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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs S7 Edge - Should you upgrade?

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Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Full Comparison including hands-on Size, Design, Camera, Battery & Price ►►► dbrand skins: http://dbrand.com/SuperSaf SUBSCRIBE for more ►►► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIrrRLyFMVmmL9NDAU2obJA?sub_confirmation=1 ►►► SUPERSAF MERCH = https://shop.crowdmade.com/collections/supersaf Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1XK6ZLU Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSafTV Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/

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Text Comments (2014)
hudainder (24 days ago)
S7 edge is better
Pretty Crissy (1 month ago)
I wait to upgrade from a s7 to a s7 edge 😂 I don't want the s8 anymore it has no button at the bottom and I don't really need the s8 plus the s7 edge is a good size for my hand😍
Kenaz Aron Evangelista (1 month ago)
do you think a brand new s7 edge is still worth buying as a 'budget device'?
whyhelloana (1 month ago)
For people with small hands (especially girls), will you get the s8 or s8+? Is 8+ too much? My current device is your regular 5.5 android phone
First Rider (2 months ago)
Fuck you hassling
AsapKimchi (2 months ago)
Can you do s9+ vs s7
ilia shermadini (2 months ago)
I think galaxy s7 edge is the best product of samsung from s6 to s7 was the biggest jump after s7 almost changed nothing u can notice on visualy change but it depend peoples oponion and little bit faster then s7 like 1 sec in games so i prefer s7 edge because now difference with s7 edge and s9 is 400 $ and samsung dont improved s9 to pay extra 400 $ in it because now with 300 $ i can get almost identical result !
Keir Nonato (2 months ago)
s7 edge is still best, much slimier and having a sexiest design than s8
DbsFanboy 111 (2 months ago)
The s7 edge is still a great flagship in 2018
sourceofpower88 (2 months ago)
I have both
nikkkuuu 29 (3 months ago)
I'm still enjoying my s7 edge.. it still scores 135k on antutu
Jim Nesta (3 months ago)
I got the S7 edge when it came out and it's been a great phone. I've taken good care of the battery in not letting the charge go below 40% or above 85% and not charging it with more than 1000 ma of current. My phone battery has never gotten excessively hot, I have an app that continuously monitors all these things, and so my battery life has not declined appreciably. For me, there is no justification in spending the extra money on a S8+, but I will look at the S9+ and Pixel 3 XL when they come out.
Benjamin Ashley (3 months ago)
The clocks on the phones have different times ! I am getting an s7 edge
Azeez Azeez (3 months ago)
Thank you very much for ARABIC Sub translate
odissa news (3 months ago)
S7 edge is the best because 3600 mah battery and camera,ram is same like s8 and s8+
jazim navaid (3 months ago)
S7 or lg g5??
Technical Gaming 360 (3 months ago)
S7 edge best i will purchase one😉
Amar K. (3 months ago)
should I buy it now or stick with the s7 edge and get the s9 in on january 2019. for free?
FALSE MESSIAH (3 months ago)
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Zeeshan Khan (4 months ago)
How I found the AppLock without any application please help me
s8 plus is better
Samir Jhingran (4 months ago)
I'm more than happy with my S7 edge 😍
Rupsha Pal (4 months ago)
Though the fingerprint scanner is much more responsive on the S8 and S8 plus as compared to the S7 and the S7 Edge I strongly feel that the Samsung did not do a great job placing the fingerprint scanner in an unreachable position on the S8 and the S8 plus and specifically the S8 plus. I know that the rear camera on the S8 and the S8 plus come with a newer sensor and better image processing but there are no major changes related to the rear camera performance.I personally am of the opinion that people having the S7 or the S7 Edge should not upgrade to the S8 or S8 plus just because of the rear camera performance. They should skip this generation and get the S9 or S9 instead which should be launched this year.
