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The State of Bezels! (2018)

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The notch vs the future of smartphone design. Under-glass fingerprint reader: https://youtu.be/dRtqFjYYUY0 Vivo Apex Concept Phone: https://youtu.be/0I9CSqVHTpE TechnoBuffalo LG G7 concept render: https://technobuffalo.com/2018/03/06/lg-g7-neo-images-iphone-x/ MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-0bfe542e Intro Track: Under the Water by Alltta ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (6884)
Arif Waqas (12 minutes ago)
Am I the only one who thinks the Pixel 2 looks GORGEOUS despite its bezels? :(
The Flash (29 minutes ago)
That s9 wallpaper link anybody? Pls
Ankit Kurmi (46 minutes ago)
2018 will be the year for notch
Ben Spears (2 hours ago)
I would rather compromise with a bezel instead of a notch until we have the technology to hide it under the glass.. the notch looks terrible even if your mind learns to block it out after time using the phone.
Kid Pyromania (2 hours ago)
if you could stand the stench of corruption and ineptitude, MKBHD would be a great addition to Trump's advisory group on science and tech. He and they don't know anything so you would have to be the lone voice of sanity
mohammed lodhi (2 hours ago)
I am really glad that you talked about the ugly Iphone notch. how can the other manufacturers copy a poor design really pathetic.
mohammed lodhi (2 hours ago)
Why did you not talk about Mi Mix 2s? They actually did a very good job by putting the camera on the top right side.
Jonathan (3 hours ago)
The real question of 2018 is: what are bezels?
DᎯNNᎽ BᎾᎽ (3 hours ago)
I agree Vivo did it best. And why would it cost thousands of dollars just cause the camera has a tiny motor inside? I mean didnt oppo do that too? How much did their phone cost??? Idk ..
Carlos Jr Cortorreal (3 hours ago)
Personally i dont really care about the fucking bazels... GIVE US BIGGER DAM BATTERY LIFE TIME.
Harshad Dhawale (4 hours ago)
Maybe just like under-glass fingerprint sensor, we can have under glass selfie camera and other sensors which will not be certainly visible at the normal angle. For that kind of screen, glass can be made of polarized. Fingers crossed.
Osoji (5 hours ago)
I don’t know... I find the bezel endearing now.
Roy Noakes (6 hours ago)
Totally agree with the issues of producing a bezelless phone. The major issue seems to be the font facing camera. Might sound stupid but why cant the "front facing camera" be on the back!! Hang on here me out, the only reason you need to use the front camera for a selfie is for a preview to make sure you are in the picture. why not put a small, low res, cheap preview screen on the back and use the existing higher res camera on the back for selfies? OK you have to turn the phone round, so what.
Liran Barsisa (6 hours ago)
Most new devices out there have some sort of notch. Even more than one: on the corners. They are called rounded corners, but it's still the same: reducing real content of the screen, claiming it takes more space this way. Some phones even distort the content, like Galaxy devices on the sides. I think the best phone would be one that takes max space without compromises of reducing or distorting screen. It doesn't have to be 100% screen-to-device ratio. The bezels on top and bottom can be for speakers, camera, and the rest, without taking much space at all, and without a notch.
JonathanJK (6 hours ago)
Marcus you keep looking above the camera for your noted. It's distracting. Also what's with your hair? Can you do a video about how you sustain the awkward shape and how I'm the only one concerned by it? Thanks.
Banica Georgian Vasile (6 hours ago)
I don't like them bezzelless and i don't like them that big... :)
O AbELhuDo (8 hours ago)
They used to be green, now they are yellow
Jett Victor (8 hours ago)
Liked, subscribed, post notifications on.
Abderrahmen Besbes (11 hours ago)
how about moving the camera all the way to the left or to the right, tht way there's no "middle" notch but a "corner" with the front facing camera that's just an idea
Pawail A. Qaisar (11 hours ago)
Yo where'd you get that t shirt?
MrEagle2704 (12 hours ago)
I really like MKBHD for putting quality above quantity and not stretching the video to above 10 minutes if it's not necessary.
