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Samsung Galaxy Book vs Microsoft Surface Pro Comparison!

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Review of the Samsung Galaxy Book 12 and the Microsoft Surface Pro. Both are fast, light and portable. One comes with the pen and keyboard in the box, while the other doesn't. Which one is better? Watch to find out! Buy here on Amazon: Samsung Galaxy Book 12": http://geni.us/BP2kT Microsoft Surface Pro: http://geni.us/ZmA78o Thanks Ash Tailor for the help! http://www.youtube.com/ashthought Music by: Lakey Inspired: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired Help support the channel by using my Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon US: http://goo.gl/BVc5ez Amazon Canada: http://goo.gl/SK9sQK Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/is1MXU Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattmoniz123 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mattmoniz123 Website: http://www.matthewmoniz.com
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Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
Team Samsung Galaxy Book or Team Microsoft Surface Pro?
Gene Hill (2 months ago)
Matthew Moniz Just watched your review of the HP spectre x2, subscribed to your channel and looked up the Samsung Galaxy book and just now watched the comparison with the Surface Pro. You have recruited me for Team Samsung Galaxy Book. I do not have any real high end power usage, just word processing and youtube watching. Any issues with the Galaxy Book are assuaged by the price. Thanks. Again, very even and no emotional aspects. Great stuff.
Albert Lefebvre (2 months ago)
미츠하 (4 months ago)
#teamsamsung #teamgalaxybook Surface is not bad though.....
Itzluca21 (6 months ago)
Galaxy Book
Alastair Archibald (6 months ago)
Team Surface Book. I have had iPads with KBs, a Surface Pro 4 and a Galaxy Tab Pro S and have come to the conclusion that I prefer "mostly a laptop / sometimes a tablet" to vice versa.
edwin11373 (8 days ago)
Maybe this reviewer got a defective Galaxy Book because some of the "cons" he experienced with his version didn't happened to me. Specially about the pen. Samsung S-Pen blows away the Surface pen. In fact, one of the two main highlights of the Galaxy Book is the quality of the display and the accuracy of the pen with tilt support. It has almost no jitter unlike the Surface pen.
david029014 (23 days ago)
I have a samsung galaxy note 12.2 pro and love it but i need to upgrade, what should I Get? I want 12" screen, fast, long battery, and great screen, it's strictly for media consumption.
Mohammed Salahuddin (29 days ago)
I am a teacher, I wanna present my lectures using projector and s pen Which one should I buy?
indrajem7vwh (1 month ago)
I’ve used Asus T103 and now still using Asus Pro 3. My next if Asus stops making a hybrid would be the Surface pro. These are the better hybrid makers. Samsung is out of the question. They only make toys.
MUSTAFA - 584 (1 month ago)
the best for student !!
Gaya-Sha Nickie (2 months ago)
i have been a note3,note5 user and their S pen is amazing for accuracy, speed, and sensitivity. therefore, galaxy book pen is no less since samsung just recycle their tech. 2 thumbs up for g book for sure. once you used note, you can't use any other devices. that being said, i like how he summed up at the end where as other reviwers don't and you get drowned with tons of info and can't decide what is what. well, that didn't help you make pick the best device did it? yes, sum it in 2 sentences!!! what i wanted to know is the user comments instead of manufacturer spec. it 's not always accurate. the first time i used amoled on samsung, it was a revelation experience. luv it. so what i wanted to know is the human experience for galaxy book better than surface pro4? also, i tried surface pro4, and i wasn't impressed when i watch movies on netflix.
Gaya-Sha Nickie (2 months ago)
i have been a note3,note5 user and their S pen is amazing for accuracy, speed, and sensitivity. therefore, galaxy book pen is no less since samsung just recycle their tech. 2 thumbs up for g book for sure. once you used note, you can't use any other devices. that being said, i like how he summed up at the end where as other reviwers don't and you get drowned with tons of info and can't decide what is what. well, that didn't help you make pick the best device did it? yes, sum it in 2 sentences!!! what i wanted to know is the user comments instead of manufacturer spec. it 's not always accurate. the first time i used amoled on samsung, it was a revelation experience. luv it. so what i wanted to know is the human experience for galaxy book better than surface pro4? also, i tried surface pro4, and i wasn't impressed when i watch movies on netflix.