Angel Garza (4 months ago)
I'll keep my s7 edge then ha. Thanks
Keir Nonato (4 months ago)
I still like the s7 edge design than s8,
kaan güngör (4 months ago)
S7 edge looks very nice!
Makaramixv Makara (4 months ago)
how much samsung s7 edge
Commenter Guy (4 months ago)
blue s7 or new s8 plus?
Fenrir96 (5 months ago)
Is the 7 edge 32G only?
PC Tech (5 months ago)
Bixby is waste
PC Tech (5 months ago)
S7 edge is lot better As front fingerprint and 16:9 looks better and s7 edge performance is still lot better it scores 139000 in antutu and its more than enough its just waste pf money to upgrade
I want to upgrade to s7 edge? Yes i know its not the latest but that's what my budget can afford.. 😉
Mr. Mysterious (5 months ago)
Do you believe that I downgrade from S8 Plus to S7 Edge
Mr.Khalizta (6 months ago)
S7 edge is so much better
Adele Turnbull (6 months ago)
I'm getting rid of my shitty iphone when I upgrade I'm deciding between these two phones dunno which one I love them both helppp???
Sunita Jangra (6 months ago)
Camera is almost same s7 is less pricey
Sunita Jangra (6 months ago)
S7 is still a great phone
EastAngliaUK (6 months ago)
I got both the s 7 phones so need to sell the s7 as the edge is bigger.
calvin tanner (6 months ago)
I don't see any difference between the thickness of both phones, and I'm not sure if the S7 Edge is easier to hold based on the button layout of the volume rockers, and power button. I'm still trying to debate on whether if I should upgrade to the Galaxy S7 Edge or the Galaxy S8 from my Galaxy S5.
neilalexander clothing (7 months ago)
Watching on my S7 Edge.
DoNJoKeR (7 months ago)
SUGARVAM (7 months ago)
I'm watching this on my s7 edge. It's a beast!
TECH NOOR (7 months ago)
Great sir super
Saif Vp (7 months ago)
S7 edge 😎😎😎
Aaron Aguilar (7 months ago)
Could you do a video comparing the Note 8 against the S7 Edge, please? I'm watching on s7 edge, and I would consider a nice upgrade.
Hollanda1975 (8 months ago)
This is just an emotional thing. You want the best and most sexy phone in the world now? Just buy yourself an S8 or S8+. I mean, how many shoes or bags does your girlfriend buy while the old ones were just fine😉
Mathieu filaumart (8 months ago)
46°C at your home ?
Veon Gan (8 months ago)
i am so disappointed with s8, s8+ and note 8. One thing, rear fingerprint screw all up.. I prefer to use my phone laying on the table, without me lifting the phone, put my finger onto the home button, unlocked it with 1 step, right to the main screen.... This is super convenient, however the new phones all comes with rear fingerprint scanner.. Okay, how about iris scanner or face unlock... nope....i have to move my face to the right direction, so close to the phone, to unlock it... I normally work with my phone lying beside of my laptop. So i just use my finger unlock it to see messages, email or whatever. I am still keeping my s7 edge. or else, If only note 7 fan edition is sold here, i would grab 1. ***bought note7 which i though would be the best phone,too sad with the explosion scandal.***i will wait for the next phone with fingerprint scanner embedded on the front glass. meanwhile,, s7 edge still rocks my world
0LAF2046 (8 months ago)
I never found the glass to be slippery on my S7 edge. In fact it was way less slippery than the metal back of my iPhone 6s or the previous plastic backed smart phones that I owned in the past.
Ameen Butt (8 months ago)
S8+ vs S7 Edge Camera Comparison SuperSaf Style please..............................
sunny cool (8 months ago)
That red display s8
Mohsin Nadeem (8 months ago)
'Is s7 or s7 edge have twin app feature?
