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ASUS Zenbook UX330UA Review - A Thin & Light Ultrabook with INSANE Battery Life!

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The 2017 Asus Zenbook UX330UAK comes with the latest Kaby Lake i7-7500U processor. It's an affordable budget premium Ultrabook with some exceptional battery life. Watch for the full review! Buy here on Amazon: http://geni.us/5Ligf Help support the channel by using my Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon US: http://goo.gl/BVc5ez Amazon Canada: http://goo.gl/SK9sQK Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/is1MXU Follow me on Nice: http://getnice.com/c/MatthewMoniz Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattmoniz123 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mattmoniz123 Website: http://www.matthewmoniz.com
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Text Comments (406)
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
What do you guys think of the Zenbook? Save $400 bucks and buy this or go for the XPS 13? Also, hope you enjoy my really cheesy intro!
Jubin Alex (9 months ago)
Matthew Moniz hey could you do a review on the Asus zenbook ux430ua or ux430uq?
Pet Pet (9 months ago)
i hate asus, but thats great machine only 1.3 kg and thick, great display and hardware
Wade Barrett (11 months ago)
Matthew Moniz Great video, love the intro. Two requests please: 1) Video tour of your neat-looking room (2) What's the benefit of using an external hard drive when using photoshop / other editing software?
weinerschnitzelboy (11 months ago)
A $200 laptop is a bad laptop. Even if it's a Chromebook.
Ordinary Geek (11 months ago)
+1! I'm still waiting for a definitive review on the Yoga 720. So far, I've only been able to find early hands-on videos, plus a few unboxing ones. Am looking for one from a real reviewer.
Diego Kroeff (22 days ago)
This is by far the best review I have ever seen. Well spoken, to the point, and touched upon specs I never even considered in a Laptop! Amazing job
Matthew Moniz (21 days ago)
Thanks Diego!!
zeppy13131 (30 days ago)
Unfortunately, when you adjust the brightness on the new ZenBooks, they use something called Pulse Wave Modulation (PWM). Rather than actually dimming the display, PWM turns it on and off at high speed to SIMULATE different brightness levels. You can't tell the difference by looking at it—but if you point a phone camera at the display, you can see big black bars traveling across the display as the camera's light sensor tries to adjust to it. You may not realize it, but your eyes, too, constantly try to adjust to this flickering, making the experience very uncomfortable over longer periods of time. Some people even get headaches from it. I hope Asus will return to normal dimming methods in future ZenBooks—it may be a bit more expensive for them, but they'd be doing their customers a big favor.
sajan vishes (1 month ago)
review of a vivobook s510un pls
Sara (2 months ago)
Vivobook 15 vs Zenbook ux330ua
f266101463 (3 months ago)
Review the new UX430UA?
Milton Huynh (4 months ago)
Thanks for the review, I was under the assumption that the UX330 is a great deal compared to the more expensive ultrabooks but the screen is a disappointment.
Matthew Mob (5 months ago)
Thanks so much for the helpful review!
Matthew Moniz (5 months ago)
+Matthew Mob you're welcome! Great first name !
Highlight Techno online (5 months ago)
you good review guys, i like your video
Elisabetta Cobain (6 months ago)
asser hany (5 months ago)
which one did u get?
Elisabetta Cobain (6 months ago)
Random YouTuber ok thank u so much, I think I’ll buy acer Aspire vx 5 which is a Gaming laptop. I got a MacBook Pro 2012 but I can’t play anything on it first because on steam there aren’t the Games I like, second because it’s not so powerful to handle all the games I want. Sorry for my english I’m Italian
Robert Bouknight (6 months ago)
Elisabetta Cobain only very light gaming on this laptop. If you tried playing some newer titles, you would have to turn down settings all the way to play. This laptop doesn't have a discrete graphics card, only a mediocre Intel one.
shadowstorm545 (6 months ago)
Anyone know the soundtrack he is using??
DinZhi (6 months ago)
how many gb is this?
Robert Bouknight (6 months ago)
DinZhi 256gb (SSD)
jeppep95 (6 months ago)
Should I get this or the macbook air?
