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What is a VPN? - Gary explains

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Read full article: http://goo.gl/5yEddh VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. But what is it? What can a VPN do for you and do you need a VPN? Let's take a look. Get ExpressVPN: http://goo.gl/dc1Hbz Talk about Android in our forums: http://www.androidauthority.com/community Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=androidauthority ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - http://google.com/+androidauthority - http://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://twitter.com/androidauth/ - http://instagram.com/androidauthority/ Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: https://plus.google.com/+JoshuaVergara Joe Hindy: https://plus.google.com/+JosephHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://plus.google.com/+LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://plus.google.com/+JayceBroda Gary Sims: https://plus.google.com/+GarySims
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Text Comments (508)
theflyguy lorenz (4 days ago)
So if in use a VPN and look up said taboo subject you were talking about would my ISP still be able to see that I looked that up or just that some random person looked it up
Grand Master (7 days ago)
Gary, if we use Express VPN, is this something we can turn on and off like a switch or is it permanent?
Chau Trong An (8 days ago)
T Mc (11 days ago)
Joe Corea (11 days ago)
This is a feature of VPNs that isn't its original purpose. Useful information for individuals trying to hide or change their identity on the Internet, but NOT what people traditionally use VPNs for. The original idea was to connect private networks over the Internet to each other encrypted. It had nothing to do with "hiding" or changing your geolocation, but instead just connecting in a way that was secure and seemless.
Roseann Armstrong (13 days ago)
With my lack of computer knowledge this is a little more than clear as mud to me. Thank you I’ll need to start studying more so I can understand more clearly.
Brown Margaret (14 days ago)
ExpressVpn is the best Vpn I have been using keeps no user info and works perfectly http://www.linkev.com/?a_fid=Romeo621
incredible8me (15 days ago)
good to know. thanks
Nano Byte (16 days ago)
More precise and to the point great video mate. 👍
Shybal Ibrahim (24 days ago)
sounds like VPN does the same thing as tor does but at a much smaller level, is there any difference between the two ?
Jay Dee (26 days ago)
What is a ROOTER?! 😅
TheBuddhaFinger (9 hours ago)
Jay Dee In the UK Asia and some of Europe it's pronounced 'rooter' not rowter. Bit like USA has route 66. Or do they pronounce it rowte 66 I'm not sure lol
David Dacus (29 days ago)
If you use this while you’re on LTE(cellular data) will it use up cellular data?
Siddharth Verma (29 days ago)
it's really a great explanation dude thanks.
Hey Mon (29 days ago)
Shit man if hackers figured out how to rout through different channels to steal stuff, we can do the same to frustrate them, just takes a little knowledge, I am personally not sold on these VPN's yet we need to set a "mine field" for hackers
Mr. Christian (1 month ago)
Hey guys, there is always a need for a VPN so for that we have compiled together our http://bestvpnnetworks.com/ base on several factors that include the total number of server locations, dedicated and dynamic IP, client software, bandwidth caps, security, logging, customer support, and price. check it out
Jin YuanZhe (1 month ago)
Can someone track the vpn provider and unlock the user's original location?
Jin YuanZhe (1 month ago)
8:50 heheh a true advert. For this quality content I accept
tKnz (1 month ago)
helped me revise for my exam...thanks.
Chris W (1 month ago)
So if multiple modems in a neighborhood all use the same IP address, how could anyone prove who did what on the internet? Also, how is it that traffic isn't send to your neighbors house too?
Haris Bilalovic (1 month ago)
but cant they just track where is the source of the connevtion that is conneted to the vpn server(cant they just track me from my vpn server)
David Lawrence (1 month ago)
Gary this is a most excellent presentation.Thank you .
psycho Jquartz (1 month ago)
Can a vpn be cracked?
Surinder Rawat (2 months ago)
James Barrett (2 months ago)
Net neutrality hahahahahaha. Now vpn will just be used by everyone and Comcast, cia, nsa, will have no idea who is where. Love it. The market is always more advanced than the government. The USA government just messed up big time.
Taco Sauce (1 day ago)
Not true. The government is always 100 steps ahead of the public weather it be technology, information, etc. Do not under-estimate government agencies they are always and will always be ahead of the average Joe.
Simon Herbert (2 months ago)
WhatsVPN is a permanent free VPN. Minimalist design, fast connection, hidden real IP, privacy protection. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.infvpn.turbo.free.proxy.whatsvpn
Miguel Carlos F (2 months ago)
VPN is own by the illuminati
iamcarpetpython (2 months ago)
It has always confused me HOW a VPN comes in between the user and the ISP. The ISP is what connects the user to the internet in the first place. How can a VPN encrypt data before it is sent out if the ISP carries that data out?
Bill Parsons (2 months ago)
My router is named roto-rooter!
Kiryl Kim (2 months ago)
You are a great teacher!
