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Best Phones To Buy At Any Budget! Summer 2017

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Best Devices Winter 2017 ▶ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LWO9VlBFoM&t=21s dbrand ▶ http://ktt.ninja/2tL5N0G upsie ▶ http://ktt.ninja/1r8JrmX // use techninja for 10% off Subscribe To A Ninja ▶http://bit.ly/1JXcHPB Best Tech Deals ▶ http://geni.us/KTTNtechdeals -------------------------------- Phones in order of appearance -------------------------------- ZTE ZMax Pro // (Metro PCS Store or unlocked via Amazon )http://amzn.to/2rRr6fG ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser // http://geni.us/KTTNZenFone Moto G Plus (5th Generation) // http://geni.us/OlyY Honor 6X // http://geni.us/srWt15W OnePlus 5 // https://oneplus.net/5 Pixel XL // http://geni.us/mmLDw Galaxy S8 // http://geni.us/uSNSdd iPhone 7+ // https://www.apple.com/iphone/ Best used phones early 2017! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOfsBLszShI&t=18s Video Sources: https://www.youtube.com/user/nimrodity9 http://www.youtube.com/androidauthority http://www.youtube.com/9to5google http://www.youtube.com/dave2d https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSOpcUkE-is7u7c4AkLgqTw ------- What Stuff Do I Use? (Kit) ▶ http://ktt.ninja/24xrZLd What Camera Gear Do I use? (B&H) ▶ http://ktt.ninja/294CiAI Music Created By @Iamrevolution // http://ktt.ninja/1SQWbGl Rap By ▶ James_C_L - Intro & KTTN Say It Again.
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Text Comments (443)
Kevin The Tech Ninja (9 months ago)
How many phones do you guys own from this list?
shane avlis (6 months ago)
Kevin The Tech Ninja 0 crying....
cmc 0313 (6 months ago)
Kevin The Tech Ninja I have the ZTE zmax pro,, it's pretty good
Dr. donna Walter (7 months ago)
Carlos David - and it is a blessing we have work and can make choices as to how we wish to spend the "ready" we work so hard for.
Reese J (7 months ago)
Kevin The Tech Ninja do you know good budget phones under 400 with water proofing and good cameras??? Or older flagships that have the features I listen???
Nyambe Lukonga (7 months ago)
Kevin The Tech Ninja 1
SWAEGOO Batman (28 days ago)
SWAEGOO Batman (28 days ago)
Keb Alvarez (1 month ago)
Ryan Zofoa (1 month ago)
love enthusiasm just subbed keep up the good work
Christian Cruz (1 month ago)
you should add the nextbit  robin phone it's​ $134
J andrew (3 months ago)
call me glue
Go To The google search And then Type: *Couponsecrx* It is without a doubt the only working iphone7 discount codes working these days. Don't waste your time in some other methods
Doc. Random (3 months ago)
Hey what about Huawei p10
Chad (3 months ago)
3:33 Audio Bug?
Kyle Enlow (3 months ago)
3:32 dont abuse the mic
Marble Mist (4 months ago)
My water bill is more than these phones
Cunpliy (4 months ago)
Call me glue
Beatrice Joseph (4 months ago)
call me glue
Yousuf Abo_ (5 months ago)
I'm watching this pretty late but great vid 👍🏿 "CALL ME GLUE"
NeonGhost (5 months ago)
call me blue. im thinking about buying the oneplus 5t. ✌️
Addy My Love (5 months ago)
I have the ZTE zmax pro it's okay it's very laggy though
elizabeth brown (5 months ago)
I had the ZTE zmax pro awesome phone I had from metro PCs now I have the ZTE blade zmax
Jaylon Thorne (5 months ago)
I think to you should've replaced the 'ZTE Zmax Pro' with the 'ZTE Blade Zmax' they're both $100 but the replacement's wayy better.
Savage BoiZZ (5 months ago)
Call me glue
British_Boy (5 months ago)
what about the vernee thor plus?
Pearly Puff (5 months ago)
I have ZTE Blade V7 lite, and would definitely recommend. Ps: I liked 😉
ColdChills01 (5 months ago)
Lol call me glue.... Awesome
M.R Penguin YT (5 months ago)
for anyone who is looking to buy an asus phone do not buy it you WILL regret this shitty phone me and my mom have the asus zenfone 2 laser for me and ater a year o usage is clicks on any things it want on the screen basically (Ghost touch)
Levi Kerr (5 months ago)
Call me glue
david guerrero (5 months ago)
Call me glue
TheFamily Doggo (5 months ago)
Call me glue😊
GetRektGames 52 (5 months ago)
by golly i'ts a holly jolly... oh wait... call me glue
Antonio Hernandez (5 months ago)
I got my ZTE Xmas pro from cricket, not metro Pcs exclusive
gustavo garcia (5 months ago)
I've been hearing that the honor 6x does not support 4g LTE. Is that true? Because that is a deal breaker.
aukustihalonenn (5 months ago)
4:36 What the heck, did he just say 6s Plus?
