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HTC U11+ Review: Is HTC's future bright?

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This is HTC's best smartphone of 2017. However, it's not coming to the U.S. Also, it was originally supposed to be the Google Pixel 2 XL. Could the two be connected? Either way, HTC is looking to stay alive moving into 2018, and the U11+ is a step in the right direction! Let's see what they have up their sleeves! Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed Background tracks by: DJ Grumble & LAKEY INSPIRED

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Text Comments (350)
Mihael Ark (12 days ago)
Saleem Abbasi (23 days ago)
The camera is really big issue in HTC..its result is always blurry and time to time quality of camera down graded. Used M8 to U11 but same camera problem. Without addressing camera issue i dont think HTC will stand in market
Super Snake (24 days ago)
Warning. Only the HTC U11 (non plus) was released to the United States. HTC did not release the HTC U11+ to the United States. For that reason read this information to learn what you will not obtain. https://hardforum.com/threads/read-this-if-you-are-contemplating-the-purchase-of-a-phone-designed-for-release-in-another-country.1954170/
Dave (26 days ago)
Android police using ios good job guys
Ali Besharati (29 days ago)
Excellent review👍👌... Could you tell us what is the speakers beside Mac?
Adam Xyz (1 month ago)
Never forget HTC customer service and warranty is trash. If you buy this phone and it stops working or malfunctions in any way you are on your own. Go read the reviews of their warranty department. Speaking from personal experience, my HTC 10 stopped working 4 months after buying directly from HTC usa website. Sent it in for repair, 2 months of them telling me they lost my phone, nothing they can do, and absolute scam type of customer service. When I finally did get a phone after calling and yelling at them everyday and threatening to sue them, they sent me a refurbished HTC 10 not the one I sent them. It had broken gps, broken rear camera that was always blurry, and if you made a phone call there would be a terrible echo that the person you were speaking to would hear. HTC deserves to die, terrible company terrible management terrible customer service don't be a fool and don't waste your money on them. Also I will say one plus has the same type of bullshit warranty repair system.
Amol Sonawane (1 month ago)
The video was really good. I've been a HTC fan since the M7. I think after that this is one phone where they've heard to the users and fixed everything including the battery life. For anyone who has any doubts about their camera, I think they're the best ones out there and I've seen stunning shots captured on the U11. It's quite a shame because I am in Canada where the U11 + is not available. I'd even settle for the U 11 but even that is no available with any of the carriers here. I am a fan of HTC and I think these are some really really good phones. I do look forward to owning one of them soon..
Sam David (1 month ago)
مناف جاويش (1 month ago)
Is it true that the screen is dim and unusable in direct sunlight??
Chandler Russell (1 month ago)
It seems like every 3 or 4 years HTC hits the nail on the head but then falls back into mediocrity and stagnation in the subsequent year. The HTC M8 and this are both amazing phones and I don't why HTC just can't keep the momentum going from year to year.
mr17krm (1 month ago)
All that bezel and still no front facing speakers, nice.
red88alert (2 months ago)
HTC making all the wrong moves. Why are they still on LCD panels? Why didn't this phone come to the US? Why wasn't it launched along with the U11? This is why the HTC 10 is the last HTC phone I'll ever buy and the reason why I'm typing this comment on my brand new coral blue Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus! 😁😁😁
Ariff Wm (2 months ago)
It's great when you can actually hear a crystal clear voice-over in a video review. I really hate when ppl do reviews with background or white noise. Good editing too. Been using htc since M7 days. Htc always makes solid phones with great sound for both talking and playback. I used to love Blinkfeed. It had all the news and interesting tweets, I could spend hours reading them. Now with News Republic it's kinda crappy. Was thinking of getting u11 but decided having longer battery life is worth the slightly bigger screen. Have always stuck to 5 in phones rule to fit my pocket. Usually I'll let months or even a year pass before buying because seriously it's not like you're missing anything. The price would drop considerably by then! And I make sure all my phones lasts me at least 3 years! I can hear ppl gasping now...
BIG NIBBA (2 months ago)
This should've been Pixel 2
Michael Russ (2 months ago)
If this would have been the pixel 2xl I would have got it
JENHUNG WANG (2 months ago)
TAIWAN Welcome
DJ WARREN (2 months ago)
I bought one. Really pleased with it. Downside? The beautiful shiny back makes it feel as slippery as a wet bar of soap. My cover is always on.
Shan Shanahan (2 months ago)
I don't care what they come up with, if you can't get good cases....its pointless!
Jon petter (2 months ago)
I miss the old Sense with animation.
