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Inside the World's Coolest Tech Store

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Two hours alone in one of the coolest tech stores - B&H Photo in New York City! Huge shoutout to Jon, Judner, Krystal and Dom for coming along: https://www.youtube.com/tld https://www.youtube.com/uravgconsumer https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYGjbdDveVI8hGXyQBCeMZQ https://www.youtube.com/dom And of course big thank you to B&H for keeping the store open late just so we could explore and make this video. 🙏 Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (2429)
WalrusHD (3 days ago)
That running...
Fuk U (9 days ago)
Wrong the coolest tech store is Best Buy.
Murtuza Faiyaz (10 days ago)
Huh chocolate swirl........Yup;-)
Mark Goddard (13 days ago)
the dog bag who makes it as my wife would love one
AdasherPlayz gaming (23 days ago)
There's a new camera on the battle field, in sniper mode. Also Austin sounds like he asked questions he already knows the answer to.
sanjith321 (23 days ago)
Good thing Linus wasn’t in there. He would drop the store
Miles Tharp (26 days ago)
The best tech store is BIC camera is japan. Period.
VizzeGaming (1 month ago)
yeah, it´s going.... vroom
Tyler Ott (1 month ago)
He was playing a Metallica riff, awesome 😎
I have a dog named Zelda
TheProGamer 1 (1 month ago)
This man looks like linus
legendary kool aid (1 month ago)
Lol u said shit
Beluga Studios (1 month ago)
I want to see Linus vs B&H!!!!
007mrmrbig (1 month ago)
Any locations in other cities?
Vince Xander (1 month ago)
Why does austin run like that
Daniel McLaughlin (1 month ago)
I wish I could play that jellyfish song they played in SpongeBob's house on those speakers
Cooling Carpet (1 month ago)
Ronaldo Costa (1 month ago)
The most real video title ever!
VyvRΞousTM (1 month ago)
*Jaw drops*
VyvRΞousTM (1 month ago)
*Heaven for me.*
Jhonny Hemsworth (1 month ago)
Please tell me
Jhonny Hemsworth (1 month ago)
Best screen recording software
Energycatz (1 month ago)
Remember kids you can do anything if you have enough subscribers, look Austin got let into a store with $100,000s of dollars of equipment and can you see any security?
NeoArashi (2 months ago)
This conveyer system, is the coolest s*** ever! Did you say s***? Best part XD
CountryLife _ (2 months ago)
Teletubbietony20 (2 months ago)
oooooo u steal'n
Isaac Cool (2 months ago)
Nah who needs a 800mm lence go 1000mm
Mr Dude (2 months ago)
I never shop b n h. Worst costumers service i ever experience.
MrTimmy (2 months ago)
Cosmin Oprea (2 months ago)
7000$ not a big deal 😬
GoAnimations (2 months ago)
"Evans, did you just say shit?!"
Chase McDougall (2 months ago)
I want to go to New York now.
Chowder (3 months ago)
Yea bestbuy is pretty cool
Cameron Robitaille (3 months ago)
Hey guys this is Austin!
KINGSAVAGE 21287 (3 months ago)
Austin u such a nerd but I’m a nerd too
Malik Washington (3 months ago)
hearing expression holy heritage return later false buck kick well.
Gwest Films (3 months ago)
My dogs name is zelda 2
AdiL oSaFi (3 months ago)
the store owner want to tell you he's jewish ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Rahel Bakir (3 months ago)
Austin running is the shittiest thing you see today
Boney Miles (3 months ago)
whats up with youtube. I can hear the audio but theres no image to accompany it. its happening on other videos as well.
swaggerjesteryt (3 months ago)
Austin the b&h tour guy
Review Detective (3 months ago)
What are you compensating for with that big lens Austin?
shah zeen (4 months ago)
Nice master of puppets and enter sandman😂
Children's Tylenol (4 months ago)
you run like light hawkins from that gay ass death note
Clutch God (4 months ago)
Pls die
SuperHotFire (4 months ago)
Anyone else fucking hates Austin's voice? God he has money to show off some good shit....
יהלי לן (4 months ago)
what they dont havce is a red N.A.S 8k CAMERA
Nitrogen Penguin (4 months ago)
Should of named the video "Inside the World's Coolest Tech Store (featuring Austin racing a conveyor belt)"
Trinabh Paul (4 months ago)
the question is is it austin
Archie Vlogs (4 months ago)
i love these guys
TrulyDivined (4 months ago)
We need this store on every street corner. Make online shopping irrelevant so we don't have to wait a week for it to arrive.
