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How China's iPhone 6 black market works

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Shoppers with Chinese passports and wads of cash line up outside an Apple store in California.
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King Khan (20 days ago)
China is use and throw lol
Huan Henry Pham (2 months ago)
Same situation in Vietnam! :)
JoshuaSamuel (2 months ago)
Mine was 50 on a contract
Strawberry Milk (2 months ago)
Hmmm in malaysia iphone 6s cost 128 gb still expensive rm1600
cats nuffin (2 months ago)
$2600 that thing give blowjob 👅👻🉐🉐
NoelGamingTV (2 months ago)
Ummm ye ye ye ummm ye ye ye
Alok rajput Kumar Singh (2 months ago)
How many generation run iphone 6s
Sam Ibeling (3 months ago)
0:29 waiting to buy a iPhone 6 that hasn’t gone on sale yet While using a iPhone 6
lavertable (3 months ago)
damn where does this money go to? oh the billionaires need to become trillionaires. the only purpose
钱纯子 (3 months ago)
well that is not the same thing for iphoneX in China, Chinese people are not that crazy anymore
Edsilvacunha (4 months ago)
I wanna be friend of that guy 1:56 he is buying phone everyday to his friend lol
Darren Connelly (4 months ago)
At least they are not selling clones, it’s an improvement
Feva Yung (5 months ago)
Fake news?!
Josef Noel (5 months ago)
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BoTi (5 months ago)
Fuck apple
mark frank (5 months ago)
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Dennis Pietrandrea (5 months ago)
That is so funny lol. America is not perfect by far and living conditions are probably nice in China but I definitely do not want to live there.
Rockers From Hell (6 months ago)
apple,stop buying this shit! fucking retarded shit,jobs was a new age monkey dipshit,and the irony is these asian idiots are buying them up to sell back where theyre made by others who are paid peanuts and are dying making the stupid things!
LenNay (6 months ago)
black market? I'd just ebay it
2Much Juc3 (8 months ago)
you guys called apple to see if they were aware ?? ... stop knockin someone's hustle smh
Dweeb Pig (8 months ago)
CNN are a bunch of little snitches the reason that China's not allowed to have. iPhones is because of roits and over labored work in apple factories to the point of suicide they were probably paid to not include that in the video lol
iJamie8467x (8 months ago)
Its not 10x more, its 3-4 times more lol
Used Mobile world Dubai (8 months ago)
used Mobile available in qty in Dubai
poobear Cretu (8 months ago)
lady: what brings you here? white guy: you got to make a living some how
Brain Trollstan (8 months ago)
Nosey ass bitch
Like button (8 months ago)
you are a snich bitch
Deep_ Ocean (9 months ago)
who are watching this with iPhone 10 ? 😁
luan trieu (9 months ago)
the iPhone is made in China sold first in America then bought by Chinese to bring back to China, logic does not work
luan trieu (9 months ago)
it's good for the USA
Shinji D (9 months ago)
Early adopters are so stupid hahahahahaa These ppl are so easy to manipulate and to rip off :P I don't even feel sorry hahaha
better life (9 months ago)
Apple = crapple
Tyler Miller (10 months ago)
Does anyone give a fuck
system123123 (10 months ago)
il stick with my god damn lg its way better
Peki Pro (10 months ago)
ye ye ye
Santo rex (10 months ago)
So obvious is for profit. Easy money
Ivan Zhong (10 months ago)
iphone 7 ?
ArikTheBuilder (10 months ago)
china sucks
Kebab Remover (10 months ago)
lol who cares? As long its a real !
fried chicken (10 months ago)
So this lady went to a apple store 15 times and the employees did not even notice her
Ch Salman Naseer (10 months ago)
They buy it to make parts for it.
Fabian Yu (10 months ago)
who cares, let them make some money. anyways they are paying sales taxes.
Chocolate (10 months ago)
So this is why apple doesn't care about selling the most expensive stuff.
Frankie Hallare (10 months ago)
Wow chinese are smart haha lol! They generate tons of profit
Tayabur Rahman (10 months ago)
you must have a lot of friends in china? buuu buuu yoooo
AnyFX Road to 100 (10 months ago)
"Yeahhh yehh yeh" I'm dead
paul pinnock (10 months ago)
so fucken what if they want to buy more than one phone it's made in China anyway report some real news
premsingh Rathore (10 months ago)
one iPhone uae many
A. V. (10 months ago)
Тъпички и ограничени маймуни сте вие американците. И какъв ви е неувязка сега точно.... Като не ви копува човек боклуците-недоволни. Като се реди човек на опашка и ви прави екстра виток-ПАК недоволни. CNN,не сте по разл.от която и конечно е китайска телевизия която промива мозъци !
Rolando Chan (10 months ago)
its not ur business, nor not ur money either. nothing harm was cause to u. leave this people alone.
Ian green (10 months ago)
iPhone is made in China sent to USA I then buy in 2 year later it is sent to New Zealand and I sell it here for a profit it's then sent by the buyer to Fiji to onsell for more profit its madness.
rendy usman (10 months ago)
wtf man in ausie chinese bought lot of a baby formula milk powder isnt only 1 box or 2 boxes but a pallets sometimes can be more...whats wrong with this chinese ppl ????
