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Best phones of the year 2017

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Top 5 Smartphone 2017 - 2018 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnXQ2TKNG3FPV-iUoLXH1IQ?sub_confirmation=1 Top 5 budget smartphone June 2017 1. Samsung S8 Plus Price: $820 2. OnePlus 5 Price: $479 3. Google Pixel Price: $549 4. Sony Xperia XL Price: $625 5. HTC U11 Price : $649 Hello Viewers this smartphone have best features. This phone is amazing for the price and carrier friendly.Motorola Moto G4 Plus have good performance ,13 mp advance camera and fast TurboPower battery charging and more advantage. key specs:-Display:5.50-inch,Processor:1.5GHz octa-core,Front Camera:5-megapixel,Resolution:1080x1920 pixels,RAM:2GB,OS:Android 6.0.1,Storage:16GB,Rear Camera:16-megapixel,Battery Capacity:3000mAh The BLU R1 HD most popular smartphone on amazon because their reasonable low price.it is also best budget smartphone key specs:-display:5.0" camera:8 MP.5mp,2GB RAM,2500mAh. The Huawei Honor 6X best for good metal design super fast performance and fingerprint sensor .this smartphone one of the best budget smartphone . key specs:-Display:5.50-inch,Processor:1.7GHz octa-core,Front Camera:8-megapixel,Resolution:1080x1920pixels,RAM:3GB,OS:Android 6.0,Storage:32GB,Rear Camera:12-megapixel,Battery Capacity:3340mAh ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser 5.5-inch display, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, Unlocked Dual SIM Cell Phone. ZenFone 3 Laser features a powerful 64-bit processor - Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 430. Its elements exude exclusivity, from its metallic body and premium aesthetics to the unique ergonomic design. this mobile is the wroth of money with good unique features.samsung galaxy j7 prime have best camera super fast performance and perfect for all. key specs:-Display:5.50-inch,Processor:1.6GHz octa-core,Front Camera:8-megapixel,Resolution:1080x1920 pixels,RAM:3GB,OS:Android 6.0,Storage:16GB,Rear Camera:13-megapixel,Battery Capacity:3300mAh. ➖➖ Top 5 World best Smartphones of 2017: Upcoming Smartphone 2017 in this video i show you TOP 5 BEST Smartphones of 2016.All are best company smartphones like Apple Iphone, Nokia, Samsung , Asus , Blackberry , Sony, Oppo, ZTE. January, February, March, April, may, June, July, August, September, October, November, December Technology. Tech, technical, budget smartphone, under $200, $300, $400, $500, most thinnest, stylish, slime, perfectly carried, borderless display, AMOLED, IPS, Gorrila display, selfie camera, dual camera, 4k video camera, zoom camera, focus camera, camera lens, led flash, HD flash, 3d flash, dual core processor, core 2 duo, octa core, quad core, snapdragon 820, Qualcomm, Hardware, IOS, new phone, Ram 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, ROM 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, ALUMINUM BODY, All mobiles have best camera's, high graphic's, Full HD Display. 4G LET, Long Battery's , best RAM And ROM , Best Processer, AND Best Gaming experience. - Some More BEST 4GB RAM Smartphones :- LG V20 , Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge , Google Pixel XL , Huawei Mate 9 , Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe , ZTE Axon 7 , Vivo Xplay 5 , Xiaomi Mix Evo. NOTE : we do not own any of the trailers,music,logos,songs shown in the video any they are all the copyrighted contents of the respective

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T-Cloud (6 months ago)
World Best Flagship Phones Available in November 2017 https://goo.gl/tGHv25
Sairam Peddi (5 months ago)
last handset name in above video??
Myriam Plonquem@yahoo.fr (5 months ago)
Myriam Plonquem@yahoo.fr (5 months ago)
T-Clou1l125sMatthiasJaclynJaclyn2JaclynJaclyn y 527 0ppmJaclynJaclynJaclynMatthiasMatthias23JaclynJaclyn64522
satish sharma (6 months ago)
T-Cloud space in j9ñkkabaa0
Dilip Gohsh (5 months ago)
Lenovo k8 note is the best
jelisto Wa k9 patrck m (5 months ago)
name of the song plz
Hardik Baraiya Baraiya (5 months ago)
What is the name of song played in background
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
Wumbo123 (5 months ago)
When will people realize this song is horrible
Hridoy Khan (5 months ago)
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
Ammar Channa (5 months ago)
Can You Give Me The Link Of Thi Ringtone
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
search (alan walker - faded)
Rossas Keysha (5 months ago)
Very nice video and music.