Onxy Gaming & More (4 months ago)
XD THE BEST TECH STORE AND HE HAS WINDOWS 7 XD And you guys are like Team10 with What you are doing😂
Josh B (4 months ago)
It’s like he’s never seen a Nikon DSLR before... -_-
ding dong (4 months ago)
oh dang, first time seeing this store in a video and i like it alot
Conner Rowland (4 months ago)
When they started playing guitars I started to cringe...
GameLandOfficialUk (4 months ago)
Is The Mic Room Austin Proof?
Focus Flint11 (4 months ago)
The way he runs! Lool but awesome v
Trinabh Paul (4 months ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Joe Ocegueda (4 months ago)
Fuck yeah. Metallica.
d3rpFX (4 months ago)
C Bomb (4 months ago)
Why must you torture me like this all that tech is like a dream come true
Gowen Getter (4 months ago)
The dq ad made me unsub
CrazyAlien Gaming (5 months ago)
mah 👌👌👌Boii👌👌👌 darren
Squiffy (5 months ago)
The doggy so cute
Jeff And Jeff (5 months ago)
Ryan Watson (5 months ago)
My 2 of 4 favourite YouTubers in one room!
Pacey Johnston (5 months ago)
lord help me forget that I saw Austin run
MissingTech (5 months ago)
the coolest jewish is the owner of that store
Jamie Timms (5 months ago)
Wish I could be there!
Jack Frost (5 months ago)
idk why, but I was hoping the tech store would be Olive Garden.... XD
Obed David Perez Uri (5 months ago)
Austin: "Hey guys this is Austin", Me: Pressed Like button.
Michael Gillett (5 months ago)
I once flew to New York for a conference. I walked all the way to the superstore and was super excited to go shop in this store. They closed for the weekend 5 minutes before I got there. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.
Fiskeben (5 months ago)
Hitler apparently failed
I cringed when he started running around a store that had cameras worth tens of thousands of dollars.
Andres Guzman (5 months ago)
Krystal :)
Kadir Nokay (5 months ago)
idkflycasual (5 months ago)
Stop licking everything
Se-an (5 months ago)
Austin, you run like a man with no legs
Carl Bryant (5 months ago)
Gift Me Iphone 7+ pleaseeee
marwan mohamed (5 months ago)
Fuck you all we are all dead no need for that trash
DigitalWarrior9 (5 months ago)
Damn if I could own that store than bro it be lit fam
Camflht (5 months ago)
Anyonw else lafing at everyone is having a good time except youravrageconsumer
Game of thrones Fan (5 months ago)
Thats like the dad ofbest buy
Max Lopez Kim (5 months ago)
I've been in that store a couple times and This is DOPE
Its the poo emoji not chocolate swirl
Kazoo Kid (6 months ago)
Hey Austin, this is guy!
gamer Gc (6 months ago)
Hey gays this is justin
Dhanush .R (6 months ago)
which place that which shop that
Jeremy Gullatt (6 months ago)
"Lets haul ass to beat a conveyor belt in a store that has MANY $8000+ camera systems" X'D Btw even if it was just a few, Austin knows his cameras. Wow. Also, kudos to Austin for asking so nicely. They gave him run of the store and he doesn't abuse it without asking first. Btw did UrSavageConsumer have to stay up late for this field trip? He looked grumpy/pissed which I've NEVER seen him like that before lol. Probably just uncomfortable being around ppl he's not around often.
Dustin Downey (6 months ago)
NICE!!!! :-)
Jero 7733 (6 months ago)
The store would probably close down or just disappear the next day if Linus went in there for a night
ethen gameingtv (6 months ago)
i saw the fire on Twitter from 2014😱 I called on youtube
ace gaming (6 months ago)
He runs like a duck
Spartan D 228 (6 months ago)
lol Austin HILARIOUS in this video!😂🤣😂🤣
RenaissanceWok (6 months ago)
Imagine being deaf and hearing Austin on your shoulder, but he's 1 CM.
low zhan qin (6 months ago)
You call it world coolest shop no Nintendo switch
IAbood PlaysI (6 months ago)
wanna hear a joke Austin's run
Random Guy (6 months ago)
Wanna hear a joke? Your comment has 0 likes :(
The dog is so かわい
Obaidullah Salah (6 months ago)
Fuck you Daren
R.K'S play'Z (7 months ago)
I just noticed that is a Muslim store

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