Jon Snow (9 months ago)
I have iPhone 6 Plus I've noticed some of my text messages don't get sent but anyway I'm sick of iPhones wanted Samsung after years with iPhone I always liked the look of Samsung s7 edge the s8 plus just looks so big I wanted something smaller then iPhone 6 Plus
Mary Kamara (9 months ago)
I have a Zte zmax pro I'll switch to any smartphone when this phone breaks completely
Para IzzzWeg (9 months ago)
hepinizinin amina koyim
Mike Benjamin (9 months ago)
Safe I have a question I have s 7 edge the note 8 has a smaller battery what do you think?I have watched your channel from the beginning I would really like your opinion.
Nik Raval (9 months ago)
I'm happy with my S7 edge.. no need to upgrade for atleast 1-2 years..
Ayep Ibn-Bakr (9 months ago)
I'm using dual sim but I do have concern on the memory too. So Apple products won't suit me even they provides up to 256gb of memory but lacking in dual sim capabilty. Luckily Samsung introduced the 128gb version of S7 Edge Black Pearl & its been couple months already I'm using it. I'm happy with it & I think I'll wait for Note 8 or S9 thou for upgrade. peacee!
666 999 (9 months ago)
Shit battery samsung s8..s7 edge better battery
Minato Ettir (9 months ago)
i got a s7 edge... gonna go to the galaxy note 8 when it is released
Dubst3p Lion (9 months ago)
I have the edge
Jan Zito Ignao (9 months ago)
Just bought my S8+ this month and man, I'm lovin' it!
E55 BæMG (9 months ago)
Super sad
X Y (9 months ago)
I watched this on my s8 plus
Expelliarmus ! (10 months ago)
I gave my S7 edge to my dad and bought a s8+ Gud lad
Safwaan Mujawar (10 months ago)
Like seriously i thought u were gonna say is it worth upgrading to s8 but like hell no it wasnt useful
Sagar Kharbanda (10 months ago)
do a speed test of both in exynos varient
hey bro i still think s7 and s6 model and style is very better that s8 👇👍
John M (10 months ago)
Just busted my s7edge. Upgraded to s8 plus and is pretty sweet! Noticeably faster for sure!
thegrumpy/roblox (10 months ago)
its a easy choise the s7 edge still has the rounded sides has a better cam has a finger sensor in the right place cheaper assesrys water proof all that is diffrent is a some what %10 speed diffrence and no top or bottom frame not worth the money...
Ouss Mbk (10 months ago)
the s7 edge is better
henry bui (10 months ago)
how do i switch from the s7 edge to the new s8
Khaver Ali (10 months ago)
Meanwhile, I'm over here chilling with my battered Samsung S3, which I bought 4 years ago...
Joel Arevalo (10 months ago)
i have the s7 edge I might get the 8 but most likely the s9
Yhodjareebern Phuabkee (11 months ago)
got an s7 edge blue coral. still good
ABUU UUBA (11 months ago)
I think I'm gonna skip this upgrade and keep my s7edge and wait for the note 8
Romain Sanfins (11 months ago)
speed test please :)
ALL RANDOM STUFF (11 months ago)
S7 Edge is 2560x1440 not 2860x1440
ICICspyTV 2 (11 months ago)
0:24 I think you mean 2560 x 1440 not 2860 for the S7 Edge
ICICspyTV 2 (11 months ago)
1:15 super sad tv lol
Sebastian Schwan (11 months ago)
I dont Upgrade. If you Start by 0 i d suggest to invest in the S8+ otherwise.... no
OOOhSehun (11 months ago)
watching this on a s8 xD
Marko Rankovic (11 months ago)
I bought my S7 Edge back in February knowing there would be an S8+, but I still got it because it's price dropped and it even then was heavy on my student funds, so I can only imagine another 200 GBP leaving me broke until the next term. Seeing the comparison here made me feel ensured about having made the right choice of phone after four years of Galaxy Ace II :) Faster processor, but same RAM, same rear camera, same level of waterproof, S7 Edge has more battery life, fairly similar resolution. With price taken into account as well, I really don't regret getting the S7 Edge for this year, and maybe for the next two/three. Also, next year when the S8+ drops like the S7 Edge did, there will be next the S9+, so either you pay extra 200 for a year of the best phone, or you pay 200 less and get the second best phone similar to the successor. I chose to go down the latter lane.
