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Tips and tricks to make your Pixel 2 even better

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Customization is a great thing...here are a few tweaks you can perform on your Pixel 2 to make it even better. Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed Music by yody da scholar https://soundcloud.com/yodydascholar and Nicolaj Valsted https://soundcloud.com/nicolajvalsted/
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Text Comments (164)
Enigma Machine (8 days ago)
camera hal hdr thing isnt there anymore
MikeyJLove4EVER (20 days ago)
Lmfao @1:42 got you a new subscriber 😂
Sacco Josh (22 days ago)
What up mother fuckers answer back you fuck dick sucking low life drug teens homeless bum
Michele Alvarino (29 days ago)
I lost it at the open paint cans comment. 🤣
Cesar Estrada (1 month ago)
Camera HAL HDR+ isn’t in my settings and I enabled developer options.. can anyone help??
Edward Velez (20 days ago)
Cesar Estrada it's on now by default since the February update. That's why you don't see it in the settings
THGhost2013 (1 month ago)
I'm not seeing the HDR+ option. I'm also not experiencing this "blueshift" thing that people keep going on about.
tryhardnoob (1 month ago)
Do not enable the triple tap for magnification! I just got a pixel 2 and I thought it was already laggy and unresponsive. Turns out the triple tap puts a few 100ms delay when you tap to see if it's going to be a triple tap. It's a good feature, but could ruin the smooth and responsive feel of your pixel.
aliwalyd3 lol (1 month ago)
tryhardnoob yeah. It is there on other devices too like the s8. Absolutely awful feature. Only good for people with bad eyesight
Sara Vanan (1 month ago)
thid guy is cool and his style too
naw hsi (1 month ago)
Bryan Culberhouse (1 month ago)
Everyday I keep regretting buying the iPhone X more and more
heyb0o0o0o0o0o0osS (2 months ago)
I was considering a 5T or S9 Plus, but I found a Pixel 2 XL 128GB brand new for £599, which isn't much more than a 5T so I pulled the trigger on that deal.
Reptileman110 (2 months ago)
I don't see the HDR camera option and I did what you did
Modestly Crowned (19 days ago)
Gabriel Stolarczyk perfect. I was looking for it as well. Thanks!
Gabriel Stolarczyk (1 month ago)
Reptileman110 This is active by default now and so doesn't show up in the developer settings any more; since the January or February update. ;-)
Sean The Right Way (2 months ago)
Great finish!!!
Austin Ha (2 months ago)
make the transition for each tip/trick a little bit slower. Tons of info here but went a little bit too fast
Cuong Nguyen (2 months ago)
That ending is... Epic!!! 😂 Way to go, Pixel 2!
Josh (2 months ago)
good tips thanks
gmon78 (2 months ago)
***HELP PLEASE!*** I have a strange issue with my 2 XL. I keep getting notifications when i am streaming YouTube via Wifi, and it is extremely annoying. I mean for doing anything in YouTube, like if a click to watch a video it plays a notification or if i was to click play, pause or stop i get a notification - Sound and vibration. What actually happens is this. So i'm streaming a video to the Chromecast. If i were to click play for another video my phones beeps and vibrates and a message drops down from the top of the screen for a few seconds, the one that says 'now playing on (insert chromecast name)' and also shows the name of the video as well as a small thumbnail of it. when i click play, this message keeps dropping down from the top over and over again so i will get about 4 or 5 notifications just from pressing play. Same thing happens if i pause a video or stop one. The only way that i can get it to stop is to turn the notifications for YouTube off but then i don't get genuine notifications like when i get a new video or a reply to a post ETC. I don't want to do that as i want to know when there has been some activity in my YouTube, whether it be a new subscription video or whatever. Strange thing is, this ONLY happens when i am streaming to chromecast. If i stop casting, these notifications stop immediately. Anyone have any idea how to stop this because it is driving me nuts. I shouldn't have to hear my phone beep and vibrate 5 times just because i have pressed play on a YouTube video. I don't need to be notified that i have just pressed play a split second after pressing it. Pressing play, stop or pause is not a notification from the app so why is the phone acting like it is? It seemed to be directly related to that little message that drops down from the top of the screen that says 'now casting on XYZ', and 'now playing' along with a thumbnail. When pressing play on a video this will appear several times and every time that it does i get the audible and vibration notification. As said i can stop it by turning the notifications for YouTube off but then i won't get genuine notifications showing up. How do i stop the phone from recognising that little message with the 'now playing' on it as a message from the app that requires a notification?
gmon78 (2 months ago)
Adam Danilowicz Yeah I had a look at those settings and as far as I can tell they should only apply to notifications sent from the app for new videos or replies etc but that message that appearing at the top of the phone that says the name of the Chromecast it's connected to and the name of the video you're watching appears to be an android system notification rather than a YouTube one so I have no idea why my phone beeps and vibrates when it happens. Just started out of the blue. I'd been using it for about a week prior to that with no issues then it just suddenly started, but only when casting. Doesn't happen if you just watch a video on the phones own screen.
