (11 days ago)
steve mcquen no headphone jack and priced too high.
steve mcquen (12 days ago)
They have great phones, maybe te issue is with marketing.
Ahmet Bozdag (13 days ago)
does this have the exact same camera performance as the u11?
Johnny Tang (13 days ago)
I got 2 of these at launch here in Taiwan (HTC's home country) got the Silver/Blue which is beautiful but then 2 weeks later the Translucent was released and I just couldn't resist. Paid $700 and if purchased at a HTC shop you get an extra year of warranty plus there was a launch event where you get 80% off accessories so I got an extra kit of charger + cable and a USB Type-C 10,000mAh power bank with QC 3.0 support of course all HTC branded. Even though I got two 128GB/6GB models I went for the new SanDisk 400GB MicroSD and it still cost less than an 64GB iPhone X. Like the reviewer said, if you get a chance do get it, it's an awesome phone! worth every penny IMO. One of the few phones if not the only one capable of wireless 24bit audio with Qualcomm's aptX HD and Sony's LDAC (3x speed for higher stability and quality). The Edge display wheel is the real one hand use with all apps, functions and contacts at thumb's reach, my home screen is CLEAN! the quad mics are insane, you can choose 3D or Hi-Res audio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfiXTGc09-A
Uncle Bruce (13 days ago)
What was this phone overlooked in everyone's top 5 or 10?
Sharma Shivkumar (13 days ago)
plzz test the ported google camera with potrait mode.... 🙏🙏
Brian Johnson (13 days ago)
I love my U11 and wish I had the U11 plus but I'm excited to see what HTC doesn't to follow up on the u11 in the USA.
mikldude (13 days ago)
It's hard to see a bright future if you can't buy their phones , had htc added a dedicated headphone jack and sold in most countries , this phone would have been a winner.
jonah travisano (13 days ago)
Way nice job on the video...One of best phones that was never released in the US... I had an HTC 10 that was great but I sold it as I wanted a larger screen..
inshan hosein (14 days ago)
Please drop us the link in which we can purchase the HTC u11+. Awesome video review 👍👍
Ash Ram (14 days ago)
You got it right Zach ,, this is the primary concept for the PiXel 2XL . Google probably Tweaked it and agreed with HTC to keep the original thing from the U.S market
Paul B (14 days ago)
Great phone ! There are so many great android phones out at the moment. Unfortunately the masses are blinkered by iPhone and Samsung, so many other manufacturers don't get the sales they deserve. At least that's my view in the UK.
Helal Uddin (14 days ago)
I have not seen one HTC ad in the UK which just says as much. I love them and they make innovative designs. I hope they can continue to sell phones because competition is good but they just cannot compete with Samsung or HTC. I guess they can live on in the Pixel lineup but sadly I think they will soon go out of business or maybe just cater to the Asian and lower to midrange phone market. They also do make some daft decisions here and there which just doesn't help.
J D (14 days ago)
This was the original Pixel 2XL before they cancelled it and tapped LG instead.
Magnum (14 days ago)
Nowadays it seems that all YouTubers says that: ah this skin is not that bad, even from Samsung or LG. But they all use a pixel or a one plus one...
Anish Shah (14 days ago)
Looks way better then pixel shit
Dank Meme Master (9 days ago)
Anish Shah even though I love my pixel, I can't agree more. Lol
Mehdi Chemlal (15 days ago)
Phones are getting good, but cheap phones are getting better. I really enjoy your reviews, keep it up 🖤
Andy Uribe (15 days ago)
Meh lol
E G (15 days ago)
+Android Police Does it work on T-Mobile or AT&T esp. *LTE network* in the USA?
Ningthou Ali (15 days ago)
Wow, it's okay yet HTC is better all of mobiles
Kasem Sareah (15 days ago)
they still lazy to improve front cam as its a fix cam.
Imorokr (15 days ago)
Yeah, you can fuck right off with that no headphone jack, HTC.
Christian Christian (2 days ago)
You can fuck further off to where I give a shit.
SavageArfad what?
SavageArfad (10 days ago)
F off back to the stone age with your ipod.
Wano Dolby (15 days ago)
The good thing with HTC their software is like a well oiled machine, you haven't got to rest once a week like you need to on other android devices cough cough Samsung/ LG
GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee) (15 days ago)
Imagine the U Ultra like this instead of like the U Ultra.

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