Gaya-Sha Nickie (2 months ago)
i have been a note3,note5 user and their S pen is amazing for accuracy, speed, and sensitivity. therefore, galaxy book pen is no less since samsung just recycle their tech. 2 thumbs up for g book for sure. once you used note, you can't use any other devices. that being said, i like how he summed up at the end where as other reviwers don't and you get drowned with tons of info and can't decide what is what. well, that didn't help you make pick the best device did it? yes, sum it in 2 sentences!!! what i wanted to know is the user comments instead of manufacturer spec. it 's not always accurate. the first time i used amoled on samsung, it was a revelation experience. luv it. so what i wanted to know is the human experience for galaxy book better than surface pro4? also, i tried surface pro4, and i wasn't impressed when i watch movies on netflix.
M. Sintes (2 months ago)
Great video, but what about writing or drawing with the pen?
Minki Hong (2 months ago)
Did anyone notice & comment that MS Surface Pro pen requires AAA battery which Samsung Galaxy Book does not..?
Skip Close (2 months ago)
Galaxy Book for me. The Surface pro 5 for business starts at $1499.88. Only one model, the 256/8gb has it available. I totally agree with the hinge observation but I'm constantly demonstrating and showing video to clients and don't want to be using my phone hot spot when time matters.
Skip Close (2 months ago)
I enjoyed the comparison, Thanks. One thing that matters greatly to me is LTE capability. Currently only the Surface Pro 5 has it and only if you have a business purchase it, while the Samsung Galaxy Book has it. I think it's where I'm going.
Pez P (2 months ago)
Surface has a more accurate pen? Not sure if being sarcastic there.
Galacticwatermelon (2 months ago)
biased opinion u liked surface better
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
Every video is biased if you want an unbiased opinion read a spec sheet
Matthew Blocksom (2 months ago)
Great side-by-side review with a clear summary!
Justin (3 months ago)
You want to bring a desktop quality using a tablet believe me there is no way. I think both are almost same speed, shouldn’t mention which one is super fast therefore fit on business that’s so funny.. but consider design and or the price. Thanks!
Hammad Ali (3 months ago)
The surface pro is not good for artists, that pen jitter is a big no no
jerin ram (3 months ago)
does any of this support revit architecture software?
David Wild (3 months ago)
I had a Surface Pro 3 i5 but it died before I'd even had it for two years..... Now I own a Galaxy Book. I am a professional teacher and I use the pen for writing notes for my students (live) using both devices. I find the Galaxy Book FAR better to write with than the SP3.... and it works 100% of the time, every time whereas the SP3 I kept having to unscrew the pen and then re-screw it up to get re-connected. In front of a class, this is BAD. ... so for me the Galaxy book is better. The screen is also far better. Same configuration of memory/HD and processor for both, by the way.
Katherine Binamira (3 months ago)
Love this video. Im deciding on which of these 2 I'll get. Can Galaxy Book support Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator?
Dana M (4 months ago)
After testing both of these devices extensively, this reviewer is incorrect about the surface being better for artists. Unless you are doing 3D rendering or video work, the difference in processing power is not an issue. The Galaxy book's EMR pen blows any AES pen out of the water in terms of precision for artists. I honestly cannot recommend the surface for any illustrators, but I would put the book nearly on par with any wacom cintiq product. I've tried tons of NTrig/AES pens, all of them have jitter issues and are dreadful in many common illustration programs like Clip Studio. If you want mobile sketching, the Galaxy book is on par or better than any AES pen device and I would say it is also better than the Ipad pro/pencil.
Dana M (1 month ago)
AES pens are currently all just sub par for artists. I cannot even consider them a real option until they improve the jitter problems that seem to be inherent in the technology. Also having to change out or charge batteries is a pain compared to the always on, always more accurate EMR pens like the S Pen or the Cintiq pen. This reviewer really surprised me when he called the Surface pen more accurate. maybe near the corners that is true as EMR pens always lose their accuracy near the edges of the screen. But you can instantly tell this guy is not an artist and doesn't seem to know what artists want in a stylus. I would literally reverse his claim at the end. If you want a pen for taking notes or signing the odd document, Get the Surface, if you want to be able to make 2D art, Get Clip Studio and a Galaxy Book 12.
