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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: A $1000 Android!

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Galaxy Note 8 checks a lot of boxes. But is it worth the extra cash? Note 8 (Unlocked): http://amzn.to/2xoTbjD Galaxy Note 8 skins: https://dbrand.com/shop/samsung-galaxy-note-8-skins Galaxy S8 Review: https://youtu.be/nNlTNE1y9DM Galaxy S8 (Unlocked): http://amzn.to/2hkgZMb Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Dig This by Hocus Pocus (Instrumental) ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (8549)
Suhaas Behara (7 hours ago)
You forgot the sound box
xXWarlord752Xx (23 hours ago)
Note8 gang
Omar Castellanos (1 day ago)
As usual great job overall, like the categories and the systematic way you present the phone. At this point I would suggest creating sub-categories and scores for example for display and performance, and have an overall score of the phone with possibly extra points for unique features like this one. Dunno just to make it easier to compare between Alf this featured and competitors imo.
seasickboyz123 (2 days ago)
I need that speaker though
Forza Tech (2 days ago)
who cares about battery life, that why you got fast charging. 20min charging is all u need when getting low.
Donovan Hall (2 days ago)
With the full hd plus believe it or not I got a little over 7 hours of screen on time to be that middle resolution looks GREAT and j find myself only using quad hd plus when I wanna impress people or watch some high resolution stuff on YouTube
Jason Weber (2 days ago)
Only thing that is making me not switch immediately to samsung is their annoying ass fanboys...I actually bought the lg v30 because I didn't want to be part of the group of assholes most companies have.
leonardo jacome (3 days ago)
Samsung video iPhone X comments
m60hein (4 days ago)
Are you in a prison cell?
Marcelo Leo (5 days ago)
Should i buy the note 8 or wait for the note 9?
Pepper & Salt (6 days ago)
Absolutely love my Note 8. Since the Note 7 fiasco I have suffered from S-Pen withdraws. No longer and with a bonus, no Samsung lag after a period of time.
B J (6 days ago)
I'm watching on my Note 8. I named it J.A.R.V.I.S lol like Tony Stark's "intelligent system". 😂😊
botonja (7 days ago)
They haven't checked the price box either.
Arshid Imrit (7 days ago)
Hi. Im getting light bleed from note 8 screen edges. Is that normal? Do you notice that too marques? Please reply.
Djayvano 020 (8 days ago)
not tryna brag but i live in the netherlands and here the note 8 cost 800 euro's so that's strange.. lol
Brock Morgan (9 days ago)
Battery wont matter to me much bc Im going to get a Mophie
pokopi83ko (9 days ago)
marques just be honest without licking samsung balls...Its a bullshit worthless phone ...small battery = degrades phones...simple as that.
Martin Waring (9 days ago)
For me, I get great battery out of my Note8. This is the best phone of 2017 going into 2018
Simon J (9 days ago)
Is he ignoring the lag issues so he doesn't piss of fanboys? Mine is lagging from typing, day one out of the box.. All that stunning hardware is useless with the software it comes with..
DestiniOfLocs (9 days ago)
Who else is watching this review on their Note 8?
Rahul Utpat (9 days ago)
Why don’t make a video Google Pixel: Revisited
khalil taylor (10 days ago)
The note 8 1000$ is much better value than the iphone x the iphone x is juat a regular iphone 8 with the same specs and different look.............
FCK U (10 days ago)
Proud owner of a Note 8. I've been using my Note 4 since launch to this day... never had a reason to upgrade (apart from outdated Android version, security was getting updates tho). But the Note 8 changed all of that. Fun fact: I was on the edge of getting the Note 7 but ehh.. yeah, you all know why I didn't get one.
agi akmal (11 days ago)
I have samsung s7, should i upgrade to this phone?
Arvind Thilagamani (11 days ago)
Good smartphone :)
Newaz Sharif (12 days ago)
What wallpaper are you using??
dat boi (13 days ago)
S8 or note8?
Darian Adams (12 days ago)
dat boi s8 plus $200 cheaper and has a bigger battery
TechnoGenuine Too (15 days ago)
If you want awesome crispy videos of awesome HD apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 then check out (TechnoGenuine channel - he makes awesome videos)
Leonel Soriano (15 days ago)
How will it look like with cases?
ze3bar (15 days ago)
I have the note 8. s8+ beats it in the battery life department and pixel density. that's all. other than that I love mine.
