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The Property Show 2015 Episode 113 - The Paddocks- Karen

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The Paddocks- an enchanting rustic gated community in the leafy suburbs of Karen, the answer to genuine luxurious living. The Paddocks comprising of 10 rustic homes within a gated community with first class facilities, offering a grand lifestyle. Orange highlights ways to join their distribution network whilst Kenya power shows us how emergency calls are handled. Mambo interiors where modern and traditional antiques give meaning to your living space.
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Text Comments (9)
Penny Stang (7 months ago)
Inakaa uoga
Patrick Ssempala (2 years ago)
Great show with the touch of sophistication keep it up
kiatu kichafu (2 years ago)
it went for 95 million
Nathan Nderu (1 year ago)
Heh, let me start saving😜
Maximillian Ngoiya (2 years ago)
since the starting of 2015 this is the best property
Maximillian Ngoiya (2 years ago)
Just by looking this piece of property is very expensive
Dave Oyoo (2 years ago)
It is so unfair I have to wait this long.
aziz abz (2 years ago)
Good show. Keep up the good work

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