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Google Home Mini Review: Smart Home for $49?

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Google Home Mini - Smart, small, and cheaper than before. Worth it? https://store.google.com/us/product/google_home_mini Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Muggsy Bogues by Alltta ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD Provided by Google for review.
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Text Comments (3931)
Joshua Gall (2 days ago)
Is it just me or did the mini sound kinda nicer than the regular home?
Digneris Cirilo (6 days ago)
Hkw you connected the TV with the google home mini? What do I need to do?
Chandru Ntr (9 days ago)
Ashwin Nair (10 days ago)
*can it give me head ?*
wondereagle (12 days ago)
Great review..thanks!
SteveDK (12 days ago)
YO...what iz up gois
Callusny (13 days ago)
It's hard to see because we are living our lives to day but, when you look back at how fast our technology has progressed.. Google employees have done an outstanding job with voice recognition. Extremely hard.
Rishikesh Kumaran (14 days ago)
Google home and mini is available in India now, which one should I go for
傳說之神 (17 days ago)
I am not a native English speaker. Marques your English is very clear and easy to understand to me even without a subtitle.
David Lionel (20 days ago)
U r ...osm....
TubeTorials (21 days ago)
ive got an Alexa and a google home mini.. its really depressing when neither of them can answer a question you have. I guess its due to the german language (me german). I tried several of the question you made and the German google home mini is way worse in answering them. but I guess thats just natural considering the amount of english speaking people vs those who speak german ¯_(ツ)_/¯
TubeTorials (21 days ago)
that light switch example is too relatable xD
Awesome Josh Gaming (21 days ago)
Already got it
Dave Baggs (21 days ago)
What nobody is talking about is the massive amounts of bandwidth the mini is using at idle. I purchased 2 at Christmas 2017 and my data usage in almost every month since has come close or gone over my limit. I have contacted Google via Twitter and also talked about this in forums and Google is not responding. If you research this issue, you will find so many people experiencing the same issue as me and not one solution is coming from any representative from Google. This might be a great video for you to research this and have an updated review.
Josh S5 (22 days ago)
Only $50.00 for those features. I dig it
Colin Dyer (22 days ago)
That is a great review! I knew NOTHING, now I know almost enough to buy. Thanks mate.
Marlies Callebert (22 days ago)
I'm just wondering... Will it be bad if I buy it in the US with your link eventhough I'm from Belgium ? For some strange reason it cost here around 79 euro, wich is 97 USD. Eventhough it is free shipping... Don't get it :/
Rd Kannan (23 days ago)
Nice T-Shirt..
Alexander Castillo (23 days ago)
Going to buy one tomorrow!
Eddie Goin (25 days ago)
Can the find my phone work on an iPhone
Tessa W. (27 days ago)
Marques - Which would you suggest? Would you say it is worth it to spend the extra money on the Google Home? or not to pay the extra and get the mini?
Anthony Ivanov (29 days ago)
Wiretap 50 bucks
selina yao (1 month ago)
POPMAS Acrylic Wall Mount Stand for Google Home Mini(Transparent color) is nice,I have it,great
Georgina Shaddel (1 month ago)
Ok question. So I want to get one of these but I do not have WiFi at my house.. but I have unlimited data on my phone so can I connect it thru my phone's Bluetooth and will it function as it it were running on wifi?
fyom (1 month ago)
Think how many use cases Google has excluded by not including a mini output jack.
Ultimate Sliema (1 month ago)
:( no jack...
Myfujacc Myfujacc (1 month ago)
does it support wpa2 enterprise?
Ramsai Dupati (1 month ago)
Alex Bellokezue (1 month ago)
Now it’s 30$
Patrick Presley (1 month ago)
Dial - 1844-353-5969 toll free to get instant support from our technical experts. Feel free to call us we are happy to help you out.
Surajit Pal (1 month ago)
It's fucking awsm
Google home Mini (1 month ago)
Google home is here to improve this
Jug3rnaut _ (1 month ago)
what song is that?
\ bluev / (1 month ago)
But I don’t mute my google home mini
TriggerScope YT (1 month ago)
Who else got a Google home mini ad
By the way, they made an update where you can just put a single finger of one of the sides and it will mute, do it again and it will unmute!
Big Pippin Wilk (1 month ago)
btw, that intro is using an AllttA song. I noticed AllttA in the homepod and now I am seeing it ALL OVER this channel.
Vino sitas (1 month ago)
lol.. mine got faster feedback then marques' one
TaKira NeShon (1 month ago)
This video was added on my birthday last year, nice video just got one today
The_Master 68 (1 month ago)
Marques! You set off my Google home mini!
King Asesino (1 month ago)
Every time I said “hey google” my google homemwemtmoff
Joshua Wilson (1 month ago)
Finally getting one. On a college budget it's hard, but I need one (A.K.A Really want)
Marvel Leakes (1 month ago)
Is these google home is smarter than our asistants??
Hua Yin (1 month ago)
Can I use this in china?
Yonten Gyatso (1 month ago)
how comfortable is this mini with iPhone ? specially google assistant ?
Majic Pimp (1 month ago)
Hey! Its 50$ at Walmart but 40$ at homedepot 👌
Gianna Siuda (1 month ago)
espen reppe (1 month ago)
Looks almost exactly like the jbl clip bluetooth speaker. 🤔
Hareesh Devendran (1 month ago)
Worlds most biased , paid by various brands
BLASTOYZ (1 month ago)
Can I watch a movie with this sound quality and enjoy it?
