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SONY Xperia Edge Premium 2017 Concept - Introduction

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SONY Xperia Edge Premium 2017 Concept and Introduction https://goo.gl/r7A8Ys SONY Xperia Edge Premium Phone Concept, SONY Xperia Edge Premium 2017 6GB RAM, 23MP Dual Camera, 5.7 Inch Display, 4300 mAh Battery SONY Xperia Edge Premium Phone Specifications, Concept and Introduction Introducing new upcoming smartphone SONY Xperia Edge Premium 2017 concept by Concept Creator https://goo.gl/CSpPuJ YouTube famous channel. SONY Xperia Edge Premium will come with 5.7 Inch Super Edge AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. The new SONY Xperia Edge Premium 2017 phone has 23MP rear dual camera and 13MP front camera, Dual LED Flash with 4K video recording. SONY Xperia Edge Premium phone 2017 equipped qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor and protected corning gorilla glass 5. SONY Xperia Edge Premium has 6GB LPDDR4 of ram and 64-128GB internal memory. SONY Xperia Edge Premium 2017 work perform under OS android 7.0 nougat and equipped 4300 mAh Non-Removable Li-Ion battery with fast ultra charging. SONY's new smartphone SONY Xperia Edge Premium 2017 support USB microUSB 3.0 Type C and 3.5 mm audio jack. SONY Xperia Edge Premium smartphone equipped fingerprint scanner front mounted. SONY Xperia Edge Premium has amazing display and beautiful design. SONY Xperia Edge Premium 2017 23MP dual camera the allowed you to shoot your high definition photos and videos. Please Note: all the information about SONY Xperia Edge Premium in the video content and description is unofficial and conceptual information there is not confirmed any information from official source. SONY Xperia Edge Premium Full Phone Specifications, Features and Characteristics This is New SONY Xperia Edge Premium - Meet the Sony's NEW Flagship for 2017 ! Exclusive Leaked Pictures With Dual Cameras & Curved Display ! Dual Camera, 4K Edge Amoled Display, 6GB LPDDR4, 64GB ROM, Snapdragon 845... Renders by Concept Creator * DON'T FORGET TO WATCH OUR THESE VIDEOS AS WELL ========================================= * 01 Xperia Edge Full Phone Specifications - Sony Xperia Edge 2017 Price, Release Date Features, Specs https://goo.gl/c3ffVq * 02 Sony Xperia Edge Gold Edition 2017 Introduction https://goo.gl/hxUg3n * 03 SONY Xperia C6 Ultra Concept 2017 https://goo.gl/uSSI5e * 04 Sony Xperia XZ Ultra and Xperia Ultra Wide Are Basically Samsung Galaxy S8 Killers https://goo.gl/I2zwtq * 05 Xperia L1 Full Phone Specifications - Sony Xperia L1 2017 Price, Release Date, Specs, Features https://goo.gl/FP0Mgg ======================================== * Goal - 1M SUBSCRIBER ======================================== * LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE * Please Subscribe Here - https://www.youtube.com/scienceandknowledge * Visit Website - http://www.targetyoutube.com * CONNECT ======================================== * Facebook - www.facebook.com/scienceandknowledge2017 * Tumblr - http://scienceandknowledge.tumblr.com * Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+ScienceandKnowledge * twitter - https://goo.gl/aAtk8Q * Quora - https://scienceandknowledge.quora.com ======================================== * ABOUT MY CHANNEL ======================================== Hi Folks, Thank you for visiting our channel. We’ve create this channel to spread the knowledge about latest and upcoming technologies and of course to entertain all people who visit once in a while and we are trying to spread more awareness to our viewer. We appreciate your visit - Thank you ========================================= * Copyrights The Science and Knowledge YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/ScienceandKnowledge is administered by Science and Knowledge Team. We update and monitor this channel during regular business hours. We welcome your comments on this YouTube channel and its content. But before you post them, please make sure that you do not include: The personal information or video of anyone but yourself. Any unnecessary personal information such as your address or phone number. Please note that receiving a ‘like’ or “subscription” by the Science and Knowledge YouTube channel does not imply an endorsement. We are not responsible for the content of this channel or site. We reserve the right to edit or remove any posting from this channel. We are not responsible for the security of this channel or site. We will not be responsible for the use or misuse by third parties of items or information posted on or submitted to this channel or site.