Hero5 (1 month ago)
You are actually right, i have tasted both surface pro 2017 and Galaxy book pro 12inch model in a shop, the surface pro pen was not that responsive when it comes to Art, and it wasn’t a pleasurable experience. Where as Galaxy book pro seems to fit the S pen with windows 10 perfectly, it shows even the hidden menu and options without even touching the tablet, it’s called air view. And the drawing experience with s pen was very pleasurable, and accurate. I was at the beginning going for surface pro, but after testing the s pen, cannot look at surface pro as an option anymore. Like i said it’s based on Art experience if you are going to use it lot.
Dana M (4 months ago)
As a sketchbook, I found I was getting very good battery life out of the book I tested. I never tried drawing until the battery ran out, but I also drew for at least a few hours on end and still had a lot of battery left over. Samsung claims 101-11 hours of video playback but I don't know how true that is. I'd bet you can realistically get 6-8 hours of drawing on a full charge. I also didn't really do much video watching, but I did do a lot of reading on it, and never really had to charge it before I was done with whatever I was reading. I only had one for a few days to test out, but I plan on saving and buying one for myself.
astro ganger (4 months ago)
thank you for this info, but what about the battery life on the book ?if for watching the movies for how long it can stands? thanks
Alheli Espinosa (4 months ago)
I have the surface pro 4 and the battery only lasts 4 hours on power saving mode so I'm not sure if I would recommend this laptop tbh
Sereno Pittman (4 months ago)
Compare the tab s3 against the surface pro to see witch one show the best
Akikaze (4 months ago)
A bit late to the game but although you are putting lot of work in making your videos really professional looking and that's a good thing, owning a galaxy book I always cringe when ppl say that it's hard to use the cover : Samsung added a little drawing on the cover to explain how to fold it and yet seems like none of the youtube testers did see it. I know the kickstand in the surface pro line is better but please before making a video please look at the product more carefully. Also, the surface pen and the S pen use two different technologies that makes them completly different. Surface pen got a battery and it's the pen handling all of the work while with the s pen it's the screen that handle recognition. Mean that the S pen is generally better while the surface pen got more function (more buttons and an eraser on the back)
adrian noble (4 months ago)
I found the S-Pen a little more accurate than the surface pen. They both do have the same level of pressure sensitivity.
Guy Beaulieu (4 months ago)
Excellent review. I wasn't sure between the 2 but now I know that what I need is the Samsung Galaxy Book .....thanks for all the info. You are a great speaker by the way. Clear, concise, no hesitation, you know your stuff and it shows. I am subscribing to your channel.
Matthew Moniz (4 months ago)
Thanks Guy! I appreciate it and welcome to the channel =)
D. C (5 months ago)
I was considering the galaxy book and thanks to this review I think I'll be able to enjoy it for what I need it for. Thanks for being short and to the point!
thatOne (5 months ago)
There is no way the Surface pen is more accurate than the S-pen, and most artists etc would choose Wacom & the S-pen over the Microsoft pen. I can't believe you could do a whole comparison on these devices and the pen tech basically gets a cursory mention...
rafsolo (5 months ago)
How's the standby time on both?
JesusSavedJoshua (6 months ago)
Pen, cover, no hinge, and still overheats. Pass.
Dom Noah (6 months ago)
Great video. I looked for something similar as i'm currently trying to decide between the two of them. Cheers.
Matthew Moniz (6 months ago)
+Dom Noah thanks Dom!
Sean Fitzsimmons (6 months ago)
"... with resolution set to low." Umm what?
Clay (1 month ago)
what do you mean by "umm what?" it's not a gaming pc. it's not meant to play games on it. so having run overwatch on the lowest setting is pretty good considering it's running on the intel's build in gpu
m1k3l1n00 (6 months ago)
thanks especially for the comparison of the handwriting experience with their respective pens!
cr3puscopoli (6 months ago)
Hmm sorry . Is the actually s pen really better than surface pro pen?
Vince Friel (6 months ago)
A lot better
Moe (6 months ago)
crepuscopoli Yes.
Shoma Shoma (7 months ago)
Where you got that t-shirt.. i love it 😍😍😍
Matthew Moniz (7 months ago)
mobilesyrup.com = )
Andre Christian (7 months ago)
i'm still confused of which one to choose @,@ between the i5 version of galaxy book or surface pro which one is actually better at drawing ? (drawing things like illustration) especially if the software is SAI paint tools I heard the S-pen have more pressure level or so...