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
thanks for your support
Rsr Chauhan (5 months ago)
I like u
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
like you too...
Usman Khan (5 months ago)
Same to you
Chandan Kumar (5 months ago)
Y hav u given the music of real cricket in this video
Yusuf Zakari (5 months ago)
I seem to disagree with your review. Where did you place LG V30?
zero zero (5 months ago)
I love samsung s8
dr (5 months ago)
what is the first mobile name and model?
Ahmed Oyetunde (5 months ago)
Nice phone
Sk Abdur Rakib (5 months ago)
I like u 5
Shanzy Kanwal (5 months ago)
What's the song name??? Can anyone tell me plzz
Shanzy Kanwal (5 months ago)
Thank u so much 😊
Mario Rivero (5 months ago)
Shanzy Kanwal Shanzy Kanwal ... Alan Walker - Faded... Try to Search the Remix Versión.
Md. Tanha Sikdar (5 months ago)
Rival Gears (5 months ago)
Apple is better than samsung
Allen Jamatia (5 months ago)
Sour Gaming (5 months ago)
raju rahul (5 months ago)
name of music name plzzzzzzzzz,
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
alan walker (faded )
raju rahul (5 months ago)
tone name plz
Shahnavaj ansari (5 months ago)
Bhai background music ka name bata do
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
alan walker faded
Shiven Pandya (5 months ago)
Its nice
Prakash Kumar (5 months ago)
Video HD vajpurie
Harsh Raj (5 months ago)
Mera phone OPPO a 57 MA bhi google assistant ha
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
pls setup google assistant for your phone by playstore... if you can't than take help some videos by youtube ...... or search (how to setup google assistants any android)
i love mi phone
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
Good . . . . . . . . . . . .
Gul Muhammad (5 months ago)
Hercules Lopes (5 months ago)
A melhor linha de celular chamasse Samsung so falta lançar o s 10 ai para tudo
Amin Amin (5 months ago)
Re re ddddfff
Miro s (5 months ago)
Op5t #1
Miro s (5 months ago)
Yep:) but nowdays
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
but this videos upload 30 august
GAMING TONIGHT (5 months ago)
Can you give me the link of this music
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
search (faded)
Alvin Page (5 months ago)
Iphone lovers attack.
Alvin Page (5 months ago)
T-Cloud Yeah! I know this will hurt them..
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
sorry for that, but iphone lovers can see my new videos ....
Skylar Tan (5 months ago)
I got htc phone before
maisarah nadia (5 months ago)
i like the last one, is samsung?
Islam Tohamy (5 months ago)
samsung galaxy note 8 😍
ravi pandya (5 months ago)
Maisarah Nadia j
reena sharma (5 months ago)
Faded at background my favourite song
adrian Oropesa (5 months ago)
arifuddin m.razali (5 months ago)
iphone x??
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
iphone x released after videos upload
BRAJESH KUMAR (5 months ago)
BRAJESH KUMAR (5 months ago)
Uppari Naveen (5 months ago)
Ainun Mahya (5 months ago)
Sony i love you
Devashish mods (5 months ago)
Mujha tera jobs song h waska link do
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
faded songs
assia boulila (5 months ago)
Dainik Somoy Sangbad (5 months ago)
Sharma Soft (5 months ago)
team bella with mark (5 months ago)
i wish her in my birthday i phone :(
praveen sharma (5 months ago)
Qasim Hassan (5 months ago)
Don’t see Apple 🍎 in this video
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
sorry,,,,, for that..... but 2 months before not released iphone 8/10(X)...
Abhishek Sharma (5 months ago)
Which song he used it was hexy tell me please
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
faded (alan walker)
Sceptic Sham (5 months ago)
My list - 5. Oneplus 5T 4. Iphone X 3. Note 8 2. Pixel 2 XL 1. S8
Kiran Thakuri (5 months ago)
Asif U (5 months ago)
which phone in number 3 shown in this video
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
google pixel phone
Prakruthi Prakruthi (5 months ago)
Wow I phone I am crazzz of it
Paresh Halder (5 months ago)
Lim Ray (5 months ago)
oppo better bro
Vikram Srinivasan (5 months ago)
What's number 1?
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
Galaxy S8
jamshed alam (5 months ago)
Good fantastic.
Jesus Rubio (5 months ago)
Venkatesh Sagar (6 months ago)
Worst presentation
surya Sai (6 months ago)
Bro u missed Honor 8 Pro.. it is no less to One plus 5... U could have still researched
Sahil Kumar (6 months ago)
sahil kumar
chiranjit Mandal
chiranjit Mandal
Trupti Bendale (6 months ago)
what is the PR of pixel phone and i one plus
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
obviously add next videos ....
