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Things Land Surveyors see

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Text Comments (8)
Jay Foulk (6 months ago)
What happened with the dirt devil?  Great video!
kenny lara (6 months ago)
2SlickNick nice!
2SlickNick (6 months ago)
kenny lara Arizona.
kenny lara (6 months ago)
Great scenery... where you guys located?
2SlickNick (6 months ago)
Jay Foulk Decided not to drive the company truck through it LOL in case any damages
Ari Jalokinos (7 months ago)
Look's like northern parts of Lapland in Finland. Greetings from a fellow surveyor ☺
zbdd8 (8 months ago)
Is that Taz?!!!
T Tuck (10 months ago)
No one commented I love this shit

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