FlashingLight1000 (7 months ago)
Cedric Smith (8 months ago)
hey I was wondering my wife is about to start CNA school and she needs a good tablet but I was thinking of getting her an 2-in-1 between the two which would you pick for school. Thanks for your help.
James Neilson (8 months ago)
Can you please do a comparison between the Samsung Book and the Spectre X2? I'm trying to decide between the two of them.
Kevin CCIE (8 months ago)
mohammad zohorul (8 months ago)
is galaxy book good for college students?
Matthew Moniz (8 months ago)
ah man im so lost on which to buy still, I want a tablet thats best for my digital art... The samsung galaxy book comes with that nice wacom pen... It's hard to find reviews that focuses on just this aspect... But after hearing you say about the surface pro having i7 ahhhh what does one doo.
Brian Watson (8 months ago)
Laurence Page Illustration check out Mobile Tech Review, she goes more in depth with the s-pen and digitizer sensitivity. Either way you have to choose between i7+ kickstand+ more ports+ N-trig =Surface OR OLED+ highly accurate color gamut+ Wacom pen and digitizer+ USB-C= G BOOK. It's a tough decision, good luck!
Arvind Mundra (8 months ago)
Why you have so low subscribers????????
Stefano Azzalin (8 months ago)
Good comparison video. Only one thing that's totally wrong: the s-pen with its accuracy is so much better for artists than the new surface pen, they're just in two different leagues. ;)
just a stranger (8 months ago)
Stefano Azzalin thanks,I will check it out.I lean towards the galaxy book as well.I don't know why,I don't trust the Microsoft surface pro as much...
Stefano Azzalin (8 months ago)
just a stranger if you take a look at my videos I just published one regarding the s-pen. I also have one with the new surface pro but that is in Italian. You can still see the problems I had with the new surface pen though. Which is the reason I asked a refund and got the Galaxy Book. ;)
just a stranger (8 months ago)
Stefano Azzalin in what sense?can you elaborate?I'm on the hunt of one of these convertible devices,and I am more inclined to buy the galaxy book.I am really interested in the drawing aspect as well as note taking -I assume it must be good for making notes of maths, equations etc?Does it turn your handwritten notes into typed ones?
Van Kim (8 months ago)
I like your review thank you Matthew!!!
Matthew Moniz (8 months ago)
You're welcome Kim!
eka iswara (8 months ago)
great channel!!! subscribe 👍👍
Matthew Moniz (8 months ago)
Thanks Arman! Welcome = )
Mai Usagi (8 months ago)
How is the pressure sensitivity and pressure levels in both?
Vince Friel (6 months ago)
Mai Usagi surface claims the same, 4k, but it doesnt feel like it.
UnitedWeStand4EVR (8 months ago)
Ok. Surface Pro or Surface Book? 😖 Can't decide. I am a college student.
Gol D Roger (7 months ago)
UnitedWeStand4EVR can i contact you on mail ,,,, i hope you don't mind ???
The9610rick (8 months ago)
UnitedWeStand4EVR no. I'm a college student get the surface pro 4.. It's perfect. I got the i7 16 ram and 256 gb internal memory and i put in a 256gb sd card it works like a charm I can do everything on it a bulky lap tap can do but more. I think it's really nice.
Saito C (8 months ago)
UnitedWeStand4EVR you should get the laptop because I think the new pro is slower. But the laptop is more expensive I think. Look at chrome books their much cheaper. MUCH cheaper. Look at the new chrome books. But if you want Microsoft specifically look at the laptop because it was MADE from and for students.
robert hedges (8 months ago)
the samsung books the only one to offer built in lte
Bryan Miller (6 months ago)
robert hedges and another data plan, you can tether surface pro to smartphone instead, so much better
Michael Cook (8 months ago)
if you need LTE only the Galaxy Book 12 currently offers a LTE model on Verizon, the Surface Pro sometime this later year...
JensenRussell (8 months ago)
The cover has magnets in the back for positioning the tablet. It's not that bad.