Cayden (5 months ago)
`Call Me Glue
Nima Montana (5 months ago)
call me glue
Exosted Gamer (6 months ago)
My favorite phones is the s8 and one plus 5 both amazing phones
Stalin Valdez (4 months ago)
Exosted Gamer those phones arent budget
Humphrey Opura (6 months ago)
call us glue
zach vogel (6 months ago)
call me .. i didnt understand teh last word
Ken Williams (6 months ago)
Dont forget the LG V20 as it runs with i phone7+samsung S8, any top it hangs or in a lot of cases has best camera options. Qhd display, 2 rear camera's one 16 for normal great shots then a 8 mp for wide angle to catch things others cants. Has 5mp front. Has raw camera and manural settings. 4gb of ram with 64gb of factory internal with the option to add 2 tigs with sd card. Metal back and military tuff tested and also has conered gorilla glass 4. 5.7" screen that feels small for its size. It was 900 last year but right now certin companies are letting it go as cheap as 270. Norhing will come close to the V20 even at 600 dollars today. The LG G6 is there flagship phone which got beat by the v20. The do have the LG v30 coming out as we speak that beats all camera phones and runs neck and neck on any feature with any phone. So phone history i will share with you. Of course ive owned cheaper lg's and Samsungs but for the most part here is my line up samsung S3,s4,s5,s7. LG G2, G3 which im still use lol, G4 V20. Owe my last budget was lg k20. Not bad for 100 bucks but you can find better if you do more homework. I personally liked the G4 very much but it crashes and never would restart. It was a issure with that model come to find out. But besides the S7 I would take the G4 over any Galaxy and as you can see i can of ran them both. The G2 was as good as the S5. The G3 was 1st phone with qhd display with a great camera for its year with lazar. The S7 however is a beautiful working and looking phone and water proof gets big ups for that. That was my favorite till I just got this amazing deal on the LG V20. Beats or hangs with anything out there and you can drop it without every worrying about impact damage to software etc... You can slash it as well bit its not ip68 waterproof. Only downside which the V30 fixed. Good luck to all.
Jesper Herzig (6 months ago)
call me glue
Fuck Vlogs (6 months ago)
none of thrm
Nathan C. (6 months ago)
ZTE zmax pro has a terrible battery and has bad overheating issues. It lags very badly over time
Izzy ! (6 months ago)
call me glue
GriffenDude81 (6 months ago)
Call me glue
trek1414 (6 months ago)
call me paper
Minirina (7 months ago)
ZTE phones have garbage storage.
Milk (6 months ago)
Minirina what about the ZTE axon 7 base model has 64gb with expandable storage
Henry JR (7 months ago)
I really like the oneplus 5 and it's features. is the phone worth it? Any other cheap phones that compete with it? please help
Clorox Bleach (6 months ago)
i would recommend huawei p10 instead, huawei is a much bigger company
Anthony Davila (6 months ago)
I have just ordered it, in my opinion I think it is worth it. LG G6 seems to get slow after a while, and I'm planning to keep a phone for a while hence I went for the OnePlus 5.
Noel N (7 months ago)
there are really lots of phones you can get with a little money http://monstersmartphone.net/94-2
Dr. Duck (7 months ago)
And here i am with a samsung galaxy core 2 xD
Rage 9one (7 months ago)
I know it's not 2017 but the nexus 5x is worth mentioning.
Aghanim's Scepter (7 months ago)
can't afford this phones
Ian Owens (7 months ago)
Lg g6???
XrayStunts (7 months ago)
Call me glue
Jessica Rayann D. (7 months ago)
None on phones in the list. I need to buy a replacement for my Lg G3 and I m on Verizon Wireless. Any suggestions?
Ryan Lee (7 months ago)
call me glue like blue poo in a slough of cows that go moo and tell you whats true but have not clue what to do with their goo and own a shop of voodoo dude that was sick
Nick Cannata (7 months ago)
Call me glue
Lasssyy (7 months ago)
how do you get clips from other youtube videos?
Reese J (7 months ago)
Anybody know good budget phones under 400 with water proofing and good cameras??? Or older flagships that have the features I listen???
Milk (6 months ago)
Reese J I highly recommend the ZTE Axon 7. You could get a good used one on swappa for $250 or a mint one for $300. The only downside is that there's no waterproofing what's so ever, but honestly for that price point your getting such a bargain, which Is the reason I bought and love It
kenny ricardo (7 months ago)
If you want that thin bezel (similar aspect ratio minus infinity edge) get the lg g6. Metal build, 18:9, flagship camera and no bixby button or edge screen which to be honest is just a waste of battery for its purpose (aesthetic purpose)
Ethan Rowland (7 months ago)
You're too intimidating hahaha
Levi Beselt (7 months ago)
I bought the Zenphone 3 Laser, quite a while ago new (in Canada) I paid $387.45 for it. I few months later I went to put it into my pocket but missed. It only fell around 60cm onto my carpet which is almost 5cm thick and SUPER soft. I but the screen cracked...😒 The phone's software is great, and feels great but the build quality is absolute crap.