ThejewelCraft0100 (2 months ago)
I would buy this in America for sure.
Descenter1976 (2 months ago)
I got mine back in december 2017, its beyond epic!!!
Games 4 Days (2 months ago)
I'm sick of HTC making a flagship than making a better bigger version and not getting it in the USA. Bulllllshhhiiitttt
Amer Rosli (2 months ago)
This review make me want to buy this phone. 😭😭
Ningthou Ali (3 months ago)
Wow Wow Wow HTC u 11+ is best
mqabandi (3 months ago)
Mark Anthony Tolentino (3 months ago)
Great video, sir! Where do I find the always on display switch?
LokiDaFerret (3 months ago)
Expansion card? No headphone jack. 😒
Top phone....love it...well done HTC !!!
Sascha Hoppe (3 months ago)
I saw that this mobile phone also has a face Unlock which is second feature to unlock your phone besides the fingerprint reader and so it's even better
Sascha Hoppe (3 months ago)
This was a very informative video and I especially liked that you pointed out the good sides of the phone and not so much the bed sides off the phone.
Timothy Tasmin (3 months ago)
The U11+ is the best phone I have owned hands down. I've used the S8+ and Pixel 2 XL and both are inferior. The design to the screen to the software. It's great. Just slap Nova Launcher and you've pretty much got a stock experience. Great phone all around if you can buy it.
Nick Ortega Louis (3 months ago)
U didn't talk about connectivity
XxXStoneFingerXxX (3 months ago)
glass-phones' vibrations sound horrible. nokia 8, htc u11, etc. as soon as they vibrate it gets unbearable
Joko X2 (3 months ago)
htc best
Ayoub Bkr (3 months ago)
Great Video !
Adhy Naldo (3 months ago)
Where to find or where i can buy. Cause i in indonesia.
Nonbelieverification (3 months ago)
I really like the U11 and U11+, but what am I gonna do with my excellent headphones? They should have kept the jack.
gangstalishis (3 months ago)
Cmon LCD screen really, i don't care that its super LCD they really should have thrown an amoled display in there instead.
demolisher alpha (3 months ago)
guys guys I have a new big huge news check this out https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/01/google-closes-1-1-billion-deal-for-half-of-htcs-smartphone-rd-team/?amp=1
Seduction Science (3 months ago)
This review fails to mention what a scum rip-off company HTC is. My HTC phone has been in warranty repair for over 6 months! And they won't return the phone. Tens of thousands of others are having this same problem. The company does NOT stand by their phones. And there's also no way to get in touch with them... your call goes straight to voice mail, and they never return calls. Call the Federal Trade Commission against HTC (1.202.326.2222). Once they get enough complaints a civil suit can be filed against the company.
Rameez Malik (3 months ago)
I picked mine up a few weeks back and I absolutely love it. Ordered the translucent all the way from Taiwan (UK only gets Ceramic Black). I'm coming from a Nexus 6P which was absolutely perfect in every way. I loved it so much, I kept it for TWO years. Normally I change my phone on a yearly basis. I thought I'd miss the front facing speakers of the 6P but I don't and it's mostly because of the uSonic earphones. I'd rather them than the speakers because they are absolutely sublime. By FAR the best earphones I have ever used. The bass reproduction is superb and the sound separation of the mids and highs is incredible. Absolutely excellent substitute for when I don't want to wear my large Momentum Wireless headphones. I can definitely see why HTC have made them to work exclusively with HTC hardware. What absolutely blows my mind is how fast it is. It is rapid and that makes it an absolute pleasure to use. I will disagree with you on the speed of the fingerprint scanner. That also is rapid. I think I might be experiencing it faster than you because I replaced the Sense launcher with the Pixel 2 launcher which is light, refined and extremely fast. So I went out to a restaurant the other night where the lighting was low and ended up taking a few shots. Out of the all smartphones on the table, the U11+ had by far the best looking photos taken in the low light. So much detail and no graininess. Also....That translucent back, though. What a pleasure to look at it. Simply glorious. Anyway, after four weeks of ownership, I'm giving it solid 9.
Mauricio Freitas (3 months ago)
please review the Nubia Z17S
parth doshi (3 months ago)
I have it and I love it
heyb0o0o0o0o0o0osS (3 months ago)
Too bad the U12 is coming soon, I'd have purchased this phone if wasn't for that factor.