Jin yoon (9 months ago)
I just got the galaxy book 12 to replace my surface pro 3. I've also tested the recent pro in the microsoft store. My general thoughts. Things they share in common: 1. Both are very light and amazing for travel and daily carry. Battery life may not be amazing, but you should be able to get through the day. A true pleasure coming from a traditional thinkpad user. I think generally, anyone would be happy to have either one for regular use. 2. For lap use, neither is that good, but galaxy book is pretty bad. Galaxy book feels better to hold as a tablet for extended periods though imo. 3. Don't really like the keyboards for each and prefer to use the logitech bt keyboard (k810) and bt mx anywhere mouse. I'm admittedly a bit particular in regards to input devices though. Differences: 1. The pen on the galaxy book is far superior, particularly when trying to carefully and slowly draw straight lines. The surface with ntrig has a known jitter issue that I find very annoying. That being said, their is noticeable offset at the corners of the galaxy book, which has always been an issue with wacom based boards, this doesn't really bother me. Galaxy does have more parallax. Surface does have access to the surface dial which I have not used. Pros and cons, but as a digital art enthusiast who also owns an ipad pro and android galaxy tablet, I find myself drawing more with the galaxy book whereas I grew frustrated with the surface. If you do draw, highly recommend clip studio paint, which has a nice tablet mode and palm rejection. 2. I'm currently pretty surprised by the lack of accessories for the galaxy book in regards to cases and other things. Surface definitely wins here in the amount of options. This is a bit annoying for galaxy book as I like using a separate keyboard mouse, so cases that fit this need are limited for galaxy book. 3. I've had annoying issues with wifi/bt connection on the surface pro 3, dunno if this has been resolved (I assume so) but def worth checking out the forums prior to purchase. No such issues thus far with galaxy book.
Hero5 (1 month ago)
True writing on Galaxy book pro with s pen feels more natural and pleasurable in compare with surface book pro.
Diane Spano (2 months ago)
Jin yoon thank you. Diving myself crazy over deciding. Artist mush have Samsung galaxy.
GerrStuff 77 (4 months ago)
Jin yoon hi, i was looking to buy a 2 in 1 for the first time in my life and since you had the surface pro 3, can you please help me? I was looking to buy at first a surface pro 3 because i only counted with 750$ but i just saw the galaxy book 128 gb/4gb ram 12" in 947$ in amazon so i don't know if i buy the surface pro 3 or put the extra cash for the samsung book, i'm a medicine student and my use will be only with office and media consumption, maybe some gaming too, well hope u can help me, thank you in advance :)
David Smith (9 months ago)
Great video - you should have mentioned you were comparing the Galaxy Book 12 - not 10 - you didn't mention the slower CPU and less RAM was only available on the 10". http://mobilesyrup.com/2017/06/07/samsung-galaxy-book-2-in-1-now-available-in-canada/
PHeMoX (9 months ago)
Uhm no, Microsoft most definitely absolutely did not 'invent' the 2-in-1 category at all. That's as uniformed as stating Apple 'invented the tablet or touch screen phone'. There were netbooks, EEE books and ultrabooks with touch screens way way way before. Even the detachable (or flippable / "rotatable") screen wasn't a world's first. Think about the HP TouchSmart series or the older tablet-PCs. We actually had very expensive early iterations of laptops-with-a-touchscreen many years ago. Even some in very small form factors like HP Mini 5102. You can't really say Microsoft invented 'the hybrid'. I would however argue that the operating system was perfected to support a device of this category. Windows Mobile was crap for early touch screen smart phones like HTC 9100 or whatever. Comparing that to say Samsung Galaxy with Android or the later iPhones with iOS is of course a world of difference.
Zed Rameses (9 months ago)
The surface pen is not as accurate as the s-pen. I could write with very small handwriting with S-pen but not with surface pen.
BabaKral ReisPro (9 months ago)
i watched this video from my galaxy book :)
Madison Mafi (9 months ago)
Nice comparison! Just subbed, I think you should spend a little more time on your audio, but besides that the video was good quality
MrDeicide1 (9 months ago)
"Gorgeous Displays, Eye popping colors... Shows deformed mongoloids in a car.....
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+MrDeicide1 lol
DukaCola (9 months ago)
Galaxy Book Pen should be just as accurate as the new Surface Pro, it was the same amount of pressure levels and tilt support. That being said I havent used the 2017 Surface, but I do know from experience the S Pen is better than the Surface 3 and 4 pens.
simple review (9 months ago)
thank you cuz i play overwatch
simple review (9 months ago)
can it play overwatch
Andrew (9 months ago)
How come every reviewer bitches about no USB-C, but when a laptop has USB-C they always say that they hate having to use dongles. USB-A is totally fine with me
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Andrew it should have both
You Can Trust Me Do It (9 months ago)
ipad pro 12.9 inch 2017 FTW
BTICronox (9 months ago)
You can Trust Me Make it useless brick with childrens OS... nothing "FTW" there...
