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ROG Phone - The ULTIMATE Gaming Smartphone

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ROG Gaming Phone Detailed First Look & Impressions ►►►SUBSCRIBE for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSafTV?sub_confirmation=1 The ROG (Republic Of Gamers) Phone from ASUS features a 6" Utra-fast AMOLED 90hz display, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 8GB RAM; up to 512 GB ROM, AirTriggers, a 3D Vapor – Chamber cooling system, AeroActive Cooler add-on, 4000mah battery with ROG HyperCharge Technology. Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1XK6ZLU Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSaf Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (773)
SuperSaf TV (18 days ago)
Nice and early #SuperSafStyle 😎 This thing is a BEAST! What do you think of it?
Biskut-Video (6 days ago)
SuperSaf TV that is the ultimate PUBG phone!
Varun Shewraj (15 days ago)
Nice video today
Varun Shewraj (15 days ago)
Tomz up
Varun Shewraj (15 days ago)
Md Adnan (17 days ago)
SuperSaf TV yes it's is the beast
Mohammed Ali (3 hours ago)
This phone is insane and I think it's best phone right know in everything , BUT there are things I didn't like about this phone ( 1-not waterproof. 2-can't put memory card. 3-i wish the resolution of the screen was higher at least like the S9+.) I wanted to buy this phone but the things I said is the reason for me to not buy it I think I gonna keep my gorges Samsung S7 Edge for a longer time :)
Asjad Hussain (5 days ago)
This phone is sexy af
AwesomeDude (6 days ago)
I. Need. It.
Rove McClain (8 days ago)
I just don't understand why companies would omit the MicroSD Card slot. There's just no reason that makes any sense to me.
msjessicakj (8 days ago)
The color changing logo is pretty sick.
Daksha Sadhu (8 days ago)
There is the new beast
Edwin Davis (9 days ago)
It's really good phone ... But awaiting for the full review as that will decide if this can be used as a daily driver
Starlyn Alligood (9 days ago)
How much is it?
End-to-End (9 days ago)
Looks like Asus is taking over the place .
Stephen Rees (10 days ago)
This phone will also destroy the 2018 iPhone x phone as well 👍
Md Yeamin (10 days ago)
I want this phone.but i don't have the money
aleck gillian (11 days ago)
Looks like I'll have to sell my lungs and liver to get this phone, how much is this?
Brady Snelgrove (12 days ago)
I WANT IT!!! 🤤🤤🤤
Paulo Manuntag (12 days ago)
GARENA=ASUS.... this promoting garena free fire battle royale game!!!!
Arnand 1st (12 days ago)
Can it play pou at 60fps?
Domingo Villanueva (12 days ago)
I was supposed to get an iPhone but forget it. I'm gonna get this Asus rog 🤩😍
Martin marty (12 days ago)
john jordan jacinto (13 days ago)
Boom! Another update for a beats gaming phone from SAF! Thanks Bro!
Walid Noori (14 days ago)
Looks promising Supersaf rocks ❤
Japee Kenken (14 days ago)
Can i have it for free?
Zerohexer (14 days ago)
Xiaomi 8 and Asus rog phone only difers 3000 point. Xiaomi 8:301000+ points Asus Rog : 304718 points
MrBoriqua2000 (14 days ago)
I would love to see if you can run the oculus rift or htc vive using this phone and the dock. That would be the ultimate power test.
Barry Kingston (14 days ago)
Infidel Gastro (15 days ago)
It looks very cool but it would be wasted on me. I don't give a toss about video games, I've got better things to waste my life on. That said, if I were given this device, I definitely wouldn't say "no" even though I'd immediately bung it into a plastic case thereby making that bling (read cheesy) back lighting redundant.
Paddy Land (15 days ago)
If it's above 60k then forget it bcuz I'll just make a GTX 1070 pc
Rashid Al Rafe (15 days ago)
Bro is it water resistant?
Hoàng chivas (15 days ago)
Wish you soon reach 1 million subscriber👍 I from Vietnamese 🇻🇳
Dang Le (15 days ago)
Can you compare this with samsung note 8 ? Camera ? Display ? Smotth ?
Rapmyworld (15 days ago)
ROG Phone vs Razer Phone SPEED Test
* * (16 days ago)
Cool... Just make it in to a 7 inch table
Nazri GAMING (16 days ago)
Rod phone clear edition coming soon
bucwolf (16 days ago)
Not many people do actual gaming on a smartphone.... but it should sell well because it is a great device with futureproof specs imho
Rushdan Mati (16 days ago)
Savage! Wish I Could Buy This..! :/
Rankita Gayen (16 days ago)
Owo so cool 😎😎😎
I really can't wait for the performance review. Sounds like a beast but does it do what they say¿
Archana Archu super (16 days ago)
azuris221 (16 days ago)
illuminati confirmed. horus all seeing eyes on the back of the phone. attention illuminati is upon us to track all our life in the name of gaming.
Indra Pakarti (16 days ago)
Republic Of Gamer
Minhajul Abedin (16 days ago)
Adityan Sundaran (16 days ago)
Please can you do a speed test between oneplus 6 anf this Asus ROG PHONE ........ PLEASE....!!!
BoxTm Tv (16 days ago)
How can i buy it and price of this phone
Yusuf 123 (16 days ago)
Awesome but Snapdragon 850 has release
Queenie Kelleway (16 days ago)
Nice phone but how much?
Minion Bay (16 days ago)
What happens if you charge with both the USB ports?
