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Apple Smart Glasses - The Future of Wearable Tech!

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Text Comments (279)
ZONEofTECH (18 days ago)
Apple's working on a pair of AR Glasses! 🍿🍿🍿 Would you ever find AR Glasses to be useful or would you find them an inconvenience (in case you're not usually wearing glasses, normally).
Jules A (16 days ago)
Please stop with these ridiculous titles.
Eric Sonnen (16 days ago)
Yes, at the right price. If I could get all the information I get on my Garmin for running, cycling, etc, then I would be very interested.
SuperMan (16 days ago)
ZONEofTECH definitely useful! No need to study for the exam lol Just saying
Tidal Yacht (17 days ago)
ONLY if there are NO NSA tracking or spying features.
Jed Smith (17 days ago)
I am open to the concept, but it depends on what they offer and of course, what they cost.
Krish Bhalla (2 hours ago)
Apple Smart Planet in 2030
BeagleFilms (3 days ago)
Who else thought this was a parody?
Zach Coleman (4 days ago)
having the apple logo all over them looks so tacky lol
king blood (5 days ago)
apple underwear??
Budar Endario (6 days ago)
Apple iGlass
kavishwara kavinda (6 days ago)
Whatever it is we are pretty sure it’s not gonna be cheap 💵
Yan Amorim (8 days ago)
having an ar device called focus is contradictory
dwight wilkinson (10 days ago)
Dius Kyser (11 days ago)
Your Cool!
Rhys Burlton (11 days ago)
Kinda Man is coming to the real world
Jay Scott (11 days ago)
What are your recommendations for a iPhone X compatible VR headset?
RussiaDidIt (11 days ago)
Sit down and grab some popcorn faggots, new tech is coming!
VAND189 (12 days ago)
Lou Gavino (12 days ago)
Not if it uses apple maps and cost $1000 dollars +. Lol!!!
Jwazz Wasmund (13 days ago)
Considering Google Glass was a bust this probably will be too
Phillip Probst (13 days ago)
Ok, so basically a wearable HUD.
denver stapleton (13 days ago)
Deus Ex!!
Ribbitt III (13 days ago)
I think both ar and vr will be upgraded a lot in the next 20 years
soham shirodkar (14 days ago)
When this glasses launch
Michline Al (14 days ago)
When your mom tells you don’t sit too close to the tv.
Jesse Johnson (14 days ago)
This has been rumored so many times this isn’t most likely not happening soon.
Cookie 33 (14 days ago)
But will it be able to run crysis and side-load porn of pornhub for offline use? Otherwise what is the point?
Pelaaja 5000 (14 days ago)
But i already have glasses but they are not so smart lol
Pelaaja 5000 (14 days ago)
Plz apple stop
Sauib Zeb (14 days ago)
intel ones are better
Jabberwocky (14 days ago)
Doesn't matter how impractical, bad design or the execution of a product is, Slap an Apple logo to it and it will sell. -Quote by: "Greatest salesman of universe"
Johnny Favorite (14 days ago)
Will you be able to watch porn on them? Because no porn, no buy.
TechMiner (14 days ago)
AR I love the concept of the Hololens
Mr. J (14 days ago)
Sit back, enjoy... Grab some popcorn... dude we are here already. just get on with it, or figure some other intro out that is less awkward. You produce good content outside of the cringe intros
xevious2501 (14 days ago)
VR and AR is nothing new. the devices has been around since the early 80's VR is simply using a closed back display, like a regular monitor or phone, You cant see thru the screen, AR is simply projecting or reflecting your content onto a clear see thru glass enabling the view to both see the content and see the real world. The purpose for are is to enhance your view with whatever. A hud (heads up display) is AR. doesn't specifically needs head and motion tracking although, with such enhancements further makes what your viewing part of the real world. VR and AR head mounted displays have always been around, both at industry professional level as well as cheap consumer level. Oculus and all the new comers to the industry simply took what was available and made a far better product for the consumer market. than what was previously offered. Todays tech always getting better and smaller play a major role in what we see today appose to what existed in the past.
Mark Heath (15 days ago)
Well they need to do something like this or they are doomed the way they are going!