Robert Bouknight (6 months ago)
jeppep95 if you can get the student discount, the MacBook air is 849 USD. The MacBook has half the storage, a lower resolution display, weighs a tad more, has an i5 processor that is a few years behind compared to the Asus. But if you prefer MacOS to Windows then get the MacBook. Otherwise, get the Asus.
José Rodríguez (6 months ago)
I want a laptop like that! Please, help me. My e-mail: joserafaelrh@hotmail.com My PayPal account: paypal.me/joseerh
Brandon Matsumoto (7 months ago)
Should I get this or the Dell Inspiron 15 gaming. This laptop will be for college and I can't decide if I should go light or go gaming. I am unsure if I'll bring a desktop but either way what will be better?
Kristy (7 months ago)
I find ultrabooks are much MUCH better for classes. Gaming laptops tend to be heavier since they need to fit in all the processors and stuff, and if you're wanting to take a laptop with you to the library or to classes, then def go with an ultrabook. I currently have an old gateway that's almost 6 pounds, and even though I can play heavier games on it, it's a huge pain to lug it around and adds more pain to my back. I regret not buying a lighter laptop when I first got into college lol. Also, desktops tend to be better for gaming so if you already have one and want to game, I recommend bringing that too. : )
fazal ihtisham (7 months ago)
Looks just like hp envy 13
Vince (7 months ago)
No thunderbolt should be mentioned.
Domo Superman (7 months ago)
I got this and it was around 800 US dollars, I love it, I use it for school and not having to learn mac but having an attractive laptop is great, I do play tf2 and overwatch at low settings sometimes and it works just fine. I actually did like the keyboard and I type a lot. This is fantastic machine for a lower price
Anna Valyaeva (7 months ago)
So I really want to buy this laptop but since I am a generally clumsy person, I want to get a hard shell case for it as well, sort of like the macbook ones; however, I can't seem to find a single one for this particular model :(. I'm not even sure if they are made, but is there any other alternative besides a bag/sleeve that can be protective as a hard shell case? Thanks :)
BMO na (5 months ago)
Anna Valyaeva You can buy a clam shell skin cover for it. I've seen a lot on Amazon, EBay, and other discount sites
Michael Buillerey (7 months ago)
Hi! Can you please do a review of Asus Zenbook UX430UA? I think it's way better than the UX330. Cheers!
harry ware (7 months ago)
Cool broo..😊😊keep it up..😊😊
harry ware (7 months ago)
Matthew Moniz sama sama bro.. im from indonesia..
Matthew Moniz (7 months ago)
Thanks Harry!
Özgür Şenbil (8 months ago)
My mum thinks to buy it i find it but in Turkey it isn't cheap is 4.789 tl 1100 Dolar basicly it is expensive to Turkey
sebcarol1 (8 months ago)
ASUS is JUNK. Mathew, why in the world would you ever compare the ASUS to the DELL XPS. Just look at the internals. You can make this computer 1" thick and it would only be a fancy metal façade of what a computer wants to be. Customer Service is terrible and support that knows absolutely nothing about troubleshooting issues. I would rather pay the $400 and have piece of mind that when you call support that they can support your computer. My daily driver is the Alienware and my traveling computer is this ZenBook that is complete garbage.
Jake Tran (8 months ago)
Can you charge the laptop via USB Type-C? Thanks!
J T. (8 months ago)
For an enginner , is this a good option¿?
BMO na (5 months ago)
J T. I think engineers need a more stronger machine with better specs
s Online (8 months ago)
I'm thinking of buying this laptop or MacBook Air but how well does it work when editing on premier pro. Does it run smoothly ?
Tostada Jones (8 months ago)
where tf can you get the rose gold
rolingpingu (8 months ago)
Amazing review, thanks! I was precisely wondering if the M.2 was a PCIe with NVMI or if it was essentially SATA III that fits in M.2
Jayden Muthaiah (8 months ago)
I got the Asus Zenbook about a month ago, and the battery life for me will only last about 4 hours.
Eliya Pe'er (8 months ago)
Great and helpful review! Thanks!!
Jason (8 months ago)
This or the zenbook flip?
Jowl Ly (8 months ago)
ux305 worth it more or ux330?