Godz29 (16 days ago)
asus just won e3 :D :O
Ashutosh Tiwari (16 days ago)
Heaven is here!!😎
Kenneth Walton (16 days ago)
Is it compatible with Verizon wireless in the U.S.?
shemar dixon (17 days ago)
Umm to me ama just say that phone is the pretty pc I don't remember the name with a 2k monitor
Brian Jones (17 days ago)
Literally what is the point of this? Turning phones into gaming machines? wtf?
Flames Tornado (17 days ago)
pricing is scary
Velkin (17 days ago)
Looks sweet, definitely going to keep an eye on this phone, not a fan of that skin though.... looks like a shitty reskin you can download for free...
Brad Capricorn (17 days ago)
near 1 million. Good luck
Louie Fajardo (17 days ago)
Everything is good until you say that the phone has NO micro SD card slot.. It's a bummer.. Why essential port/parts needs to be remove?
Darkv0id (17 days ago)
looks really, really expensive
Darkv0id (17 days ago)
but...where's the notch? ;)
Ankit Shelley Lal (17 days ago)
This thing is really built for gaming...!!! whatever was missing from the Razor phone... it's all here..!!
Ankit Shelley Lal (17 days ago)
About to hit 1Mil.. thumbs up!
bhawna keswani (17 days ago)
What is the price of the phone??
Cristian-Teodor TATOIU (17 days ago)
Looking good, better than the Razer anyway
Light Yagami (17 days ago)
shut up!!!take my money!!!
Ansari Mesbah (17 days ago)
Good one
Jamaluddin (17 days ago)
Insanity at its peaks...loved the most in #supersafstyle
Charles McCormack (17 days ago)
rooster sideburbs (17 days ago)
this is overkill. do you really need this to play angry birds
Qureshi Fozia (17 days ago)
Asus phones , the father of unique phones.
Md Adnan (17 days ago)
Can u just give me that awesome looking gaming phone
marco salazar (17 days ago)
And you'll just play it with 2d game. Guessing $1000 for sd845 type of phone. Would rather stick with psvita. Cheaper and true games that you can play.
Akshay Verma (17 days ago)
This phone looks beautiful. Destroys the Razer phone surprisingly
Zeeshan Nasir (17 days ago)
Thanks to your review, I installed your bg running game. Its awesome. And good review.
SyedAhmedPS (17 days ago)
Mobile gaming??? 😂😂😂
Bhavesh Vyas (17 days ago)
What an amazing phone.
Akhalesh Mishra (17 days ago)
OMG this gaming phone is <3. I'm in love with it's each and every spec specially that black led logo. Saf plz do a camera comparison once you get it's retail unit. Btw love your videos.
Xtian Melgarejo (17 days ago)
Wtf this Phone is Portable Pc 😱😱😱😱
Adil Alkanzy (17 days ago)
Looks cheap.
Rockylol (17 days ago)
Has headphone jack *check* No notch: *check* top end specs: *check* ticks 3 of my most important boxes. this is a GOOD phone now if this phone is cheaper than iPhone X or similar pricing as Razer phone.. yes this is a BEAST phone
Sparkman 60 (17 days ago)
Rog phone vs Iphone X
TMX86 (17 days ago)
Phone is a beast and sexy af lol
sujan bhandari (17 days ago)
more than a beast and when is the release date???
Bhavya Pande (17 days ago)
great phone to buy but what is pricing
Don Ivan De Asis (17 days ago)
أحمد العنزي (17 days ago)
Amazing beast
ABDUL JOUHAR (17 days ago)
Price in India for 512GB ?
Mynul Karim Mahim (17 days ago)
Can we please have an HTC u12 plus review & camera comparison?
Mastered Newtype (17 days ago)
why display only Full HD 1080p, i need Quad HD 1440p or better higher.
Nikola (17 days ago)
this phone puts to shame all the lame ass excuses made by the mainstream manufacturers about omitting key features. It includes multiple Usb c ports AND a heaphone jack - front firing speakers.. while having a freakin 4000 mAh battery all in the footprint of a Galaxy s9+. HOLD THE PHONE, no really. I want to hold that phone. Never been a gamer but I'd choose this in a minute. If they made any higher IP rating in the process, this would truly be THE best phone hardware out there. True innovations in phone hardware after ages... and with style, usually not a fan of gaming hardware visually but this looks great
IGA (17 days ago)
Snapdragon 845 at 3Ghz is absolute madness, this thing is gonna be a speedtest champ everywhere.
Petar Stankovic (17 days ago)
Love that it is Full HD instead of 1440p. 1440p is so bad for phone - 0 gains in image quality and is just harder on processors and battery. Always wondered why the fuck do manufacturers go over 1080 if it only has downsides
Heruik Gamer YT (17 days ago)
Console peasants go away
bikash magar (17 days ago)
How much this phone?
SAI PHANEESH (17 days ago)
revizorgaming (17 days ago)
When it releases can you give away me
SAI PHANEESH (17 days ago)
By the Gamers Of the Gamers For the Gamers... 😅 😂
Suresh Kk (17 days ago)
Supersaf rockzzz🔥🔥🔥🔥
Luke et (17 days ago)
Razer needs to up its game
RantPie (17 days ago)
The Nintendo Switch of Smartphone 👌👌👌
Bharat Maru (17 days ago)
New level! 👌👌
Hubert Jadczak (17 days ago)
This phone looks amazing!! And no NOTCH!!! :D No big deal for Asus, they don't need an event like MMWC to show anything new, and what apple showed? A homo band for their crappy watch.
mehu technical (17 days ago)
Aman Wankhede (17 days ago)
This is beast 😍

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