M.venugopal gopal (15 days ago)
What's the game you told in this video?
garciamike3000 (15 days ago)
tung vu manh (15 days ago)
I appreciate who make those short videos. Very awesome
XxKarlosxX (15 days ago)
APPLE gas the money to become Stark industries...
memberberries (15 days ago)
Just when you thought you couldn’t be any more unproductive at work....
Caiho Carrara (15 days ago)
And again no one cares about people who already wear glasses 😭😕😢 unless they put cameras on them and make regular glasses unecessary
CSGO KG (15 days ago)
You aren’t a Tech Channel, you are a Concept Channel, stop lying
buttercup (15 days ago)
It’s actually not as difficult as they are making it. There is already technology used by nasa and the military. simplify it.
Kiran Manoj (15 days ago)
i laughed at the intro xD
SamihCanClutch (15 days ago)
What are they going to make next the new apple planet
Haun Wilkins (15 days ago)
I wonder what AR porn is gonna be like 🤔🤤
Glenn Moye (16 days ago)
Daniel, I'm always impressed with the thoroughness of your information and your natural, conversational delivery.
MichellevO (16 days ago)
finally I have some time to watch it
Fatts C (16 days ago)
I hope apple make this and put in mind plp that were glasses to see can were it too🤘
wild zubat appeared (16 days ago)
cal lightman (16 days ago)
Kathleen (16 days ago)
How does it compare to Intel's glasses?
itsoya destiny (16 days ago)
Intels glasses look good and work well. Still a beta product so there's still a lot of features to add
Jonathan Bruno (16 days ago)
I would rather see both! 2 in 1! The best of both worlds. Why not!? Learn with AR and Game with VR
Marco Förster (16 days ago)
welcome to the most ugly glas :D
Joe Duke (16 days ago)
The current $65 million DARPA wet wired neural interface, would solve this conundrum, by directly writing your memory, in real time, with no face gear.
Cookie 33 (14 days ago)
Yes but that is only for child sacrificing, blood drinking, NWO loving, shape shifting reptilian elites to enjoy and use... We instead get occulus rift & HTC vive to get brain damaged and brain washed.
Abinash Debnath (16 days ago)
We are going to be iron man
dakota diesel (16 days ago)
Crap I have no popcorn. I guess I cant watch
Dr0pkidd (16 days ago)
Intel is already has an AR glasses out for developers to make apps for.
pumpuppthevolume (16 days ago)
u can't have a phone in thin glasses up to your eyes.... without an array of lenses on top of the display... but that will reduce the resolution u perceive
pumpuppthevolume (16 days ago)
u can buy the hololens... and u can get it cheaper on ebay
pumpuppthevolume (16 days ago)
nah if u want sort of really compact and powerful ar glasses u need them to be wired to a processing box smart watch on your face like the google glass is meh
quinn (16 days ago)
When apple releases this it wont look anything like the weird alien cyborg glasses like the hololens. They will look elegant like the Apple Watch
Tell Dalzon (16 days ago)
Finally apple is finally taking some risk
Mark Wickmann (16 days ago)
AR I don't like the bulkiness of VR
Rank Up Entertainment (16 days ago)
As long as we get prescriptions lenses
iCharanfle (16 days ago)
Have you seen intels smart glasses fanboy?
iCharanfle (16 days ago)
Have you seen intels smart glasses fanboy?
SuperMan (16 days ago)
i’m definitely getting a pair! I tire of having to stick my phone inside VR headsets. Devs should definitely create more VR content. It fascinates me. Heck, i’ll become a developer just to get my ideas out there.
Cookie 33 (14 days ago)
not at all mate i just do jokes and sarcasm very badly... Well i do hope you succeed because you do have the right attitude :)
SuperMan (14 days ago)
Cookie 33 lol thanks. I initially thought that you had a mentallity of a person who gives up too soon. Actually, I only said that because I'm tired of those bored devs. They have a mentality of scarcity. But as as you can see, there is always a way to reach a goal. Good luck in your career though.
