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Huawei Nova 2 plus(4GB RAM, 128GB storage,20MP camera) Full specifications, price & reviews

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Text Comments (40)
mohsin ashraf (23 days ago)
how much uae?
Sandsh Khan (27 days ago)
Thesi priess uaw mouch
Ga Eul bErnado (1 month ago)
I have this.. It's nice.
Faizan Awan (1 month ago)
I Have this Phone. Its incredible. Very fast and very stylish
kitny m liya or khn say
Shereen Makki (1 month ago)
My mom has Huawei nova 2 plus purple
Malik Gulraiz (28 days ago)
Nice and good
Demal Craft (1 month ago)
I have this
ajith a n (2 months ago)
Will this release in india
Md KomoL (2 months ago)
dadan mul (2 months ago)
Suresh Kumar Limbu (3 months ago)
Ok design
Naveed Hassan (3 months ago)
orfaratri ava (3 months ago)
Very gd phone and i have this phone...
OVI ROY (4 months ago)
bangladesh prize koto?
mahin spark (3 months ago)
Nasrun Ramly (4 months ago)
is that lieca lans build in?.
Salman Khan (4 months ago)
QWERTY BG (6 months ago)
Photo- huawei nova 2 and huawei p10 lite, if you try to lie is not working. I am from Bulgaria and my english is not good as your
Ali Khan (7 months ago)
what is price for this phone please anyone tell me
Sandeep kumar (6 months ago)
Ali Khan 27299 rupees
Ali Khan (6 months ago)
pakistan me kitny ka hy aur kia pakistan me milya
imran khan (7 months ago)
How to order
Raja Kashif (7 months ago)
How much price
Sojib applepscgame (7 months ago)
Mhd Ijat (7 months ago)
Music name?
Araver13 (7 months ago)
unknown brain - inspiration ft aviella
Ashkar Shamsudheen (7 months ago)
Shani Ladla (7 months ago)
Ashkar Shamsudheen yus pars bhtah
Ashkar Shamsudheen (7 months ago)
Fortnite (9 months ago)
It looks like an iphone and works like an s8
김일년 (3 months ago)
Kitty gadgets (10 months ago)
I will sure verify this. Thank you...
Ajay Thakur (10 months ago)
It has 2.36 Ghz octa core kirin 659procesor
Kitty gadgets (10 months ago)
Nayeem Khan (1 month ago)
kitty gadgets whts price
Kitty gadgets (10 months ago)
hey sry!..

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