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Portrait Mode: Explained!

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iPhone X vs Note 8 vs Pixel 2 vs the Hasselblad X1D. It's closer than you might think! That sweatshirt: http://amzn.to/2j079nN My Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/92336069@N06/ Groot: http://amzn.to/2BLA03D Shot on a Smartphone: https://youtu.be/OkPter7MC1I Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Weight ft. Alyss by Mr. J Medeiros ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (6147)
Benjamin Davis (2 days ago)
Did anyone else think that the pixel 2 produced a lot better photos than all of the others including the camera?
Jonas Marco (2 days ago)
That's enough, enough! The best solution is called Photoshop :)
Amrit Palsingh (6 days ago)
Iphone x is very good
insolent child69 (9 days ago)
10 thousand dollars?!
bobby quin (11 days ago)
Damn it.. I love your voice...
Average Gamer (11 days ago)
Hassleblad cameras are like £15,000 though
Josh Tayo (15 days ago)
Pixel 2 is hard
daktadre (16 days ago)
Actually HTC came out with the depth effect dual camera first.
Dishant Vaghela (21 days ago)
We can't take portrait selfie on iphone 7 plus
Pierre Imaginations (24 days ago)
Pixel2 doesnt have two cameras and then has the best smartphone camera ever
Proloy Bala (16 days ago)
If the manual focus works with single camera then why cant the portrait mode work with single cameras ?
valpo cambz Luritze (28 days ago)
Pixel 2 does a great job other than note 8 and iphone 10
gustavo amaya (1 month ago)
Is this video dubbed?
Mr mkbhd can you tell me what selfie stick you use
Maurizio Cattaneo (1 month ago)
wow this video is SO WELL DONE ! thanks
scaho (1 month ago)
7:76 wtf was that weird frame at
Mr. M (1 month ago)
I am really amazed by the portraits my OP5T shots. I would like to compare with a Pixel 2 or the P20 Pro because I think the 5T's potraits is just stunning.
William Miles La Mont (1 month ago)
I sure hope someone from Olympus or Fujifilm watch this - the tech is there, they could just include some of it into the camera, and suddenly they'd be major players in the market, as they should be. Sharing and social media apps, basic editing tools to make jpg proof-sheets and other things are simply missing from real cameras, and I don't think there's any excuse.
Arjun Saradava (1 month ago)
Very Informative video👏👏.....One day Smartphone will Reach to its Highest limits if Limits are there
Monik Phan (1 month ago)
Thank you for this explanation! I learned a lot from this!
Harjot Singh (1 month ago)
Hello mr. Please give me your whatsapp no. Pleasr
rashawn kassen (1 month ago)
When you have a 8.5 thousand euro cam just lying around
Damien R. (1 month ago)
There's no substitute for a fast lens...Edge detection is cheesy af
Krahmad X (1 month ago)
This video should be played in classes.
Archit Bhatia (1 month ago)
After the success of pixel 2 xl google should build a dslr😂😂😂
aamir maqbool001 (1 month ago)
S8 has a good selective focus mode
Leo Mararac (1 month ago)
So you’re comparing a $9000 camera that does nothing else but take pictures and a $1000 phone that does everything including take wonderful pics that are almost comparable to that expensive camera. Hmmm....
Crazy Jain (1 month ago)
So useful! Love it
dhruv bharadva (2 months ago)
for me x is better
Dhofar sam (2 months ago)
Note 8 is too bright among the bunch
Abhay Lohid (2 months ago)
Marques Brownlee
Abhay Lohid (2 months ago)
Marques Brownlee
Abhay Lohid (2 months ago)
Marques Brownlee
B. boy (2 months ago)
We arent fool .. i love samsung more than anything else.
B. boy (2 months ago)
This fucking stupid . Black nigga.
DT TECH UPDATES (2 months ago)
Hey I wanna achieve that voice How you did it Plz tell me 😍😍😍🤘🤘
POLYBIUS (2 months ago)
I wonder how the S9 Plus would hold up in this comparison.
HAILEE (2 months ago)
Honor 9 lite???? Anyone???? Watching in it????