Piyush Patel (12 hours ago)
Notch-the intermediate
GeorgeSteel (12 hours ago)
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Chidi Dike (12 hours ago)
Hey, Marques, can you do a review of the Sony a7 lll? Thank you.
cdefgah4343 (13 hours ago)
I don't think that in the past, we didn't care about bezels. Just look at the LG G2.
Teddy Reynolds (13 hours ago)
rate lobby respect pnixb daily unexpected get dose land.
U53rn0Tf0uND SORRY (13 hours ago)
The vivo apex found a place for the front facing camera
Eric Schenkenberger (13 hours ago)
Great objective review. It's nice seeing some actual comprehensive thought on the subject and not just fanboy gushing from either the apple or android camp.
Tom van Loon (13 hours ago)
I really prefer samsung's way. I hope they don't go for the notch in the future.
Dr Puja Singh (14 hours ago)
The notch is what i would prefer.
Rakk (14 hours ago)
those hanging sweaters just ruined the shot.
Tioloco88 (14 hours ago)
Has anyone considered getting rid of the selfie camera and having a 100% bezel-less phone? I personally would go for it, imo it's worth it as I seldom use the selfie camera
Filip Matacin (15 hours ago)
The model will be called Z1, like ZERO BEZELL 1.. The info was out about a month ago on the web..
Filip Matacin (15 hours ago)
Mark, have you heard of SAMSUNGs new patent? Is about holes in the display panel and the bezell prob is solved already..
Dhawal Joshi (16 hours ago)
notches are the worst stage in the screen to body ratio development. A thinner bezel is better than that idiotic notch
BLANK 24 (16 hours ago)
Pretty sure they have the technology, they are just taking it slow to make some money. Although a counter argument could be that if they have the tech why won't they just release it to get ahead of the market and try to be the pioneers of this new tech?......this is a good argument but who knows, they probably have it all planned out.
Jarl Ballin' (16 hours ago)
Never understood why tech YouTubers hate the notch. The notch looks better and more futuristic than having a full bezel on the top plus it's barely noticeable during use...
Sensei (16 hours ago)
Couldnt there be some type of technology where the camera would sit behind the screen kinda like the fingerprint scanner, and when the user used the front facing camera the pixels would go translucent or something around those lines?
Jake Lauben (16 hours ago)
Also would it be a good idea to use the existing rear camera with a small selfie screen on the back of phone? Would people be okay with that
Jake Lauben (16 hours ago)
I’d love to buy an iPad Pro for school but I’m thinking they’ll make it with no bezels in 2018. Should I wait MKBHD?
chronic3k (16 hours ago)
Wrap the screen around the camera and make it as small as possible and fit it in the notification bar so it is like an icon
Ren Suzugamori (17 hours ago)
The iPhone X has a curved display on the bottom inside where the display drivers are house, that is how they got rid of the bottom bezel that the essential phone has. Pretty innovative design, I think other manufactures can do the same thing and make a bezel less phone pretty easily. Just put the speaker at the very top and then put the front camera on the top corner or just make the phone dual screened so you can use the back camera as the selfie camera.
alexsanity (17 hours ago)
2018: Year of the Notch
Why not use a secondary screen on the back of the phone to use the primary camera as the selfie Camera. It will provide more room for additional features and the second screen can be used for many other purposes some phones have already used it but I want to see it with full Bassel free screen.
Johnny Law559 (17 hours ago)
Where did you get that wallpaper❤️
Peter Pansen (18 hours ago)
I never use front facing cameras. the ones on the back have always better quality. so get rid of those useless things. selfies my ass!
Soumendu Sarkar (18 hours ago)
bezelless display+notch=useless tech all the mobile companies are like herd of sheeps. fingerprint sensor was required.. dual rear camera, could be avoided.. but now this bezelless trend is insane.. smartphone industry is misleading users, as the market has already been saturated.
Estelle Bright (19 hours ago)
Cant agree more. Notch is BAD. Notch blocks things. It is a compromise. The ideal situation should be ZERO notch and ZERO sensors. And I will keep holding my point that bezeless IS PRONE TO ERROR. No matter what. You dont notice does not mean it is not there.