Vivian Lee (2 months ago)
Thank you Gary.
mAsTeRpIeCe (2 months ago)
So what happens if someone get access of the vpn
Hùng Kiệt (2 months ago)
I'm using NordVPN
Roger Rams (2 months ago)
Really Really well explained👌🏽
Sannith Namani (2 months ago)
Very well explained
Elemeno (3 months ago)
so a vpn is used to "Escape" cops from tracking your illegal activity then? lol
hanselxy (1 month ago)
Elemeno for people who use it for illegal activity...yes
Abdullah arief (3 months ago)
Good. Now I understand it. You just got 1 subscriber
Tim Hu (3 months ago)
10:07 gary says Europe and it sounds like a hiccup.
Raul Souza (3 months ago)
Thanks a lot!
Jason Tillman (3 months ago)
Brilliant. I've watched loads of these videos. But your diagrams and explanation especially at 7:00 - 7:40 are the first that actually makes sense. Thanks so much.
xi chen (3 months ago)
as chinese,i feel shame to use it.
Steven M (3 months ago)
You are the man Gary ! Great video!
PLANESWALKER83 (3 months ago)
Found a pretty good one on the Playstore and it told me I was in the UK with a different ip address lol
Guardian Arias (3 months ago)
please do a Tor vpn network
Ethan Lynn (3 months ago)
I use a vpn to make WiFi faster
LispyLeaf (3 months ago)
PureVPN say's they don't keep personal information on accessing sites and stuff but they recently got into shit with someone as they saved their personal information to get someone caught
Zᴀʙɪx (1 month ago)
Lol 😝 love you gta videos!
jabumaho (3 months ago)
That is not quite correct. They only confirmed to the authorities that an account was using their service at a specified time, which they state they log. Furthermore this information is not what led to the arrest of that individual.
ede shalini (3 months ago)
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MrLeahmark (4 months ago)
Fotis Sk (4 months ago)
If you choose to use a VPN server from a certain country, say Germany, will your VPN'd/changed IP be the same all the time?
Fotis Sk (2 months ago)
thexfilez (2 months ago)
Yes, until you click disconnect.
harsh savla (4 months ago)
How is the traffic from the isp to the internet to the vpn server encrypted?
icyhotonmynuts (4 months ago)
CHRIS BRAND (4 months ago)
A VPN sounds very useful.,..😊
Kodi-Solutions (4 months ago)
I always go to vpnforkodi.com
mark f (4 months ago)
I have a laptop and I cannot download express vpn or tunnel bear using Microsoft edge, am I doing something wrong?
Garrett Gonczy (4 months ago)
Whatismyipadress.com told me I live 2 hours away from where I really do....
Ellie Thomas (4 months ago)
Thanks Gary
Nicole (4 months ago)
Looking for a great VPN service with best deal, for anonymous browsing, speed and effectiveness try NordVPN https://go.nordvpn.net/SHaq It provides fast and secure connections
Zephyr Morales (5 months ago)
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Literally Felicity (5 months ago)
Can anyone explain me how does a vpn manipulates your device to send out the ip addresses it assigns you?
Yardley Urbanek (5 months ago)
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Rafael E (6 months ago)
Nice! From Panama!
Wayne Email (6 months ago)
Root Her hehehe!
How some vpn control data service.
lingeswaran nagarajan (6 months ago)
Thanks buddy. A crystal clear explanation
狼爸爸的工作室 (7 months ago)
social media is trying to create an image that china is tightening vpn restrictions, you should be wondering who's behind all this? the last time i checked, every vpns out there are just working as fine and some of the expat youtubers live in china has come out to explain the real situation, the result of this is obvious, anti tourism, anti communism, anti cross boarder confidence... it seems to be a well strategic movement against chinese government
Lacey Craft (1 month ago)
狼爸爸的工作室 Thank you for sharing that. Who else would know the real story except for somone that is actually there? The mainstream media in America surely will not tell us.
Vspoke 91 (7 months ago)
Vpn is changing your ip?
馬非哈 (7 months ago)
R.I.P my minecraft acc because of VPN :"(
street-creep3 (7 months ago)
Hey I have a question for you, isn't it easy for the government/FBI to open an account at lets say at ExpressVPN. Then write down all the IP adresses they own. Then go directly to those Data centers, where they host the IPs. Then get surrender all the private information from you? Or wait, isnt it even easier for the FBI to open a fake company posing as a VPN company and get all that stuff?? I suspect its already going. Unless the VPN company is based in a country where they are no governable laws... but then in that case, the authorities in that country would be so corrupt, that they would sell your private info to governments around the world. What are your thoughts on this??? Thanks, excellent video
GamerForEver (5 months ago)
street-creep3 Well, no it's not that easy, atleast on NordVPN the VPN's IP changes every time you reconnect
PhazonXL Productions (7 months ago)
You can also use a vpn to bypass data limitations on your phone's hotspot. I have a full tutorial on how to do this
Priteesh Babu (7 months ago)
Hi Gary.i have a question.Suppose if i connected to VPN server located Asia and want to access files restricted to europe.how will i get.Does VPN server in Asia connect to VPN server in Europe and flow back in same direction???
hanselxy (1 month ago)
Priteesh Babu It so stupid of you to ask this question if it's your real profile pic and a real name in the profile.