Just make the battery 4500 mah damn already
I will just wait for U12 +
Smokey187um1 (3 months ago)
Htc were my fave phone company but couldn't wait for a decent replacement for the m7 any longer so went to the dark side...Samsung. Their 1 step forward 2 steps back business model is the problem. Htc 10 release the only decent colour in the U.S. Then ditched their own good apps for poor Google alternatives Stock android is dull as dishwater and Joe public is not interested in it, only tech community Got rid of usp..front firing speakers, metal cases and 3.5 jack Then release decent models that no stores stock And no marketing
SirRoger (3 months ago)
here's an idea, remove the gimmicky squeeze function and maybe add something essential like a headphone jack
kamellion77 (3 months ago)
HTC U11+ vs Oneplus 5t..
Mr. 2cents. (3 months ago)
Finally a HTC phone has a good camera. Is the sound still stereo?
nicholas padilla (3 months ago)
Did you use TMobile or ATT? I have the phone and I'm getting terrible LTE speeds on ATT
Hrvoje Krsnik (3 months ago)
This video has sold me on translucent black, which is a feat since almost all videos rave about it but it didn't look that great until this video. Now, if only HTC made any color other than black easily available in EU...
Cristi Soare (3 months ago)
Nice review.HTC's future depends only on the company it self because they will need to take risky decisions ,bald moves and maybe to accept some compromises.HTC U flagship series are the best overall devices on the market,nailing every aspect of what a flagship device should be.The problem is that the new flagships are already knocking on the door and they will be once again forced to deliver because for instanc ife they will place the fingerprint like the S8 no one will buy them if you know what I mean.They need to built on this U11 plus and everything that will implement needs to run smooth.They will need somehow to solve the problems with the carriers and also to think very strong on how will they promote the near future flagship.
Jay (3 months ago)
It will be great to see some "bald" moves :D , just kidding.
macshild (4 months ago)
I am so glad my gf got me this phone for Christmas..best Christmas gift ever.. Thanks baby..i love you bunch 😘😊
Sai Teja (4 months ago)
Should have headphone jack😓
Jason Lopez (4 months ago)
I've got to own this device
Mark Coombes (4 months ago)
As usual a great review, I love this phone and have ordered mine on line today and subscribed to your channel tonight. Keep up the great videos
Thomas Moreau (4 months ago)
What are these edifier speakers?? Which model please? Thx
Thomas Moreau (4 months ago)
Zachary Anderson thx!
Zachary Anderson (4 months ago)
Thomas Moreau Those are the R1280T
Naleen Demalaporuwa (4 months ago)
Nice Interior design Bro. Love your video too
Ayman Naguib (4 months ago)
The underrated phone that's really the most complete phone
TheBlender (4 months ago)
My dad's phone has a 5,000 mAH battery.
Jinzo (4 months ago)
Im glad this didn't get to be the new pixel, because it would have been to expensive for me to get. Writing this from my translucent U11+
Eric Dado (4 months ago)
Love HTC
أحمد حميدان (4 months ago)
the htc m8 the best phone design ever
m b (2 months ago)
Yeah the htc one m8 was amazing for its time. It was just so cool
m b (2 months ago)
Daniel Huang not for its time unfortunately
Sergio Esparza (2 months ago)
The m7
Daniel Huang (4 months ago)
Agree. U11+comes close.
Pluto One (4 months ago)
أحمد حميدان still using that phone lol
Juan Ramm (4 months ago)
I've got the U11 life not too long ago, and I love it. Before this phone I had the HTC M8. Great phone as well, had it for 3+years. My only issue with it is the missing AUX jack but the only reason I need it is to connect my phone to my car to play music, but I got a AUX to USB-c adapter so I don't mind. Great phone, I'm only going to pay 360$ for it as well.
EstaliorSensei (4 months ago)
I smell sabotage from the drama with google. That has to be why it was late. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but the super LCD screen it uses has a longer lifespan that amoled.
Marchant Grobler (4 months ago)
You can buy it from Expansys www.expansys.com
Marchant Grobler (4 months ago)
Love my U11+. Such a gorgeous phone.
Taseen Jubair (4 months ago)
but no headphone jack!(:
ruzzell907 (4 months ago)
Black fronts are too anonymous and dull for my taste. I see the appeal, but not for me. I want my smartphone to shimmer with elegance, as shimmering smartphones tend to be immune to newer phones getting released. You know that feeling of jealousy after your phone is 6 months old and the honeymoon fades when a brand new smartphone gets released. The same color and material on the back should be the same for the front. Examples: Galaxy S6, Note 5, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 7, Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Asus Zenfone 3,. They'll all age gracefully compared to dull front smartphones with the typical black and white colors.