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Text Comments (51)
I'll get it
Jose Edivaldo Edivaldo (2 months ago)
Muito bom mesmo
Sempentia Live (3 months ago)
Вспышка вообщем не смотрится
Gustavo SanTos (4 months ago)
Queria saber quantas polegadas tem nesse aparelho porque eu curto celular de tela grande tipo 6 polegadas
Inder Kumarjat (5 months ago)
Iski price kya h kya isko online le sakte h
Andra Leys de Andrade (5 months ago)
Jimmy Chothen (6 months ago)
Сонька наилучшая!!!
Angga Kriibz (6 months ago)
Sony will sink !!!! Sony can't challenging with their competitor !!!
Ivan Battaioli (7 months ago)
hahaha voglio proprio vedere quando Sony farà dei smartphone così belli ci sarà già stata la fine del mondo da milioni di anni
Md mumtaj Khan (8 months ago)
Sony best phone
Mister Bond (8 months ago)
Смените музыку фоновую изволь ))))
Singha Tanunthai (9 months ago)
rajeev verma (9 months ago)
sony phone designed always best and maintained well
dinesh kumar (10 months ago)
Sony always best mobile manufacturing company
Prince Ghimire (10 months ago)
I hate edge type.. and i hope sony dont have edge like samsung
ll xiang (10 months ago)
I really like this kind of design!
P F (10 months ago)
Scheiss Musik, die nervt total dazu.........
Tú Đàm (10 months ago)
Does anyone know the theme song? Thanks in advance :D
Concept Creator (10 months ago)
why is it that this has more views then my video that cost so much more time!
Concept Creator (10 months ago)
Science and Knowledge youtube makes no sense to me... xD
Concept Creator (10 months ago)
Science and Knowledge will do
Shannette Jain (10 months ago)
Please when you have or available here in Doha Qatar??please I need answers because I really like this phone
Grozilo Grozev (10 months ago)
edge design Is useless and stupid. But Sony must reduce display besel on top and bottom
Rafael Ulloa (7 months ago)
Krum Zarkov besel are useful when watching videos are reading finger rests are a plus
ll xiang (10 months ago)
pk videos (10 months ago)
nokia k phn kha miltee h bhai anyone tell me please
Actrocituss Gaming (10 months ago)
Please don't follow Samsung. Sony you are a trend setter.
Bei Maejor (10 months ago)
Sony will never create dual camera rare cam
Mobile Concept (10 months ago)
Trung Ton That (10 months ago)
mặt lưng tởm quá
IT TECH SUPPORT (10 months ago)
all is ok guys but really you tell me ,after sales no service support and mainly no spares support.then it is equal to china brand ???????/
Bryan Welch (10 months ago)
Damn I was looking at getting the new xz Premium but crap if this is real I will wait for rhis. I am good with my z3 still.
Mobile Concept (10 months ago)
Really good
Dewaynes Awesome (10 months ago)
Nice concept. If only it were true. Btw you've put 4k hdr to kinda sell it but it doesn't matter
Iencut Adrian (10 months ago)
If this will be real i will definitely buy it
frank 32115 (10 months ago)
tf! i just bought xz premium
john rambo (7 months ago)
Frankie Borlado same like me im just bought xz premium yesterday after seeing this concept month,do u believe sony they r smart enought not to release this device for their next model
agent 47 (10 months ago)
Frankie Borlado how is it
Figo_rulz11 (10 months ago)
I wish
Ahmed Mokh77 (10 months ago)
not really😠😠
Edgar Negrete (10 months ago)
When and how much
I, Hypocrite is a retard (10 months ago)
Edgar Negrete it's just a concept lol. Not a real phone.
Ricardo Tyson (10 months ago)
Slow SONY , if XZ Premium looks like this, I wouldn't bought S8.
ElGrueso OMG (10 months ago)
I agree, Sony really needs to update their design.
SM RASHEL (10 months ago)
When release it??
REDDY MANU (10 months ago)
what's da cost in Frndss?
Mahesh r (10 months ago)
want to know Nokia 8 official release date.?
Ajins Anthony (10 months ago)
Mobile Concept (10 months ago)
I agree too you....

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