John Yong (7 months ago)
what about static IP?
zYpa Hacks (7 months ago)
Here's the easy explanation a non VPN connection: you typed "YouTube. com" it sends data request You Receive a data from ISP it sends back that you connected to the YouTube a *VPN* connection: You Type "Youtube.com" sends a Request data receives the data the vpn Sends back to the isp that you are connected to Google.com instead of youtube.com that's how it works!
Barry Martin (7 months ago)
your rooter
Zephyr Morales (7 months ago)
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you tube 425 (7 months ago)
I've had the paid version fot Cyber ghost, I cancelled it now I'm going to get Nord vpn, can you recommend a vpn for us, your suggestions will be highly appreciated, thank you and this was the best explanation I've seen on You Tube for vpn. thanks again.
kayla babs (7 months ago)
you tube 425 i use vpn master
FLAVIO BATISTA (7 months ago)
thank you for the info on the VPN functionality....but, once i sign up for service on my notebook, will i also be able to access my account on my cell phone as well. I just gave you a big thumbs up.
Mackin Nass (7 months ago)
proxy chains is your friend. VPNs are still not to be trusted
Laurence (7 months ago)
Well Explained
Wallace Gonzalez (8 months ago)
I like this VPN service “kanat unique one” (Google it). Easy to set up & utilize. Allows accessibility Google in places where it`s obstructed, and speed is wonderful. I only use low bandwidth, but when I updated Facebook, I`m surprised how quick the pace of download was and it’s much like my home internet speed. This service is good for you also. I find it really incredible!
Keith Miklas (8 months ago)
Outstanding! (thumbs up)
I dont understand what a website is. Is it a pc? A big machine? A laptop? And where is it? I dont understand how that stuff works and how it finns the website
Wylie Braxton (8 months ago)
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Solomon Cheriyakolla (8 months ago)
VpN is good for security
Wylie Braxton (8 months ago)
I like this VPN service “kanat unique one” (Google it), it helps you be able to gain access to apps and internet sites that you may not be able to access on other wifi networks. I find it to be good. A VPN app without limits in access time is difficult to get. Enables me to access Netflix and so forth.I highly recommend it.
thurm101 (8 months ago)
Great and informative
Choose a VPN (8 months ago)
Very informative video, Gary!
Arsibest (8 months ago)
thx very nice Gary!
Lumanyano Mpayipeli (8 months ago)
Great explanations. Thanks Mr.
E. Allan Montes D. (8 months ago)
what about the vpn that opera browser offers for free, any comments?
Revanth Kumar (8 months ago)
At 7.35 he says local govt and others won't know what websites you are accessing but that is a misleading statement given they can still know which website you are trying to connect if the DNS request goes through your local ISP. If your VPN provider also provides a tunnel for DNS requests, in that case, your ISP, govt etc will never know what site you are trying to access.
Ron Borneo (9 months ago)
Would your ISP know that you're using a VPN? Would the government/ISP be able to figure out which VPN you are using?
Mathieu (8 months ago)
Ron Borneo your isp can see there is "activity" going on with ur IP address, but it doesn't see what you're sending i.e. encrypted traffic flow. It only sees that you're sending all ur search queries to one location (ur vpn provider). Each provider has different levels of encryption
Garry Sims (9 months ago)
Cabbagly White (9 months ago)
what if some one has ur ip will this stop them from doing any thing with ur ip?
0Esox0 (9 months ago)
Good info, thanks!
AlAmin Juma Magoti (9 months ago)
hello android I wana ask can the router administrator still access my history after vpn connection bcz you explained a crucial point that all home history remains at home
AlAmin Juma Magoti (9 months ago)
because let's say my teacher is the admin of our router
Hackerz type (9 months ago)
Ynovideo (9 months ago)
I can't understand this guy! Sorry, thumbs DOWN!
maria corazon (9 months ago)
thank you so much Gary! God speed :)
Thomas Hoar (9 months ago)
Best VPN 2017 - Completely free! http://cyberghost.sjv.io/c/359470/322383/4960
sandman0829 (9 months ago)
best explanation i've found online, thanks a bunch!
Sung Kim (9 months ago)
What I don't get is that, if you make a connection to the internet via VPN, you first go through ISP to make the connection to VPN. Then can't ISP figure out that you are connecting to VPN and figure out who you are?
hanselxy (1 month ago)
Sung Kim Exactly sung!!..thank God you have the same question that I have.That is why I am still not convinced with the vpn explanations so far.Its funny that a lot of people in the comment section are extremely satisfied with this explanation.
Arthur Dayne (9 months ago)

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