Laser Lens (1 month ago)
No headphone jack. Of fucking course
Taro Samuelson (1 month ago)
Why is it such a big deal that it's not USB C? It's not like your gonna be plugging it in and out multiple times a day!
Dawa Tsering (1 month ago)
these should have a hologram face or body on top lol
Guacamole Edits (1 month ago)
I need it -Spongebob
John Wallis (1 month ago)
you triggered my google home mini like 20 times and my cat jumped every time she started talking.
Infidel Atheist (1 month ago)
Im getting a parrot instead, I can trust a parrot not to snitch on me .
Ty Barney (1 month ago)
Can I make farting noises or is that too advanced?
Carlos Rodríguez (1 month ago)
Michael Hartman (1 month ago)
We've entered the age of star trek
Michael Hartman (1 month ago)
I want one for my bedroom. Be cool.
Wyatt Simones (2 months ago)
This video triggered my google home mini three times!
Simon (2 months ago)
I'd definitely buy one if it had a jack for a better speaker...
Aaronn sixx (2 months ago)
can you play & pause using sound command?
MrAwawe (2 months ago)
"I found a few phones" just gotta love that lol!
Pandapluzonomics ! (2 months ago)
I'll pay the 50, it's. Cheaper than the Apple's home pod . On black firday you can pick it less than that.
Eahsan Abedin (2 months ago)
I love it
The Triple A (2 months ago)
Can I connect this to a hi-fi Amplifier?
Connor (2 months ago)
Google Assistant knows I want Metric instead of US measurements.
ritag82 (2 months ago)
Whaaat google home can be my dice????????!!!! WOW
Aiden Hasier (2 months ago)
$49 in titles and video and $50 in thumbnail
ADARSH L. SINGH (2 months ago)
Do a comparison of Google home and echo dot.
Justin Rybicki (2 months ago)
When you said google watch this video it started playing that video lol
H. Glover (2 months ago)
Hey, Marcus: I bought one for Christmas. It's cool; it's sufficient for my needs. It will help me move forward in the tech world. Thanks!
Laysespeaks (2 months ago)
I really want to know where your couches are from!!
Laysespeaks (2 months ago)
I got mine for $23 new and it's perfect for our small apartment
Kesavan Sa (2 months ago)
Can it by chance hang it vertically on wall or ceiling?
Joe H (2 months ago)
Watched alot of your videos but never noticed how fucking smooth your studio is, you've came so far over the years, so happy for you dude.
Supreme Icecreme (2 months ago)
What about the people who use spotify free?
Christian (2 months ago)
Would this play apple music?
beez1717 (2 months ago)
I don't know why I'd get this over using my phone connected to a speaker and using Google assistant on it! Is there any advantage to having the speaker or is it the same as using the assistant on my phone?
Abhishek Benny (2 months ago)
Can you say google home or apple homepod better suitable in real life???
Joe H (2 months ago)
Abhishek Benny google home for everyday multifunction, homepod if you have an iPhone and subscribe to Apple music because the sound quality is top notch.
Karen Miller (2 months ago)
Keep doing more stuff like this, the video is great!  If you get a chance, check out this other channel keepit1oo , love what he’s doing with his videos too!
Daniel Jas (2 months ago)
is it possible to use google home with iphone? Like to listen to spotify, or if i have incoming call on my phone, to answer that on a speaker?
Technophile Authority (2 months ago)
Awesome video! I like the Google Home but I like Alexa a little more. Any preference?
bakeandWake (2 months ago)
The fact that it can control your chrome cast justifies the purchase alone, I created a voice activated smart 4k tv for <$350..with a $250 40" Sceptre LED, $35 Chrome Cast, $39 home mini...thanks google!! Great vid Marques!
Kyle Marquardt Vlogs (2 months ago)
U set my my Google home 😂👏
Howie Katts (2 months ago)
Got mine on sale at Target for 39.00 plus 5% off for using their card. Never had anything like this before and I really like it.Nice review. It was very professional, clear and concise.
Jay Dinotanic (2 months ago)
I’m an Apple guy but this is 10x better than HomePod
Charlie Toes (2 months ago)
It’s way better than eco dot
Spills51 (2 months ago)
Didt have one of these till I saw it at Target for 39 bucks. Just didn't see any reason not to even if I barely use it.
prathification (2 months ago)
Curious as to how well commands work when given while music is being played from the mini or another speaker in the same room
thetallguy (2 months ago)
It was fun for a minute, but anyone on your home network can use it. About a week before siblings and friends started screwing with it.
sharad chandakacherla (2 months ago)
Hey Marques, would you do a review for echo dot or any alexa devices?
Abe Christensen (2 months ago)
When you said "hey Google" it triggered on my Pixel 2. 😂
Sarina's World (2 months ago)
Love Google Home Mini especially the Australian version!
Tony Hawk (2 months ago)
Thank goodness you made a review of the mini saying it's just like the big one. What a waste of time...
tierratortuga1 (2 months ago)
Can Google Home and Mini understand ather languages or you need to speak english?!
Phone Daft (2 months ago)
Does this need to be in charge all the time or can you take it off charge and use it as a speaker???
123pandatastic (2 months ago)
your channel is such high quality, i love it! :)
Ashton Braun (2 months ago)
My parents bought me one of these the other day and I didn't really know what it was so I watched this. As he asked Google questions my Home kept telling me it didn't recognize my voice. 😁

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