Faust Rah (9 months ago)
Microsoft made a stupid mistake thinking people want to replace the Surface Connector with type-c. We want the display port to be replaced with type-c! Keep the god damn charger, it's good! The display port needs another dongle anyway to connect to almost every external display, like HDMI for TV and VGA for old projectors.
Bryan Miller (6 months ago)
Faust Rah you can use wireless display to smart TVs or to Chromecast to non smart TVs and is only $35
Tim Beeren (9 months ago)
I've got a question. In 4 weeks my studie is going to start. It's a ICT studie for webdeveloper , databases and internet security. I need to buy a laptap. What is a good choise? I felt in love with the asus zenbook 3 deluxe. Do you guys think that the asus is a good laptop for my studie? Or do i need something else? Thanks for you help guys! I very appreciate it.
KasumiKills (9 months ago)
Nicely done Matt good review and comparison, I really like how you had the camera shot panning in from top to bottom to show the layout of the room you are in giving use the feel and scope!
David Windship (9 months ago)
Which one has the best internal GPS?
Allen Tom (9 months ago)
my only complain is why isnt 1 of the usb c ports a thunderbolt port???
iqbal mohd (9 months ago)
Ya nice and short video - good job
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
Thanks Iqbal!
Kiarash Farzad (9 months ago)
worst review ever
미츠하 (4 months ago)
Kiarash Farzad .....that is biased?ok......
BTICronox (9 months ago)
Kiarash Farzad uhh... what?
Kiarash Farzad (9 months ago)
+Matthew Moniz yeah sure. I felt it was so biased. I'm surely not Samsung's fan but, the i7 model of surface pro is not that big deal and you kept emphasising on that point. I think it is not worth mentioning a lot.
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Kiarash Farzad would you like to expand on that? I'm always open to feedback
Mimo Amine (9 months ago)
4:12 settings not resolution. Otherwise, great video, new sub
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
Awesome thanks Mimo! Welcome to the channel!
Gissur Steinarsson (9 months ago)
Are you using the i5 or the i7 model of the Surface Pro? Thanks!
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Gissur Steinarsson i7
Wu Rin Heo (9 months ago)
very precise, it helped a lot. THX :D
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Wynn you're welcome : )
txmoney (9 months ago)
The lack of a kickstand on the Galaxy is a deal breaker.
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+txmoney ya I'm not a fan of no kickstand
KamelKid (9 months ago)
I know this isn't relevant to this video, but which gaming laptop would be better, considering the price and the performance: Lenovo Legion Y520 or the Acer Predator Helios 300?
KamelKid (9 months ago)
Cheers, will try and pick one up whenever I have the money - which will be a while...
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
Helios 300 for sure
Abhik Gupta (9 months ago)
Great job as usual, Matthew.... Can you review the Eve V as well?
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
Thanks! I'll see if I can get my hands on one = )
Shaarujon Vijayakumar (9 months ago)
Great review Matthew, Microsoft for me
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Shaarujon Vijayakumar thanks 🙏🏻!! Hope you had an awesome Canada day weekend!
Kamran Malik (9 months ago)
Samsung galaxy book lasts less than 5 hours
s27z (9 months ago)
You don't need an i7 to do Photoshop work. Great video otherwise!
Juanito Sanchez (9 months ago)
s27z right? I don't understand why they press that so much...what you need is a graphics card...so in a sense they are right the i7 has the better graphics on the chip...but yeah if they had thunderbolt connectivity you could actually hook up a desktop graphics card for your "extremely high" productivity level. But then again why are you buying a 2 n 1 that's like 2 grand if you can make a productivity desktop for less or at the same price? So idk why they are marketing for high productivity...it obviously is a daily commute 2 n 1. That I really I'm thinking of buying...it's beautiful. 🤣
lorenzo ammatuna (9 months ago)
Surface doesn't go in thermal throttling but Microsoft use a tdp limit for reduce overall chassis temperature. over 50 degreas on a tablet Is too much.
cletus lopes (9 months ago)
This guy puts out reviews matching mkbhd levels and even surpassing in terms of production and general opinions. It boggles me why these videos do not get above 1 million views
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+cletus lopes thanks man for the kind words : ) I'll get there in due time! I'm just happy to have an audience to talk about the stuff I love
BIJAY JANG GURUNG (9 months ago)
can u do a similar video between galaxy book and hp spectre x2 2017..thanks
TheSpector (9 months ago)
that Galaxy book looks already dated...