Paul Tamas (20 hours ago)
Im wondering after we successfully make a full screen phone what they will try to do after that?🤔🤔🤔Hologram?some kind of future projectors?
jae1k2 (20 hours ago)
can u do a review of camera? the s9+ camera
88Sauce (20 hours ago)
Bezels in a car are there for extra safety / sturdiness. Same for phones, I believe we should keep them.
Eric Garringer (20 hours ago)
I like bezels, as long as they aren’t large. They serve a purpose when it comes to holding a phone without triggering a reaction on the display. And for us case users, if there are no bezels, a case will need to cover a little bit of the display to stay on the device. I also don’t mind the notch on my iPhone X, in fact, I kind of like it too. I think this notch and bezel war is kind of silly.
Keko keko (21 hours ago)
What was the launcher that you were using on the Samsung galaxy s9
itz rahul (22 hours ago)
Moto + pixel luvr💗💖❤️
Mads Hansen (22 hours ago)
Xiaomi mix 2.. that's much better
Mads Hansen (22 hours ago)
Xiaomi mix 2s is the one I ment
Michael Elder (23 hours ago)
Mkbhd go to gsm arena and go to rumor mill part and there's a phone where the camera is in the top right corner and I almost barely noticed it when I looked at it at first
Sam J (23 hours ago)
Why not toss the sensors in a small bottom chin & push the screen all the way to the top. Nothing important sits @ the bottom of the screen like notifications do @ the top. It'd look like 100% screen.
Osman Jamshed (23 hours ago)
Wallpaper in thumbnail?
Vortech City (1 day ago)
Am I the only person who likes the notch?
Pilgrim's Progress (1 day ago)
Bezel less bezel less bezel less
Pilgrim's Progress (1 day ago)
Its notch funny 😁
Ashwaghosh Ghate (1 day ago)
I use xiaomi note 4 Like if you too
Peter Arnold (1 day ago)
This video was...(cough)..."top notch". Sorry!
bazump (1 day ago)
I will never buy a notch phone. Give it to me i dont want it
Amar K (1 day ago)
tbh I prefer the notch on the iPhone X because I don’t like that the very small bezels that are there on the S9 at the bottom and top.
Matt Stiles (1 day ago)
I cant find that version of the intro song
Joseph Mainusch (1 day ago)
I think it's a waste of time, really. I have a Pixel 1, and I think it's about perfect, as far as bezels go. On the sides I think there SHOULD be a little bit of bezel. Not much, but enough that when you're holding your phone you don't have to worry about the overhang of your fingers accidentally messing with you. Top and bottom, as long as it's not monstrously big, I think it's just fine. There's a lot more important things to be refining at this point than to waste time on bezels. Silly. WRT to notching, I'm totally against that. I often don't have enough room on that notification row as it is, let alone if you destroy half of the row for absolutely no good reason!
Geoff Hach (1 day ago)
No 4K for this one? Is it somehow just me?
Duc Huynh (1 day ago)
Cen we git rid of Bezos?
Mewment (1 day ago)
Yes, let's hope it's just a phase!
Cyranek (1 day ago)
talking about an earpiece as if people still make calls on these things smh
Michael Dadang (1 day ago)
yeah i like the bezel. bezelguese.
Heister Reinsch (1 day ago)
is there a phone without a front facing camera? i never use it. get rid of that selfie shit!
Marquis Sanders (1 day ago)
Essential Phone: Revisited?
Bryan Stephens (1 day ago)
So most people prefer an old style chin and forehead on the phones instead of an extended screen (notch)?
Harrison Gray (1 day ago)
I think by 2020 they might be able to use transparent OLED displays so that a part of the display can turn off to reveal the sensors that are behind the glass such as the camera when they need to be used. That would be awesome.