TaulanT T (2 months ago)
Pixel 2. Best camera
Gonzalo Cortijo (2 months ago)
excelent video !!
ABO TOYAB (2 months ago)
Can you give me one Iphone x please
SupremeGamer (2 months ago)
I love you... I mean I'm not a gay but I 'manly' love you (lol don't worry I already have 3 girlfriends)
Cameron Adams (2 months ago)
So the X1D is like $9000. That ends my dream of ever getting one to play around with.
Avishay Sapir (2 months ago)
Dear Marques, this video is SO WELL MADE... reminds me that you are who you are because of the way you do things :) Perfect. Thanks for sharing.
Norman Sigurðsson (2 months ago)
"The best ever photos I've ever taken in my life" GOD, I don't even want to imagine what your average photo looks like.
Don Cole (2 months ago)
Seriously man, did you compare a cellphone camera to a bottom rung Hasselblad? This video seemed more like a way for you to brag about owning a low end medium format. Let's compare what you spent on the Hasselblad to what the average consumer spends on a smartphone. hahaha... This video was stupid. There is no comparing a 20-40 thousand dollar camera to a smartphone camera. One has true lens bokeh, the other fakes it with edge detection. One takes much larger prints at 50MP and the other is 12MP at best? One shoots RAW one jpeg. Smartphones can never be where DSLR/Mirrorless full frame/Medium/large format cameras are. If you're going to show off your hasselblad, do it in a less douchey manner.
Nour Says (2 months ago)
Damn note8 is shitty
Allen Yang (2 months ago)
Awesome video 👌🏼
flickchic238 (3 months ago)
you're so cute!!
Jhon Ace B Corial (3 months ago)
iPhone X portrait mode looks so artificial and smooth...
Nathan Lazurtegui (3 months ago)
cool man ya :)
Priyanshu Goel (3 months ago)
It's funny he is watching iPhone 7 launch on the iPhone X
UCCC 2415 (3 months ago)
The Huawei p9 was first, was just called wide aperture mode.
k odu (3 months ago)
Pixel2 wins.
डॉलरPERIOD (3 months ago)
hasselblad is racist
Laga Savea (3 months ago)
No doubt Pixel 2 is the best out right now, but I’m still cool and happy with my iPhone X 😎🤙🏽 as long as it’s not taking flip phone quality photos, I’m grateful 🙌🏽🤓 Also, these cameras are only gonna get better and better in years to come 🕺🏻💃🏻
Pixel 2 is best
SJRTD (3 months ago)
Can I use some of your part of your videos in mine?
Sesay Santrica (3 months ago)
GT GAMER (3 months ago)
Pixel 2 is d best
Trail Blazer 21 (3 months ago)
Huawei got the dual cameras before iphone.
Simply Shaye (3 months ago)
Pixel looked better than the actual camera to me
Epic Hot Videos (3 months ago)
Best youtuber ever created😝
Craptastic (3 months ago)
wow google really knows how to make a quality smartphone
szmigieldesign (3 months ago)
You didn't mention the portrait mode in nexus and first gen pixel devices where camera is being moved forward while shooting the picture in order to calculate the depth of field. This mode makes sense in faking shallow depth of field with inanimate objects, where there are no people in frame for reference.
I think this video just reinforces the fact that the Pixel 2 is the best.
Issie wizzie (3 months ago)
Dont worry about potrait mode just use the focos app with the potrait mode (on ios )
Samar Pratap (3 months ago)
Not everyone can afford a Hassleblad or an iPhone or pixel.. -Mi User
Grade E quality (3 months ago)
I like samsung but note 8 takes really ugly pictures
PIYUSH GADHOK (4 months ago)
Hey marques do please test portrait on OnePlus 5t and miA1 they also do good job on this bokeh effect
John Ming (4 months ago)
how well has it actually gotten
Ayush Patel (4 months ago)
Will iphone 7 have portrait mode in future updates?
Mayank Kumar (4 months ago)
I think most f your subs don't even own a proper phone like pixel or an iPhone. 7 or 8 or X. cuz right now, I am having a Samsung galaxy J2. Which u didn't heard of.