KsooY (8 months ago)
hello guys i have a question should i buy this zenbook ux 330 or the zenbook 3? or is there better notebooks out there which is as lite asthem? sorry for the bad english :)
Gunen Dran (8 months ago)
Sir is the i5 spec good enough for engineering student usage and able to run program like auto cad, solidworks? I'm searching for a reasonable price one since I have desktop to work on just need a portable one to use in college.
RaD SaT (8 months ago)
Anil Agrawal (8 months ago)
I am planning to buy ux360uak-dq240t/266t, and wanted to know if my mouse, keyboard, and usb pen drives will work while flipping the laptop but not using the tablet mode. If touchscreen is smooth, responsive and without lag like phone then I don't mind paying extra bucks and having a short battery life. Otherwise, I will go with zenbook ux330ua. Could you please help me with this? Thanks.
Subendra Sharma (9 months ago)
Can u install ubuntu and do a review for ubuntu plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz its fairly easy to install ubuntu..... u can find videos on utube to install ubuntu.... plzzzzzzzz
OutlawStarkiller (9 months ago)
Would you recommend this for a college laptop?
VII Reboosters (9 months ago)
This or hp envy 13?
Sharmaine Vingno (9 months ago)
How much?
Julien Dufour (9 months ago)
Nice camera, I noticed straight away how better than usual the quality of this video was. Btw, good review!
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Julien Dufour thanks Julien!!
Jonathan Nilsson (9 months ago)
I'm thinking about ordering one of these from Amazon, I can't seem to find any warranty information. Anyone know anything?
qCoffeeq (9 months ago)
♡sorry this dosent make seance but is it compatible with wacom?♡
Dylan Bertwell (9 months ago)
Loved the intro. It definitely made me laugh. I love your videos. your one of my go to youtube channels regarding reviews. Keep it up.
J Park (10 months ago)
I'm thinking of buying this laptop, but it would mean transitioning away from a 15.6" laptop, which is the size I've always been accustomed to. As a uni student, would you guys recommend this? And how would it compare to an Asus Zenbook ux430? In NZ the cheapest I could find this one is for $1400, whereas the ux330 I can buy for around $400-500 cheaper. Your guys' opinions would be super helpful!
Maggie Yap (10 months ago)
Can any Australians share their experience if they have bought this or any laptop from Amazon(shipping, reliable) ?
Helton Carvalho (10 months ago)
Nice video!
Matthew Moniz (10 months ago)
Thanks Helton!
Shawn Pang (10 months ago)
Will this laptop be able to run engineering software such as AutoCAD? I'm thinking of getting this since it's portable and a very reliable laptop with a sleek design and high build quality :) . I hope to get some answers soon, thanks!
Alyden Valdez (8 months ago)
know more laptops can recommend. ..engineering students here👋
Alexander Valledor (10 months ago)
Hi Matthew, do you know if the SSD is sata6 or pcie? Im thinking about upgrading my speed and capacity.
ranadeep manchikatla (10 months ago)
is it good enough for basic editing? and how about watch dogs 2 @ low settings...
John Pham (10 months ago)
Do you buy this from amazon
Cole13517 (10 months ago)
This laptop vs the Envy 13, what are you thoughts guys?
michael routliffe (10 months ago)
I bought one last summer and it stopped working less than a year later. I finally went to buy a MacBook pro. I loved the Asus while it worked, but now it won't even begin the booting process. Take the time to Google the Zenbook not booting before you buy.
Prutu SX (10 months ago)
Matthew Moniz (10 months ago)
+Prutu SX integrates not dedicated
Bill Nye The Russian Spy (11 months ago)
Awesome review, I was looking everywhere for a video. I'm curious where you found the i7 model. I can only find i5 models with either a 1080p or 1440p display on US amazon.
Matthew Moniz (10 months ago)
Thanks Russian spy! I'm from Canada so we probably have an i7 sku
Coolkid9569RBLX (11 months ago)
Asus UX430 or this one?
WissCoast (11 months ago)
Great review, but that intro was 2cringy4me
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
lol thanks
logesh logu (11 months ago)
please give super and best laptop for come lifelong laptop companies under $200 to $300 fingerprint also available
Raz Za (11 months ago)
love your review. thanks man!