Rdost 10 (16 days ago)
Where does he get these wallpapers at
Spaiz (17 days ago)
how is this wallpaper called? cant find it anywhere, like the exact one
Santiago jose Chacon (17 days ago)
what I like at most of this video is the title, When Apple released the 1k$ iPhone x everybody scream... but know it seems to be the new price if you want any brand flashgrip, for first time In the smartphone history I won't have the money to access to the top specs in the market...Im getting poor from one year to another. hehehe
Zane Felton (17 days ago)
I got 300$ dollars my note 8
Junho Son (17 days ago)
Why isn't price a pillar of good smartphones?
arun antony (17 days ago)
I have the same variant and with heavy usage and some package being disabled which does not include bixby (which I use), I get around 5.30 hrs of on screentime.
Moeed Raja (18 days ago)
Wallpaper link plz
Bill Gallo (18 days ago)
For anyone who’s blind out there. The five check boxes are: - Build Quality - Display - Camera - Performance - Battery And an extra category - Extras All of which the Galaxy Note 8 ticks except Battery. Now if I could narrate this to you, I would, but since I can’t I guess I helped no one.
Henrique Soares (19 days ago)
Daniel Lynn (19 days ago)
Because Samsung can not Apple. Reason: people
Edmund Dragojlović (19 days ago)
Watching on my note 8 :D
Yuchen Liu (20 days ago)
I feel like people complain about the fingerprint sensor way too much, I’m 15 (saved a long time for this phone) and took 2 second to get used to the position to the fingerprint sensor and it feels comfortable.
Jack Forseti (20 days ago)
The biggest flaw I can see in his review style and an obvious miss is that he talked for ten minutes, mentioned the words "phone" or "smartphone" 38 times (give or take) but never once mentioned, reviewed or evaluated its actual performance as a PHONE. As in a telephone. What is up with that?
Geass Zer0es (19 days ago)
You can make calls with the phone, there, you happy?
MS.TRUCKER33 (20 days ago)
LaVonte' Hill (21 days ago)
Whay theme is that
Enrico Stimpson (21 days ago)
It seems👀 to me that no matter how phone technology gets better the battery 🔋 life won't last for like 10 hour's per day ☀
Dkmaster -Cr and more (21 days ago)
Where is selfie test
Reverse Squad (21 days ago)
Wallpaper plz
Kevin Harris (22 days ago)
LG still does the 2nd camera the best with the wide angle lens
osoifamf (22 days ago)
IPhone 8 Plus or galaxy note 8 .... long term ?
Sebastian Cabuhat (23 days ago)
For the fingerprint thing just put a pop socket
Eng 2008rt (23 days ago)
I decided not to buy this phone because: 1- Second camera (zoom camera) is useless. Zooming in the main camera is better. 2- Less than 4 hours battery screen on!
pravin panchal (23 days ago)
why note 8 is not coming in 128gb and 256gb WHY
Anna (18 days ago)
pravin panchal yes
+Anna does note 8 have sd card slot?
Anna (23 days ago)
pravin panchal Because the note 8 has expandable storage :)
Murat Sahin (24 days ago)
I have the note 8..and Im a heavy user. I work pretty long days and the battery lasts me more than 18 hours a day.
Rifan Chandra (24 days ago)
7th category: User Experience.
Amal Somaraj (24 days ago)
Plzzz give me one phone from your give away. I don't gave the money to buy that beauty
Pear (25 days ago)
What If... Phone manufacturers made an option for you to choose what back of the phone will look like for example there's a glass back of the note8 but you don't want it and you want an metal one then that would be a great deal! Am i right?
Pear (25 days ago)
Hey Marques why your name is Marques? If there's Markuss, Marcuss, Marcos, Marcus, Markus, Marcus, Markos, Markust, Marcoust, Marcust ?
Mark Puglia (25 days ago)
what is that speaker lava lamp thing in the back
love creation (25 days ago)
Hi I'm an Indian, I liked all your videos and OT only fine to see the mobile but can you give me any one mobile as a New Year gift .if fine with this idea Pls send me any device that would be thank lot for You Pls think this...
Stephen Smith (25 days ago)
really nice video I am buying the note 8 tomorrow morning well done (and I've been a loyal apple fan)
Xavier Jones (26 days ago)
The Note 8 lasts way longer than 4 hours without a power saving mode, at least in my experience
Juu iltaa vaan (26 days ago)
Xavier Jones my note 8 has pretty bad battery life
Kevin Piip (26 days ago)
U shouldn't look at the battery like oh the numbers aren't bigger and oh it has less mAh u should look at it as how fast it charges and can u get a day out of it!
2Lw // Race (26 days ago)
watching on an iphone 5s hoping to watch it again in a note 8 in the next couple days :)
Mr. Potato (27 days ago)
Here is my grades for this phone: Build Quality - 9.5 Display - 9.0 Performance - 8.5 Battery - 8.0 Camera - 8.0 This phone is great overall!
Mr. Potato (27 days ago)
This device is an absolute beauty! The build design is great and the quality of the materials are fantastic. 👍👍
MongEatingMung (27 days ago)
The fingerprint sensor location is fine. I got used to it in an hour.