Geovanni Velasquez (11 months ago)
the gorilla glass on back of 8 plus is it stronger than the one on note 7? note 7 had to return and after the new one the rear glass cracked in its own.
Mihajlo Mitrović (11 months ago)
No useful info here.
waleed wael (11 months ago)
is your s8 original because it's written on it manufactured in China
x Astro (11 months ago)
at first i taught that this was a buzzfeed video
661larry (11 months ago)
Have the s7 edge and don't see the need to upgrade at all
KaWoN (11 months ago)
I have samsung galaxy s7 EGDE for one weeks. In my opinion this phone is better than Samsung galaxy s8 because it has a lot of advantages. For example : -s7 EDGE is cheaper than s8 -it is very similar and differences are very small. - it has bigger batery. s7 EDGE 3600 and s8 3000 what seems to big mistake Samsung. Before someone will be buying s8 I would recommend to think everybody people.
Nightingale (11 months ago)
KaWoN That much of a battery difference?? I love the S7 (Flat), I never bought the Edge variant because of the curved screen. I was conflicted because all I thought about is how a case would look on it, how can you protect an edge that needs to be exposed? Speaking of 'Xposed', that's why I wouldn't get the S8! I need Marshmallow, and there's already a variety of roms out there that will treat me well. and guess what??!? TOMORROW.. I will be getting TWO S7 Edges, while keeping my normal S7. One for 'dark' motives (S7F), one unrooted and for regular use (S7E), and the last for the sole treatment of the Forums. You know what I mean; root, roms, Magisk, A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems, maybe AOSP?, substratum, more modding, and.. more dark things Oh, and none of them cost me a thing!
nescafio (11 months ago)
if i got enough mony i will replace it with my s7 edge ... and if not .. my phone can still make me happy
imanishay (11 months ago)
is it worth getting the s8 over the s7 edge
Farhad mirza (11 months ago)
Speed test please
Raiden Kalisz (11 months ago)
i need new phone asap, but want futureproof as i seldom change my phone 2-3 years..should go with s8+ or wait for note? we might get fingerprint scanner on display for note..s8 rear scanner quite turn me off
Arif Sheik (11 months ago)
Absolutely its not worth upgrading. Im gonna stay with S7 edge. Fucking bixby button, weird finger print and less mAh battery and so on... Only shape and display is good in S8. Thats it. NOT WORTH UPGRADING 😠😠😠
Hadley V. Crutchley (11 months ago)
Both are so good. I have the smaller black s8 and my friend has the silver s7 Edge. She thinks my s8 is awesome, but sees no reason to upgrade after only a year, so she'll wait for the s9. I upgraded from an iPhone 6 Plus, so it was a good time for a new phone.
Asad Sheikh (11 months ago)
I'm using S7 edge for 7 months and still it is the good device as well as it is good 😍
letsgetswole pinoy (11 months ago)
S7 edge has problems with the Lcd screen there's green and purple vertical lines and doesn't turn on... A few consumers like me had this issues about the s7 edge... Will the s8plus have the same problem having vertical colored lines on the Lcd screen?
Vinnie Jones (11 months ago)
im on s7 edge and my opinion is that its better than the s8 and s8+ down fall though is would like it to be bigger and less pricey to fix a heir line crack 😭
Jack Dowd (11 months ago)
I have a note 5 and i love the phone apart from one thing. I've had it for over a year now and the battery has really deteriorated in terms of on screen time I get barley anything. I really want a new battery so can anyone tell me whether Samsung would fit a new one? I'm from the UK and I know the note was never on sale here, I had to get it shipped in.
I.M (11 months ago)
Gushing grannies

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