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Gigabyte Aero 15 GTX 1070 With Max Q Design Laptop Review - Slim and Powerful

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Gigabyte have hit the Laptop market hard with a slim 22mm thick notebook that packs a GTX 1070 (called the Max Q Design), this whole package gets great gaming performance whilst only using about 130watts in power even with the 1080p MVA screen turned on. Overall a really incredible laptop, though it does command a premium. **US** Get the Aero 15 Here: http://amzn.to/2CQr8Nu **AUS** https://www.stormcomputers.com.au/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=44_470&products_id=7048 **UK** http://amzn.to/2ACDXG0 For a $1 a month you can help support the channel directly & gain access to an uncut special monthly live: http://www.patreon.com/techyescity Join our Forums for Discussion: www.techcity.tv/forum Stay up to date with the latest updates here: Twitter - www.twitter.com/techyescity Instagram - www.instagram.com/techyescity Facebook - www.facebook.com/techyescity Google Plus - https://goo.gl/QdZmQF Check out my Video Editing PC Here - http://amzn.to/2oFKlrb ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Provided by either: monstercat, chukibeats, epidemicsound, vlognocopyright or bassrebels
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Text Comments (171)
qrayz (10 days ago)
Shame it's s 60hz screen but not too bad.
Nikhil Chandra (1 month ago)
Does it have g sync?
Nikhil Chandra (1 month ago)
Does it have g sync?
Dr. donna Walter (1 month ago)
Is this an 8th gen or does something like this not expected to come out like that? I like the battery and larger storage while maintaining portability. Thank you. I appreciated the thoroughness of your video and subbed.
thepan (1 month ago)
CORRECTION: Every Aero lineups up to the recent ones are 19.9mm thick :)
neon cz (2 months ago)
Kill a watt
Archie Wei (2 months ago)
Bought one yesterday, paid $2850. It’s coming by Friday.
saucebuawse (2 months ago)
will buy the next iteration of this laptop if they add a 120 hz screen
1st Acc (1 month ago)
a new one will be unveiled in april 3, it will have a 144hz display!
JaySun (1 month ago)
Clevo P950HR got same specs with a 120 hz screen
borkenborg (2 months ago)
Is it possible to undervolt the cpu and gpu? I would never consider high 80s to 90s Celsius to be good. No matter how "thin" or "light" this laptop may be.
XENITH CG (2 months ago)
I want this laptop with a 1080 and 120htz display. Only then will it be 100% perfect!
Terrance Willis (2 months ago)
Great review! I have the Gigabyte Aero 15X (15X-BK4) and I did NOT get the power adapter with a USB plug. So, I am just wondering if you would be so kind and reply with the Model# of your power adapter Gigabyte provided you. Just so I can look into purchasing it if need be down the line. Thanks! Please Note: My model#: ADP-200FB D (Manufacturer - Delta Electronics)
Immune (2 months ago)
Considering prices on GPU's this is very good deal
Orlando R (2 months ago)
60 hz or 120 hz ???????
Orlando R 60hz ips X-rite phantone certified ( that Means that they have callibrated the display for better color).
Kenny Smarsch (2 months ago)
Where the hell can anyone buy this laptop? Ive been tracking it for months on newegg, amazon and the sites that they have linked on the official gigabyte site and they have all been out of stock for months!
Sana Banana (1 month ago)
Patrick Lawrence Hopefully it will include 120/144Hz in the renewed version :>
Patrick Lawrence (2 months ago)
They're redoing it and addressing some of the complaints people had with it (no 4k) (only 60 Hz). Its expected to release in late March/early April.
Arek R. (2 months ago)
Very nice gaming laptop, I think I could go for i... *price: $2200* HELL NAH!!!!
Da Viz (2 months ago)
The 1070 max q seems more like a1060ti
Sameer Ahmed (3 months ago)
It sucks
Jesse Pinkman (2 months ago)
Sameer Ahmed no money no party
Mykolas Pinkevicius (3 months ago)
I want one to be as feature for my macbook pro. Mac for music and Lap for games :)
Hooliganz (1 month ago)
Mykolas Pinkevicius can't you buy an iPod for music ?