Adam Danilowicz (2 months ago)
Perhaps look at the youtube settings. Also, try and swipe slightly right on the notification in order to go to the notification settings for that app.
Swiss 88 (2 months ago)
Thanks, loving my pixel xl 2
Kid OK (2 months ago)
From 3:25, play at 0.25x speed Those bezels!!!!!!
NormEatsRice (3 months ago)
I got the regular Pixel 2 because I like small things in my hand, including my penis.
Luis Caig (4 days ago)
Are you white?😂
aliwalyd3 lol (1 month ago)
NormEatsRice 😂😂😂
Mr._.Hentai (3 months ago)
NormEatsRice Lmao
Six X (3 months ago)
I don't have the temperature shown beside the date on my 2 XL, anyone know how to fix it?
fightnight14 (3 months ago)
How did you add top and bottom bezels on your pixel 2 xl? Is it software? :D
Max M (3 months ago)
Super helpful. Thanks!
BOBBY THOMPSON (3 months ago)
I just ordered a 2 XL last night. I hope i win the screen lottery.
Chris s (1 month ago)
Sorry you didn’t, but I did!
BOBBY THOMPSON (3 months ago)
Definitely not. But i got used to it quickly. The software experience makes it worth it. I'm coming from a S6 Edge and it's a noticeably worse screen as far as color reproduction and saturation go.
Luke Harris (3 months ago)
shiclasher (3 months ago)
the last tip is godsent
Donald Roberts (3 months ago)
What blue shift?
Brandon Sheville (3 months ago)
I just got my pixle 2 yesterday, I love it
Malik Brock (3 months ago)
I wish I could rearrange the navigation bar back button and the recently used apps button. Also being able to change system font would be a plus.
Ram Samachetty (3 months ago)
Pran to pake linge
VinoD Tadanki (3 months ago)
Wow great... Learnt new settings 👍
jamiesh (3 months ago)
Why are you saying "Pixel 2 Excel"? It's "XL"
Mike Yu (3 months ago)
jamiesh American English. Some pronunciations tend to be slurred. Similarly, "should have", "must have", etc. Tend to sound like "should of" and "must of" when pronounced by an American.
Shin Chan (3 months ago)
Is this better than one plus 5t?
Medmac (3 months ago)
Shin Chan Yes
Bojan Bojovic (3 months ago)
Blue shift/washed out idiots...
Devin M. (3 months ago)
Is there anyway to customize the phone so the volume buttons or power button can immediately silence a notification/ringtone? In order for me to do so, I always have to unlock the phone and then open the app(text message/whatsapp/phone call).
Ocean Pacific (3 months ago)
Devin M. Squeeze it and it shuts off those notification
Don Morelock (3 months ago)
I've been contemplating the Pixel 2 XL, after this video I am placing my order. I have a Note 8 and a iPhone X. The Note 8 screen cracked and its $650 to replace the screen where I live, so I bought the iPhone X. But that phone as cool as it may be just lacks 80% of the things I do on a regular basis. I can't use apple pay anywhere (the store said it works at Coach and Starbucks, I don't go to either of those places) my Samsung watch works for pay every single place I have ever gone if if they use 10 year old tech, as it sends out a magnetic field. I can't track sleep with the apple watch, the phone cant pay anywhere except cvs, the screen is really small, smaller than the 5.5 iPhone 8 plus and I like larger screens. Apps look better on Android, use to be the other way around, not anymore. I cant even control my house or even the temp in my house from the apple phone, I can do that with voice on google. I would get the Note 8 again, but if I'm going to spend $650 on a new screen I figure just buy a new Google phone as my Note 8 as much as I love it never updates. Thanks for your video, you made my life easier :)
FUTURE (3 months ago)
WTH Iam watching this, I dont even have pixel :D
DrGanja99 (3 months ago)
Ortega moving on up!
Oct Martinez (3 months ago)
I died when Gucci gang came up, because I have the the same reaction 😂😂😂😂
Paul (3 months ago)
Zegde for notifications and ringtone..problem solved..next!
Jimi Stixx (3 months ago)
Excellent post production. Great video.
Ice Ryda (3 months ago)
Lol blue shift fix
Hilmy Akatsuki (3 months ago)
Last one is awesome!!!
Ezequiel (4 months ago)
Spot on with the ending. I switched from a 2XL to a 2 and it's perfect.