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
Thanks Raz = )
Quintin Howell (11 months ago)
so when the memory has a fault, the ultrabook gets thrown away. what a retarded engineering idea. nice review btw.
Thea Asuncion (11 months ago)
Does this have Nvidia?
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
+Thea Asuncion no
Muy Bueno Compañero ;)
ALDORICCOFTW (11 months ago)
great review much appreciated.
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
Thanks man! = )
AUAU BOIWOWO (11 months ago)
would you recommend this for computer science ?
Evi Susanti (11 months ago)
i want to buy this zenbook,but now the price how much in singapore,
Evi Susanti (11 months ago)
Btw,better buy zenbook ux330ua or ux 305ua,and you know where i can buy asus zenbook in singapore because in singapore all very expensive
Claxst (11 months ago)
Evi Susanti $1495 for my school roadshow. $1498 for i5 UX330 (rose gold model), $1698 for i7 UX330 (this model) @ Harvey Norman
Pablin Sanz (11 months ago)
shoping in México??. Thank you very much. Congratulation of Chiapas.
Alvin Li (11 months ago)
does this laptop support gta v?
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
Quantom Norris (11 months ago)
Which is better ux310 or ux330? In terms of performance and speed. @Matthew Moniz
shelbygt5004 (11 months ago)
How's this model compared to the HP Envy-ab016nr? I'm stuck between these two and need to make a decision asap!
Termin4tor (1 year ago)
Does the hinge turn more than 110°?
Tien Phan (1 year ago)
Hi Matthew, I really enjoy ur video, think it should be at the top of the search result (and also, the intro is interesting!). I have a question, when u click down on the trackpad, do you feel anything at all? I think the one I got is defected. When I press down I can hear a tiny clicking sound, however my finger feels no sensation at all. But when I let go of the click, I can feel the mechanical thing underneath it clicks. Please let me know & thank you!
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+Tien Phan thanks man ! I do remember a bit of click but I don't recall anything out of the ordinary. Seemed solid to me. I'd test if for you but I had to send my review unit back
AquA (1 year ago)
best ultrabook under 1000$?
Anthony Okeiyi (1 year ago)
Hello can I use this for photoshop & illustrator & possibly a little cinema 4d? I need to get a new laptop asap!
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
I'd probably still get something with a dedicated graphics card but you can do some light photoshop work
Al Has (1 year ago)
Finally, a Canadian technology reviewer who actually shows CAD pricing and availability. Subbed
Amanda Mariscak (5 months ago)
Agreed. I never see enough quality Canadian reviews. +1
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Nice! more canadians = ) Welcome man!
Stéphane Archer (1 year ago)
That's exactly the question I try to answer ^^ Should I take the ASUS ZenBook UX330UA or the Dell XPS 13 ^^ So hard to decide ^^ 400$ is a lot for same config ^^" but every body talk about the XPS 13 like if it's the best laptop you have to take...
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
the xps 13 is definitely the better choice, but is it $400 better? MEh, i mean it depends on your use case. The ASUS does a really good job of providing a lot of value for a lower price
Sergio Moreno (1 year ago)
Matthew, how long does it take to get loaded?
Sergio Moreno (1 year ago)
Leo H I'll keep that in mind, thanks.
Leo H (1 year ago)
Sergio Moreno there are 15% of returns on Amazon. So I am looking at a Lenovo Yoga 720 13,3". It's uglyer bit has better features.
Sergio Moreno (1 year ago)
Leo H I think I wrote it the wrong way, I meant how long does it take to get fully charged. I'd appreciate if you have any idea, this laptop is a solid machine but I'm worried about that thing.
Leo H (1 year ago)
From what I readed it takes 5s.
Diego (1 year ago)
Is there a big difference between the 330 and the 310? I hope you will reply because I don't really know the difference....
Tinashe Gumbe (1 year ago)
👍Awesome review and laptop
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Thanks! = )
Patrick Llaban (1 year ago)
Does the i5 version have backlit keyboard?
alex bejenari (1 year ago)
can it come with 16 gb ram ?
alex bejenari (1 year ago)
Is there a big difference in performance between 8gb ram and 16gb ram ?