Anjelica Dixon (3 months ago)
I love You!
Gaia Ang (3 months ago)
wait im sorry you picked up an alienware laptop for 50$???? 3:40 hook me up man
Roc (3 months ago)
Outdated resolution and low refresh rate at $2200? No thanks.
Ahmed360 (3 months ago)
Sexy powerful subtle looking Gaming laptop, Perfect! I love it so much.
Buff Barnaby (3 months ago)
Getting Omen 870 244 for $1049 like new with real 1070 8GB/i7 7700/16GB DDR4/500W PSU Will add my own NVME drive too.
Buff Barnaby (3 months ago)
*checks nostrils for dried boogers*
Melbourne Dauz (3 months ago)
My dream laptop 😍 I wish I could have it.
burninghalls (3 months ago)
Oh the Aero 15 I thought you where saying the Gigabyte Error 15.
Ghengis Moto (3 months ago)
whats the intro song? really catchy tune!
Diti Diti (3 months ago)
I have this laptop and is the best thing it ever happened to me😵😍
Robert (3 months ago)
My rent is about the same price as this laptop...
Darin Waters (3 months ago)
Only 3.5 hours of battery life watching movies? Notebookcheck got at least 7 hours; not exactly sure what happened in either case, am I missing something?
hugopredatorgames (22 days ago)
If u turn to the min instead of max the vents it gets more battery life thats what i do with my acer predator
BO3 BEAST (2 months ago)
that was on the gtx 1060 model. He reviewed the gtx 1070 model instead
Henji'sPlace (3 months ago)
It is really nice but that price tag is wow !! Also it seemed really loud when you held the mic over it during load in pubg but all in all the size and what you get and how well it runs it is worth it.
akarna69 (3 months ago)
No one wants "blow on their face" 🤣 Great video man! I hope CES 2018 (this week) will have some great new laptops as well.
Andrew Park (3 months ago)
Did gigabyte sponsor this? I cannot find this laptop anywhere in aus. All shops out of stock since november.
Talons Tech Talk (3 months ago)
Great review man. My only gripe with this laptop and what has kept me from purchasing it is the 60Hz IPS screen. As a “gaming” laptop the screen is almost as important as the GPU and CPU, maybe more important. I’ve owned at least a dozen different gaming laptops and until only recently this was my biggest issue. Most IPS laptop screens have terrible 25-30ms response times and while they look great for desktop use, gaming with that response time and 60Hz refresh rate is ughhhh. This laptop needs an option for a 120hz 5ms TN panel that is available on a lot of current gaming laptops. I am using the exact AUO 5ms 120hz TN panel on my 1070/6700K laptop and it’s a dream. It looks and feels just like my desktop 144hz. It’s also extremely bright for a laptop at 400nit. Most laptops are in the 200-300nit range. Brightness also seems to be a complaint I see a lot and at 400nit you have very little room to complain.
Bryce (3 months ago)
"Cum near your face or blow on your face" - Tech Yes City 201
Red Phoenix (3 months ago)
@10:13 Unless it is a scam, therefore it is a pretty lame platitude. There is no objective pricing bro, even though it is pretty much standard for this configuration. The krauts pay €2400 for it.
Tick Tock Tech (3 months ago)
Hey guys I'm 8 subs away from hitting 300. Give my channel a look and if you like it consider helping me his 300 tonight! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpeHFhoO0PHNeQ5yC_x_FJQ
Kadablo (3 months ago)
Can I game on a Xeon x5650 with a gtx 970 4gb and if I get a X5650 for only 40$ canadian is that a solid deal?
Hooliganz (1 month ago)
Kadablo are you human ? You ask like a monkey
major wow (3 months ago)
Kadablo it's just a way of expressing laughter. Also I don't know much at all about the differences between Xeon models, I was just saying no one knows how demanding future games will be. But if it's as powerful as a Ryzen CPU then it should be fine for quite a while.