Sherinah Livingston (27 days ago)
I like your videos but dude your haircut is off the chain. Your barber must hate your videos. 😂😂😂
Pablo Escobar (28 days ago)
Iphone 8 plus vs Note 8. Which one to buy ???? Help please ????
Juu iltaa vaan (26 days ago)
Pablo Escobar note 8 all day
Michael Field (28 days ago)
First off new to your chanel. Your very informative and a helpful reviewer notes are my favourite phone . If I could give 1 idea it would simply be this for note help : increase the battery life by adding the stylus as a alternative battery sorce , yes you heard it from me . Keep up the good videos man
John Quinn (29 days ago)
Yea but beware, the volume is a Gyp, you would expect a damn near THOUSAND DOLLAR phone 2 have shit like that Kickin! But it's slim pickin's
Nyanna Ross (29 days ago)
Moving from Apple to note 8 was the best. It was an iphone 5s. You can download anything!!!! Anything! And you can customize EVETYTHING on the phone. You can colour and write too!!! But I don't like the selfie. I don't like having my blemishes removed but the camera is GREAT!!!! It's better than iphone 6 and 7. Idk about iphone X. I got a cute phone case too. The battery lasts okay. Not the best but it's okay. It charges quickly though!!!!!
Danish Qaiyyum (29 days ago)
Hey Marques need your expert advice can I update my op5 to Oreo through vpn location Germany ,as I reside in India till next no update is it safe and also is Oreo functioning as smooth as nuget on op5......... ☮️
N Ravikant (30 days ago)
I love this phone.
arif shaffiq (30 days ago)
How about huawei mate10 series
Universal Rider (30 days ago)
Make a vid with note 8 vs v30 lg
Abida Ash (30 days ago)
I really want a Note 8 after watching this <3
Rocky Wolf (30 days ago)
Great video the Samsung note 8 is actually perfect for work purposes especially when you work a lot with your cell phone. I had the note 4 for a long time and didn't get the note 5 because there was no sd card feature. And my note 7 order was cancelled, but I just got the note 8 and works pretty well. With the split screen feature it's just amazing.
moorebounce (1 month ago)
Samsung needs to bring back the IR Blaster. I used to control my TV with my Galaxy S6. Then when I upgraded to the Galaxy S8+ I found out the IR Blaster was taken out of the S7 and S8 versions. Which sucks major ass. My phone is by me at all times (and I'm sure this is the case for everybody else who has a cell phone) so having the IR Blaster to control my TV(s) is a major convenience.
Saad Khan (1 month ago)
Keep it up bro
Saad Khan (1 month ago)
Saad Khan (1 month ago)
Fabulous video
Juu iltaa vaan (26 days ago)
Saad Khan stop fucking spamming
Saad Khan (1 month ago)
Good job
Saad Khan (1 month ago)
Saad Khan (1 month ago)
Saad Khan (1 month ago)
Haq (1 month ago)
Watching this on my note 8. Typing this with my s pen. 😁😍 I love my note 8.
Alfred Malam (1 month ago)
You guys stop wasting your money buying new phones every time a new one comes out there you go upgrading a new phone, I say wast of money especially when it seems like every 6 months there is a new one coming out. You what I still use my Samsung galaxy S3! Laughable right? Yeah but I still receives and make calls with it and all my outlook and gmails emails and texting. I am not going to keep feeding the beast at all. Actually the valet parking MF in Washington DC stole my phone and I am forced to upgrade, Those MFs in DC man! Beware of valet parking don't leave your valuables in your car people.
Alfred Malam (26 days ago)
Ha ha ha Boo!
Juu iltaa vaan (26 days ago)
Alfred Malam the s3 felt like a toy.
Toby (1 month ago)
What is the background?
Septicturtle 04 (1 month ago)
Stancio Da COSTA (1 month ago)
When your phone is better than a computer.
Kevin Stagg (1 month ago)
I'm not sure why the knock on the battery? I unplug my Note 8 at 9AM. It's midnight and I have 32% of my original charge left.
saif abdelkader (1 month ago)
I need the wallpaper So bad
cyberwasp461 (1 month ago)
Like the way you present the video, clear and concise Have had mine a few days without any issue other than signal strength. My old LG Vista always shows full bars at home while the note only hit 3, odd!
lazaros kotsidis (1 month ago)
Do you have a Withings product ?( health mate app)
Sid (1 month ago)
*Which launcher is he using on his note 8 ?*
Caydenlol (1 month ago)
Wow... Tesla 🤣
I love using Xeoma app for home security and video surveillance on this device, its display is perfect for a few cameras mode on the preview
OneLakerNation (1 month ago)
i need this😍😍😍😍😍😍

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