DJ SPY (4 months ago)
Accidentally triggering the double tap action... HA! 99% of the time you have to almost punch your phone with all your might to get it to turn on. That's I've thing I give to Apple. I pick up my iPhone X and boom, the display turns on. Tap the screen, it turns on without any lag.
Gurudrew (4 months ago)
Thanks, didn't know about the System UI Tuner. I just added seconds to my clock.
twentyfourmiles (4 months ago)
why am i watching this i own galaxys5 lol
Gabor Legar (4 months ago)
Is there any way to see the NFC icon when I pull down the notification shade?
Sreenivas GV (4 months ago)
This tip i every time 100% use in an android phone check at unbox therapy just a 3 min video: https://youtu.be/ybPAZPoiLJI
Lana Drahrepus (4 months ago)
Great you show things a normal user, that isnt allergic to technology knows after using the phone for 2 days.
Khalid l (4 months ago)
HTC u11 Plus now
Micah Woods (4 months ago)
The end tho 😂
Omar Lynn (4 months ago)
I can't get my picture in picture to work.
gmon78 (2 months ago)
Omar Lynn - Are you trying it with Youtube? It wont work for me on Youtube either so i googled it and apparently it doesn't work on YT unless you have a red account. I tired it with Netflix thought just to see if it actually worked and it worked just fine with that.
Curt Bernardo (4 months ago)
Too much vfx.
Raj Kumar (4 months ago)
The last one was better 😋
awais ahmed (4 months ago)
Nicely done 😎
Hendra PVR7 (4 months ago)
Make for any android please...
Ilya Elis (4 months ago)
Useless video, everyone knows this shit and people that don't, have no clue how to use YouTube so you probably need a separate article on that
Shaun (4 months ago)
I do like the Pixel 2, it is a good phone but I settled on a OnePlus 5T and love it. I just cant see spending a thousand dollars on a phone thats outdated in a matter of a couple of months. Even OnePlus is guilty of this with the 5.
aliwalyd3 lol (1 month ago)
Shaun no you didn't. When you get a OnePlus device you *NEVER SETTLE*
Dan (1 month ago)
I got my XL for about 500 dollars after getting discounts from Verizon. They have special offer now.
Shaun (4 months ago)
I can agree with that! I did have to "settle" on my carrier. I had to go with Straight-talk but it's working out good so far, so I'm pretty happy. I'm guessing that CDMA licensing must be expensive?
Matthew Brown (4 months ago)
be nice if Oneplus did financing and work with Verizon.
HarryUnchained (4 months ago)
I would love to get the 5T but they're selling that phone here for $600 (64gb model) while Note 8 is $750. Pixel 2 is nowhere to be found here though.
Dylan Snyder (4 months ago)
Great video, except for the Gucci Gang part. 🤢🤢
NEIL WILLIAMS (2 months ago)
Dylan Snyder 5039601655BrotherNeilWilliams@gmail.com 5
NEIL WILLIAMS (2 months ago)
Dylan Sunder nu 0
NEIL WILLIAMS (2 months ago)
Dylan Snyder were to
Lucas and Pikachu (4 months ago)
Dylan Snyder Lil Pump is so retarded. He only says two words, he doesn't know how to behave on an airplane, and for a 17-year-old, he isn't in school. In a few months, people are going to forget about him.
Miloshsh57 (4 months ago)
Unbelievable my huawei have the same options..
aliwalyd3 lol (1 month ago)
Miloshsh57 yes because the pixel has stock Android so it's faster than even the mate 10 pro.
David B (2 months ago)
Miloshsh57 I can do all this on the Nexus 6p as well... '-'
Miloshsh57 (4 months ago)
Alexandru Fanu but the pixel users feels somehow a special becouse they can customise their phone..
Alexandru Fanu (4 months ago)
Miloshsh57 that's exactly what I was about to say :))))) and my huawei is from 2016
Miloshsh57 (4 months ago)
Mate 10 if anyone cares
DeadofWinter321 (4 months ago)
Love my Pixel 2 XL. Got rid of my Galaxy S8 for it, and don't regret it.
Jotique Harlee (1 month ago)
DeadofWinter321 Does your phone overheats when going live on Facebook
DeadofWinter321 (1 month ago)
Thebe - How about you? Thx!
DeadofWinter321 (1 month ago)
Mick Harrison You look like one. ;-)
MEL0 (3 months ago)
fuck off
Robert Ibanez (3 months ago)
same here, had the s8+.  ridiculous how you notice the slightest lag on other devices once you go stock.