Anthony G (4 months ago)
Nokia Lumia has been doing this for years. Shame it hasn't been taken advantage of by Microsoft.
denmyos (4 months ago)
What F stop is the mobile and what are the Hasselblad
EddyGraphic (4 months ago)
The iPhone 7 Plus wasn't the first phone to do this it just made it mainstream and improved it, the HTC One M8 from 2014 was also able to do it but no one gave a shit.
severino. (4 months ago)
I'm an Apple guy but damnn that Pixel 2 photo is clear yo. I mean the detail it captures and color is really nice.
keep thinking (4 months ago)
apple didnt do the depth first htc had it before them even the evo 3d could i used it and didnt care for it
mohammed nihal rehman (4 months ago)
keep thinking even lumias, samsung phone with selective focus and huawei p9 had before apple
DBOSS TV (4 months ago)
I wish that new phones that come out, include something like portrait video or depth video
FlaShVidsHD (4 months ago)
The note 8's pictures looked terrible
Jack Zhang (4 months ago)
Pixel 2...
Watershake99 (4 months ago)
What was the aperture on the Hasselblad?
Jobs mine (4 months ago)
Well technically speaking Apple is the first one to create Full touch phone 2007, Portrait Mode, Touch ID, Face Id, Tablet, touch watch, Wireless , drops the headphones jack, even tho am no deluded fan of Apple, the rest tech companies just seem to follow apple. Why can’t they just create something new and original. I’m tired of all tech companies producing same phone every year.
mohammed nihal rehman (2 months ago)
Don Cole there are portrait modes in smartphones better than apple. Ya apple is best in removing headphone jack like u said
Don Cole (2 months ago)
Either way, Apple's the best at it. ;)
mohammed nihal rehman (4 months ago)
Jobs mine ur wrong about dropping headphone jack, smartwatch and portrait mode.... Cz apple wasn't the first do all this....
Himanshu Ladia (4 months ago)
Samsung - Overexposing pictures since birth.
ROYAL MASTER GAMING (4 months ago)
S9 will crush this Shit
2601 HACKS (4 months ago)
bro? will u please give a review of XIomi MI6 camera?,plz
ABCDE 12345 (4 months ago)
Who the fuck always carries those boxes around I'm not carrying it
Shahood Baig (4 months ago)
Grey duck
dmxdxl (4 months ago)
2018 will see the advent of phone cams doin 4k @60fps with software bokeh QUOTE ME.....
Rukshan Perera (4 months ago)
Pixel 2
Bilal Hassan (4 months ago)
WHy iphone 8 plus was'nt included in this comparison ??
top5 mysterious (4 months ago)
Nitesh Pawar (4 months ago)
where is red hydrogen
French On Call (4 months ago)
What a great video!! Thank youu!
Wade Derrick (4 months ago)
Yolo Bro (4 months ago)
note 8 camera really sucks
Y. Bakshi (4 months ago)
Can someone explain the logic to me behind the fact that DSLRs can easily shoot pictures of stuff like the Moon while on smartphone cameras, they just appear like a tiny White dot.
Y. Bakshi (4 months ago)
Sahil Sk (4 months ago)
Bokeh effect
Eduardo Rodriguez (4 months ago)
I have being using mid range phones for the last couple of years lg g4 and g5, that I pay in the 250 dollars range. I am now using the iphone 8 plus, and my experience is not so good at all, iphone grip is terrible, very easy to drop, no possible to use it in the bed, spotify do not work with the watch WTF!, the screen looks very good not sure if as good as the s8 of my wife, but OS experience being marketed as the best OS ever, is terrible, is easy for old man I guess, but trying to do stuff like selecting text, copy and paste between apps is terrible slow having to wait for all effects to happen before being able to do what you want, navigation sucks!!! using whatsup and going back and fordward for example sending many images is tedious, with android all was super practical and fast. the fingerprint sensor do not work well if it is whet and the tactic feedback do not work in a surface. My conclusion android phones for doing regular day to day stuff, so much practical and fast. Just saying I pay more than 1200 dollars, and really not seeing were the money goes besides being supper pretty

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