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Tesla makes quick work of Puerto Rico hospital solar power relief project

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted on Twitter that Tesla’s solar team could indeed outfit Puerto Rico with power facilities that could be used to generate and store power reserves when the existing grid isn’t available, as it has been after the U.S. territory faced the devastation of hurricane Maria. Now, Tesla is showing that it’s making good on its promise of help, with significant progress being made on one solar generation/storage facility on the island. The facility in question will provide power to Children's Hospital, with a combination of solar cells and Tesla's Powerpack commercial energy storage batteries. That should mean it can not only generate power from the sun's rays in times of need, but also store up to be used to provide power around the clock and throughout varying weather conditions, even when the sun is not shining. Tesla noted on Twitter that this is just the “first of many solar+storage projects going live,” after the company discussed how it might help with Puerto Rico’s ongoing recovery efforts with PR Governor Ricardo Rossello following an exchange between the Governor and Musk on Twitter. Rossello and Puerto Rican Chief Innovation Officer Glorimar Ripoli proposed turning the territory into a flagship example of what Tesla’s solar technologies can do for the world. Tesla has also been shipping its home Powerwall battery storage units to the island for help restoring the grid, and Musk himself donated $250,000 of his personal money to support relief efforts. Tesla also postponed its electric semi truck reveal event to November in order to focus on helping establish facilities like this one in Puerto Rico.
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Tulio Cano (5 months ago)
Thank God for the Tesla people. They always try to help the world. Here is an example.
Lady pilliwick (5 months ago)
Well. They've already done this on two other islands. And Australia. .... so if they can scrap the grid.....like so many idiots say is impossible. . Then we're looking at a wake up call for all the oil is GOD supporters Go tesla
unbiased (5 months ago)
whykhr (5 months ago)
Maybe Tesla is doing that for publicity in this Hospital here, and that's fine but anyone who thinks Tesla is going to finance a new solar/battery grid for Puerto Rico is living in the Twilight Zone. The fact is solar/battery is a dumb and stupid way to proceed on Puerto Rico's grid disaster. They need linesman, bucket trucks, transmission materials and diesel gensets with adequate fuel supply. All this nonsense about Tesla solar panels and batteries is the penultimate in flim-flam for gullible people.
Tommy Kawston (4 months ago)
I thought they tried that with Whitefish, how did that work out?
Mister G (5 months ago)
Flash357 politics is in everything LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS
Flash357 (5 months ago)
unbiased F*** you. Stop bringing the politics into this. Freaking stupid Libtards.....
Tulio Cano (5 months ago)
The guy donate 250K of his own pocket and provide a hospital with quick solar energy so the people afected by this disaster don't die and you called this stupid. What the fuck is wrong with you?. What if you mother was in this hospital? Do you ever think like that?
unbiased (5 months ago)

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