Dimple Chopra (6 months ago)
V.good mobile I want this Mobile
Lalita Bisht (6 months ago)
nice phone
musa khan (6 months ago)
whats the song name?
Ayushman Bhagat (5 months ago)
T-Cloud (6 months ago)
alan walker (copyrightfree music)
javed khatri (6 months ago)
Aman Jat (6 months ago)
wawe kitne ka he bhai
XxKarlosxX (6 months ago)
Compared 2iPhone Xpensive... The Note 8 looks ... light. years ahead... Ugliest phone of the year goes to... iPhone... Also most expensive phone of the year with less features... Can't even match Fast wireless charging from Samsung or even match quick charging... Even though Samsung doesn't have quick charge 3.0 like others have... If iPhones were over priced before now is just ridiculous...
Domas Verseckas (5 months ago)
Pisk nahui
arefa1979 (5 months ago)
Domas Verseckas cant take the truth eh
Domas Verseckas (5 months ago)
XxKarlosxX stfu
Vimala Vimala (6 months ago)
Ravi tech (6 months ago)
very poor network jio
Aslam safi pak (6 months ago)
How much price this phone
manahil manal (6 months ago)
name of music plz ?
Phone Hacks (5 months ago)
manahil manal Alan Walkers *Fade*
Uzair Patni (5 months ago)
Sexy ho tum
Max Rajpurohit (5 months ago)
Mohamed Osman (5 months ago)
Fun Tarian (5 months ago)
Ncs Alan walker faded
BRIGHT PROGRAMMER (6 months ago)
Which music you gave in background
Pradip B (5 months ago)
Faded by alan walker
BRIGHT PROGRAMMER (6 months ago)
T-Cloud (6 months ago)
copyright free music NCS
Sarojranjan Majhi (6 months ago)
Sarojranjan Majhi (6 months ago)
Abrish Noor (6 months ago)
price Kya hen isk
T-Cloud (6 months ago)
1. Samsung S8 Plus Price: $820 2. OnePlus 5 Price: $479 3. Google Pixel Price: $549 4. Sony Xperia XL Price: $625 5. HTC U11 Price : $649
prabakaran K (6 months ago)
all mobile super
comadey vs jokas (6 months ago)
Ajay 9999270857 (5 months ago)
Neeshu Gazi Hii
Sandeep Patel (6 months ago)
aan Zahra (6 months ago)
swetrs pictures
aan Zahra (6 months ago)
new colection disings swetars
Shahid Qadri (6 months ago)
Ashok Pandey (6 months ago)
you did an excellent job , I really helpful
manju shegunashi (5 months ago)
samuel rai (6 months ago)
Note 8 is the best phone in the earth
Suresh Kumar (6 months ago)
Suresh kumar
MemeLess X (6 months ago)
Where's Nokia?
T-Cloud (6 months ago)
wait for next videos thanks for your comments
Kushi Kumari (6 months ago)
Nitin Kumar (6 months ago)
Bhai 1st no. Wala phone Ka Kya nam tha
Hazimah Ima (6 months ago)
Nitin Kumar put\70
T-Cloud (6 months ago)
1. Samsung S8 Plus
Raja Jabbar (6 months ago)
What is the name of last phone?thank you
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
last phone Samsung galaxy S8/S8+
last sumsung phone version (note or s)
T-Cloud (6 months ago)
5. HTC U11
Simran Khadka (6 months ago)
I like no.1
M Stelios (5 months ago)
yogesh verma Samsung S8 plus
yogesh verma (5 months ago)
Simran Khadka but phone name is..?
Raju DYTTO (5 months ago)
I like u
Bakra Gangstar (5 months ago)
Simran Khadka https://goo.gl/search/Weather ☀️ It's 15°C in Rohtak https://goo.gl/search/Weather ☀️ It's 15°C in Roh
Avinash Rai (5 months ago)
Donald Trump (6 months ago)
I fucking hate this music down to the core.
Donald Trump (6 months ago)
Cracker is a great place to work for a year and the best way to get a easy blowjob
Nitta Venkateswarlu (6 months ago)
Nitta Venkateswarlu
Narendra Kumar (6 months ago)
narendra ku90584756rajput
Sanjay Sarkar (6 months ago)
SJS Tech Tuch (6 months ago)
Tamashri Das (6 months ago)
Great ..
Rehan Khan (6 months ago)
Pinki Das oucxhcxfzzzckj
Pallavjit Sarma (6 months ago)
All are waste phone

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