Kadablo (3 months ago)
Why you always add ''haha''?
Sam Henden (3 months ago)
since it is still more powerful than a 4/8 r5 1400, and nearly as powerful as a 1600 it will probably be relevant for a while haha
major wow (3 months ago)
Kadablo it means “I don’t know” but really no one knows. If it works fine now, it’ll probably work fine for a few years.
Joe Sweeney (3 months ago)
9:48 "NVMe panel" hehe love ya work and reviews. Honest and realistic.
DrShabba (3 months ago)
This laptop can come near my face and blow on it :)
Shanon Florentina (3 months ago)
Is the pc behind him on the left dusty or is it just me ?
Meng Moua (3 months ago)
$3000! I'll just stick with my Switch for on the go gaming.
DAVID GREGORY KERR (3 months ago)
An update came through during your video blog.
MANNY~EmberDim (3 months ago)
Nice review, Bryan! Thanks!
Antidote Harry (3 months ago)
Forget others when you game so headset on and temps cool so nevermind the noice 🎧
dumkopf (3 months ago)
My only gripe is gigabyte's branding. Too in your face
Alexander Mustermann (3 months ago)
Aero 15 is amazing honestly, even the last year's version. But too pricey for me, so I went with an Asus ROG 15 Inch. Other than the one-of-a-kind battery life on the Gigabyte, the Asus has it all albeit at a bit beefier size. 16 GB DDR4 Ram, i7 7700hq, full fat GTX 1070, 256 GB NVMe Drive + 1 TB HDD, and a GORGEOUS 120 Hz GSYNC IPS Panel. + Amazing price/performance which I never hoped to see on an Asus ROG device lol. The model I use is the asus rog gl502vs.
Alexander Mustermann (1 month ago)
Daffa Akbar you're welcome!
Daffa Akbar (1 month ago)
thankss. cheers man
Alexander Mustermann (1 month ago)
Daffa Akbar I'd take the Asus over the MSI because the MSIs are extremely loud under load and throttle because of overheating. One cannot fool physics, the heat has to go somewhere and there isn't enough room for cooling in the tiny MSI chassis.
Alexander Mustermann (1 month ago)
Sana Banana somehow I didn't get notification of your comment :/ The fans are very quiet and the temperatures are good considering the hardware. You can also tune the fan profile manually. 3D mark shows desktop 1070 performance, so far very happy with gaming on it :)
Daffa Akbar (1 month ago)
thanks man. another one, the asus gl502vs or the MSI ge63vr 7rf?
Almir Preldzic (3 months ago)
Microcenter: Dell 15.6" 7577 i7 7700hq, 16gb DDR4, GTX 1060 6GB (MAX-Q), 256gb nvme, 1 tb hdd for $999 bought on sale. This thing is overpriced.
Frode Bergeton Nilsen (1 month ago)
Sure it is. But if you want what it offers, the 7577 is simply no replacement for it. The Dell is far bigger, the battery is about half, and the screen is seriously sluggish. This is actually a portable, the Dell is simply not.
Victor Gonza (3 months ago)
Very slick laptop but a 60hz 1080p screen is a mistake for a Gtx 1070
Muhammad Muneeb (2 months ago)
Victor Gonza Its perfectly fine as laptop become obsolete faster than desktop (upgradable). This option will be beneficial in future games
Andrew Slader (3 months ago)
Basically performs the same as a 1060 but they market it as a 1070 and do you know what that means? They can charge 300$ more than a 1060 laptop because it has a 7 after a 10 and before a 0
Andrew Slader (3 months ago)
이진민 Acer predator helios 300. Don’t trust online benchmarks I benchmarked it myself and it blows the ones on the internet out of the water
이진민 (3 months ago)
Egg McMuffin which laptop do u use? There us no thermal throttling? Nor less performance compared to the fe edition? Pray tell me which laptop u use so i can check the benchmarks.