Cookie 33 (14 days ago)
Haha jokes aside =) I totally agree. Hope you get there then. Because i know i wont
SuperMan (14 days ago)
Cookie 33 nah, flipping burgers should be our the last secret resort. How about flipping houses!? Now, that's more like it! In my honest opinion, I think devs need to be more creative. Most of them have the technical skills, but they lack creativity. Companies already know that, that's why they are offering people bootcamps, hackatons, and training programs (you name it -- all you need after that is a combination of math and physics). If they see that you have the creativity and passion for programing they will immediately separate you from the crowd. So, it's never a good idea to give up too early because something seems too far away. Who knows, the long ride might give you pleasant surprises in between. Better than flipping burgers, that's for sure my friend.
Cookie 33 (14 days ago)
But first you need some education and some real life grind followed by good luck to either get hired by the right company or somehow scrap up a capital to run your own company and bring your ideas out... So as you probably can see, just keep flippin them burgers instead...
Matthew Holmes (16 days ago)
Probably will be 1,000 dollars
Chris Benham (16 days ago)
It looks like an iPhone taped to your face (aka) google cardboard Oh, and u forgot to mention intel’s AR glasses
T.Watcher (16 days ago)
I love watching your videos and doing homework!
Luke Laforgia (16 days ago)
Sorry im late I just started school and haven’t had time for youtube
Isuckwithashotty (16 days ago)
Apple stole this idea from Intel.
Tanya de Erio (16 days ago)
Why so handsome? 😍😁
Sultan Al Ahmad (16 days ago)
Caleb Okoh (16 days ago)
Resonance based speaker was exactly what I was going to mention
Arquel Cudia (16 days ago)
Google glasses is better.
naveen vallabhaneni (16 days ago)
please make shorter videos...i saw all your videos are going above 10min and quite difficult to concentrate that long
Mr.Rickey Titus III (16 days ago)
Yo like I think apple should use graphene to construct our air glasses because of its material properties, benefits, the future is bright.
Spencer Steele (17 days ago)
Intel's seem better, I don't want a whole fucking eye looking at Google maps
P 4 (17 days ago)
Nice bought me one..!!! As a gift 🎁
Himanshu Chamoli (17 days ago)
Joseph Grady (17 days ago)
Fix Siri, work on that embarrassment
Chitore 2009 (17 days ago)
i would pick true vr over them both like the one in sword art online and just lie on my bed enjoying it
Kunwar Neeraj Singh (17 days ago)
Your popcorns are expensive buddy !
Drenn Ernst (17 days ago)
One advertisement is sufficient
Tidal Yacht (17 days ago)
The days of people having any freedom in the world of government dystopia will soon be gone.
Brochacho III (17 days ago)
So what you’re saying is we all can be Tony Stark pretty soon. Sweet
Double D (17 days ago)
Intel already has these...
Yehuda Nadav (17 days ago)
Ailton Devesse (17 days ago)
INFINITY TSUKUYOMI akatsuki is behind this.
Wayne Johnny (17 days ago)
steve robinson (17 days ago)
Definitely AR for me as it offers to make redundant computer screens that keep you sitting down all day long. Even better if my Apple Watch was a remote control
Kurt Jensen (17 days ago)
Does this mean that maybe x-ray glasses come next? 😜
Nathan Edwards (17 days ago)
Love u doing what u do any more news about this year Apple Watch s4 plus 2018 iPhone updates please
Tim Alberts (17 days ago)
i want this glasses 😎
Tanvir Hasan (17 days ago)
"Sit back, get some snacks and enjoy". That's how it is!!
Samuel Nixon (17 days ago)
What do you prefer, nuts or popcorn?Comment your choice
Cookie 33 (14 days ago)
I would go with a spoon and tofu...
DEATH HOLLOW (18 days ago)
so when we hear about ghost stories of seeing things in the mirror thats not really there is now considered AR? time travel is real confirmed.
kauveh RUSTA (18 days ago)
what about the correction for people who wear medical glasses for different reasons please? thanx for a response
Jimmy Gunawan (18 days ago)
I will go with AR and how our mobile computing can go and move forward. VR makes us lazy and immobile.
Niresh Behari (18 days ago)
AR with holo lens is my preference. Apple glasses is a step in the right direction but the use and features still has a long way to go

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