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The Land Question in Uganda, Community Raise Their Issues to Hon. Amongi

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The Land Question in Uganda,
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Wod Sudan (10 months ago)
Dear Ugandan how much does an acre cost across the border in Kenya? How can Government "so called"" acquire land and under what constitutional provisions. Why acquire and then give away for zero to foreigners. We kicked out Whites all the way to South Africa at high blood costs. Why bring them back?
Wod Sudan (10 months ago)
Read the Uganda Agreement 1900 for the Boundaries of the Kingdom of Uganda headed by the Kabaka of Uganda. Why then mess up issues by visiting this British drunkards (high on Whiskey and Gin) and suffering form delirium due to MALARIA madness. The North was part of Egyptian Sudan even into 1920s. Creating "Ugandaness" by Kampala will not work! Acholi culture cannot be written off by non Acholi. The land will remain under Acholi feet and ownership. Your IDP camps failed. UNDRIP protects Indigenous Rights to lands and Resources not some alien force based in a foreign City.

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