Riz P (10 months ago)
Hory shet
Alexandros Nicolaou (10 months ago)
why would they sell it on the streets in china? who would buy that and believe it's not fake? the fake ones got so real, even an apple employee wasn't able to recognize when he saw a fake boxed iphone 6
Mateo12485 (10 months ago)
LMAO. Fucking CNN. "10x face value". Nice try. 3x.
TheFishCat (10 months ago)
Hey, American reporter!! They do this because their government doesn't let them buy these iPhones in the country!! FFS, JUST UNDERSTAND HOW THEY FEEL!! BE GRATEFUL YOU CAN BUY THEM IN YOUR COUNTRY!!
Jonathan Bissoo (10 months ago)
Who the fuck are you to tell me how much I can buy of something? None of your business what I do with my purchase.
Assam Dastgir (10 months ago)
What's so special about IPhone???
abdullah abdulaziz (10 months ago)
other phone companies should learn from this the only reason the iPhone is so desired because of its simplicity and marketing other phone companies don't make their phones simple
Hadiyuda Gunawan (10 months ago)
Fuck China
段博仁 (8 months ago)
Hadiyuda Gunawan Fuck indonisian,little monkeys
A W (10 months ago)
Fuck Indonesia ...... third world country .
mdlyonn 00 (10 months ago)
CNN is a snitch
mdlyonn 00 (10 months ago)
CNN is a snitch
Nick Savage (10 months ago)
Gotta fucking go to China with tons of Iphone 6 & maybe 7, lol.
Game Green (10 months ago)
honestly who gives a shit they can do anything they want with the phone after they purchased it. Matter in fact they can fuck the phone and I still won't care
Luqman Wadood (10 months ago)
ye ye ye
No Alex No Jones XD (10 months ago)
Ayala 2024 (10 months ago)
asians have some serious issues lol
Lee B (10 months ago)
This is called Hustle.
Igor Marcos (10 months ago)
screw american shitty products, american products suck, I thought chinese were smart people
mendowan (10 months ago)
who cares about iphone 6, 7.. S8 already out u brainwashed
David Stark (10 months ago)
Chivo (10 months ago)
Sending the Chinese reporter. Savage!
Esteban Montelongo (10 months ago)
1:52 sexy girl at door
viewerofthisvideo (10 months ago)
Chinese make most of the androids but still prefer iPhones
Tom Dunnington (10 months ago)
Don't act like you wouldn't all do this to make a profit if you could, we are all greedy fucks admit it
The Joker (10 months ago)
Why would Apple care they're getting thousands of dollars from the same people
JasonSPD (10 months ago)
same with sneakers?
dji flyer (10 months ago)
apple is trash... buy samsung😒
Zane Zinn (10 months ago)
mean while they are made in china
lichwind (10 months ago)
So, Americans don't like money huh?
Billie Hansen (10 months ago)
buya wan ifon fol my fliend
Regis (10 months ago)
... 650 x 10 is $2600 got it.
Cody Himes (10 months ago)
how do they "smuggle" them back
Dan Rigsley (10 months ago)
Madarin? Why not Cantonese? So black market is from Northern China.
HaRuN HaMeEd (10 months ago)
so what try them buy and sell
D (10 months ago)
haha noobs... if someone offer to sell a fagphone to me i will laugh at them. still got people want to use fagphone? come up please upgrade yourself. android is the future.
Antonio Armenta (10 months ago)
stupid asians everytime they are talked to they oretend not to talk english fuken asians
your mom likes poop (10 months ago)
so I can buy couple of iPhones​ and take it with me to China sell it
The other "No" dude (10 months ago)
Time to sell my iPhone 7 for twice the price. Heheheh
Dr. Arms (10 months ago)
How does that make sense, you can only buy two but she has a suit case with 30 iphone 6s in it
Mani Hill (10 months ago)
Shut tf up lady let people make the money!! Your a snitch you'd get shot for doing that in Compton messin wit niggas money
Ariana Tors (10 months ago)
But why? Assembled in china?
Gila Monster (10 months ago)
But wait can you even use it in China ? As i know you cant use em everywhere.
Youtube Channel (11 months ago)
brb just gonna buy 10 iPhone 7s and 10 iPhone 7 Plus's then fly to Japan
Thunder Garcia (11 months ago)
who gives a shit
Pigeon (11 months ago)
Looks like I know how to make extras Cash now
Black Panther (11 months ago)
Is it me or the Chinese make me cringe so hard when they do brainless things like this? Not the sellers that buy and sell the iPhone, but the idiots that buy them in a ridiculous price.
Rohan Patel (11 months ago)
bye samsung
HOMERTUBE (11 months ago)
2:23 faze nikan spotted
Ahmed Zaman Awan (11 months ago)
so whats the problem??? apple want to sale millions of phone and people buy and send to china and sale and people buy the phones coz there is not available ,, so whts the problem???

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