Andrew Slader (3 months ago)
이진민 I know I have a 1060 laptop it does run hot but the difference between the two cards are very minimal, in fact not even noticeable also the 1060 6gb laptop variant performs the same
이진민 (3 months ago)
Egg McMuffin ive checked many benchmarks, the gtx 1070 max q perfomes similarly with a desktop gtx 1060. A non max q laptop gtx 1060 loses about 10 - 15 percent of performance from the desktop variant and has uncomfortable thermals with continous thermal throttling. So consider those.
Mathieu Bouvier (3 months ago)
Beast spec but failed to deliver with this 60hz screen sadly, NEXT!!
Tyrian2k (3 months ago)
As for the touchpad, usually notebooks have a key combination to disable the touchpad, doesn't this one include such? (like fn+F3 in my shit old lg e500 notebook), tho i prefer the touch to keep itself active and disabling it by hand if I feel like doing so.
LpFLY (3 months ago)
it does include ,, Fn+F10
DrStormpooper (3 months ago)
The design is terrible. Like something made in 2005.
Tyrian2k (3 months ago)
I find this notebook ugly. Really ugly.
Sic Semper Beats (3 months ago)
Just get a 1060 laptop
RepsUp100 (3 months ago)
You're not at CES?
gtpc (3 months ago)
Awesome thing
Deon Spates (3 months ago)
Awesome review!
MrZoichi (3 months ago)
That has to be the worst placement for a webcam, but at least it is a nice one. Looks like an all-around good laptop.
Harry Cox (3 months ago)
Great video, with the weird 80s music video as a nice touch. As for the product, there's no way in Hell I'm paying that kind of paper money for a laptop.
CODEMSTR (3 months ago)
Gud for mining?
owenhehe (3 months ago)
You sure the dimension is right? 350mm*250mm*22mm, 350mm should be 14'' laptop. Is it really that small?
Tirynth (3 months ago)
X5450 vs i5 750?
idontwatch tv (3 months ago)
Impressive how that 7700HQ was able to almost match my 2700K @ 4.5GHz on Cinebench.
Kerolos Abdrabbo (3 months ago)
i would take a 99 whr battery over that second ssd mount. maybe a better speakers.
Kerolos Abdrabbo (3 months ago)
이진민 you can I didn't know that
이진민 (3 months ago)
Kerolos Abdrabbo me too. But its great that u can choose.
Alexis Barrientos (3 months ago)
One of the most powerful and beautiful laptop out there.
Na Son (3 months ago)
If anyone is looking to buy gtx 1070 8gb for cheap leave your email asking for $250 for mine. Also selling some other parts cheap
Dentix Graphics (3 months ago)
Would anyone here recommend a gtx 690, i can get one for under 100$
lukmhs (3 months ago)
that's a Playstation 2 of 2017.
Azims Lives (3 months ago)
bad cooling, avoid this laptop
Shane Isaac (3 months ago)
It won't blow on your face lol😨😨😨😨
Naig Carillo (3 months ago)
Great laptop. Want it. Need it. Can't afford it.
Gordon (3 months ago)
Looks like in the UK there is only the GTX1060 version available on Amazon ^^ Brians Amazon link^^
Hotplate1 (3 months ago)
You should try repasting with high quality thermal paste, then compare the results.
Luciaboii758 (3 months ago)
Dammnnnn I want one!!!!!!!....keep up the good work Brian
Gaius Trollius (3 months ago)
That looks pretty slick. It's much better than that "gaming" aesthetic.
wtfuredead (3 months ago)
Why would you review a 7th gen intel cpu when the 8th has 50% more cores and threads
eljuancho2 (3 months ago)
Does it overheats?