Looeelooee1 (1 day ago)
weird idea to get rid of proximity sensor and earpiece from phone, why not just move them to the back so that when people make phone calls they have to put the other side of their phone to their ears? then have the camera that pops up and an inscreen fingerprint sensor and you can go 100% bezelless
Shannon Gamble (1 day ago)
The notch doesn’t bother me really
Arnand 1st (1 day ago)
What if phone with notch but act like secondary screen on LG v10 and v20
TillDabeast (1 day ago)
I like the notch. For anyone who has an iPhone 10 you know that you don't notice it at all most of the time.
TheAryanTuber (1 day ago)
How do you get the black google search box ?
Brenden Keene (1 day ago)
Small bezels = good; no bezels = unimportant. Samsung phones look the best right now in this aspect.
GothiQ haQer (1 day ago)
My caption said "Kim PhD" here 😂 the saga continues.
2911oscar (1 day ago)
the notch looks like cancer and hides videos or adds black bars, no bezels like infinity display from the galaxy is shit because it looks like aids + palm rejection barely works (this also affects top and bottom) and it removes important things like the home button. And dont even get me started on the stupid ass invented aspect ratios instead of keeping 16:9 ideally we would have an android phone with samsung's top bezel, bottom bezel with system buttons + home button and finger print reader either there or under the glass and the side bezels of the iphone (curved glass but not display) and for the iphone continue the notch to the side so the phone has a normal top bezel and touch id under the glass together with face id
Cosmin Buzle (1 day ago)
Still not in 4K in Romania WTF YouTube?
Daniel Nicolas (1 day ago)
Why do companies use notches on top when they could just put a slim bar and make the phone symmetrical. The bottom wouldn't need a bezel and the phone would still have a huge screen to body ratio
Ross B2 (1 day ago)
hate the notch craze. When you watch a movie, the top is chopped off by the notch, so you have to add in a movie border, that is just crap. Plus, once every phone has a notch, every phone looks the same from the front. You cannot tell if it is an Apple or a cheap android. Phones are starting to become like white goods, about as exciting as fridge freezers.
kodiak wild (1 day ago)
do away with front facing cameras and add a "selfie" screen on the back. also, that concept phone is not bezeless.
GOD (1 day ago)
Ambient light sensor must go on the side with the screen. What if you're outside and the sun is only hitting the front but your sensor is on the side or back?
Synergex (1 day ago)
Just get rid of the front facing camera imo the only problem would be video calling.
racerx3065 (1 day ago)
The word bezels has lost all meaning to me. We need a bezel count for this video.
Apple Hipster (1 day ago)
I like the notch but I do prefer Samsung's way of compacting everything. But hell in 10 years all phones will look the same from the front.
Jens M. (1 day ago)
I like bezels!
CaptainPC (1 day ago)
I am just standing here waiting for a small bezel-free phone. By small I mean under 5" display without bezels, preferably 4.5".
Gaming Noob Hear (1 day ago)
So close to hit 6million subs!!!!!
Sanjoy Sinha (1 day ago)
iPhoneX side bezels are still among the widest of current phones. I can ignore the notch, but only if the side and bottom bezel is thin.
mboiko (1 day ago)
As smartphones continue to become just another commodity item and the changes year to year become smaller and smaller. What we really need is improvements in battery technology. In the last few weeks, I've seen on two occasions friends with the latest flagship phones from both Apple and Samsung...temporarily borrow another friend's Moto E4 Plus 5000mAh he paid $99 for at Target! All because both these VERY expensive Apple and Samsung phones ran out of power. What good is having a $1000 phone..if it's dead....it's worthless. So when I see videos talking about the "state of bezels" or the design of the "notch" I want to scream. The difference between entry/ mid-range and flagship phones are getting less and less...so I guess this is what it has come down to. Circuit City would still be in business today if somehow they could have continued to sell 50" "Flat Screen" TV's for $3000-4000...but the technology matured, prices dropped..and it was time to move on. Smartphones are following the same path no matter if we admit it or not...and it will soon be time to move on as well.
Kalyan Gupta (1 day ago)
S9 top knotch display Iphone 10 Top notch display
Ronald E Williams (1 day ago)
I don’t mind bezels
Nathan Lopez (1 day ago)
I believe that the Xiaomi MI MIX 2 is the way the go design wise when it comes to bezels.

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