Youtube Channel (9 months ago)
What camera do you use Matthew?
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Youtube Channel this video was shot on the black magic cinema camera
shamatuu (9 months ago)
So you going to review the Asus Zephyrus Review and the Zenbook pro?
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+shamatuu definitely !
Bhavik Singh (9 months ago)
Shayan Mehran (9 months ago)
I Think the surface pro is one of the best tablet's
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Shayan Mehran it's pretty sweet for a 2-in-1!
Juilus Preloznik (9 months ago)
Surface. 100%
Shailabh Chandra (9 months ago)
Hey Matt, get the Hp spectre x2 2017 and please review and compare it to surface pro 2017. I need to buy one of them soon!!
Chris Toft (9 months ago)
Nice video matt!!! shit im sry i didnt comment before but I didnt have time... but I cant sah anything else than good video!!!
Chris Toft (9 months ago)
Matthew Moniz i am as always!! and hope your family is doing well!!!
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Chris Toft it's all good Chris! Hope you're having a great weekend!
Ettianne Anshin (9 months ago)
Good review. I found this a little dark. Pumping up the brightest. I guessed Ash's influence. Guessed right.
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
Thanks Etianne! That's correct Ash filmed it
piRaufasertapete (9 months ago)
Still rocking my Surface 2 at work.
Daniel Sequeira (9 months ago)
Hey Mathew .. Can you please do a review of the Lenovo legion y720 ?
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Daniel Sequeira I plan too just no review units available yet
Mike (9 months ago)
can you compare the Surface Pro i5 vs i7? Also, not sure if you said both Surface and Galaxy have Microsoft precision mouse???
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Mike I don't think I'll get an i5 unit but yes they both use precision TouchPad drivers
Changiz K Baluch (9 months ago)
Awesome video Mathew. I was actually looking forward to getting a 2 in 1 and really did my research to get either of them, but ended up getting the iPad Pro 10.5. They are all great devices though.
Changiz K Baluch (9 months ago)
Matthew Moniz I already have a 15 inch MacBook Pro, but it is too heavy to carry everywhere I go. Initially, I was in dilemma to get rid of the MacBook Pro and get a surface pro which is more convenient to carry around. However, the surface pro model that I was interested in was too expensive, and anything less than that model wouldn't be worth it especially if it was to replace my MacBook Pro. So, I finally decided to keep the MacBook Pro and get the iPad Pro 10.5, which is even more convenient than the surface pro to carry around when I travel, and in my opinion it has a better battery life too.
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Changiz K Baluch thanks! Interesting, so made you choose the iPad over something like the surface pro?
MrTechTuber [Official] (9 months ago)
loved the new grading style Matt ! looks dope 💥
MrTechTuber [Official] (9 months ago)
Matthew Moniz 🙌
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
Thanks man! It's Ashs grading style, he filmed it.
Renan Batista (9 months ago)
Giving you a big thumbs up because you kept repeating "thermal throttle" multiple times and I don't even know how to pronounce Celsius properly. (Note:im Brazilian) lol
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
haha obrigado Renan! = )
Çınar (9 months ago)
Thank you for the video it was fantastic and what I was waiting for. I am a college student and I want to take notes for my classes and read books from the device I want to buy. So, I wish you have talked about Core M version of Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 inch version, is it still enough for watching movies or mark up note? Is Surface Pro Core M version significantly better in performance than Samsung Galaxy Book? Samsung still includes pen and keyboard even in the cheapest modification whereas Surface Pro does not.
Çınar (9 months ago)
Thank you for the answer I really appreciate it. You are the best !
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
I don't recommend the 10" version. It only comes with 4GB of ram and the display is only FHD / TFT. I'd stick to the 12" version. As for the surface pro it's the same thing. the Core M3 only comes with 4GB of ram which i feel is not enough these days. 8 should be minimum.
Dan Ricciardo (9 months ago)
Nice video, I particularly liked the direct comparisons you made for fan noise measurements/heat/thermal throttle, they were quick, to the point, and not boring. I think the only thing missing was speakers output measurement [you have the tool already ;)]

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