Jezza Clarkson (3 months ago)
I’m with you on the segregated buttons man, it’s often a dealbreaker for me
Scyn (3 months ago)
28 degrees, you are living the cooler life compared to other places in Aus. Hopefully you haven't melted yet Bryan.
but can it run minecraft
Yedige Moldagaliyev (3 months ago)
I still do not see a point of thin laptops with MAX Q GPU's if they don't provide decent battery life when not gaming
ZiisusChrist (3 months ago)
Max Q sounds really ridiculous... Q would have been more professional.
defo8811 (3 months ago)
Price - 2400 Euro , no thanks
Taseen Jubair (3 months ago)
so basically 1070m
Nimer bushnaq (3 months ago)
Q is the new M ! 70 is the new 60 ! Nvidia your a rock star !
Alex TanMcR (3 months ago)
Bryan pls review the Acer Predator Triton 700 and Asus Zephyrus,try contact both company I found out the your review is so enjoyable and professional so can you do it for us your subscriber. :D
Nice Bro (3 months ago)
Acer Helios 300 is better and cheaper brayn u should mention it in your video
LegendaryVegeta (3 months ago)
the perfect laptop for that price with 120 hz or 1440p or a glass screen ips?
charlie brownau (3 months ago)
Gday I found that gaming laptops are often 3 times the price for 1/3rd the performance and often you are just better off buying an laptop for USD$250-450 and gaming PC for USD$600-1300 instead of an USD$2000 laptop
KingOfMadCows (3 months ago)
Gaming laptops could be worth it for people who travel a lot. If you're out of your home for 3 or more months a year, it's probably worth it to get a mid range gaming laptop. But prices increase by a lot once you go above a GTX 1060.
aldo arip (3 months ago)
1070 Max Q is basically another name for 1070M.
Buff Barnaby (3 months ago)
Redemz (3 months ago)
overclocking would literally kill the point of the laptop. just buy a normal 1070 laptop.
Ben Willock (3 months ago)
Yeah its 1060 level performance but its the way it reaches that performance that's different than the old M series, instead of just having a cut-down GPU with less cores, it instead has the same or more cores but runs it at a lower power profile; I think that's why they like to distinguish between Max-Q and M series, because it enables that level of performance but with lower thermals and noise compared to M series GPUs of the past.
aldo arip (3 months ago)
The performance says it's a 1060. It would be good if you could overclock it so that it get the same performance with the usual 1070 on laptop, but if it can't be done then it is a 1070M a.k.a 1060.
cl4ster17 (3 months ago)
Not exactly. It's a heavily binned and underclocked 1070 Mobile (16 SMs vs 15 SMs on Desktop 1070). MaxQ specification also has noise restrictions.
LegendaryVegeta (3 months ago)
finally another laptop with dell bezels
Another World (3 months ago)
Toto - Rosanna
Itbankrock (3 months ago)
nubajj (3 months ago)
Hardware Unboxed (3 months ago)
Nice review mate. Tim called this thing pure awesomeness when he checked it out, so seems you agree with him :)
Unholykill3 (3 months ago)
*I'm excited to see what the Volta cards with HBM2 cards could do in a compact punch! ~I want to see this at the same size with a 4k 120-240hz Monitor (4k High-Ultra performance)
Milan Kovacevic (3 months ago)
What spec does Alienware laptop has the 50 dollars one
BaseExploits (3 months ago)
Quality video;channels looking better by the day.
Adabala Durgaprasad (3 months ago)
0:45 did he just say error 15?lol may be gigabyte named it wrong!!!
Law Hansel (3 months ago)
Hardware Unboxed looking forward to your CES coverage
Oktay Yumlu (3 months ago)
Hardware Unboxed hey, shouldn't you be busy benchmarking hardware? :D
Hardware Unboxed (3 months ago)
I only hear Aero 15 but them I'm an Aussie as well.
Adiprima Sulakstono (3 months ago)
hahaha I believe he said error 15..
nhozdien (3 months ago)
Is max q gpu soldered?
Umar Abid (3 months ago)
is their any touch screen?
matthew smit (3 months ago)
Nice shirt dude you look great my dude Keep up the good work🐧👌💪👊

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