Hayden East (7 months ago)
For the 200 Mark I would have used the Galaxy j7
Rainer Wolfcastle (7 months ago)
Athena Godess (7 months ago)
Why the 1plus 5 it's a iphone replica, honor 9 is bether and it looks like an android.
Paramesh Subramoni (7 months ago)
Lenevo k5 vibe plus Moto e 2nd gen
Ganesh Kannan (7 months ago)
LG enga daww
My Name Is Jeff (8 months ago)
Love black guy's. But not this guy.
Trudy Nguyen (2 months ago)
My Name Is Jeff go away you troll
Jakonate (6 months ago)
Mohamed Naufal what
Sloth (8 months ago)
call me glue?
uzair miz (8 months ago)
why glue?
kvinettaf09 (8 months ago)
Call me glue..haha ty for the great vid. Definitely thinking about looking at the OnePlus, but great to know other options too:)
FilaFlip 3DPrint (8 months ago)
Rampage jackson little brother😂
Nazmul Islam Fahim (8 months ago)
No for 500$ you will get honor 8 pro or honor 9 and both are better than one plus 5...
MrLukas239 (8 months ago)
How do people get round the inevitable android lag and slowdown over time?
Lionasty (8 months ago)
I'm confused.. should I get the OnePlus 5 or the Google Pixel.. Call me Glue
Lionasty (8 months ago)
You make no sense.. wtf
Just Somebody (8 months ago)
you should get the pixel because the s8 has the battery problemsand the pixel is discounted as of now
Mike M (8 months ago)
Lg g6 is by far the best
RhaunRFTV (8 months ago)
KaiKai Jabez (8 months ago)
Kevin The Tech Ninja Call me glue
KaiKai Jabez (8 months ago)
Kevin The Tech Ninja Call me glue
KaiKai Jabez (8 months ago)
Kevin The Tech Ninja Call me glue, Kevin The Tech Ninja Call me glue, Kevin The Tech Ninja Call me glue, Kevin The Tech Ninja Call me glue, Kevin The Tech Ninja Call me glue
KaiKai Jabez (8 months ago)
call me glue
Devin Williams (8 months ago)
call me glue??? 😂
Chase Shepherd (8 months ago)
Call me glue
Entime Man008 (8 months ago)
6055 boss (8 months ago)
Call me glue
Hadwee the gr8 (8 months ago)
My opinion Best phone for £20-50 : iPhone 5 Best phone for £100-£200 : LG G6 or iPhone SE Best phone for £250-£300 : OnePlus 3T or iPhone 6 (Maybe a cheap 6+) Best phone for £400 : iPhone OnePlus 5T Best phone for £350-500 : Xiaomi mi mix Best phone for £500-650 : Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7 plus Best future (Known) phones : Google Pixel 2 (And the XL version), iPhone 8 and RED's phones.
Hadwee the gr8 (5 months ago)
Abraham Hernandez okie dokie.
Milk (6 months ago)
I have to suggest the ZTE Axon 7 rather than the OnePlus 3t
MR MAN (8 months ago)
3:32 what???
yves mvodo (8 months ago)
xiaomi mi 6
Wens (8 months ago)
Should I get the zte blade v8 pro 229$ or the honor 6x 199$?
Hasin Raj Rabib (8 months ago)
U r drunk!!
TijiTron TijiTron (8 months ago)
Call me glue
Patrick Savage 21 (8 months ago)
My budget is 25 or 50 bucks
Rimantts (8 months ago)
Call me glue, still can' t decide.
LameAndLazi (8 months ago)
the zte zmax pro is not a metro pcs exclusive.... im using my tmobile one
Devilseye (8 months ago)
Bro why you mad for with your eyes
Rahul Verma (8 months ago)
lmao the way he says Asus tho. its Asus not Asoooos
Sergio Valladares (8 months ago)
I really like your reviews, Kevin, you're a very knowledgeable and level headed reviewer. Thanks. Count on me making my upcoming purchase on one of your recommendations.
M M (8 months ago)
Call me paint chips , glue .
M M (8 months ago)
vampgirl95ful (8 months ago)
hey kevin...i can afford around 300 euros...and i want a very good camera and good smartphone in general....i was thinking samsung j5 2017...nokia 6...sony xperia xa ultra...huawei p10lite ..what would you suggest???
Mohammad Labib (8 months ago)
are you muslim bro
Call me glue mf haha
imicca (8 months ago)
Oneplus is no way a budget anymore
Exosted Gamer (6 months ago)
OneBellion Growtopia Plays sold out
OneBellion Growtopia (8 months ago)
iMicca actually it is its only $479 cheap

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