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Umar Pervez (1 year ago)
This or MacBook air for uni?
MrInzombia (9 months ago)
Umar Pervez this is like a macbook air with beautiful screen resolution. the macbook airs screen resolution is embarassing. watching videos on it is terrible and you would rather just watch it on your iphone screen
Jamie Bergin (1 year ago)
Umar Pervez this cos the screen is allot better
Prashanth Akunuri (1 year ago)
I am leaning towards this laptop but those bezels! :( I wouldn't mind paying $1000 for ASUS Pro but it won't be launching until May and I have to buy before April end.
Leo H (1 year ago)
Asus homepage! http://store.asus.com/us/category/A47082
Prashanth Akunuri (1 year ago)
Thanks the suggestion but is it available in US? Many are talking about this one but where can I find it and buy it? Can't find it on Aamzon. What could be the price? Thanks!
Vítor Coelho (1 year ago)
Check out UX430UA
Jackson Ho (1 year ago)
What's the difference between this and the ux 305 or the 306? Great review btw
Javier I. Sampedro (1 year ago)
pretty good value for money. considering this to upgrade my 8years old Asus
Chris Wheeler (1 year ago)
you rock. can you review hisense chromebook it is 150 dollars
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+Chris Wheeler thanks man! Hisense Chromebook didn't even know they had one : ) I'll look into it
DUB- verm (1 year ago)
Will resident evil 7 work on it?
himangshu hazarika (1 year ago)
Hey man. Other than the slot for ssd, is there an additional slot for a harddrive?
Isaac Lipschitz (1 year ago)
Any thoughts on an ultrabook for less than $800?
BambiAt11 (1 month ago)
Lem Thank you. They always say 12 hours battery life but in actuality it never is
Lem (1 month ago)
BambiAt11 The battery life is really good, when browsing the web I'd say it lasts about 6 hours
BambiAt11 (1 month ago)
Lem How’s the battery life when you’re browsing the internet the whole time?
Lem (2 months ago)
Well, I have the ASUS UX330UA at 800€ since December 2016, it has 256Go of SSD, 8 Go of RAM and an Intel Core I5, and it has been really good so far !
איתמר ערב (11 months ago)
Isaac Lipschitz Xiaomi Mi notebook 13? It gets some badass reviews, and if you're willing to reinstall windows, you're basically left with a 750$ dream machine
Michael _Howto (1 year ago)
aaannd guess what! its £849!! which is $1000. Sucks to be UK.
Prashanth Akunuri (1 year ago)
and I thought things are cheaper and am planning to move to Canada in the next few months. Yay!!
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Ya its like $1300 here in Canada i feel your pain = )
majorgrace (1 year ago)
Question. Will the Base model work well with illustrator and photoshop without lag? Thanks
Low pH (1 year ago)
Vedant Kumar (1 year ago)
this vs the 2015 macbook air? I really like the Apple touchpad and keyboard.
MrInzombia (9 months ago)
Vedant Kumar the macbook airs screen is absolute shit. asus 330 is way better.
Yashwant Chougale (1 year ago)
Your face while showing webcam is so funny...very helpful video...thank you.
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+Yashwant Chougale haha you're welcome !
TheHassan2098 (1 year ago)
Ayyy, I have this laptop. Been using it since October
can i play gta 5 and watch dogs to on this at the lowest setting possible at 30 fps
Wolfgang Klinger (1 year ago)
Does anyone have or know where to find the wallpaper he is using on this notebook? I have searched everywhere to no avail
Mystery Person (1 year ago)
Thanks to your review I just got mine yesterday! Awesome laptop! Super thin, has a decent light weight, has auto brightness, the keyboard lights up when it's dark and you can adjust the brightness as well, and best of all, the fan is really silent and well hidden.
lucky banana (6 months ago)
how's now? does it has any sight of slow down? or any problems so far
KIM ANN (1 year ago)
Nice review, How do you recommend between Asus UX330UA vs Lenovo Ideapad 710S Plus?
dorel masasa (1 year ago)
great review! really helped!
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Thanks Dorel! =) Glad I could help!
Moose Olly (1 year ago)
great review compared to other videos thumbs up
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Thanks Moose! = )

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