Jordanian Arabian PRINCE (4 months ago)
Hopefully pixel 3 won't look as bad cause I really like the software but damn this phone is ugly
fightnight14 (3 months ago)
The real beauty is what's on the inside that's what makes the phone sexy for me. What will you do with all that curves, elegance and modern design if the software is slow and cluttered? Uhh no thanks
Haziq Hasifi (3 months ago)
I'm actually fond of the design. Well, we all have different taste.
Emad Ahmed (4 months ago)
The design has grown on me. Now I quite like it.
Asanjawa (4 months ago)
Jordanian Arabian PRINCE I love the design!
sugonmaballs (4 months ago)
What's the trick to make it reasonably priced (besides buying the bootloader-locked Verizon variant)?
sugonmaballs (1 month ago)
aliwalyd3 lol Lol, I'm active duty Army. Say something now, ass.
aliwalyd3 lol (1 month ago)
sugonmaballs get a job.
Red Hood (4 months ago)
I’m about to buy a phone tomorrow. Do you recommend this over Note 8 or iPhone X?
aliwalyd3 lol (1 month ago)
Red Hood yes.
Jasper Edwards (3 months ago)
Yes, definitely buy the Pixel 2 or 2 XL...best Android phones hands down.
Michael Vo (3 months ago)
Pixel 2 Xl for the win! Best camera so far for all the smartphones!
happinessisafulltank (3 months ago)
Naichen Zhao (3 months ago)
+Robert Ibanez who are youtalking to?
Chris Emerick (4 months ago)
I'm surprised you didn't mention being able to change the default icon shape. I prefer the teardrop shape over stock round
Nickoy1 Channel (6 days ago)
Chris Emerick I've been rocking the teardrop for sometime now
No Problem :P My Pixel 2 is coming in a couple days, I just used to run an 8.0 Custom rom on my old phone.
Stephen Lewandowski (4 months ago)
The Creeper Universe - HD Gaming And More! Thanks! I didn't think of developer options. I enabled them and the option appeared in the launcher settings
Chris Emerick (4 months ago)
Stephen Lewandowski once you activate the developer settings and you don't see the change icon shape in home settings,try turning the dev settings off then on again. Sometimes restarting the phone helps too
Stephen Lewandowski Activate developer options by clicking the Build number, then go into the stock launcher settings. Forgive me if I am wrong, but there should be the adaptive icon shape setting there
Bahahahha Gucci Gang
Charlie Lainez (4 months ago)
Best phone *ever!*
Ian Smart (4 months ago)
The difference between boosted and saturated is nuts
Navi - (3 months ago)
Ian Smart I loved the boosted color
Yamil Diaz (4 months ago)
Glad Jerome is here !
Shegdoobius (4 months ago)
One does not simply..Woosh!
Shellyman Studios (4 months ago)
I love the ending.... No comment on the regular Pixel 2 😂
Ed Hlavaty (18 days ago)
Shellyman Studios "
Daniel Grabovskiy (4 months ago)
Glad to see you here Jerome. You're content is great
Varun Kesari (4 months ago)
Heck just today itself got my pixel 2😂
Dominik Seljan (3 months ago)
Haha I got one few weeks ago. I have to agree with you, it's been amazing so far. Lots of cool new features on Oreo and it's super fast :)
Varun Kesari (4 months ago)
+Call Me Candy Man soo far soo excellent. i would recommend it anyone no matter from which Custom Skin or OS they are coming. its the best phone ever made. only thing i wish could have been better is if the phone would have been 5.5 inch instead of 5 inch.
Call Me Candy Man (4 months ago)
congrats, how you liking it?
moha annaba (4 months ago)
The tumbnail is so annoying !
Jason Wilde (4 months ago)
moha annaba if u get annoyed by a thumbnail u need to go outside and live a little
Callip Hall (4 months ago)
Literally LOLd at the Saturated/Lowe's paint cans comment.
Callip Hall (4 months ago)
Home Depot, whoops
yup1 (4 months ago)
Not having pixel, still watching 🤔😀
MY OPINION (4 months ago)
Hey man do you know that Pixel 2 phones have Face unlock ??? 😉😉😉
MY OPINION (4 months ago)
kunal pahuja thanks man for the info 👍🏻
kunal pahuja (4 months ago)
Venkata Sai Sanjay Malla it's a stock lollipop feature. It's been there since ages.
Mike (4 months ago)
Hell yeah it's Jerome!!!!!!
ANTBoyHAKEEM (4 months ago)
starting to like this guy :)
ANTBoyHAKEEM (4 months ago)
Jerome Ortega <3
Jerome Ortega (4 months ago)
Aww shucks. ☺️
Gaurav Raghani (4 months ago)
thekingsson (4 months ago)
Nygel Solís (4 months ago)
Harsh Chaudhary (4 months ago)
Ayon Barua (4 months ago)
665 Skipthisad (13 days ago)

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