Mugi (4 months ago)
They should bring back the old front design. I love the m series and even the butterfly s looks hot esp. with those red strips on the speakers
Yata Garasu (4 months ago)
Brighter than the sun if HTC add 3.5mm headphone jack
Kamal LB (4 months ago)
BlackWing IsComing .....if it has headphone Jack.....there will b no 3D audio feature....and sound quality would have decreased
cac2244 (4 months ago)
I am surprised that you did not mention the weakest point of the phone which is the display...it is an LCD that is pretty dull and that has one of the lowest brightness out there. I had purchased the HTC U11+ from Hong Kong and I actually returned it because of the lackluster display. If it weren't from the display, I would have acclaimed this as the best phone of 2017, but alas... I bought in 2017 the Pixel 2 (i gave to my son), the Pixel 2 XL that I returned because of blue shift, the Samsung S8+ that I hated because of the bloatware and the fact that the phone was stuttering once in a while, the HTC U11+ that had it all except the display and then got the best phone for the money, which is the OnePlus 5T (128/8 GB) as my main driver.
Jesse Lioce (4 months ago)
Next step for htc should be oled
Jesse Lioce (4 months ago)
Port the pixel camera app to the u11+
tardie (4 months ago)
800$?? buy a op5t
RophGames (4 months ago)
The headphone jack is still missing.
locoism1025 (4 months ago)
Hopefully the HTC U12 will bring all the missing features from the U11+ and an improved camera.
Margaritka Kancheva (4 months ago)
Have you tried sideloading the Pixel camera app and comparing the photos from it and from the native camera app?
vivekanand pai (4 months ago)
what is the weight of the htc u11 plus?
Jordan30589 (4 months ago)
Ive had it for about a month now, I brought my Translucent from Hong Kong and I love it
Reetwick Tunga (4 months ago)
Jordan30589 when you open the camera app does the brightness go all over 100%?
Super LCD? Shame.
Iron Patriot (4 months ago)
Please include actual specs next time! 🙂
solly karsenti (4 months ago)
I bought it and sent it back, it was perfect except the brightness of the screen 25% lower than my u11 ... :( I bought a mate 10 pro while waiting for u12 ...
Nikka M (4 months ago)
Think this design looks much nicer than the Pixel 2XL
3165dwayne (4 months ago)
Ppl hate on the Moto z 2 force but at least it's on Oreo.
oliver mia (4 months ago)
Your viewership is mainly US?
Mikhail Pugliano (4 months ago)
Love the video my guy
Gautham V (4 months ago)
HTC is built like tank.. they age very well and remain snappy forever.. it's a shame that it gets overlooked because of poor marketing and wrong timing
Brandon Molina (4 months ago)
HTC is garbage. Got a U11, loved it, then tons of small problems. Certain apps crash at least once a day, usb c port gets stuck in headphone mode even when they are unplugged, DAC won't work, fingerprint scanner constantly reads as dirty, and front facing camera basically useless on snapchat. It'd all be forgivable but what ruins the phone is that repairs are all but impossible. 7-9 weeks to repair the USB port to enable the DAC?! If you even get your phone back, so many people on HTC's fb page say they've waited months with no feedback.
Sir. Dave (4 months ago)
I get 6-7 hours SOT consistently with the regular HTC U11 with its 3000mAh battery (before I got the Android O update).
SS Law (4 months ago)
Am I the only one who feels like smartphone hardware innovation has peaked? Software innovation and AI is the smartphones industries hope for the future
Darkv0id (4 months ago)
protectionism is consumers loss...this phone - not really available with big carriers, worse, Huawei was banned just a few days ago in the US; congrats, Apple and samsung fucks - you can milk your tard customers as much as you want
Tashil Bansi (4 months ago)
azhar ali (4 months ago)
Give me that phone brooo😃😃😃
WILL -I-AMZ (4 months ago)
Kerry Hendrickson (4 months ago)
Hi what is the screen to body ratio thanks
Dank Meme Master (4 months ago)
Kerry Hendrickson 18:9
Alpha Waves (4 months ago)
Quite a review.
Bring back the headphone jack and maybe I'll consider another HTC phone in the future, I have the Desire Eye and I really like it, but without headphone jack no chance of me buying a phone
aleksandar vujanic (4 months ago)
You don't need it. You have that connector in the box and you can plug any 3.5mm earphones or headphones. Also sound is amazing on this phone especially when you listening music with earphones. Phone is almost perfect.
Cory Gorczycki (4 months ago)
It looks so nice...beautiful see-through back and a great package. Just no headphone jack...
Red Hood (4 months ago)
This could've the pixel 2 xl
himenesu93 (4 months ago)
I'd consider it if it still had the headphone jack 👋

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